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Family Sex Pet Ch. 01

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Mum said proudly, “Well, Judy, you have served us well for your contracted six months, so you have earned your release. All pet conditions are now satisfied. Watch while I delete all of your videos, as we agreed.”

Mum picked up the remote control for the TV, connected it to the media server, pulled up the folder containing all of the videos we had taken with Judy in them and deleted the folder.

“Thank you,” Judy replied. “It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve your family.”

Ellen went over to her and gave Judy a big hug and said, “You have been so wonderful. We’ll miss you.”

“Aw, I’ll miss you too, Ellen. You’ve been so good to me. I loved being your pet.”

Mum then said, “Of course, Judy, you are always welcome back as a visitor. We’d like that.”

“Oh, I didn’t expect that. I think I’d like to, after a while, to readjust to not being your pet.” Judy kissed Mum, then me, then my sister Ellen. She said, “Goodbye, all,” and left via the pet dressing room for the last time.

Ellen piped up, “Wow, we’re without a pet now. Whatever will we do?”

I replied, “Well, we still have each other, of course, silly.”

Mum said, “Yes, it’s not like we’re desperate without a pet. After all, pets are here for only a few hours a week. I’ve had my feelers out for a new pet, so it might not take too long to find our next one.”

“I’ve always been satisfied with your choices, Mum,” I said. “Hey, when is the new chair coming?”

“It should be here soon.”

“Cool, I can’t wait!” exclaimed Ellen.


The next day, Mum came home and called us into the lounge room. “Girls, I think I’ve found our next pet,” she said excitedly. We squealed and asked her for details.

“I met Julie at the gym a few weeks ago and admired her gorgeous, fit body and pretty face. I smiled at her a lot and then introduced myself. We talked a bit while on the treadmills next to each other.

“When we went to the showers together, I had to stare at her and grin. She smiled back. I was soaping myself, so I was bold and started rubbing my breasts. When she kept looking, I got audacious and pulled my nipples into hardness.

“She gasped and got embarrassed and looked away, but I could tell she liked it, so I figured she was lesbian, or at least curious.”

“Wow, that’s hot, Mum,” Ellen said.

“Yes. She turned me on so much, I went to the toilet after I had dried off and rubbed my pussy and came.”

I asked, “So did you see her again?”

“Oh yes, I’ve seen her several times since. I kept talking with her and flirting, although not as outrageously as the first shower time. Yesterday, I asked her for lunch. She told me she couldn’t because she is a senior manager for a big IT services firm, but she agreed to meet me after work for a drink.

“I got there before she did, and was sipping my gin and tonic, when I saw her come in, looking very professional and still gorgeous. She collapsed into the chair next to me. ‘Hard day?’ I asked.

“‘Oh, just the usual mania, Yvonne.’ She flagged down the server, a cute young woman, and ordered a double scotch.

“‘I see,’ I said. The server came back, and I got a good look down her cleavage as she set down Julie’s drink. ‘She’s nice looking,’ I said to Julie after she walked away.

“‘Yes, I suppose,’ Julie replied, sounding tired.

“We talked for a while, and after Julie had drunk a second double scotch, she relaxed. I put my hand on hers, and I told her that I thought she was beautiful. She smiled and said, ‘I think you are too.’ I squeezed her hand while looking at her, and she squeezed it back.

“I said, ‘I’d like to go out with you sometime if you’re not attached. Would you like that?’

“Julie hesitated a moment and then said, ‘Yes, I’d like that very much.’

“So we decided to go out this Saturday night. I hope the chair arrives before then.” We all giggled, knowing what that meant.


As it turned out, the chair arrived the next morning. We had the two delivery guys carry it downstairs to our basement, put it where we wanted it and unpack it. They cursed and swore because it was bulky and heavy, but they did it. Mum tipped them well for their trouble.

The basement is nicely decorated, with a large screen TV on the wall opposite the new chair and a sofa next to the chair, also facing the TV. At the other end of the room, there is a breakfast table and four chairs.

I found the manual and read it cover-to-cover several times. I spent a good hour connecting and configuring it, and I tried all of the features, with Ellen as my guinea pig. There were a few adjustments to make, but we were delighted to have it now.

Now to test it on Mum. We called her down and told her to sit in the chair. The seat of the chair is narrow in its starting position, so the person sitting in it naturally puts their arms upon the arms of the chair, which Mum did. I tested the features on her, and as with Ellen, they worked just as advertised.

“Oh, Mum. This Çeşme Escort is going to be so fantastic. So much easier to use, and with the direct video feeds, so much better quality,” I said.

Mum replied, “Yes, I think this will be well worth the investment. Now can you release me, please?”

