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Everybody Does It : Day Five

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Once again, a reminder that while the story is a Gay Male story, it contains scenes between men and women, and that some of the material involves a degree of domination, submission and humiliation.

The lime green swim trunks that Diane had hung over the curtain bar of the shower to dry last night were still there, and to Paul Lombardo they were an unnecessary reminder of not only what happened last night, but of what was going to happen later in the day.

Probably the end of my marriage, thought Paul as he reached up and took the trunks off of the bar and brought them to his face so that he could take in the scent of the man who had been wearing them last night.

The heady brew of body oil and manliness greeted his senses as he took a deep inhale, much like his wife Diane had done last night when she had taken the trunks off of the arm of the chair in the bedroom.

Paul had been following Diane as she walked down the hall, and although he took a step into the bedroom, he decided to go get a pair of boxer shorts to wear first, and it was then that he saw his wife.

Paul had stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Diane bring the worn garment to her face, and he could swear he could see her body quiver as she buried her nose into the inside of the trunks. He stepped back quickly before Diane could turn around and see him there, but the image remained.

What was it about this man Rawle Johnson, he wondered? What kind of magnetism could he possess that would take a prim and proper 38 year old school teacher and turn her into the woman she had become last night? Maybe it was this body oil, Paul thought with a cynical smile? Was it some kind of magical aroma that made people lose their minds and morals?

That was silly, of course, but there was no denying that some men have a certain something that makes them irresistible to people, and he himself knew that right after Rawle Johnson had taken over down at work, he had awakened feelings inside of him – some rekindling old memories of things done as a youth while other feelings were of a nature Paul didn’t know existed within him.

Paul set the trunks down and went around the corner to the bedroom, when little Diane was still sleeping. They had been experiencing wild sex in recent days, more reminiscent of their newlywed days than of recent years, and it was all due to Rawle Johnson.

Thanks, Mr. Johnson, Paul thought sarcastically. You managed to revitalize my marriage and probably destroy it without even trying. The guy didn’t even like Diane, and certainly didn’t like me, he knew. The way he ridiculed Diane, mocking her tiny breasts much like he had mocked my body, but then again the way he looked at Diane – that wasn’t the way a man looks at a woman he finds unattractive.

Poor girl, Paul thought. Tonight she would probably be in that very bed, and experiencing things that she had never dreamed of. She would have orgasms the likes of which she never had or never would with me, and I will be there, not long allowing it but encouraging and maybe even participating.

“It’s what I wanted,” Paul mumbled to himself. I wanted to do all of the things that I had done with Mr. Johnson – maybe not consciously but obviously subconsciously – and I had wanted him to join us in our bed in the same way.

But now, now that it was really about to happen? Nothing seemed the same now, and it was like being on a roller coater as the car inched toward the top on the highest rise, and there was no way to stop the inevitable now.

“You’re as nervous as I am,” Paul said as he stepped behind his wife, who was puttering around the kitchen, cleaning things that she had already cleaned before, and when he put his hands around her he could feel her fear.

“No – it’s just a cookout,” she said, shrugging off any suggestions that her hopping around like a hummingbird was normal, but while it was her nature to get a bit jittery at times, she was way beyond that.

“No it isn’t honey,” Paul said, kissing her on the back of her neck, noticing that she had on a different bikini – one she probably had back when they first got married – a tiny pink thing that was more revealing than anything she would ever wear in front of anyone. “You know it and I know it.”

Diane said nothing at first but stopped what she was doing and looked out the window at the backyard; at the deck, the grill, the picnic table and the pool where their “party” would take place, and then she nodded slowly.

“I know,” she whispered.

Hearing Diane agree was not what Paul was expecting. He had expected her to just keep shrugging it off, but hearing her admit that what he sensed and felt was real was sobering, and proved that if he were delusional he was not alone.

“Honey, I have to tell you something,” Paul said, unable to keep living the lie he had lived the last week, hoping that coming clean would somehow help him. “Back before we got married, I did a few things. Things that I never told you about.”

“A man gave me a ride, and took me to a secluded place and made me suck his dick,” Maltepe travesti Paul related. “At least that was the way I always remember it, but in fact he only suggested I do it, and that was after he had gone down on me.”

“Did you like it?” Diane asked.

“Yes,” Paul admitted. “I wasn’t too good with girls at that point anyway, but I did like it and I knew that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would probably do it again.”

