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Father and Son Bonding

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Steve walked into the house after a long day of work. He slumped the bag hanging from his shoulder onto the kitchen floor and placed a set of car keys on the counter. He started to unbutton his dress shirt, exposing a formidable chest of hair underneath, but stopped when he heard something fall onto the floor upstairs. That’s odd, he thought to himself, removing his fingers from the buttons. I’m usually the first one home in the afternoons.

Steve strutted through the living room and went up the stairs. The office door at the end of the hallway upstairs was closed. A door that was typically left open if no one was inside.

Without knocking, Steve walked up to it and opened the door.

His mouth immediately fell open. Steve’s eighteen-year-old son Jason was sitting at the computer with his gym shorts and underwear around his ankles. His son’s bare legs were manspreading as wide as possible, to make room for the bulbous scrotum and girthy, hairy penis that he was stroking. Jason’s fist was hammering into his sack, his hand sliding vigorously up and down his pole. His son’s cock was glistening from either spit or lube and made a sloppy wet sound with each stroke up and down the length of his shaft.

Steve had just walked in on his son masturbating.

“Oh shit.” Stopping in his tracks, with his hand still on the doorknob, Steve froze and didn’t know what do to.

Jason looked over, shock erupting on his face. “DAD!” He quickly stood up from the computer chair, trying desperately to pull up his shorts, but it was too late. Steve had seen everything.

Jason’s erection hung straight out and sagged from its weight. From what Steve could guess, his son’s cock was about eight inches long and fat as hell. His looks bigger than mine, he thought, as Jason tried to shield his masculinity from his father.

Steve and his wife had both of their sons circumcised when they were born, so the end of Jason’s shaft displayed a perfect helmet shape mushroom head. A glob of either lube or precum swung from the piss-slit, wobbling as Jason struggled to get his clothes on. Steve hadn’t seen his son’s penis in years, and it had definitely matured. It was a man’s organ now, Steve proudly noticed.

“I’m sorry, buddy.” Steve wasn’t sure if he should leave without another word or try and console him.

In his panic, Jason asked, “What are you doing home so early?”

“I always get home at this time, pal.” He watched his son struggle to pull up his gym shorts, simultaneously attempting to close the porn on the computer.

“Jason, it’s alright.” His son had pulled his shorts back on, but not all the way up. Jason’s bushy black pubes were sticking out. The hair was shiny from lube.

Steve looked at the computer screen. The paused video was of a bearded man sucking cock through a gloryhole. His cheek was puffed from the head of the stranger’s dick in his mouth. Jason was into gay porn?

Steve knew he had to console his son. “I know it’s weird for your dad to see you masturbating, but don’t be embarrassed. This is what men do, buddy. You’re a growing man. It’s good to explore and see what your body does when you’re aroused.”

Jason exhaled, chest heaving slightly as he tried to relax. Steve offered a few more consoling words. “To be honest, between you, me, and your brother, one of us was bound to get caught stroking at some point.”

“Wait, you still jerk off,” Jason asked him, slightly shocked.

“Of course, I do, buddy. I have a dick too, don’t I? Your brother almost caught me last week actually, going at it in the bathroom.”

Steve’s wife had passed away when his sons were young, before they started puberty, leaving him to raise them from the boys they had been into the men they were maturing into. Their bedrooms were much muskier now and he would occasionally feel areas of stiffness on their dirty socks or used towels when he would do the laundry, knowing his boys were changing and gaining the ability to ejaculate fertile sperm. He hadn’t actually caught one of them yet and had been sure to keep his own sessions quiet when they were home. But today was the day one of them was caught.

Jason’s embarrassment seemed to diminish a bit when he heard Steve’s confession. He sat back in the computer chair and let his man legs fall open again slightly. His thick, matured legs pressed against the seat, pumping his calf muscles. They were bulky with hair on them like his own, a man’s legs. Steve noticed a slight bulge where his son’s semi-erection was tenting his gym shorts.

“How often do you beat it?” Jason asked him.

“Usually once a day if I can find the time. But trying to sneak in a session to bate my cock without you or your brother catching me busting my load is tough. So sometimes only a few times a week.” Steve felt a little awkward referring to it as a ‘cock’, but he and his son had the same sex organs. They had COCKS.

“Me and Chris being around shouldn’t stop you, dad. You should be able to fucking slam your cock and make noise and get yourself Çeşme Escort off. I’d love it if we could do that. Be open about it.”

Steve considered a household like that, with he and his boys openly masturbating their penises, and felt a swell of adrenaline. It would be the ideal situation in a house full of men. He chuckled, “That would be the perfect situation. But would be weird if one of you walked in and saw your pop fucking his fist.”