I looked at Ellen and asked, “Do you think I should?” Mum glared at me. “Just kidding, Mum,” I giggled as I pressed the release button on the remote control.

Mum stood up and said, “This will be wonderful!” Ellen and I nodded in agreement.

Over the next few days, Ellen and I played with our new toy, testing to make sure it would work when the time comes. We played cum denial games, taking turns teasing each other to the edge, keeping the other there for a long time, until finally relenting and giving the other a massive cum.


Finally, Saturday came around, and we teased Mum about her first date with Julie. “Now, Mum, you have to make sure she comes home with you and spends the night, so dress sluttily,” I said.

“Oh, Fran, I’m not a slut!” Mum replied. Ellen and I just stared at her until all three of us burst out laughing. “Okay, I am, but I don’t like to look like one.”

We argued about her outfits and decided on a longish skirt with a slit up one side to show a peek of her leg when she walked. For the top, a lovely silk blouse with deep cleavage, and a covering jacket to look more demure, until it came off, of course.

Now for the perfume – Seduction, of course. It always seems to work, well it does on me anyway. Whenever Mum sprays it on herself, I want to throw her down on the bed and have my way with her. Ah, but she’s not mine tonight.

“Be back before midnight,” I admonished Mum cheekily as she walked out the door.

“Hopefully, well before that, if I’m lucky,” she answered.

“If we’re lucky,” Ellen said with a huge grin.


Mum left, and Ellen and I were alone. I looked at her and asked, “Your room or mine?”

“Yours. Mine is messy.”

“Like always.”

We scampered to my room and stripped off, as usual. We did rock/paper/scissors to decide who licks first. She won and chose to be licked.

Ellen laid down on the bed and grinned, saying, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

I looked over my sister’s lovely body for the umpteenth time. I admired her larger breasts. Mine are tiny by comparison – mere A cups.

I laid beside her and ran my hands over her body. She stretched out, anticipating the pleasure that I had given her so many times before. I teased her legs up and down, and she parted them slightly in response.

My fingers traced the inside of her thigh, and she hissed. I moved up, but bypassed her pussy. “Oh, you bitch!” she cackled. I smiled at her.

“All in due time, little sis.”

My fingers wandered over her stomach and around her breasts. I teased close to her nipples but not touching the nipples, but I saw them harden anyway. I closed my fingers on them very gently.

“Ahhh, Fran, you nasty girl, you tease me.”

“And you love it, Ellen,” I replied, smiling at her.

I pulled her nipples lightly, and she moaned. Then I started twisting them. “Ahhhh,” she gasped. I know she likes to have her pussy touched quickly, but I delayed and made her wait.

She cursed at me, but I ignored that and started licking a nipple while tweaking the other. “Damn you, Fran, you know I want my pussy rubbed. You’re making me so hot.”

“Yes, I know, Ellen. And you love it,” I growled.

I licked her nipples alternately, driving her crazy until I finally relented and slid a hand down onto her mound and pressed. “Ohhhhh yesssss,” she uttered.

My palm rubbed in circles over her clit, as my fingers found her lips. She was so wet already. I slipped a finger between them, and it found her pussy opening. Her legs flew open, and my finger slid all the way in easily.

“Mmmm, yes. Finger my pussy,” Ellen begged. I slid it in and out, feeling her tight pussy grip it. I put two fingers in, and wiggled and twisted inside her, as my palm kept pressing on her clit. She started dripping.

I pulled out my fingers and watched the drops of her juice run down them. I put them to my mouth and licked them off. “Yum, Ellen, I love the taste of your pussy. Would you like me to lick it?”

“Bloody hell, you know I would.”

“Say please.”

“Fuck you, Fran, just do it.”

I pulled away from her, and said, “Now, Ellen, that’s not going to get you what you want. Be nice. Say please, and now it’s pretty please.”

She pouted and said, “Pretty please, Fran, lick my pussy.”

“That’s better, little sis.”

I moved down, placing my face between her legs. I licked up and down her pussy lips then sucked on them. “Mmmm, so yummy,” I said. I then dived my tongue deep into her pussy and swirled it around.

“Ohhh yes Fran, you know what I like.”

I do indeed, so I proceeded to stab my tongue in and out hard and fast. When deep in, I could feel her pussy walls Çeşme Escort Bayan clamp down on my tongue. I spread her lips wide with my fingers so I could curl my tongue up onto her G spot.

“Oh, fuck, yes. Lick me there.”

I could feel her G spot harden under the tip of my tongue. I kept licking it slowly. Ellen was moaning continuously now. When her moans grew loud, I pulled out and sucked her clit hard, feeling it poke between my lips.

