Kas 15

First Mate to the Captain of the Ship

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This is a continuation of my experiences from my first year out of College. There are references to the previous story but aren’t necessary to enjoy this story. I hope you enjoy.


It was the first week of June and it was beginning to look like it would be a long hot summer. My friend Tomas was gone until Labor Day and I had no prospects for a girlfriend. I thought about making a booty call to an old girlfriend but I was afraid my visit would be misinterpreted.

Work was getting grueling and I was thankful Friday had finally rolled around. All I had to do was last 8 hours. I poured myself a cup of java and sat down at my desk. I didn’t have any plans for the weekend but I knew I would come up with something.

That morning Ben, one of the VPs I often took to the airport etc. came in and said, “Hi, how would you like to help me launch my new sailboat today?” He had just purchased a large sailboat and he was eager to get on the water.

“I’d love to, but will the office let me off with no notice?” Since I was new I didn’t like asking for favors.

“I’ll take care of that.” Inside of an hour I had changed and was waiting in front of my apartment for him. He pulled up, his boat followed. Andy, another executive who was also going along followed along in his company car. I hopped in the truck with Ben and we were off to the lake.

The lake was 90 minutes away and Ben talked about how excited he was and how much he planned to use the boat this summer. The boat had a small cabin with a berth and kitchenette. It was almost self-contained.

“This should be a real babe magnet for you, huh?” I said

“Sure enough, but I don’t have much problem finding women even without the boat.” Ben was handsome, he was in his mid 30’s (which seemed old to me at the time). “Are you interested in women?” He asked.

I was taken aback with his question. Why would he ask that? Did he know something? I had been very careful to conceal my relationship with Tomas, but did I slipup somewhere? “Well yea!” I stated a little too defensively. “Why would you ask that?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I simply had not seen you with a woman and thought you might swing in another direction.” “It’s ok if you do, I don’t judge. I’ve had friends who were gay and I’ve even taken a ‘side trip’ or two with a man during dry spells.”

My mouth had suddenly gone dry and I took a long drink of my Coke. My mind was racing. Should I come clean? Should I deny? What would be the consequences of my answer? “Well I consider my self sexually flexible.” I said swallowing hard and watching for his reaction. “But I keep my dalliances quiet for fear of the rumor mill.” We lived in a pretty small and conservative Kansas town and I didn’t want to be a topic of discussion.

“You have nothing to fear with me.” Ben said. “People who live in glass houses … as they say.”

The conversation became somewhat awkward after that and I couldn’t wait to get to the lake and launch this thing.

When we finally arrived at the lake I jumped out and helped launch his big beautiful new sailboat. I was glad there were three of us because it took all of us to get it out in the water and it took an hour or so.

“OK guys, jump in and let’s see what it’s like ‘underway’!” Ben said.

“Oh, I can’t.” “I promised my wife I would pickup the children from day care and by the time I get back into town it will be time.” Andy said.

“Well, would you like to stay? It’s still early and we can get in some sailing. I’ll be heading back in the morning and you can ride along with me.” Ben asked.

Without giving it enough consideration I answered. “Sure, that sounds like fun.” I immediately wondered Eyüp Escort if I had made a mistake, considering our brief conversation in the truck.

Andy said his goodbyes and left. Ben and I boarded his new boat and without much effort we were underway.

The wind was just right and we were gliding across the water. It was still early enough that there wasn’t much traffic on the lake and we felt like we owned it.

Ben proved to be a skilled sailor and he could direct the boat virtually anywhere I pointed. We were having a ball and time slipped away. It soon was time to think about dinner so Ben took us to the marina. Inside we picked up some light fare for dinner and a couple bottles of wine.

“It’s going to be dusk soon and we need to decide where we want to berth for the night.” Ben said. “Look for a cove that looks secluded and we can drop anchor there.”

We headed back out and eventually discovered a nice little secluded cove that was surrounded by trees and not visible from the cabins and docks along the shore. Ben skillfully directed us in. He dropped the sail and I put in the anchors, one fore and one aft.

The wind died down and the lake became mirror like as the sun slowly set. We had a light dinner and Ben opened one of the bottles of wine. It was soon a dark moonless night.

“I wish I had brought a swimming suit.” I said. “I don’t want to get my cloths wet because they probably won’t dry by morning, and besides I wouldn’t have anything to sleep in.” I commented.

