Fathers Orders Pt. 05

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Note: All characters are 18 or over. This is a work of fiction.

Chapter 5 – Kirk and Kelly alone again.

Kelly had returned to her bedroom after the punishment and from the muffled sounds of movement she could hear she surmised the Kirk had returned to his room as well. Despite the pain in her enflamed rear, she was almost painfully horny. She’d wanted desperately to touch her hard nipples during her punishment, and had jammed her fingers into her twat the second the door had been closed and had started to look for one of her ‘special’ objects when the pain in her butt re-announced itself. “First things first,” she said to herself and grabbed a jar of her favorite cream.

Kelly had become an expert in creams and salves for spanked butts. She had creams for different levels of pain, differing degrees of redness, and now, she’d been honing her skills in the selection of products for pussy rash as well. “Maybe I should start my own website,” she thought amusedly to herself, as she laid on her stomach on the bed.

She was just about to open the jar when there was a knock on the door.

“Kell? Are you OK? Can I come in?” asked Kirk, concern evident in his voice.

“Yea- Door’s open,” she said. She’d left it open on the off chance that Kirk might surprise her during another of her epic masturbation sessions. She’d be ready this time.

She had tossed a sheet over herself as he entered, but he could tell she was still naked, and his erection starting throbbing back to life as he saw the suggestive curves of her body softly outlined under the silky fabric.

He hadn’t meant to be so hard on her, and had conflicting feelings about the whole thing, but his sister had really surprised him with the suggest that he spank her. He realized that even though it must have been awkward, embarrassing, and painful for her she must have gotten some sort of thrill from it. He certainly had. He thought back to seeing her spread out before him, her fleshy ass totally under his control. It had been insanely arousing, and his cock once again hardened in the presence of his adorable sister.

“Kelly- I’m really sorry, but what the hell were you thinking? I didn’t want to do that.” She smiled warmly at him “I know. And I’m sorry I got you involved but I panicked, and I know you didn’t want Father to come home either. I didn’t know what else to say. Anyway-it’s history,” she explained.

“That was fucking intense” Kirk began, “You know he told me if I went easy on you that I’d be punished too. That seemed pretty fucked up”

“Yea- well, we’re such a normal family anyway” she added.

“Does it hurt?” he continued.

In response, she flipped the sheet off to reveal her cherry-red ass to her brother. Once again, he throbbed at the sight of her naked body.

“Here I was thinking you weren’t paying attention all these years, and it turns out you’re a goddamn pro!” Kirk looked horrified, but her little smile showed she wasn’t mad.

“I should make YOU put this cream on! It’s all your fault anyway. Well, except the part that are all my fault, that is,” she joked.

Kirks hurt expression turned to a smile as he looked at her red, sore ass, then at the jar of lotion. He picked it up, opened it and scooped a big dollop of the thick, cool white cream from it and flicked it onto her ass with a satisfying plop. “There” he said, “All done.”

“Nooo… you’re going to have to rub it in now” she grinned, “Can’t just leave tipobet365 yeni giri┼č it like that- it will get all over the sheets”

Kirk grinned delightedly. He had developed a real fondness for her sisters cute, bubbly ass and as much fun as spanking it had been, he was pretty sure that rubbing lotion onto it would be a whole lot better, so using both hands, he spread the cooling cream over the reddest parts, his fingers dipping dangerously into the dark, hidden space between her closed legs.

Kelly inhaled sharply at the mixed sensation of pain and pleasure that resulted; but the pleasure won out, and she folded her arms under her head exhaled with a relaxed sigh and opened her legs to her brothers’ hands. “Don’t miss anything,” she cooed, closing her eyes.

Kirk took her advice to heart, rubbing plenty of cream onto the plump globes of her rear, eliciting delighted moans from very happy sister. His hands thoroughly massaged the cream along her legs, onto her cheeks, and well down into the crevice formed by her slightly parted legs. Soon, he had coated not only the puckered hole of her ass, but had managed to rub the cream deep into the folds of her pussy. She had groaned with delight, and lifted her rear to grant him better access as his fingers entered her from behind, sliding easily in and out; her nether regions as well lubricated with her own cream as with what Kirk was applying.

