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Fertility God

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Birds screech and trees rustle as we hike along the barest of paths through the jungle, the tropical humidity making me bathe in my own sweat, the uneven ground shifting under my boots, alone with my guide on the tiny island of Kurutaukari in the South Pacific. We’ve come here to examine some supposedly fine examples of stone carving made hundreds of years ago by a relatively unknown isolated community with a unique culture.

My guide, Arani, who is thankfully clearing a wide web out of our way right now, has told me that there are some truly impressive statues here. Examining them, I am sure, will be invaluable to my thesis. After clearing our way, he continues deeper into the trees and I follow him. I am in his hands—and that’s precisely where I want to be.

My supervising professor recruited him to guide me on this trip. He’s an undergraduate at my university, in the same department as me, who grew up among these islands. As a child, his father took him to many of the nearby islands, giving him intimate knowledge of all the sites I’d love to see with my own eyes—including some I haven’t even seen pictures of. Having the opportunity to examine some ancient carvings and statues up close would be invaluable to my degree, and Arani agreed to help out by guiding me to a few sites over these two days.

He’s in his early 20s, maybe five years younger than me, with short black hair that adorably won’t lie flat and skin the colour of a dark tan. He told me he’s into kickboxing, and I can tell that it’s given him a tight, muscular physique. His forearms are thick and veined, his calves flex as he hikes in front of me, his shorts tight against his well-developed ass.

I met him for the first time at the airport for our flight from Auckland. To be honest, it’s been about a year since I last had sex and I barely even jerk off these days. Working on my thesis for the past four years has sapped all of my energy and passion as I race to the finish. It takes a lot to wake me from my fog of journals, dictionaries, citations, courses, and essays. But Arani was able to do that. The second he smiled, the second our palms met and I felt his rough skin, saw the cords in his forearms dance, felt his smiling brown eyes look into mine, my heart beat faster and my stomach dropped out. And talking with him was fascinating; I could spend hours listening to him speak with endless enthusiasm and humour, appreciating his keen insight, intellect, and optimism—by the end of the flight I was smitten and wishing that there was more to his friendliness than just friendliness.

We’ve been hiking for ten minutes and it’s absolutely sweltering, my soaked shirt plastered to my skin. It’s so uncomfortable that I unbutton it, fan the air with its edges. Arani glances back at me, and I swear his eyes rest for a few heartbeats too long on my sweaty chest and stomach. But it’s probably just wishful thinking. Maybe I’m looking for excuses to think that all my hours in the gym lately, training for treks like this, have been paying off.

After about twenty more minutes, we arrive at the site. It’s completely deserted except for us. Arani takes a long drink of water, his Adam’s apple bobbing in that strong neck, and he points out the locations of the carvings and stone statues. He then goes to a small hut that was built near the site in recent years. I told him that I might need several hours, so he’s brought along some of his own work which he’s going to do in the relative cool of the little hut. I wish I could benefit from his knowledge and company instead, but I’m already taking up too much of his time.

Wandering through the site, a low churning starts to build in the pit of my stomach, like I’m about to go onstage in front of hundreds of people. My palms are sweating too now, and there’s a slight quivering building in my gut. I don’t know why I should be nervous. There’s no reason for that.

I see some remarkable carvings, but for some reason I can’t escape the feeling that there’s something better further in. I walk past them all, vowing to return later, and head away from the clearing into the trees, even though Arani didn’t point out this spot, the tremors building in my stomach, a buzz of electricity and a heart-pounding anticipation growing inside me, making me unsteady on my feet. I push deeper into the trees—making sure I can still see the clearing so I won’t get lost—and then I suddenly come to a standstill.

At the center of a small clearing is a magnificent stone statue. Man-sized, broad-shouldered, with—it must be said—a magnificent phallus etched between his legs. Based on the size of that organ, I’m guessing it’s some sort of fertility god designed to bless both the land and its inhabitants with abundance.

