Kas 15

Father’s Birthday Ch. 02

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Jack had all the food made and was waiting for his son to come down. Every so often he would glance at the glass of orange juice that contained the sleeping pill.

As he was contemplating over whether he should do this or not. His son came down in baggy sweat pants and a muscle tank top.

“Hey dad.” Jake said.

“Hey son. I made some lunch for myself and there was enough left for you to.” Jack said.

“Cool thanks I was hoping for some food, but didn’t want to make any.” Jake said.

As he finished saying this he sat down at the table and started inhaling the food like he hadn’t eaten in a week. As jack was sitting at the table and eating his own food he was wondering when Jake was finally going to drink the orange juice.

Just as this thought passed through his head his son finished his food and gulped down the juice.

“Why don’t you go sit on the couch and I will clean up the dishes.” Jack said.

“Thanks dad.”

As that was said Jake headed to the family room.

When Jack had finished with the dishes he went to the family room to see if the pill had kicked in yet or not. As he walked into the room he saw his son sprawled on the couch and was snoring softly. Not knowing how much time he had until the pill wore off in less than 30 minutes. He headed over to his son and threw him over his shoulder fireman style. Carrying him down to the basement he was careful not to give his son a concussion on the way down.

Opening up the door to the room he laid his son down on the table with the restraints so it would be easier to remove his son’s clothes. pulling off his son’s shirt he saw the defined muscles that showed off a hairless chest. much like his own. Then moving to the other side he started to pull his son’s pants off. Revealing the black briefs his son had put on. The outline of the fairly average cock was outlined in the fabric. After setting the pants on the table on top of the shirt he started pulling the briefs down the toned slightly hairy legs. slapping against his son’s abs was a 6-inch limp dick. Moving the clothes to the bin by the door he went back and re-picked up his son carrying him to the swing.

Placing him in the swing back down. He picked up the right arm and fastened it to the swing hard enough that he wouldn’t be able to move to much when he woke up. then did the same with the left arm and both legs. Now all he had to do was wait for his son to wake up.

Looking up at the clock he realized that it won’t be that long now realizing that the entire thing had taken twenty minutes.

Two Başakşehir Escort minutes later-

His son started stirring realizing that he was no longer on the couch he started to look around. Noticing that he was naked. then further more saw that both his arms and legs were restrained. Finally looking around the rest of the room he saw all the toys neatly organized the room then his eyes came to rest on his father.

“Dad? What’s going on? Why am I naked and tied to this thing?” Jake asked.

“Well you see your mother went out of town with your sisters and I’m horny and it is my birthday.”

“So why am I strapped down because this seems really weird.” Jake asked.

“Oh you see, you missed the part about being horny.” Jack said.

“No I didn’t I just didn’t understand what it had to do with me.” Jake said.

“Oh that. Well it’s perfectly simple I’m going to fuck you. Using the various toys around the room after I use my cock to pop your anal cherry first.” Jack stated.

Jake eyes widened throughout the entire statement. His eyes however showed that he was afraid with the tiniest bit of interest.

“But you can’t. I’m your son it would be wrong and I’m straight.” Jake said nervously.

“Well actually I can because you are tied down and can’t move plus we are the only ones in the house and this room is sound proof. So in that case you birthday present to me is going to be your cherry.” Jack said while taking off his shirt.

Jake couldn’t help but stare at his father’s body in awe at how toned and muscular it was.

“But dad …” Jake started.

“No buts Jake. We are going to do this right now before your brother decides to come home and start looking for us. Now I just need to stop you from talking before you ruin my buzz.” Jack said.

As he said this he continued stripping down till he was completely naked showing his smooth toned chest and six pack. His toned slightly furry legs and the 10-inch hard-on that bounced as he walked. Heading for the table with the ball gags he grabbed on that wasn’t too small and not to large and headed over to his son. On the way there he picked up another toy that would hold his son’s mouth open while he face fucked him.

“Dad. Think about this real quickly you don’t want to do…mmf.” Jake started.

Jack had forced the device with the hole in the center into his son’s mouth. holding it open so that his 2 and a half-inch wide dick could fit into his mouth. After fastening the straps behind his head he grabbed on to his son’s head and turned Başakşehir Escort it to the side so that he could see his dick.