“You should save this story,” Diane said, wiggling her butt back into him and relaxing a little. “For our little fantasy times.”

“This actually happened though, and you need to know these things,” Paul said. “You need to know who you’re married to. Anyway, I never did anything else, until the night of my bachelor party.”

“Are you going to tell me that you had sex with that stripper?” Diane asked, looking back at him with sadness in her eyes. “I heard that the guys hired one.”

“No, nothing like that,” Paul said. “I swear, I’ve never done anything with another woman since we started dating. I swear to you.”

“Good,” Diane said. “Keep going with your story, because not only isn’t it bad, but it’s making me tingle.”

“Well, after the bachelor party broke up one of the guys brought me home because I was a little drunk. The other guy said he was too, so I suggested he crash on the couch, but somehow we both ended up in my bed.”

“Omigod. Was it somebody in the wedding party?” Diane chirped, suddenly very animated.

“I can’t name names. Let’s just say it was somebody that went to my bachelor party.”

“So you and him did stuff to each other? With your hands?”


“With your mouths?”


“Omigod, this is so exciting,” Diane said, smiling and shaking her crotch into her husband. “I told you how much that seeing those guys together turned me on. Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“Ashamed, I guess,” Paul said. “Ashamed to admit to you, and maybe to me, about what goes on inside my head. Thought you’d be disgusted.”

“Omigod no. This is so hot. Hey, you weren’t married. Thinking about you and another guy sucking each other off – omigod! I’m dying to know who it was, and I’m trying to remember who went to your party.”

“Honey,” Paul said. “Please.”

“Sorry. I guess this new thing of us being honest had really livened up my libido,” Diane said.

“Well anyway, at work last week,” Paul said. “They have been cracking down on a lot of things lately, and Mr. Johnson…”

“He called,” Diane said, her chipper manner disappearing almost immediately at the mention of his name.


“Rawle. While you were at the store before.”

“What did he want?”

“At first he was just telling me what he was planning on bringing,” Diane explained. “But then the conversation changed. He started talking about last night and about how much fun he had.”

“He said that last night.”

“There’s more,” Diane said. “He told me not to tell you he called, so please don’t…”

“I won’t. Go on.”

“He said that he couldn’t get over how a guy like you could end up with a sexy woman like me. He said that he had a thing for teachers – said he had a teacher than looked a little like me back in eighth grade, only not as sexy, and he ended up fucking her right on her desk after school. I figured he was just talking.”

“He probably wasn’t.”

“So he goes on about how hot he thought I was, and I kept laughing and kept telling him to stop kidding around, but he said he wasn’t kidding,” Diane continued. “Rawle said he’s a man who gets what he wants, and wants me. Wants me in every way a woman can be had, and when I reminded him that I was a married woman, he told me that he knew that and it was part of what made him want me even more.”

“Rawle asked me if I had hair between my legs, and if I did he wanted me to shave it, or have you shave it for me. He said that would turn us both on, to have you get me ready for him.”

“Did you? Shave I mean?”

No! Then he said that not only would you not mind, but you wanted to give me to him,’ Diane concluded. “And probably wanted to watch and help. He said you and him have a special relationship. What does that mean?”

“I was trying to explain what happened at work,” Paul said.

“Did you tell him that you wanted him to have sex with me and wanted to watch?”

“No, but there’s more to this. It’s very confusing.”

“You’re confused? I’m so confused I can’t think straight. He tells me that he loved the way I couldn’t stop staring at his cock last night…”

“You were.”

“I know! And he’s telling me all this stuff, and he’s so smooth and slick! Look, guys have come on to me before, and I can spot a con man a mile away, but he’s saying stuff to me – stuff that I would slap somebody for saying, and not only don’t I complain,” Diane ranted as she gestured to the cabinet next to her, “but while he’s telling me how bad he wants to fuck me I’m grinding my crotch into the handle of the drawer.”

“I’m too young for menopause. What’s Ümraniye travesti happening to me?” Diane asked.


“What is it about him?” Diane asked.

“I don’t know. I see it at work all the time, when clients and competitors come in seething and end up slinking out the door afterward.”

“What am I supposed to do? You said you never told him you wanted him to have sex with me, but did you suggest it? Is it something you want to happen?”