I don’t believe in ancient fertility gods or the effectiveness of amulets, charms, icons, and godsticks, but a strange attraction sweeps over me and that shaking, churning feeling in my stomach deepens. My knees quiver twice as hard, and my steps are unsteady as I cross the clearing. And shockingly I suddenly realize that I’m developing a massive Ataşehir Travesti erection. That nervous quiver is now swelling out my cock; I’m feeling it press more and more insistently against my zipper. I’ve never felt such a sudden fierce burning unavoidable NEED. My pants are so tight that it’s starting to actually hurt. Besides, there’s no one else around so—

With a sigh of relief I undo my zipper and my cock springs free. I’ve never seen it so hard. My cockhead is swollen like a plum, the veins in my shaft are standing out like a bodybuilder’s after a workout, and even my balls are sensitive. They seem to have swollen to one-and-a-half times their size. And what’s really astonishing is that, as I stare at my quivering cock, a fat drop of precum works its way out of my slit. My cock NEVER leaks precum! Just the sight of that makes me even harder, if that’s at all possible. I can’t help it; I wrap one trembling sweaty hand around my shaft and an unbelievable bolt of pleasure rockets through me. My whole cock tingles and burns and when I start to move my hand, my eyes roll back in my head and I almost collapse from the waves of pleasure that race through me.

Unknowingly, I’ve crossed the entire clearing and now I’m about two feet away from the statue, with my sweaty shirt open and my cock thrusting out of my shorts, one hand wrapped around it. And staring at that statue, I swear I can hear words form in my mind, and I’m not the one who came up with them.

The words sound similar to several of the Polynesian languages I’ve studied, but unique enough that there’s no way I should be able to understand them. And yet, even though I’m hearing exotic tones, I understand them as if they’re my own thoughts: “Offer Thy Seed of Life for Judgement.” It echoes in my mind as my hand reaches my cockhead, just grazes it, and a deep moan is torn from my throat, my hips buck and my ass clenches as a wave of pleasure runs through me, hardens my nipples, makes my heart pound furiously. My knees bend and precum is dripping off my cockhead, a long strand of it like I’ve only seen in hard-core videos. I rub it into my tingling cockhead, feel the muscles throughout my entire body clench.

And now I stroke downwards, enjoying how unbelievably swollen my dick is. And with my free hand I’m now massaging my tender balls, adding new sensations to the building wave of desire. I swear, I can feel the cum building up inside me, can feel it churning at the base of my cock. My sweaty hand is starting to move faster now, my entire cock feeling like it’s on fire, my body shaking all over, my pulse racing, my face hot, breathing heavily, groaning, swearing, fucking my hand harder and faster, feeling my massive meat twitching and spitting out more precum, slicking up my shaft, my cumslit gasping and stretching, my balls so heavy in my hand, it feels so good so fucking good I’ve got to blow my load gotta cum all over the fucking place, my cock’s jerking, shaking, pulsing, so hot so fucking hot and wet and I’m gonna explode I’m gonna fucking EXPLODE—

I scream as an unbelievable power seizes my cock and cum fires out of it, a hot jet spraying all over the statue and then I spray again and again as my legs shake and my balls clench tight against my body and the muscles in my cock flex HARD like they’re being squeezed from within and I keep pumping my fist up and down my thick shaft, feeling the seed hurtle out of my twitching spraying cannon—

Oh fuck no I shouldn’t be doing this, I’m coating the entire surface of the statue and forming a pool at my feet, my orgasm’s so unbelievably strong that I’m struggling just to stay standing, my cock thrashing in my hand like a wild beast, and I’m moaning and sweat is dripping off me, my eyes are blurring with tears, the world’s spinning and growing dark and now I’m falling to my knees as the last spurts of cum splatter onto my thigh, I’m about to faint, I just know it—

But then suddenly my vision comes back into focus. I’m naked now, kneeling over a puddle of cum in front of the statue and my cock’s softened up a little. But when I look up to see what damage I’ve done to the ancient artifact, I’m shocked to see that the statue is actually no longer there.

Standing in its place is a gigantic man, packed with muscles that would put most bodybuilders to shame. He’s at least six and a half feet tall, with light brown skin and black shoulder-length tangled hair, coal-dark eyes, fierce, taut, powerful; immensely broad shoulders, arms bulging with swollen muscles and veins, slab-like pecs rippling and corded, nipples hard and dark, a sucked-in stomach with sharply cut abs, shredded obliques, a trim waist, and—between those immense thighs—the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen, flaccid but dangling three-quarters of the way down to his knees, thick like a banana, the foreskin retracted slightly over a massive bulbous cockhead, showing a glimpse of a cumslit that’s already leaking precum even though he’s flaccid, a foot away from my face. His balls are heavy and swaying, full of sperm, their rich musk penetrating Anadolu yakası travesti my nostrils.

And amazingly, his body’s already glistening with my cum. Broad splashes of sticky cream cover his pecs and drip between his abs, run down his smooth lower stomach to pool in his pubic hair.

