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After months of dicking around and avoiding “it”, I finally made it to their home. We had meet through a gay web site, emailed each other, chatted a bit through AIM, exchanged telephone numbers, addresses, and talked on the telephone.

All of this was with Don. Bob would come later. I felt very comfortable with Don even though we had yet to meet face to face. We picked an evening and I cleared the date with my loving wife. I came home early from work, cleaned myself from head to toe and put on the clothes she and I had agreed on, kissed her, and drove off. As usual I left her with my date’s phone numbers, pictures, and addresses.

I parked in their driveway and stepped out looking to the West at a gorgeous sunset. I rang the doorbell and heard a deep barking noise. Don met me and invited me in to their home. I met Bob and Butch, the dog. After a brief tour of their home we retired to the living room. Nice house. I gave them my gifts and we sat down and spent at least two hours talking. They were doing their heartfelt best to make me feel comfortable. After all, the possibility of sex with two gay men was why I was there.

Don asked, “What is your decision. Do you want to have sex with us or not?”

The room was quiet and I looked at each of them and gave my answer.

“You guys are hot as hell, but no I don’t think so.” I replied.

“Ok. That’s alright. We just want you to feel good and to be comfortable. You are always welcome here with or without the sex.”

A few more minutes of talk and I was out the door after getting a great big hug from two very nice and good looking men.


I drove home with conflicting feelings and emotions. Damn! What an ass!

Now back to the present moment. Once again I cleaned my body from head to toe. Shaved my face as usual and payed particular attention to my pubic area. No nicks or cuts tonight!

This time I even cleaned my ass as best I could in the shower. Interesting what can be done with a removable shower-head. I wanted to be clean. Just in case.

We had stayed in touch and after much internal conflict I resolved to make one last attempt. Once again we arranged a date and time and off I went. The usual rules with the wife.

I parked in the driveway, rang the doorbell, and was greeted by Butch’s loud barks. Don opened the door and almost yanked me inside the house. After shutting the door, he hugged me and gave me a big open mouthed kiss. I responded in the only way I knew how. I kissed him back. He grabbed my ass and let me go.

I turned and there was Bob. Same scene. We broke apart and I set my camera down. kicked off my sandals, and handed my card to Bob.

“Chuckle. Cute.” Bob said, and handed the card to Don. Same reaction. Nice little picture on the front of a tea pot, tray, flowers, etc. Inside was blank. I had signed it, “Or Me.”

“I sure do want a picture of that grapefruit tree Don.” I said.

“Later.” he said, and reaching out pulled me, my backside first, into his arms. I’m 5’10” and 175 pounds. Don is 6’2″ and 240 pounds. I could feel his hard cock in the crack of my ass and he squeezed my cock through my shorts.

“Is that a cock I feel?” I said, chuckling.

“Let’s go into the bedroom.” Don said.

I followed Don into the bedroom. It had a huge oversize bed and the usual dresser, etc.

“Oh, put in the tape Bob.”


Don turned back to me, pulling off Fatih Escort his T-shirt. He reached over and started to take off my glasses.

I protested, “I won’t be able to see the TV.”

(One of our earlier conversations was me asking if they had any gay tapes I could watch. I felt maybe that might help and actually cut the nerves a bit.)

“What do you like? Older? Younger? Sucking? Fucking?” He asked.

I looked at the TV and a young guy was licking the ass of another guy.

“I guess I like it all.” I replied.

I jumped a little as Don reached down and pulled my polo shirt up and over my head. We had some trouble with my glasses which explains the earlier try at getting my glasses off. (Nervous Ninny to say the least!)

Off the shorts came and he hugged me. Bare furry male chests rubbing together. Another deep kiss and he was again grabbing first my ass and than my hard cock and than my ass. I reached down and did the same to him. Nice hard thick prick.

I heard Don say, “Bob.”