“It is a little weird to get caught,” Jason said. “But after the damage is done, there isn’t really a point to hide it anymore, right?” With that, Jason put his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down. His cock came out of his shorts, released from under the fabric. He was showing himself off to his dad.

Steve eyed the manhood between his son’s thighs and felt his own penis swell with arousal in his dress pants. The head of Jason’s circumcised cock was glistening wet and, as Steve saw before, his penis sagged from its weight. Two sizable testicles dangled further between his legs, hardly visible as they hung into his shorts, but Steve could see the first signs of hair starting to erupt on the dark skin of his scrotum. From the looks of his crotch, Jason either hadn’t heard of manscaping or just didn’t care for it. His son’s dick fur exploded around the shaft and gripped around the base of his penis. He had straight, long, black pubic hair. His cock was covered.

“Well, fuck me.” Steve cleared his throat. “Bud, you’re a man,” Steve felt pride swell in his chest, eyeing the lengthy organ stretching out from his son’s forest of pubic hair. He can sperm now too, he thought to himself.

Almost unconsciously, Steve grabbed at his own dick, supported in his underwear, and gave it a healthy squeeze, feeling it harden.

Jason saw him do it, noting the outline of his dad’s lengthening prick against the fabric. His own exposed penis, flashing to his father, thumped fuller with blood. He glanced at the open buttons of his dad’s dress shirt, showing off the carpet of hair beneath, and felt his heart in his throat, imagining himself spurting his white, gooey sperm into it.

“Not gonna leave me to be the only one showing off, are you, pops?” Jason grabbed the base of his dick, squeezed tightly, and bobbed his penis up and down for his father, teasing him.

“Fuck, pal.” Steve wiped his brow, looking around awkwardly, but glanced back at his half-naked son shaking his manhood at him. “Alright, fuck it.” He closed the office door with a click. “Can’t believe I’m about to corrupt my boy.”

“I’m corrupt as hell already, dad. Watch too much porn, sperm on everything, and typically like that guy-on-guy shit,” he said, smirking to Steve.

“I saw. And there isn’t a piece of laundry you and your brother haven’t caked with cum.”

Jason laughed, still holding the base of his dick. “You love it though.” It’s true. Steve did love feeling his sons’ crusty, spermed laundry, knowing they were making their dicks feel good. “Alright. Pull it out, dad. Let me see yours.”

Steve’s fingers were like Jell-O as he fumbled with his belt and zipper, watching Jason play with his dick. After a final breath, Steve pushed his pants and underwear down. They crumpled around his dress socks clinging to his calves.

Steve’s matured, stiffening cock bobbed between his legs for his son to see. He hadn’t manscaped in a while either, so his large balls and the base of his thick shaft were covered by a rug of black pubic hair, curlier than Jason’s. Since he was older, he had significantly more on his scrotum. The skin was more mature and darker too.

A few weeks ago, while the boys were playing video games, Steve had measured his cock in his bedroom before unloading some sperm into a sock. Fully erect he was just shy of eight inches. His shaft was five inches thick at full mast. He cupped his hairy testicles and his growing, cut penis for his boy. It was a turn on to be naked in front of his son. He was getting more and more aroused.

“That’s a good dick, Dad.”

“Glad you think so, pal.” Steve looked down at his stiffening dick, then chuckled to himself, realizing. “Kind of strange to think you came from inside it. Specifically, these bad boys.” He cupped his scrotum, feeling his testicles dance over his fingertips.

“Oh shit! You’re right. That’s so wild! No more kids for you though, right?”

“No, not anymore. I had a vasectomy when you were ten.”

“So, how does that work exactly? Do you stop busting loads?”

Steve laughed at his naivete. “I can still ejaculate. My stuff is just clearer than yours now. There’s no sperm in it.”

“Ah, gotcha.”

Steve looked at his son’s fat prick. “How big is that monster, bud? You measure it?” While asking, he shuffled towards Jason with his pants down. Steve had started to stroke his dad-cock, getting himself erect.

“Fully hard I’m nine inches.”

“Holy christ! You’ve got your old man beat.”

“How big’s yours?”

“Just Çeşme Escort Bayan shy of eight.”

“Sorry that I have the bigger cock. You gave me some good genes though, pop.”

Steve chuckled as Jason stood up again. He noticed that while his own cock curved up and did not seem overstrained by the weight, Jason’s dick pointed out and then curved down at the end. It was clearly a heavy dick.

“What do you say, Jason? Should we just make sure? Put them up against each other to measure?”