He must have found me worthy because with his thick fingers he grabs my right hand, makes me stand up, his grip so incredibly forceful and his skin so rough and hot, and he places my palm on his massive left bicep. I swear there’s the hint of a cocky smirk on his lips, and in his eyes I sense the power to turn men into ravenous, insatiable beasts, their cocks bursting with the need to cum. He could make me blow my load with that look alone. He begins to flex, his bicep unbelievably hard and round and veiny, swelling against my hand, twitching—

And now he guides my fingers over to his rippling chest, the broad muscles jumping as he tightens them, the striations like cables under my fingers, the skin stretched so thinly, the nipples hard under my thumb; and then I’m burying my face in that chest, inhaling the deep manly scent of his naked sun-baked skin, his sweaty pits, licking my sticky cum out of the deep trenches between his abs, getting it all over my lips and chin, moving down to the fucking tight skin over his lower abs, his deep navel, smelling his musk as I get lower, licking the sweat off his thin skin, his cock prodding me in the chest as I reach around to feel the hard mounds of his ass, which flex under my fingers, so round and full and smooth.

Once I’m on my knees again he guides my head under his cock to lick those massive balls. I just manage to fit them in my mouth, popping them in one at a time, and I swear I can feel the juices vibrating inside while his heavy cock lies on my face, smearing precum on my cheek, and it’s getting hard as my tongue massages him, as I suck on his balls; I feel his muscles stiffening, his skin tensing against my cheek, his dick swelling, dripping.

I spit out his tightening balls and lick slowly up his cock, my nostrils full of his manly odour, my tongue licking up and up his veiny shaft, so fucking thick and hot, getting higher and higher, feeling his foreskin retracting, finally reaching the underside of his cockhead, the sensitive strand of skin that joins his foreskin to his glans, lick the precum out of his slit, sticky and tangy, suck on his cockhead, widen my lips and slip it into my mouth, so big and heavy on my tongue, quivering, leaking, hot and rubbery, meaty and full.

I wrap my hands around his mighty fuckpole and start stroking him, using the spit and precum dripping out of my mouth to lube up his long shaft, feeling the thick veins role under my fingers, the engorged muscles like vibrating stone, sucking his head, making him twitch, his brawny hands resting on the back of my neck, forcing me to take his entire cockhead, his foreskin rubbing against my lips, one of my hands thrusting up and down that meaty rod, the other grappling with his balls, feeling his sack tighten, draw his churning testicles tighter to the rock-hard muscles below his cock—

And I must be doing a good job because he’s moaning deep in his chest, a rumbling roar that hums through his entire body, I’m making a fucking god groan, feeling his cock swelling bigger and tighter and hotter and harder in my mouth, his shaft jerking once tentatively, the muscles clenching with unbelievable force, his flesh expanding—another contraction—another—precum pouring out of his slit, his cockhead jerking in my mouth, my hands rubbing him faster and harder, wringing his mighty meat, my own cock so fucking stiff it hurts, begging for his cum, feeling him tighten tighten, the roar building in his throat, the muscles all over his body flexing, his hands hard on the back of my head, forcing me deeper, filling my mouth with heat, muscle, and now—

Cum, a huge blast that gushes out of his cumslit as his entire cock flexes HARD in my mouth and in my hands, a torrent of juicy spunk slamming into the back of my throat and sliding down it, a shout tearing from his throat, his cock bucking in my mouth, pouring out gulps of hot sticky salty cum, his man-juice pouring into my stomach and making my entire body tingle, making my muscles feel tighter, making my balls ache with desire, heavy and full of spunk like his dangling globes, my cock harder than it’s ever been—normally it sticks straight out but now it’s at a 75-degree angle, my painfully engorged cockhead leaking precum onto his thigh—

And suddenly he pulls out, his cock still cumming, and forces me to my hands and knees, makes me present my ass to his gigantic cock. I’m shaking with both desire and fear. There’s no possible way I can handle a cock that big. But I feel the fist of his pulsing rubbery cockhead probe my hole, and a gob of cum spurts out of his dick, slicks up my entrance and before I know it he’s pushing into me, his cock bucking and shooting out more spurts of cum that lube up my ass, and somehow my greedy ass is swallowing that giant Bursa Travesti cock, his cum squelching out around his iron rod, dripping to the ground.