Bob was naked and sporting a nice hard dick. Two large shaven balls hung below. He knelt in front of me, grabbed my cock, and sucked on the head and than swallowed as much of it as he could.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned at the feelings. Don had dropped his shorts and his cock was pressing into my ass.

Bob let my cock go and stood up. I kissed him, tasting him and a bit of myself.

I knelt and kissed his cock and sucked him for a bit.

“Up on the bed.” Don said, pulling me up by the shoulders.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed.


I moved closer to the center. Don got on the bed to my right and Bob on my left.

Don kissed down my chest, stopped for a quick lick and taste of my belly button and went straight to my cock. He started blowing me and I was loving it.

I turned my head to the left and pulled Bob’s head to me and kissed him. We exchanged tongues and spit. I pulled back and said, “One of my fantasies. For some reason kissing you while Don is giving me a blow job.” He looked confused for a second, smiled, and resumed kissing me.

After that things got a bit confusing for me. I know I was sucking cock and licking and kissing balls and chests and sucking on tits and … The intensity level grew and grew until I was short of breath. I almost hyperventilated I was so excited!

“Off!” I moaned. They both pulled back.

“You ok? Do you want to quit?”

“No. Just need some air. Too much too fast.”

I got off the bed and grabbed my glass. A quick sip of iced tea and back into bed.

We started loving on each other’s bodies again. God this was wonderful! And fun!

I moved down until Don’s cock was inches from my face. This time, I studied it a bit before first touching it. I kissed it loving the softness of the hot skin. I moaned as I slid down the fat long length of his smooth cock. The head touched the back of my throat. I didn’t gag. Practice makes perfect! I had used my wife’s toys for practice and fantasies.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned. And gently blew Don for a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile Bob had been sucking on my cock and balls. The feelings were incredible. Cocks and balls and other body parts were all over the place. Ready for my touch. My lick. My kiss. My suck. And for them.

All of sudden Don pulled back and pushed me back.

Bob started kissing me and playing with my chest. I reciprocated Fatih Escort Bayan and the intensity level rose again.

Don pushed my legs up into the air until my ass was raised up to his eager face. He licked up and down my ass.

“Mmmmmmmm!” I groaned.

He licked and I felt his tongue probe and lick at my bud. In and out and than a finger and than another.

“Oh God!” I yelled.

He stopped and said, “Do you want to be fucked?”

“Yes. Please. Please fuck me.”

I won’t describe the preparations as I am sure you are familiar with them. Lube. Condom. Flat on my back. Bob kissing me. Bob playing with my cock. Don pushing my legs up. Lube. Ass. Fingers. Penetration. Uh. Ouch. Oh. Etc., etc.

Than Don’s cock. His fat cock sliding in. I groaned on Bob’s cock and started sucking it for real.


I am getting fucked by a hard cock while sucking another cock!

If you haven’t been in the middle of two cocks you have got to try it.

“Move so you can suck each other.” Don said. Bob twisted around and we were in the classic 69.

Don was fucking me with hard powerful strokes.

Sometimes I groaned because it hurt. Especially when he went in real deep while pushing my legs higher and higher. But there were times it was “Oh so fucking good!” He kept hitting that magic spot! You know the one I mean. And if you don’t — get with it!

Bob switched and was now on my chest while Don continued to fuck me.

“Do you want my cum? he asked.


He started jacking off while I licked any part of his cock-head I could. And his lovely large smooth balls.

He moaned and gasped and I swallowed his cock. I must have missed some of his cum, but what I got was warm and tasty. Not sweet or bitter. Someplace in between. Nice texture. Smooth.

He sank back down and Don pulled his cock out. I felt funny. Empty. Just like the stories I had read.

Curious I looked at him and was about to ask why when he asked, “Do you want to fuck Bob?”

“Yes.” I replied.

Once again we will skip the details. Well there is a couple I would like to mention. Getting a condom put on by a mouth is nice. Getting lubed by a warm hand is also nice.