“This right here I’m going to put in your mouth and face fuck you. Then I’m going to switch out the gags in your mouth, then I’m going to finger you and shove my cock up your ass and cum inside you. Got it.” Jack said.

“mm-hmm.” Jake mumbled.

“Great now get ready.” Jack said.

With that he pushed his cock into his son’s mouth and slowly started to move his cock back and forth. Jake started to move his tongue around the cock hoping to make it go faster and bring him off in his mouth. Jack wanting to father started to press his dick too far and started Jake’s gagging reflex. Which was hard to do because he couldn’t cough easily with the gag in his mouth. After about two minutes Jack was getting close to the brink and pulled out. After that he quickly switched the gags and started to head to his son’s ass. Looking down he saw that his son was hard.

“Well looks like someone is enjoying himself.” Jack said while masturbating Jake’s cock.

“MMM-MMM.” Jake tried to pretend.

With disbelief written all over his face Jack went over to the table against the wall and grabbed a bottle of lube. Putting some on his hand and rubbed it on his dick. The entire he was lubing his dick his son was watching him. When he was well oiled, he put some more on his fingers and went over to his son’s ass. Slapping his ass, he gently smeared some of the lube in his crack.

“Ready for the first finger.” Jack stated.

“MM-MMM!!” Jake emphasized.

Trying to squirm away was not working because he was strapped to the swing and couldn’t move anywhere and couldn’t yell because of the ball gag. Just as he was trying to find a way out of this he felt a sharp shoot of pain at his asshole. While he had been struggling his father had started to press his finger into his whole getting up to the first knuckle before it started to hurt. Slightly pulling his finger out then pushing all the way in he started to fuck his son with the one finger. When the ass hole felt loose enough he started to add another causing another jolt of pain. When this one was painlessly sliding in and out he started to scissor them more and more to loosen the hole. When that was easier to deal with he started to add a third finger with only caused a small amount of pain as it was only slightly larger than the two fingers scissoring. When the hole was loose enough he withdrew his fingers.

“Ready to get fucked?” Jack asked.

Shaking Escort Başakşehir his head no Jake knew it was futile.

His father started to push his head into his anus and was met with little resistance. Thanks to be being so open from the finger fucking there was not much pain. As his father started to sink more of his cock in to him. going in a couple inches then backing out a few. He was trying to get thoughts out of his mind. Very soon his father was all the way inside him. Then very slowly he started to pull out until the head was just in then went all the way back in and did this several times. The entire thing was starting to turn Jake on. Then all of a sudden a wave of pleasure rushes through Jake.

“MMMMMM.” Jake moaned.

“I found our prostate. Now then lets heat this up.” Jack said.

All of a sudden he pulled all the way out to the tip and rammed back in hitting Jake’s prostate on the way. Then repeated it over and over. Jake was enjoying himself by the moans of pleasure and the rock hard dick and pre-cum oozing out of it. Jack had great stamina from the fact that he had already cum once earlier and was going on twenty minutes when he felt his balls starting to pull up.

“OH. Jake I’m CUMMMMMMMIINNNGGG.” Jack moaned loudly.

With that said Jake felt his father slam into him twice more and then stayed there. Then he felt something warm fill his ass up. His father had come within him. When that thought had hit his head he came himself. Shooting all the way up to the top of his chest. When he finally came down he felt his father pull out of him. he felt some of the come spilling out of his asshole. His father saw this and grabbed a cup and caught all the cum falling out of his ass.

“Well that wasn’t bad for your first time. Don’t worry your second will be coming in a few.” Jack said. As he caught the falling cum.

Jake was spent but when he heard that his dick jumped back to life and started to harden. He hated the fact that he was so turned on at the thought of being fucked by his father. His father however didn’t fail to notice his reaction.

“Well looks like someone is getting used to the idea of getting fucked. Don’t worry your mother is being more stingy with when I can fuck her and this won’t be the last day.” Jack said.

Jake couldn’t help but wonder how long his father planned to keep this going. But he couldn’t voice this thought because of the fact that he was still gagged.

“Well now I’m revived. let’s have a little more fun with more of the toys in here.” jack said.

He gave another tug on his dick which was fully hard once again. Then he started to move around the room grabbing plugs and dildo’s and putting them on tray he could wheel around.

“Now then let’s have some more fun.” Jack said with a smile and headed over to his son with the tray.

To be continued.

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