Fat Boy

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Intro — apprehensions.

I was 23 when I broke up with my only boyfriend of almost a decade. So when, 3 months later, a bunch of my best girl friends asked me to come out for drinks I was quite reluctant. Then they told me there was gonna be 4 boys and wanted a fourth woman there I flatly refused.

Untold texts, and phone calls and loads of begging later and the promise of free, expensive white wine, I agreed on the understanding I was there purely to fill numbers. Sarah was with her long-term b/f, Mike, who brought 3 of his single friends (Richard, Finn and Tom) and she took three of hers. Myself, Lucy and Veronica. Lucy wanted Finn and Veronica her hey eyes on Richard. I had met Finn before but none of the other guys.

The meal

I was tactfully paired up with Tom. He was late 20s, and a truly lovely guy but I was still hurting far too much. It was all made a lot easier by the fact that I simply did not fancy him. He was quite a bit overweight, sweaty and wore glasses. So a lovely time was had with all, eating expensive food, laughing with friends and drinking loads of alcohol.

As the evening went on and the wine was quaffed with no restraint the more the face of my ex- got blurred in my mind, the more I realised how desperate for a phuk I was and the more offended I got when ppl referred to him as “Fat Boy” to his face. So I was quite pleased when Sara had a minor argument with Mike who got drunk and behaved like an uncouth lout, and neither Lucy nor Veronica got their man. Just to spite them, when Tom asked me if he could take me home, I smiled politely, thanked him and took him up on his offer. I’ll never forget their faces!

He had had a fair bit to drink too, but I think with his 18+ stone of weight, 6’2″ of height the huge amount of food he had over a 4 hour period he was much more sober than me. I offered him another drink and we sat on the sofa and chatted. I asked him if he wanted to sleep it off on my sofa which he accepted so we carried on drinking and chatting and one thing led to another. I had had a lot to drink and had become a total animal. I still didn’t fancy him despite all the alcohol but it had just turned into one of those awesome nights where you say “phuk it” to everything in your life.

Back at mine

We started kissing and soon we were rolling on the floor throwing our clothes this way and that. I clambered on top of him (no way I was letting that get on top of me, no matter how drunk I was!) I was in a real state but I remember thinking to myself as I wrapped my hand around his half chub: “Hello…. Fat Boy!”

I wiggled on top of him and when he was fully erect I tried getting him into me. I swear if I was not drunk as phuk and incredibly horney I would not have dared try. It was an immense thing with an incredible girth. It bounced off his big belly playfully and reached as far up as his belly button. I tried to wiggle down on it and it jabbed angrily back at me. He helped by holding my buttocks open wide and once he hit the right spot he lowered me onto him.

I braced myself, not knowing what to expect and dug my long nails onto his soft, wobbly man-boobs. As he eagerly inserted that thing into me I bit my lower lip and within seconds I had my first orgasm.

I cannot explain it. That thing filled me up perfectly; with plenty to spare! Combined with my emotional state, not to mention how long I had gone without a thorough phuking, I was cumming happily within seconds.

I held on tight, I knew I was in for a rough ride tonight. I bounced a few more times on him. It was delicious. The room was spinning around and I held onto his hands to steady myself. He smiled at me and helped steady me, as I tried my best to contain my happiness. Wave upon wave of delirious warmth emanating from my surprised pussy filled me up and between sobs of pleasure all I could do was laugh out loud.

Eventually, that was brought to a sudden end as he exploded inside me and his face of pure ecstasy and his moans of bestial delight pushed me over the edge once more and made me orgasm again with him. It was amazing!

Exhausted I flopped onto him breathless. He was still breathing heavily and his hands roamed my body as we calmed our selves. It was getting late. I was getting well sleepy and wanted to cuddle up to my big, fat bear and go to sleep (I felt I had earned to right to call him that!).

But he had different plans. He obviously got little attention from girls and I could tell he was pretty inexperienced. He wanted to make the most of this and though I was feeling quite weak now, his attentions were flattering.

He lay me on my back and buried his face between my legs. He was really sweet, gentle and patient. Though he got me quite aroused again, he lacked the experience to fully satisfy me. Eventually he lay on his side beside me and I noticed he was fully erect again. It was truly a huge cock and he manoeuvred me onto my side and with all the room we had halkal─▒ escort on the floor we got into a lying down doggy position.