Ben stood up without a word, put the ladder over the side, shed his cloths and jumped into the water. “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Still a little unsure and feeling a bit shy I stood up slowly.

“Oh, come on. There isn’t any one else around here for a mile.”

I still wasn’t completely comfortable with Ben, especially after our conversation in the truck. After a brief pause I decided to throw caution to the wind. I dropped my shorts (yes I was commando again) threw off my t-shirt and followed Ben in to the water. God the cool water felt good on my cock and balls. It had been a hot day and the coolness was fantastic.

“I should have had you get out the floating noodles.” And Ben climbed back onboard, he paused briefly on the deck, almost posing. I got an eyeful of his naked body in the darkness, He had broad shoulders and hair over his chest, he had a tight ass and his cock seemed long. He had an attractive body, at least I was attracted and my cock began to harden beneath the water. Ben rummaged in the cabin and tossed in two noodles.

While he jumped in I got another view of his semi erect cock, nested in his ample pubic hair. I wondered if he noticed I was clan shaven and smooth chested when I undressed.

I had retrieved both noodles so I swam to him with the second noodle. We both weaved the noodles under our arms and across our backs as if we were in an easy lounge chair. I let my legs float out and my foot accidently brushed against his leg. “Oh, I’m sorry.”

“You enjoyed it.” Ben teased.

I didn’t reply. . .but he was right.

We floated for a long while, talking and laughing until Ben said “I want some more wine,” And began to swim back to the boat.

Ben climbed aboard “What I don’t have are towels. I guess we’ll have to drip dry.”

That made me nervous, would I be able to keep my cock at ease? I couldn’t stay in the water all night so I climbed on in. Ben was waiting with a Dixie cup of wine.

It turned out I had nothing to worry about. The cold air against my wet skin made my junk shrivel.

We sat on the bench seats and drank our wine, one, and then another. Our conversation made me relax and soon I forgot Eyüp Escort Bayan we were naked. It felt so freeing sitting in the night air completely unclothed. When our cups emptied this time I got up to refill our cups. While I was filling Ben’s cup he commented. “I see you are shorn. It looks good. Makes your cock look really long.”

Now I was rocked in to reality and became self-conscious. After a long pause I said “Yea, I saw it on the porn videos. Chicks expect it now.”

“What about your boyfriends? I bet they like it too.”

I sat down but my cock began to grow immediately knowing I was on display.

“You’re definitely a grower,” said Ben softly, “some guys are showers and some guys are growers. You are definitely a grower.” You have a nice cock. . . mind if I touch it?”

Without me saying a word Ben scooted over and extended his hand over to feel my, now hard as granite, cock. I watched as he slowly began to stroke it up and down. “I bet your have pleasured a lot of people with this magnificent tool.” Ben was such a flatterer. I guess that is what made him a good salesman.

Ben took my ankle and hiked my leg over the side of the boat and scooted me into a lounging position. He came up between my legs and began to lick my balls. He sucked my balls into his mouth one at a time tickling them with his tongue. Ben then hooked my legs in his arms and rocked me back, ass up and began to rim me.

“Oh my God! That feels amazing!” Ben twirled his tongue around and around my ass sending me into a tizzy, my eyes rolled back in my head and I felt dizzy. He then took his finger and slid it gently into my ass.

“This isn’t the first thing you have ever had in your ass is it?” He asked rhetorically. “You like rigid things in your ass, like cocks, don’t you?” He slid his finger slowly in and out, stroking my cock with his other hand.

“Let’s go into the cabin where we can be more comfortable.” With that he withdrew his finger and we both stood up and walked down the few steps into the cabin and Ben forcefully pushed me onto the bed. “Stay there, I need to get something.” He went to a small bag he had on the table and took out a tube that I guessed was lubricant.

Ben came over and crawled into the bed. I rolled over and put my hand on his chest. The hair on his chest was rough in my hand and I found it exciting. He was so masculine and muscular. I took his nipples and pinched them firmly. He flinched slightly and groaned.

I got up on my arm and looked him in the eyes. I lowered my lips to his and kissed him. He didn’t respond so I kissed him again, harder this time. This time his lips became soft and parted slightly allowing my tongue to enter his mouth. I think I surprised him.

