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Every Third Thursday

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There is this period of time in between the last time you had something, and the moment when you no longer feel the insane pull of need for that certain something. During that in between time, one becomes absolutely insane with want and need. Of course I’m talking about sex. We have all had our dry spells, and there always comes that moment when you finally just give up, and while the want is still there, it isn’t driving you as insane as it was before. It’s like your body has finally detoxed, and you finally get some of yourself back. For me, it takes about a good month. This is a story about week three.

Week three has to be my most insane, primal, animalistic want of fuckage during my detox. I masturbate before bed. I masturbate when I wake up. I masturbate on my lunch break. Lucky for me I am female so I am not walking around with a raging boner every hour of the day. But literally anything can set me off. I see something penis shaped, and I want to fuck it. I see a woman’s cleavage, not even good cleavage, and it’s hard to take my eyes off of it. It’s like I am a fourteen year old boy trapped in a thirty-three year old woman’s body.

And you want to know what really puts the icing on the cake? I’m a nurse, and so I am constantly having to be witness to exposed flesh. It may not be the nicest flesh, but at this stage of my detox, I don’t care. Skin is skin, and I want it on me, in me, around me…you get the picture. You have a weird bug bite where? You think you pulled something while playing basketball with the boys and you have to take your shirt off for the doctor to examine you? You have a bad cold so I need to give you a shot of antibiotics in your lovely ass? Its hell, I tell you! HELL!

Every dry spell is the worst one yet, and this one was no different. I usually work in a doctor’s private office, but the hospital we were affiliated with had asked for some volunteers to the work late shift at the ER. I thought his would be the perfect opportunity to not be surrounded by people constantly, and also to make some extra money. I had to admit that my plan was working out perfectly. It looked like it was a dry spell for the ER as well, and I was being tortured by my thoughts only.

During my rounds on the first night I found the entrance to the abandoned wing. You know, that creepy abandoned wing all old hospitals have that has some kind of creepy story attached to it. Of course my first thought was “What a great place to fuck!” Since that wasn’t an option at the moment, my next thought was how I was sure it would be a much more comfortable place than my car or the women’s restroom for some break time finger fuckage.

I spent the next two nights scoping the place out. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be disturbed because despite my need, I also needed my job, and getting caught in such a situation would not be good for my career. It seemed to me that the coast was clear, and as the clock ticked closer and closer to my break time, I felt my body tingle in anticipation. I had the room at the end of the hall all picked out. I had a stash of bedclothes in the room right outside of the abandoned hall’s entrance. The nurse that relieved me was right on time, and I practically ran to my destination.

I made my way quietly through the doors, and started walking to my chosen room. The hall wasn’t as creepy as everyone made it out to be, and was dimly lit enough to where I didn’t need a flashlight. As I got closer to my room, I started to hear voices. I stopped dead in my tracks, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand as all the stories I had heard the past few days flooded my memory.

But these voices weren’t creepy, though. Matter of fact, they sounded a bit…sultry? I moved closer to the room I had picked out, and I could make the voices out clearer. “Thank you so much, doctor, for seeing me like this,” said a woman’s voice. “How can I ever repay you?” I stopped dead in my tracks. That didn’t sound sincere at all. In fact, it sounded like something from a bad porno. I inched closer.

“No worries, Madeline. What seems to be the problem?” said another woman’s voice, this one more authoritative. I moved close enough to where I could see through the space between the door and the wall, the old doors leaving a large space between the two. There was a red haired woman sitting on the hospital bed (my hospital bed!) in a hospital gown, her hands folded in her lap as she looked up longingly at a woman in a white doctor’s coat. The doctor had dark hair, and it was pulled back in a neat bun.

“Well, since Larry died, I haven’t been able to have…well…my woman’s exam.” Madeline looked down at the Kütahya Escort floor and then back into the doctor’s eyes, pleadingly. The doctor turned away and pulled up a roll up cart with all of supplies laid out neatly.

“Not a problem. Go ahead and lie back and put your feet in the stirrups,” she instructed. I knew this wasn’t legit. If the doctor didn’t know what the problem was, why did she already have all of her supplies ready? And then it hit me: they were using my room for the exact same thing I was going to use it for. Well, maybe not exact. I mean, I was by myself. I also wasn’t living out a doctor/patient fantasy. A female on female doctor/patient fantasy. Holy shit. This was going to be hot.