“I don’t know,” Paul insisted. “I think something inside of me maybe does. I don’t measure up to him in any way, shape or form. You deserve better than me.”

“No I don’t, and besides, you are the best.”

“But he’s different. You said so last night when we were fooling around.”

“I was drunk.”

“No you weren’t. You were being honest, like I’m trying to be if I ever manage to get it out.”

“I cheated on you.”

“What?” Paul said, stunned as his revelation got sidetracked by one of Diane’s.

“One time. It happened one time a few years back. You were out of town on business. I could say it was because we were drinking but that wouldn’t be right,” Diane said softly. “Remember that time when you came home and I had gotten a new bed? It was because I couldn’t stand the thought of you sleeping in the old one after that.”

“Do I know him?” Paul asked calmly, knowing that he was in no position to be mad, especially considering what she was going to hear.

“Her,” Diane said. “It was a woman.”


“Gee!” Diane said, laughing at her husband’s reaction. “It’s a woman and all of a sudden it’s okay? You guys are something.”

“Well, it is different,” Paul suggested. “I don’t know if that’s cheating. It’s not like you went looking for something I could have given you.”

“I wish I knew that before I wasted money on the new mattress,” Diane mused.

“Now I can spend the rest of my life wondering who it was.”

“Easy to figure out,’ Diane said. “Just think of the most unlikely woman that I would find myself attracted to and there you are, but relax. You probably didn’t know her. It was one of our old neighbors back in our old neighborhood.”

“Rats. I was hoping it was Becky Hamlin.”

“Wrong. Anyway, at least now that’s off my chest, and now we have some neat stories to tell during our fantasy times,” Diane suggested. “I also guess that means you can have an affair with a guy to even the score.”

“Nice segway honey. Mr. Johnson,” Paul said. “Like I was saying, at work they’ve been monitoring our computer usage, and early this last week he calls me into his office and shows me this list of sites I visited.”

“Oh Paul, not porn?’ Diane moaned.


“I mean, I know you look at stuff here at home. Heck, I do too, especially lately. But not at work! Why? You know I don’t care what you look at.”

“This stuff, it’s different.”

“What? Illegal stuff? Child porn? Animals?”

“NO!” Paul practically screamed. “Nothing at all like that.”

“Thank goodness,” Diane said, hugging Paul tight and kissing him. “Anything but that stuff. I don’t give a damn about what else you..”


The two of them froze in place, their eyes wide as they heard the bell that sounded louder than ever before.

“We don’t have to answer it,” Paul suggested.

“You’d get fired. We’d lose the house and everything.”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Paul reminded his wife as they walked toward the door. “Neither of us do. We could just have a cookout like we would with the Hamlin’s.”

“Right,” Diane said as she reached for the door. “Only I think we know what all our brave talk is going to mean once we let Rawle in the door.”

“I know,” Paul sighed as he watched Diane’s pale white hand turn the brass knob.

“Good evening,” purred Rawle Johnson as Diane opened the door, nodding to his subordinate while flipping him a bag full of steaks before turning his attention to his prey.

“You look incredible,” he said to Diane as he bent down and put his arms around the little blonde, and as Paul watched the big ebony fingers slide down the white terrycloth robe and grab her buttocks, he watched his boss kiss his wife, and judging by the way Diane’s eyes popped open, the extended kiss must have included a helping of tongue.

“Forgot something,” the guest said, excusing himself.

“Quite the greeting,” Paul said to a visibly shaken Diane.

“Look, we have to decide something, and quick,” Diane said. “He’ll be back any minute. What should we do?”

“It’s up to you,” Paul said. “I don’t know if I want anything to happen or not. All I know is that if we stop it now, we’ll always be wondering what it would have been like.”

“And you’ll be doing your wondering on the unemployment line,” his wife reminded him. “Honey, let’s be honest. I’ve got a crush on him, even though I know he’s a phony and a user, but women my age don’t attract guys that are as young and look like him every day. I’m flattered. And I think you have a crush Tuzla travesti on him too. Am I right?”

“You could say that,” Paul admitted, although the fact was that his boss had him by the balls more than he did by the heart now.

“You were gonna to tell me something before he rang the bell. Look. Save it. I’ll make a deal with you. We take a few hours break from our marriage. Whatever we do, we don’t even hold it against each other again. Not ever.”

“He’s coming – no – going back to his car.”