“Oh? Do you like that?” he asked, rubbing his hands up her spine and over her smooth back, massaging the lotion into her. He adjusted his erection as he expanded the range of his massage to her back and shoulders, getting receptive groans of delight in response.

“Mmmm- More, please.” She whispered, arching up her rear, granting Kirk unfettered and welcome access. Kirk, emboldened by his own arousal, and spurred on to greater confidence by his willing sibling was starting to get more creative.

“Spread your legs and lift up a bit” he commanded experimentally and she did, revealing her pussy in all its glory, her lips opened and ready, the sight setting Kirk’s heart racing.

He grabbed more cream and ran his left hand up between her legs and across her sex, dragging his finger across her clit on the return stroke. She shuddered with delight, pleased to comply to his requests.

“Fathers right, you know. You do need a shave” he said “doesn’t all that stubble itch?”

“God Kirk-you have no idea. It’s driving me crazy. I don’t know how you do it; shaving is such a bitch. I’ve cut myself like a hundred times trying to shave down there, but it’s just too hard to see.”

Kirk did know. He’d been shaving since about 14, so had 4+ years of practice and a face was a lot easier to shave because you could see it in the mirror. He kept clean-shaven, but could probably have grown a pretty respectable beard in a month or two.

“Yea. Shaving cuts suck. I have some stuff you can put on it, but it might burn a little on such uh, sensitive skin. Are the cuts bad?” he asked.

“Here- take a look” she responded playfully, flipping onto her back and giving her brother once again a perfect, up-close view of her shaved pussy. He stared at the delightful folds of flesh between her legs, lost in reverie for a few seconds before focusing on the multiple spots of razor rash on her mons, legs, and along the sides of her pussy. It looked pretty raw.

“Damn- what’d you shave with, a rusty hatchet” he queried, laughing. tipobet365 giri┼č “May I?” he asked, reaching toward the tortured flesh.

“Go for it, bro” she giggled “It’s all yours” and she lay there enjoying Kirks hands as he rubbed them across her razor-bumps, her breath increasing as her excitement built. The lotion on his hands felt great and as the pain in her rear faded, she began to enjoy his ministrations, swelling with renewed arousal.

“I could shave you, you know,” Kirk offered, “You’d feel a whole lot better, it won’t itch as much, and you won’t get as many ingrown hairs.” Kelly had actually considered this idea, and then rejected it. Surely Kirk would not want to deal with her stubble, and she wasn’t sure he would think it was as insanely sexy as idea as it had seemed to her. The thought of him playing around down there had made her very, very wet.

“So- you spank me. Then you massage me. Then you diddle me. And then you offer to shave me?” Kirk, I’m starting to think you really like my pussy.” As she said this, she lifted her hips in response to his continued stroking, clearly offering herself up for further exploration. In response, stuck two creamy fingers into his sister, moving them around and watching her face light up in surprise.

“Oh. I do, Kelly I do. But I’m thinking you don’t exactly hate it, either!” and she gasped loudly as his fingers hit a very good spot, making her reel with pleasure. She wasn’t sure where he had picked up that trick, but she really, really liked it.

“Come to my room” he said and turned around and left, pulling his fingers out of her and leaving her frustrated and panting with arousal. Smiling broadly though, she stood and walked down the hall after him.

She found him is his bathroom, collecting shaving supplies. It had always bugged her that his room had a bathroom and hers didn’t, but it wasn’t the kind of thing she planning on bringing up with her father. He ran the water until it was steaming and the filled the sink. He then cleared off his stuff, wiped the counter clean, and motioned for her to sit on the counter, which she did with a big smile.

He could sit on the closed toilet and if she spread her legs, he’d have perfect access to work between them.