“Ahhhhh,” she blurted. My lips squeezed her clit, and my tongue flicked it. “Ohhhhhh.”

After a minute, I started lashing her clit hard and fast, pressing hard with the flat of my tongue. Ellen screamed and screamed as she came hard against my mouth, flooding my chin with her juice.

I kept licking until her body gave a massive shake and her scream almost deafened me. I then held my tongue inside her pussy again, feeling it clamp and release with her cumming.

After a minute, she stopped shaking and clamping. I pulled up next to her and kissed her. She kissed me back madly, licking her juice out of my mouth and off of my face.

“Okay, Fran, your turn now,” Ellen said, as she roughly flipped me onto my back. She wasted no time diving onto my pussy and licking away.

“Ohh, Ellen, wow, you don’t beat around the bush!”

“Of course not, Fran. I love licking your hairy pussy.” I giggled. After a minute of licking my pussy, she moved up and slid a leg under mine, and slammed into the scissor position. “Oh, fuck, Ellen!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, big sis, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” She rubbed her pussy up and down onto mine, also reaching down and pinching my nipple. I started moaning, as my pussy ignited into flames.

“Oh yes, Ellen, fuck my pussy!” She did just that, moaning herself while thrusting hard and fast.

She screamed as she came again, and I followed soon after. “Ohhhhhh, yessss, Ellen.” She kept pumping, gradually slowing down, and then collapsed next to me. I kissed her passionately as I rubbed my hard clit, which was dripping from her cum, giving myself another cum.

I held her, and we dozed off.


I woke up when the door slammed, but Ellen was still snoozing. Mum and Julie were giggling on the way in. They sounded tipsy. I noticed that my bedroom door was wide open, so if they walked by on the way to Mum’s bedroom, they’d see us. Nice, I thought, that would help for tomorrow morning.

I decided to roll away from Ellen and expose my whole body and pretend to be sleeping. I wanted Julie to have a good look at me on the way by. I got my wish in a minute.

“Aw, aren’t they sweet looking?” Mum whispered to Julie as they stopped at my door to look at our naked bodies.

“Oh. They, um, play with each other?” Julie asked Mum.

“Well, what do you think?” Mum said, giggling.

“I guess they do.”

“Like what you see?”

“Oh. Um,” Julie stammered.

“You do, don’t you? Well, you can see more of them in the morning. Right now, I need you in my bed. Come on.”

I heard them stumble down the hallway to Mum’s room and go in. As usual, when Mum has someone over, I didn’t hear her door click shut. I heard unzipping and giggling, then bodies falling into the bed.

I waited a few minutes, then woke Ellen. “What’s up?” she asked groggily.

“Mum and Julie are home, in her bed,” I whispered. “Let’s go look.” That woke Ellen up, and we tiptoed down the hall. Mum had considerately left the door ajar a few centimetres, just enough for us to peek in without letting Julie know we were watching.

Julie had her face planted in Mum’s pussy. Mum saw us through the open slit and smiled. She put one hand on Julie’s head to hold it in place. With the other, she pointed at me and then gestured like a camera, telling me to go to the command centre. Ellen stayed behind and watched.

Once in the command centre, I activated record mode and brought up cameras in Mum’s bedroom onto multiple screens. With the controls, I composed videos of Julie from behind, a side view showing her body with her boob hanging onto Mum’s thigh, a side close-up of her licking Mum’s pussy and a shot down from over Mum’s head, showing Mum’s boobs and the top of Julie’s head.

I also activated the hallway camera to watch Ellen peeking in. She was leaning against the wall on one arm, the other hand rubbing her pussy.

I was getting wet from watching all of this, and now that I had the cameras set, I could sit back and rub my own pussy and nipples to enjoy the view.

I saw Julie reach up with both hands and pull on Mum’s nipples as she licked. Mum moaned and cried, “Oh, Julie, yes, you wonderful pussy licker. Mmmmmm.” That inspired Julie to raise her head and to start licking Mum’s clit hard and fast. The side close-up camera had a perfect view.

“Ohhhh fuck yes, Julie. Lick my hard clit!” Mum yelled. Julie redoubled her licking and Mum soon screamed, “Ohhh Julie, you’re making me cummm!”

I glanced at the hallway camera, and I saw Ellen rubbing furiously and buckling Escort Çeşme her knees. I presumed she was cumming.

Mum’s screams continued for ages as Julie had no intention of stopping. “Ahhh, god, I’m cumming again. Oh, fuckkk!” Mum yelled.

Eventually, Julie stopped licking and looked up at Mum. Her face was perfectly framed over Mum’s body in the head-down shot. I had been rubbing my pussy idly while watching, but now I rubbed madly and came within seconds.