“If you want to see me with another guy, you’ll get your wish tonight, and as for you, whatever you do with Rawle, it’s okay with me. Deal?”

“Deal,” Paul said.

“And if you want to call it off, or if I do, we just use our middle names and it stops,” Diane said.


“Are you sure – absolutely sure?” Diane said, almost pleading.

“I’m sure.”

“No matter what, this is nothing but sex,” Diane said. “At the end of the night, you’re my husband and the man I love. My husband and the father of our children to come. Right?”


“Talking about me?” Rawle asked as he came in with a bottle of Dom Perignon and a camcorder.

“As a matter-of-fact, we were,” Diane chirped.

“Hope it was something nasty,” Rawle said as they went into the kitchen.

“A little,” Diane replied. “I was telling Paul that I couldn’t figure out whether you had your swim trunks on under your shorts or not.”

Paul was taken aback, not only because she hadn’t said any such thing in his absence, but because Diane had become so relaxed and almost aggressive.

Rawle Johnson, who was dressed very casually for the first time in Paul’s presence, wearing bright yellow shorts and a matching tank-top that not only showcased his physique but made his blackness stand out even more, was also a bit put off initially but recovered quickly.

“If you’re really interested, Diane, you’re welcome to look,” Rawle said, smiling wide.

“Okay,” Diane said while reaching over and pulling the elastic out and looking down the waistband of Rawle’s shorts.

“Hmm,” she said as her husband watched her take her time looking down Mr. Johnson shorts, tilting he head and bending down a bit, practically putting her head under the elastic before answering.

“Nope, nothing there,” Diane chirped, and then made a face before letting go of the elastic. “Actually, that’s not quite right. There was something down there alright – a whole lot of something, but no suit.”

“You’re a sassy one tonight, aren’t you girl?” Rawle cackled, putting his hands around Diane’s waist and pulling her back towards him.

“Rawle says I’m sassy, honey?” Diane asked as she looked over her shoulder for her husband’s reaction to her being so brazenly pawed at. “What do you think, Paul?”

“You do seem a little bit friskier than usual, Diane,” Paul said, pointedly using her first name instead of Marie just as he had emphasized Paul instead of his middle moniker, David.

“Oh, I like frisky,” Rawle said while looking over at his employee. “You have a problem with frisky, Lombardo?”

“Not at all, Mr. Johnson.”


“Oh, look at the these steaks!” Diane exclaimed after unwrapping the butcher paper and holding one of the thick fillets up for inspection.

“Angus Beef,” Rawle Johnson said as he looked over Diane’s shoulder at what she was holding.

“Look at the size of these! So big and thick,” she cooed. “Never seen any this big before.”

“Not too big for you is it, is it Diane?” Rawle asked, kissing Diane on the top of her blonde locks like her husband wasn’t there. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a big piece of meat, are you?”

“A little scared,” Diane giggled as she looked up at Rawle. “If it’s too big for me, maybe my husband can help me finish it. What say you, Paul?”

“Anything you want, Diane.” Paul said. “I just want you to be happy.”

“Excuse me,” Diane said as she squirmed out from Rawle’s grasp and scurried out to the deck.

“Your wife talk to you, Lombardo?”

“Talk to me? Of course we talk.”

“Did you shave her pussy?”

“What? No? I mean, she hardly has any hair down there at all. Her pussy isn’t hairy like most women. It’s more like a little wisp of hair. Why do you ask?”

“I called her before,’ Mr. Johnson explained. “Told her what I’m going to do to her, so I might as well tell you too, not that you haven’t guessed already. I’m going to fuck her, you know that, right?”

“I kinda – suspected you would try something like that.”

“Try? Well, you were right, although it’s not like I’m going to have to try. I’m going to fuck that little lady like she’s never been fucked before, and she wants it. You could tell that, couldn’t you?”


“We’re going to have a nice dinner, and then a couple of after-dinner cocktails,” Rawle explained. “Then a nice dip in the pool, just the three of us. Oh – don’t worry – you can play along. Help get me get her ready for it. I’ll even let you mess around with us after we go into your bedroom.”

“Once I get into that pussy, it’s mine for the night,” Rawle cautioned. “Your dick don’t go anywhere near that cunt for the duration, understood? You want to lap my sap out of that pussy, you wait until I’m gone, but don’t worry,” he chuckled, “There will be plenty of it.”

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