This suited me fine because I was feeling quite lazy and sleepy. The room still swirled so I held onto the carpet and braced as he gently eased himself inside me again. I soon woke up with a surprised start! Left to his own devices he managed to get more of himself inside me. He carried on humping and I adjusted the angle so that his thick cock rubbed my G-spot. His angry administrations, though somewhat inexperienced, were delirious. Soon I was clutching at the leg of the sofa desperately, sobbing as my pussy flushed a huge, deep, warm and incredibly wet orgasm all over his thick member.

He held me tight and kept on pumping my soaking pussy and having recently cum he was able to carry on thrusting. He slowed a little to allow me to enjoy myself and as he eased into me, my pussy involuntarily clutched his cock in appreciation. This continued for a few more minutes and then he knelt beside me and picked up pace. I was being used, quite happily so, by a huge cock that was getting frantic for another explosion. But I beat him to it. Howling in exasperated surprise I came again and a few moments later he exploded inside me again.

He collapsed on the floor beside me and cuddled up to me. He slid one arm under my head and cradled me. We were a mess. Sweaty, smelly, drunk, exhausted and as his thick cock calmed, our juices trickled out of me; thick, warm and copious. As my pussy tried to cuddle up to his softening cock he held me tight and soon we were both fast asleep.

When I woke up I was a wreck. Parched and hung over. Quick drink of water, visit the loo another drink of water and then I went over to Tom who was still asleep on the floor. I kicked him and he moaned. Gave him a drink of water and told him I was off to bed as it was still dark. I invited him to join me and just as I was drifting off again I felt him clamber into bed with me. He started rubbing his thick, hardening cock on me again but I was having none of it. Fortunately he got the message and left me alone. Soon I was fast asleep again.


When I next woke up it was at least day time. Tom was still cuddled up to me fast sleep. I took another sip of water and though I was getting hungry and felt yucky from all the shenanigans of the night before I was too comfy and warm here. I nuzzled into Tom some more. His big, warm soft body was perfect for lazy mornings. I gave a little wiggle of my bum into his crotch. Even limp his cock was impressive. I drifted off again for a bit and when I woke up I repeated my little wiggle. Only this time he whispered into my ear:

“You can’t wiggle like that and I expect me to leave you alone!” I laughed and wiggled again and his cock was growing again. He kissed my back with fervour and helped himself to my boobs and bum as I kept wiggling. Soon, his cock, fully erect was resting in the cleft of my bum cheeks and pressed against his belly.

“I need to get deep inside that crazy bum of yours!” He announced wrapping his strong arms around me.

“Not a chance!” I laughed.

“Then I shall have me a double helping of pussy!”

He rolled me only my stomach and pressed his thick helmet onto my pussy. I arched my back slightly and opened my buttocks with my hands. He guided his helmet into me and let a huge drop of saliva land onto his cock. Soon he was inside me again. With a grunt from him and a wiggle from me, we were at it again and sure enough it took only a few thrusts for me to be groaning and panting, burying my head into the pillow as an amazing orgasm came galloping over my entire, helpless body.

He pressed on, resting more and more of his weight into me and soon a massive piston was relentlessly thumping away at my pussy. I could only breathe in short, sharp gasps as my outstretched pussy squelched with sodden glee. My cervix had no idea what hit it, literally! A few minutes of that and he rested back on his knees. His cock still firmly planted inside me he used his hands to ruby back, shoulders, stroke my hair and play with my bum.

“Need a break or I will cum again!” He exclaimed panting. I just laughed and wiped my hair out of my face and sweaty brow. He opened up my bum and admired me telling me how sexy I was. He stroked his cock as half of it was still inside me then moved his thumb towards my bum hole. He spat on my bum hole again and moved his thumb in delirious, slow circular motions. I was in heaven.

Then he pressed slightly and the tip of his thumb vanished inside me. My bum convulsed around the rude intrusion and my pussy clenched at his hard cock. Both my holes were being serviced and I was one very happy girl. He wiggled his thumb slightly and tried rocking at the same time. But his big beer-belly got in the way of any further administrations. olgun escort He pulled his finger out with a sudden, painful yank and manoeuvred himself on top of me.