Jason grabbed his meaty penis and lifted it up as they both stepped towards each other. The spacing closed and Steve felt the length of his son’s shaft press against his cock.

“Oh, yeah. That’s it, pal.” Steve was watching their penises rub together. Their pubes reached into each other’s as they both pushed their hips together. Father and son with their frotting cocks. Jason’s dick slumped over the top of Steve’s, supported by the head. Jason beat him in length by at least an inch and a half. Steve could almost even gauge the weight.

“Fuck. How thick is it, Jason?” Steve didn’t wait, but grabbed both of their cocks in his hand, squeezing them together. Jason exhaled abruptly as his dad touched his penis. Steve noticed that the tissue of Jason’s penis was a bit squishier than his own, albeit girthier. So much cock to fill with blood made it more difficult for Jason’s to be as hard as Steve’s was.

“About six inches girth.”

“Jesus. My boy has a monster.” It made Steve’s cock engorge more, pressed against such a fat penis. His son’s at that.

They both exhaled as Steve stroked their cocks together.

“Fuck, dad. That feels good.”

“Sure does, my boy.”

“Keep going.” Steve jerked their cocks, feeling Jason’s throb in his hand, against his dick. After a few strokes, he removed his hand and, watching Jason, licked his palm before grabbing them again. This time they were slick in his hand and made a sloppy noise, both heads of their cocks gliding through his hand. Steve saw some of the spit looked more globby than normal.

“Damn, you precuming on my cock, son?”

Jason grabbed his dad’s large arm and squeezed it, clearly thanking him for how good it was feeling. He moaned and exhaled, “Yes, sir, I am.”

“That’s my boy.” Steve picked up the pace. Both of their pubes, he noted, were getting wet too and he heard Jason moan again. Steve felt a rush of fluid in his testicles as they bounced next to Jason’s in their bags. Though no sperm would be coming out, Steve knew precum was leaking from his piss-slit too. “Fuck, I think I am too.”

“That’s it, dad. Make it precum.”

Without easing up on the bate, Steve looked Jason in the eye and demanded, “Call me ‘sir’.”

Jason returned his gaze and swallowed, feeling his cock tense with pleasure in his dad’s hand. “Yes, sir.”

“Atta boy.”

Steve bated their cocks, frotting them and milking precum from them to lube them up more. Father’s cock and son’s cock being bated together, feeling pleasure.

“Can I try, sir?”

“Sure can, my boy.” Steve released their swollen penises to give his son a chance to beat them off. Jason wrapped his fingers around them. Steve’s organ stiffened as his son touched it. “That’s it. Show your pops how you work penis.”

“Yes, sir.” Jason tightened his grip on their dicks, a bit tighter than Steve, and bated. His technique was perfect and made precum nearly spurt from the head of Steve’s cock. He hadn’t ejaculated in a few days, and Steve knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Oh, shit. Yeah. Work our cocks, boy. Fuck. That’s it.” Jason picked up the speed, working the meat of their erections in his hand. Steve could feel his orgasm already approaching soon.

“Son, you’re gonna make your pop ejaculate in a bit.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Fuck yeah! Thought I’d last longer, but don’t think I will.”

Jason tensed his fingers around their shafts and worked their dicks together, stroking cock the way men do, the way he discovered during his bate journey as a maturing man.

“Work your dad’s penis, son. Make it sperm.”

Jason picked up the pace even more. The sound of their wet, precum-soaked cocks sliding through his hand filled the room. He was beyond ready to feel his dad’s orgasm against the underside of his dick.

“Ejaculate your load for me, sir.”

“Oh fuck, son. Keep going.”

Jason didn’t slow his hand. He squeezed their cocks tighter, pressing them together more and building the pressure. “Do it, sir. Ejaculate on your son’s cock.”

“Oh, fuck, pal. It’s coming.” Jason kept the speed of his bate up. He wasn’t going to slow down until his father spermed on his penis, into his long black pubes. And even then he wasn’t going to slow down.

“Yeah. Give it to me, sir. Let me see you unload. Orgasm for me, sir.”

It was too much for his penis to bear. It felt too good. Steve was too aroused and couldn’t hold his load in anymore. His son was about to feel the warm spurt of his cum in his Escort Çeşme hand and on the head of his cock, and the thought put Steve over the edge.

He didn’t say anything but closed his eyes and put his hand on Jason’s shoulder, gripping it, pulling them closer together. He felt his sack tighten and knew he was about to orgasm into his son’s hand and all over their cocks.