I pressed my bare chest into his hairy chest and ground my erect cock against his. I moved my mouth down his neck and across his chest to his nipples and kissed, nipped and sucked on them invoking another groan from Ben. I kissed down his flat abdomen and reached his rigid, erect cock. I put my lips to its’ head and licked with my tongue, moistening his entire head. Then I slid my lips over the head and down his shaft. My tongue danced over his cock as I sucked and slid my mouth up and down on his shaft.

Ben groaned, “Oh yea, just like that.” He put his hand on top of my head feeling me go up and down on him. “I don’t want you to stop, but please do, I don’t want to come yet.”

I stopped and put my head on his stomach. I was eyeball to eye with his beautiful cock. I stroked him slowly with my fingers. His cock was big and fat, so manly. I moved my hand down to his sack. I felt the firmness of his balls and rolled them around moving my fingers around in his Escort Eyüp bag and between his big nuts. I slowly slid my hand to the base and stroked his sensitive taint and he jumped. I felt very self satisfied that I was making him react to my touch. I put my finger in my mouth leaving it wet and put it down to his ass and inserted it slowly into his hole. He stiffened as I pushed it past his tight opening. “Relax.” I whispered as if we had someone to hide our actions from. It took a second but I felt him relax and I eased my finger in stroked his prostate. Soon could see his penis began to ooze fluid and I moved my lips up to his head and began to suck it out and swallow it down. I loved the warm saltiness of his juice. In just a few seconds he violently jerked and he ejaculated hard into my eager mouth. I wrapped his cock in my warm lips and took in every drop of his seed. His entire body convulsed with each surge his fluid pumping into my mouth until it finally subsided.

I enjoyed the after glow with his cock still in my mouth, knowing he would like the warm softness against his now sensitive organ.

“That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. You have a very talented mouth, tongue and finger.”

With that I released his cock from my mouth and rolled over on the bed beside him feeling proud and almost boastful. “The best you’ve had, huh?” Ben chuckled and we lay together as he recovered. I could feel his pounding heart.

“You think I’m done don’t you?” Ben said assertively. “Not yet young man I’m going to have your ass. I’m going to ram my cock into you until you scream when you cum. Your blowjob only made sure I last longer.” With that he rolled over on top of me pressing me hard into the mattress. He hooked my legs and pulled them up over my shoulders. Ben took the tube he had retrieved and squeezed it into his hand. He slathered in onto his cock and then took more and generously lubed my ass with his fingers. “God, now I’m going to do something to you I have wanted to do ever since I first set eyes on you in the office.”

He pressed his cock against my opening. I put my hand down on his shaft and directed it where I wanted it as desperately as he did. Slowly his cock entered past my sphincter and into my ass. I took a quick deep breath, “Hold it there just a minute till I adjust to your huge cock.”

After a few minutes he slowly began to slip his cock in and out. “Oh my GOD. You feel so good in my ass. Fuck me. God, Fuck me now. I want your cum in my ass.” With that approval he fucked me with a vengeance. Our skin was slapping loudly. He was pumping with such force I could feel the boat rocking in our ecstasy. “Fuck Yes!” I yelled. “I want everyone on the lake to hear me scream as you fuck me.” With more gusto he pounded me hard and cum began to pump out of my cock. “I’M CUMMING, YOUR COCK IS MAKING ME CUM!!” Then I could feel his cock , once again pump. I knew he was cumming, as his back stiffened and he plunged hard and deep inside of me. “OH! YES! I FEEL YOU PUMPING YOUR LOVE INTO MY ASS. OH GOD, DON’T STOP.” My heart was pounding as if I had run the 50 yard dash. We lay united together for some time our sweat running together in the summer heat.

Ben slowly eased up on his elbows and withdrew his shaft from it’s sheath. “Come here.” He stood up and walked back out on the deck, his cock beginning to ebb. I watched as he stood on the side of the boat and jumped in. I quickly joined him in the water. The cool water was once again welcome on my hot skin. I swam out about 10 yards and returned to the boat and crawled up the ladder. “Boy. You have one sweet ass.” Ben said as he watched me climbed in.

“And you rode it like an expert. I’m not your first either am I?”

He didn’t reply, I assumed he didn’t hear me.

Ben got back into the boat and we had the last of the wine as we air dried. We slept together that night.

That summer we had several more weekends on his boat. We became each other’s secret lover.

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