He got furious with me again. Then even more so and as he bounced on me, we both bounced together on the bed. If I had not been so worried about the state of my poor pussy I would be worried about the bed. But I was not able of any cognitive thought. Instead, I growled and swore as his angry piston refused to relent until another scary orgasm took me to the heights of bliss, did a loop and then spun me round and round before depositing me breathless and content onto my bed again.

He then sat back on his knees again, pulled his long, hot cock out of my swollen pussy and groaning he stroked the length of it with one hand as he rested on my bum. I tried my best to look back as I was pinned under his weight; I just had to watch. His tool was long and thick and swollen and very, very angry. He wanked himself two or three times slowly. The foreskin barely managing to cover his huge helmet. It was very impressive and an amazing turn on. Then he held still and a similarly impressive bolt of thick, white, hot spunk flew out of him.

His relief was evident and despite it splashing in my face, I was transfixed. He groaned again and another splurt splashed all over my back, my hair and my bum. I could not help but grin evilly thinking of that monster releasing its hideous load TWICE inside my poor little pussy last night. He carried on stroking and the jolts of jism kept on coming until my back was covered!

Then he let go of his cock which flopped heavily on my bum. I just flopped back on the bed and laughed out loud heartily. When he composed himself a little, he started stroking my slippery-with-spunk bum and got his thumb back into my bum. That stopped me giggling!

Now he was giggling at me. “You are a mess!” he informed me.

“Yeah and whose fault is that?” He carried on gently wiggling his thumb in my bum. It was ticklish and a lovely new sensation. We were both very satisfied now and getting playful. He spat a huge drop of saliva. It got really slippery and more of his thumb vanished inside my bum. He wiggled it and laughed.

“What ya doing there, big boy?” I asked.

“Well, if my cock is too big….?” He hung a clumsy question mark at the end of his statement.

“No chance, matey!” I informed him laughing.

“That’s fine, of course, but you have a gorgeous bum and I love playing with it!”

I didn’t reply, I just lay back down, relishing his administrations. He took advantage and got a couple of fingers in my pussy and gently finger phuked me while his thumb wiggled inside me. All the while he applied more and more saliva and kept me really well lubricated. Inexperienced he might have been but the boy was keen to learn and eager to… “apply” himself.

Frankly, if I had not been so hungry, thirsty, hung over and grim I could have happily let him go to town on me all day. I could not even remember the face of my stupid ex-bf and now the texts from the girls were beginning to come through. Eventually I excused myself from his clutch and clambered off the bed. My skin was beginning to pinch painfully under the sheet of solidifying spunk on me. I said I needed a shower so left him. He fell asleep on the bed again while I cleaned myself thoroughly, ate something, drank lots of water and allowed myself a bit of time for my head ache to subside.

The girls were eager to find out what happened but I was reluctant to tell them much. I knew they would take the piss out of me and Tom and call him “fat boy”, which I was really detesting now. So I held my horses. When Tom stirred he started getting dressed.

“Hungry?” I asked.

“Sure” He said.

“What’s the hurry?”

“Dunno — don’t wanna impose…”



“Get your clothes back off, go have a shower, and I’ll get you coffee and breakfast?”

“Sure? Awesome!”

All I could think about when I heard the water being turned on was his cock. Big, thick and beautiful and now, glistening clean and fragrant. This toast and coffee was doing wonders for my head ache and hunger but the same was not true about my pussy. It had remained vacant for so long that it was getting its own back at me.

He stepped out of the shower, clutching a towel around his huge midriff. It was not big enough to properly wrap around him so he had to hold it there. And I was there waiting for him. Coffee in one hand I took him by the hand and sat him in the sofa. I gave him the coffee which he took after a shy, confused pause.

“Sit back and relax… ” I ordered.

His cock was indeed nice and clean now and limp. I loved it. Helpless in my hands it squirmed this way and that and it ended up in my mouth. He chuckled nervously but soon started relaxing ┼či┼čli escort and had a swig from his coffee. I took my time on him and thankfully his cock took a while to respond. I loved it limp because I was able to fit it in my mouth and properly play with it.