Steve’s shaft tightened for one final moment. He felt it go rigid, sliding vigorously through Jason’s fist. He was fucking his son’s fist, against his son’s penis and he was going to explode in his son’s hand.              

And that’s the thought that did it.

Steve’s cock stretched and firmed once more and then his ejaculation began. The first pump brought a wave of sensitivity, and a moan escaped his throat, feeling the start of his orgasm in Jason’s hand.

Through closed eyes, he heard Jason exclaim, “Oh fuck yes, sir!” Steve could feel the semen coming out.

Jason didn’t let up. With each downward pump of his hand on their cocks, Steve’s penis throbbed white cum into Jason’s hand over and over. The sound of their bate got sloppier as Steve’s load lubed their cocks more. Jason glided Steve’s semen all over their shafts and down into their black dick hair.

Pump after pump, Jason could feel the length of his dad’s prick pulsing against his as he ejaculated. His dad’s load was noticeably clearer than his loads, absent of sperm, but it was no less lubricating. The gooey load of semen made Jason’s hand slick easier over their cocks.

Steve’s throbs weakened. He moaned once more, feeling his ejaculation coming to an end, as Jason finally eased up his speed.

Steve opened his eyes and Jason said, “Fuck that was so hot, sir.”

“Fuck. You made me cum hard, son.”

Jason took his hand off their cocks, his father’s beginning to soften, and sucked his father’s semen off his finger. “Good.”

Steve looked at their penises. Their pubes were wet, and both their pricks glistened. His own penis had started to bow and deflate, while Jason’s still stuck straight out, hanging from the weight and ready to unload.

Steve reached for his son’s manhood, feeling the slickness of his load on his son’s shaft. “Your turn, boy.”

“Sir, can I sperm in your chest hair?”

Steve smirked at his son, reaching for the buttons of his dress shirt. “Absolutely,” he said, undoing the rest and taking his shirt off completely.

Jason’s cock strained harder at the site of his father’s bare, hairy chest. The nipples were quarter sized and nestled in the fur, atop large pecs. His father’s chest hair reached up and around his shoulders and halfway down his large, muscular arms. Jason hoped he would look like his matured father when he got older.

“Let’s milk that sperm out of you, boy.” Steve knelt in front of his son, not caring to pull up his clothes. His deflated, ejaculated cock wagged between his thick, hairy thighs. His scrotum had eased and hung, relaxed.

Steve wrapped his hand around Jason’s cock and bated it for him, tightening his grip. He slid his fist down the nine inches of his son’s cock, slamming against Jason’s mature full bush of wet pubic hair at the base.

“Fuck, sir.” Jason spread his thighs, allowing his male organ to be worked by his father’s hand.

“Fuck my fist, son.” Jason did as he was told and thrust his hips forward as Steve’s grip collided into his bush. “Atta boy. Fuck it. Shove that cock into your dad’s hand.”

Steve slammed his son’s penis for him, working the meat the same way he worked his own, feeling proud having a male offspring whose penis was about to do the same his had just done, knowing how incredible it would felt. Jason’s scrotum swung aggressively. His testicles slapped Steve’s hand.

Jason moaned as Steve worked his bulbous, leaking head. His glands were sensitive.

“Fucking sperm for me, boy. Show your pops how you bust cum.”

Jason had a full view of his father’s wide, hairy chest while he worked his cock. The muscles of his arms flexed as he jerked him off. “I’m getting close, sir.”

Steve felt the monstrous cock in his hand expand, nearing ejaculation. “Atta boy. Let it go. Let it feel good.”

“Feels so fucking good, sir.”

“Show your dad how good it feels. Bust that sperm for me, boy.” Jason’s penis grew stiffer. Steve didn’t stop. His hand was slamming into his son’s crotch.

“Fuck, sir. I’m about to go.”

“That’s it, son. Unleash that fertile sperm.”

Jason moaned loudly, stretching to be on his toes. “Sir, I can’t hold it.”

“Let it go, son. Fucking show your dad how you ejaculate.” Steve fondled Jason’s testicles. His son’s scrotum was noticeably less hairy than his own, but it was tight and ready to empty. He was about to unload.

“Sir, don’t stop. I’m gonna cum.”

Steve stroked the entire length of his son’s penis, from swollen cock head, down to the base. He could feel it engorging.

“Fuck, I’m ejaculating, sir.” Steve focusing his palm to the sensitive glands of his son’s cock head. He felt Jason’s penis pump slightly fuller, then slid his hand down the length of the shaft, pressing firmly into his son’s pubic hair, pulling the skin taut. He wanted to see each throbbing pulse of his son’s penis when it released his sperm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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