I’m struggling to brace myself with my hands, gritting my teeth, getting pounded with unstoppable sexual force, feeling it expand inside me, thick and twitching; I’m gasping and my cock is throbbing, leaking, taut; he grunts low in his throat and pushes even deeper into me and suddenly his cock makes contact with my prostate and I groan as the vibrations of deep stomach-clenching pleasure roll through me, he slaps my ass and bottoms out, wriggles his cock inside me, flexes so his cock rubs my prostate again; I’m crying out and bracing myself, full of his cock and his cum—

And now he pulls back and starts thrusting into me with unbelievable force, his muscular ass driving his meat into me again and again, his hips pounding against me, stomach flexing, deep groans rumbling out of him, hard thighs pushing against me—fuck, the air is filled with the tang of sweat and sex and cum, his manly force squeezing me, thrusting through me, exploding inside me, my cock a blazing iron rod; he reaches beneath me and I scream when his rough palm makes contact with my sensitive cockhead, his grip like granite, his touch igniting tremors through my cock which bury deep into my gut, wiping everything else from my mind; I feel fucking huge in his hand, my balls are churning and my ass is wobbling on his giant cock, my face mashed into the grass, moaning, gasping, blazing hot, sweating, his cock swelling in me, faster faster faster fuck he’s so fucking big it feels so good I’ve gotta cum gotta fucking CUM—

His expert grip brings me right to the edge of my orgasm and I surf there while he pounds me from behind, on the edge of a cataclysmic orgasmic wave—the overwhelming knowledge that I’m about to cum, that I can’t fight it, that it’s got to happen is screaming through my mind, but I can’t cum, he won’t let me; it’s building in my cock, an agonising pleasure, I can’t take it, I start chanting, “Fuck, oh fuck, I’m almost there, almost fucking there, it feels so good, fuck, my cock’s on fire, just let me cum, let me CUM, I’m so close, so close—FUCK I’ve gotta blow my load I’ve gotta blow it so fucking HARD!” and finally he pulls his massive cum cannon out of me, flips me roughly over and starts jerking me hard; my cock explodes in his grip and a blast of cum rockets out of my cock into my mouth, starts firing out faster and faster all over my writhing lust-mad body, my cock jerking wildly in his hand as he keeps pumping and the ecstasy just gets deeper and deeper—

I can’t believe how long my orgasm is lasting; my cock just keeps bucking and thrashing, hurling out hot wet jizz, the cumshots actually getting STRONGER, and each flex is harder, squeezing my cock longer, tighter, the contractions at least a full second long each time, again and again, building on top of each other, roaring through my entire body, my legs shaking, sweaty ass clenching, nipples on fire, heart stammering, the cum rocketing out of my dick, plastering my face, my hair, dripping in hot web gobs down my throat, splashing onto my chest, splashing in my mouth like jets of saltwater, I keep cumming and cumming, harder and faster, the world’s spinning, getting dim, everything is dark and wet and feels so fucking good—

Everything goes blank for a second and when I wake up I’m lying in the clearing and the muscled god is nowhere in sight. Breathing deeply, listening to the birds in the trees, the leaves rustling, I lie still. Suddenly, I realize what I just did. My heart lurches and I glance at the statue—but it’s clean, thankfully. I, however, am not. All traces of the fertility god are gone and my ass feels unpenetrated, but my face, chest, and stomach is slicked with my own cum, and my still semi-hard cock lies against my right thigh, moist, streaks of spunk rolling away from it. I can even taste it in my mouth. I’ve never cum so much in my life. I stare down at my body in astonishment, the sight actually causing my cock to come alive again, a few last drops of cum getting pushed out by my tightening cockmuscles. Am I suffering from heat stroke? Did I pass out and have a wet dream? What is happening to me?

And that’s when I hear Arani, my guide, calling my name, asking if I’m all right. Fuck, he must’ve heard me cry out. I don’t even have time to get up, let alone to hunt down my clothes and pull them on. He stumbles into the clearing and comes to an abrupt halt, his mouth working uselessly, eyes wide, nostrils flaring as he senses the overpowering odour of cum and sex.

His astonished gaze roves over my body, and I can picture what I look like to him, my naked sweaty body partially raised, holding myself up with my hands, my legs spread in front of me, my chest, stomach, and face drenched with cum, my nipples hard, my cock stiffening, swaying, growing, slick with sperm, and now I’m pushing myself up, walking over to him, pressing him against the rough bark of a tree, my cock rigid and leaking precum, feeling as if I’M the fertility god now, my hot sticky body close to him, my eyes smouldering into his, glancing down at the massive tent in his shorts, licking my lips, my eyes saying I’ll fuck you so hard, I’ll wring the fucking cum out of your cock and make you beg for more, is that what you want? Can you handle it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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