Kelly was slightly embarrassed by this intimate act. Her brother would have a front row seat to the show- every hair, every pimple, every smell- would be available to him. As exposed as she was, it felt incredibly thrilling. It felt like she was being pampered, and there was an odd sense of her being in control, even though both of them were clearing going to enjoy it. The feeling made her squirm with excitement.

Kirk took a few minutes to prepare everything, and she watched fascinated as he collected his things. It was like watching a secret ritual, and she soon forgot that she was about to let her brother shave her pussy- something she herself had only ever really done once.

He had made her yelp when he had placed the hot, steaming towel he’d wrung out from the sink against her bare flesh. “Hold it against you” he instructed, guiding her hand to hold the cloth against her pubes.

“Holy shit that feels good” she said. She hadn’t thought to do this when she’d shaved earlier, but immediately saw the benefit of it as the heat penetrated and softened her flesh.

Kirk loaded a fresh blade into his razor saying “Dull razors are your enemy. Always use one that’s sharp” He tipobet365 g├╝venilirmi had a little cup with a handle filled with some kind of soap, and a brush that he dipped into it and swirled around. It smelled manly, but minty and she was eager to see what came next.

He made her sit with the towel against her pubes for what seemed like a really long time, and he’d lifted it off once or twice to inspect her, grinning at her bemusement. Sitting there naked, a hot towel pressed against her pussy, the steam warming up the room and fogging the mirror,

Kelly was getting terribly horny. Her nipples ached they were so hard, but Kirk had been ignoring them except for the occasional hungry glance. She could feel her pussy swelling too- not just from the heat, but from the charged sexual energy of the whole situation.

Finally, Kirk lifted the towel, nodded at the pinkness of the flesh below, and said “OK. Here we go,” and started his work.

Using the brush, the hot water and the little cup, Kirk soon had her entire pubic region coated in a thick creamy white coating. The brush against her clit had almost made her come right there, and her surprised gasps had caused him to tickle her little nub with the brush, saying “Oh. Does my wittle sister wike when a wub her pussy?” Kelly had almost peed herself in excitement and said “Careful there. That things loaded, and I’ve seen it go off! It can be pretty messy” She thought back to her accidental pee earlier, and the two of them laughed.

Kirk was indeed pretty skilled, and while this was the first time he’d shaved a pussy, his fascination with it had kept his pace slow and careful. He was transfixed by how her soft, plaint flesh swelled and puffed. He’d never seen anything sexier, and his excited touch bordered on worship. Kelly was gritting her teeth she was so ready to come but she endured, and in less than fifteen minutes, was as smoothly shaved as she’d ever been except for a small patch of stubble deep down toward her rear that was not accessible from this position.

Kirk used another hot towel to clean the last bits of shaving cream from Kelly and motioned for her to hop off the counter.

“Get up on my bed, on your stomach- head down, ass up, legs spread” he said, and she laughed at the precision of his commands and said “Yes Father!” in mocking reply.

Kelly adored this particular position for a number of perverse reasons. First, it was a favorite when using her toys as it gave her good control of the in and out motion and she could put her a hand under herself to squeeze a nipple. Also, she felt sexy in this pose, her sex widely open and receptive, lips spread, even her ass tingling with exposure. Like a lioness, waiting to be taken.

From this position, Kirk carefully finished his task, stopping as he finished to just admire the view. Kelly’s pussy lips were fully open, revealing the pink depths of her sex. He could make out the wet, creamy secretions flowing from deep within her. His cock ached with hardness as he stared at her, looking like she was ready to be mounted.

Using yet another wet towel her rubbed between her legs, making her shudder in pleasure as he removed the last bit of cream from his sisters now perfectly smooth pussy.

“All Done” he said, swatting her ass lightly, causing her to drop onto the bed and release a deep, relaxing sigh.

“Oh, I really owe you for that, brother” she said grinning and was about to leave when Kirk said “Not so fast,” and held up the jar of lotion.

Kelly flipped onto her back, her boobs bouncing as she stuck her legs in the air, holding them in a vee with her hands. Kirk thought it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and he worked the healing lotion over his recent handiwork.

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