Guess what? All the preparation and when push came to shove my dick let me down. This is going to take some mental soul-searching work, but why, when everything was right there, me included, did I fail? Got the droops!


“I’m sorry.” I cried out.

Once again these two gentlemen, Bob at 60 and Don at 43. let me down gently.

“It’s ok. There is always a next time. Lie down. You haven’t cum yet have you?”


“Ok.” and he started a mind blowing fantastic hand and mouth job on my cock and balls and ass.

And again Bob and I were kissing and caressing each other.

I could feel it, but I don’t know about you guys but sometimes when the sex is to intense it just seems to take fucking forever. This was one of those times. I said something to that effect. Dammit!

Don stopped and got a monster vibrator out of the end table. I don’t mean a vibrating dildo or any such sex toy, but a vibrator. Back to work with the large ball-like head buried between my legs and centered between my balls and ass. You know the place! While using the vibrator he sucked my cock.

I finally made him stop and pulled Escort Fatih him up to me. I kissed and licked him. All over his face and neck. Down his chest and finally settled on sucking his cock and balls. Nice!

We played at this game for bit and he pushed my back flat on the bed. He started sucking my cock and jacking me off.

This time it was for real. I could feel it coming and at 62 I knew this was going to be a good one!

And it was!

It built and built until I was nothing but a cock buried in a hot slippery throat. I blew a load! I have no idea how much, but I do know I was filling his mouth with cum and the room with moans, groans and screams.

After he stopped sucking me he looked up at me and pulled our heads together. Don pushed his tongue, covered with my cum, into my mouth and slopped it around. It was great!

We all fell back, Bob on my left and Don on my right. The heat coming from our bodies was unreal as was the sweat. Sex can be hot work.

“I wanted to taste your cum, Don.” I said.

“Well I did jack off on your chest, neck, and chin.” he replied. “That’s why it is so slick.”


We lay in each other’s arms for a couple of minutes until Don said, “You shower first Bob.”

Bob showered.

“Now you.”

I Felt good. Tired, but good. Ass was a little sore, but that was ok. Hey he has a nice fat long cock!

I came back into the bedroom and slid onto the bed. Don left to shower. I lay back on the bed while Bob, dressed now in shirt and shorts watched the Olympics.

Don came back in and pulled on his shorts. He reached down and looking at me started playing with my cock. It hardened. Damn he was good.

“You ready to finish what you start?” I asked.


And down he went. He started to suck and jack me off again.

And I knew. Just wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. So much for bragging.

I stopped him and got up, dressed, and we all watched the Olympics together for about half an hour.

“Well…” I said.

We all left the bedroom. I retrieved my unused camera and one of them said, “Next time we will take pictures.”

“There will be a next time and we will take pictures.” I replied.

More kisses and hugs.

Don said, “I knew you were nervous and concerned about tonight. So I didn’t give you a chance. You always had the chance to say no and we would have respected that, but after hearing about how Bill met you at the door naked and that you felt you didn’t have a choice we felt this would be the best way. No talk. Just sex. Ok.”

“Yup. It worked, didn’t it?” I replied.

Another kiss and hug from each of them with a “Anytime” and I was out the door.


Some observations and feelings:

Nice guys.

Good looking.


Lot of body to body contact. Men do, and I do mean do, feel different than women.

Lot’s of hair. All over.

Beards are fuzzy. Prickly (love that word, hehe).

Nice cocks.

Especially when there are two plus my own.

Nice balls (I like Bob’s!).

Some of the contact was almost painful. Squeezing and pinching my nipples. Almost two hard. In fact, it was too hard one time. Don noticed and backed off. Ok.

Nice with two men.

Want to do this again.

Maybe gentler and slower.

Seemed like hours. Wasn’t! Only one!

Disappointed in a way: We didn’t attempt/try another easier slower gentler suck/fuck session.

Did I mention intense? Very intense.

Physical? Yup!

Did I like getting fucked! Yes!

Do I want to do this again? With them? You bet your sweet ass!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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