But my expert administrations soon ended that. It got harder and bigger and thicker and stronger. He put his coffee down half-finished and sat way back relaxing, resting his head back and closing his eyes.

But I was having more fun than him. I worshipped that thing and even found myself falling in love with it. I would get it really hard and angry then let it calm again and let it soften and repeat. Tom was clearly in heaven now but his frustration was growing and there was only so much he could take. I gingerly kissed his swollen helmet — it only just fitted in my mouth and wrapped both hands around the base. It looked magnificent. I slowly moved my hands up and down as my tongue danced on his purple head. I kissed his fraenulum and played and teased relentlessly.

But he had had enough. He reached down and grabbed my head. He guided me and shoved his cock in my mouth and then tried to mouth-phuk me. It was quite comedic. There was no hope. I spluttered and gagged so he stood up and we swapped places. He could move quickly for a fat boy when he wanted to! And the way his massive cock bounced about was idyllic. He only briefly went down on me and I think that was purely by some misplaced sense of reciprocity.

But I indulged him and in return he got me nice and wet. Then he stood up and made me kneel on the sofa. He placed his swollen cock at the opening of my pussy and pushed. He was not in the mood to be gentle any more. He pushed more and more of himself into my exposed pussy. I held my bum airborne as much as possible to ease the uncomfortable transition. Soon he had several, thick inches inside me and I could feel yet another orgasm building inside me unchecked.

I bit down on one of the cushions. Note to self: “Choose positions that give ME the control — he is not to be trusted with that thing!” But my thoughts were soon lost. Another incredible orgasm was inevitable as my G-spot got abused violently. I was a very happy girl. I howled and yelped and as my juices flooded my pussy and his cock his entry got easier. Deeper and deeper he delved into me and the room began spinning again.

I was in love. His inexperience was no longer an issue as he was enthusiastic and was keen to learn. He phuked me hard in that crumpled up doggy position for ages giving me yet another ferocious orgasm followed by countless little orgasms that reduced me to a simpering wretch for ages.

Then suddenly he withdrew. I looked back and smiled. He was a state. All read, out of breath and sweaty….

“You need another shower!” I laughed. He had the most evil wicked grin on his face. He rested his thick cock on my pussy.

“Had to stop…. or blow!”

I laughed again and inched backwards. He kept still. Soon I was phuking him. I would sink a few inches into me the pull out completely. Then repeat. When the teasing got too much he would smack my bum. Gently at first but he got rougher and rougher. When I asked him to stop he said:

“It’s all up to you. Phuk me proper and make me cum. Carry on teasing and you get your bum smacked!”

It was glorious. I carried on teasing as much as I possibly could. My bum was really stinging now. He growled and slapped me and swore at me and I just wanted this to be prolonged as much as possible. But my pussy was sore and so was my bum.

“I want you to cum!” I said.

“Me too…” He was almost pleading with me. He could tell I was serious and he had quit messing now.

“I’m gonna phuk you till you cum, ok?”

“Please!” he was growling now.

I placed his helmet in my pussy and wiggled gently. He rested his hands on my bum gently. He still refused to take any action other than to stand there. So I steadied myself and rocked my bum back with all my heart. He vanished inside me with loud squelch and I went cross eyed. This was the first time I had all of it inside me. I instantly pulled away and it was all I could do to keep him inside me for fear of him hitting me again. I took a few deep breaths and repeated. He vanished inside me and I screamed.

Again I pulled out and bounced myself on him, his entire length vanishing painfully inside me. But the pain was bizarrely addictive. Again and again I repeated a single, deep, hard, stroke that made him vanish inside me and all my insides squelched and my eyes rolled back in my head. Yet another, incredibly deep and satisfying orgasm grabbed me. This time it felt like was starting in my stomach. My heart raced, my legs trembled and my pussy flooded once more.

My eyes were streaming and I could no longer howl as there was precious little air left in my lungs. It was amazing. I repeated a few more times and his glorious cock sent wave upon wave of incredible emanations all over my body. Then he grabbed my tiny waist with his fat, strong hands. He was now begging me to keep still. He hammered himself deep into me like I had done before only he held me tight in place. His nutsack, that was bouncing all over me moments ago, slapped against my pussy and his cock stretched my pussy incredibly. His helmet rubbed my cervix and I shivered.

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