“That was awesome,” I said to myself.

“Yes, wasn’t it?” Ellen said to me. I jumped, not realising that she had left the hallway and was standing behind me. “It looks like we won’t have to give Julie any training in pussy licking.” We laughed hard.

Ellen sat next to me and slid a finger into my dripping pussy as we watched Mum get up and fling Julie onto her back. I returned the favour to Ellen, and we slowly fingered each other as we watched.

Mum walked over to a drawer and pulled out her big strap-on. Julie’s eyes went wide as she watched Mum putting it on. It wagged as Mum walked back to the bed, and Julie just gazed at it, mouth dropping open.

Mum climbed between Julie’s legs. I adjusted the head-down shot upwards and zoomed out a bit to show all of Mum. Mum reached down to feel Julie’s pussy and said, “Well, you got dripping wet yourself, licking me. What a good girl!”

I also zoomed out the side close-up a little, to show the full length of the strap-on as Mum placed its head between Julie’s pussy lips. I turned on the other side camera, zooming out to show full-length upper bodies.

Mum pushed in a few centimetres and started stroking in and out. She pulled out almost all the way, then back in, opening and closing Julie’s entrance with each stroke. I zoomed in to see that up close. “Ohhh, Yvonne, that’s heavenly,” Julie said.

“Just wait, my pretty,” Mum said, with a grin. Mum wet her thumb with Julie’s pussy juice and started rubbing her clit gently. With her other hand, she pinched and twisted her nipple.

“Oh, fuck!” Julie yelled.

“Oh, I will, my pretty, I will,” Mum said, but she kept the slow, shallow pumping with the strap-on along with rubbing the clit and pinching the nipple.

Julie was moaning steadily now, and finally blurted, “Fuck me, Yvonne, fuck me hard.”

“Oh, my pretty, do you want me to fuck you?” Mum teased.

“Yes, damn you, fuck me hard.”

“Tut, tut. Such language. Just for that, I’m going to hold off.”

“Ohhhh,” Julie groaned, as Mum refused to increase the speed or depth of her fucking. After another minute, Julie cried, “Oh, please!”

“Please what, my pretty?”

“Please fuck me. Fuck me hard!” Julie begged.

“Will you do anything we want?” Mum asked softly and sweetly.

“Yes, anything, just fuck me now.”

“Very well, my pretty.” Mum pressed in about halfway, adjusted her hips and pressed in most of the strap-on, making one final adjustment of her hips.

Then she took her hands and placed them on either side of Julie’s shoulders and leaned forward over her. “I will fuck you now, my pretty,” Mum said, as she started pounding Julie’s pussy hard, fast and deep.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Julie screamed.

Ellen started pumping my pussy with two fingers hard and fast, and I screamed along with Julie. I did the same with Ellen. Watching Mum fuck Julie with Ellen’s fingers in me made me so hot. I reached up and pinched a nipple with my free hand.

Mum thrust deep into Julie then took her thumb off her clit momentarily to turn on the vibration. It sounded like full speed, and Julie moaned, “Oh my god!” as Mum kept it pressed in deep then resumed rubbing her clit.

Ellen and I were dripping, and then I heard Ellen scream, “Ohhhh,” her pussy clamping down on my fingers as she came. She threw her head back and yelled over and over as I pumped her juice out of her.

Julie started moaning loudly, and Mum resumed pumping her pussy, slowly at first, then gradually increasing until she was fucking her madly. Julie screamed to wake the neighbours as she came hard. Ellen started pumping my pussy hard and fast, and I came hard along with Julie.

Mum stopped pumping and turned off the vibrator but kept deep in Julie. When I managed to open my eyes again, I saw Julie with her head rolling around, imagining her pussy clenching the strap-on that I had felt inside me before.

Ellen and I retrieved our fingers and offered them to each other to lick off. Mmmm, I love Ellen’s taste, and I know she loves mine too.

Mum pulled out of Julie, stood up and took off the strap-on. She then laid down, holding her and caressing her face gently. “You loved that, didn’t you, Julie?” she asked.

“Oh yes, Yvonne, that was wonderful.”

“And you want to be pleased, don’t you?”


“And you will be a good girl for us, won’t you?”

A slightly puzzled looked crossed her face, but she answered, “Yes.”

“Yes, what, my pretty?”

“I will be a good girl for you.” I could tell that she was wondering about the “us”, and whether the “you” was singular or plural. But she was in an ecstatic fog, so we had the video evidence of her admission.

“Very well. Let’s get some sleep, and have more adventures in the morning.” With that, they cuddled and quickly fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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