I inched forward as much as I could so that my body was leaning against the wall and prepared to take it all in. Madeline had laid down and was inching her gown up her thighs as she placed her heals into the stirrups. She was a natural red head, her fire red pubic hair glowing in the light of the small lamp they had hooked up in the room. As the doctor rolled towards her in a rolling stool, she spread her milky white legs, and I had to hold in my gasp at the sight of her.

“You may feel some pressure,” the doctor said as she placed a hand on Madeline’s inner thigh with one hand, inserting the speculum with her other. She had no gloves on, I noticed. Madeline let out a small gasp, and I felt a twitch in my nethers. “I’m sorry, Madeline. I seem to have gone in at the wrong angle.” The wrong angle? I mean there is only one way…oh. I shut my brain off. The doctor then pulled the speculum out slowly, and then pushed it back in, just as slow.

Madeline’s mouth was open slightly, and instead of hearing the familiar click of the speculum being put into place, the doctor stood up between Madeline’s legs. “I think it is a good idea to also do a breast exam. To be thorough.”

Madeline nodded in agreement. “Yes. Of course.” She reached up and shrugged the hospital gown off of one shoulder, and then another, exposing her breasts. They were pale with pink nipples, and I could see a faint dusting of freckles over her chest. The doctor than leaned forward, taking both of them into her hands and started to knead them softly. As she was kneading them I could see her hips moving forward and back, no doubt against the piece of medical equipment buried inside of Madeline.

“How long has it been since Larry has been gone?” Asked the doctor in a professional tone. Madeline had been looking off to the side, but at the doctor’s question she looked up at her.

“Almost a year now. I’ve been so lonely…” Madeline answered, and I could tell her breathing had increased. She gasped as the doctors thumbs ran over her nipples.

“Have your nipples always been so sensitive?” the doctor ask, her authoritative tone starting to disintegrate.

“Why, yes. Ever since…Oh!” Madeline exclaimed with a gasp as the doctor rolled them between her thumb and index finger. Madeline’s back arched and the doctor’s hips thrust forward hard. Madeline’s face took on a look of almost believable surprise as the doctor bent over her body to take one of her beautiful pink nipples into her mouth. Madeline moaned deliciously, and that was my queue. I hadn’t even noticed that one of my hands were on my breast until I had to take it from it to reach down and start undoing the front of my pants. It was then that I heard something behind me.

I turned quickly, and instantly there was a hand over my mouth. It was the security guard that I had only seen in passing during shift change. I was always so jealous that he wasn’t on my shift and I didn’t have the opportunity to seduce him, or at least in my mind, because who was I kidding? He was gorgeous. Perfect example of a security guard. Tall, broad shoulders, buzz cut…the works. But back at the case in hand…hand over my mouth. Most people would be terrified of a man sneaking up behind them and putting their hand over their mouth, but in my heightened state of sexual frustration, a whole swarm of fantasies popped in my head.

He looked in my eyes and I could see laughter in his. He placed a finger over his mouth, soundlessly shhhhhhing me. I nodded my head, and he took his hand away from my mouth. He was smiling, but I didn’t have the ability to smile back. He put his hands on my shoulders and slowly turned me back around to where the doctor had Madeline’s breasts pressed together, licking back and forth between the two of them while Madeline had her arms above her head, grasping the headrest of the bed for dear life. Her soft moans and whimpers were echoing off of the barren walls Kütahya Escort Bayan of the room, and I almost forgot for a moment that I had company.

I stiffened at the thought. A security guard! Of all the people! I saw the shadow of his hand come up and brace against the wall near my head and I felt him move up closer behind me. He then bent down slightly and I could feel his hot breath on my ear. “They do this every third Thursday of the month. Like clockwork.” His voice was deep, and I felt my knees start to give way a little.

I turned my head and looked at him, and turned it more and leaned back a little towards his ear. “Maybe we should leave them to it then?” I pulled away and looked back at him. He was looking forward, through the crack, a smile spreading on his face. He then looked down at me, and leaned forward towards my ear again.

“They know I’m watching. It’s part of the whole thing. I was just running a little late tonight.” I smiled and nodded. “I’m Carl,” he said, and I turned and looked at him again. I leaned towards his ear.

“Beatrice,” I said. He smiled and leaned in again.

“Now we aren’t strangers,” and I felt the weight of him against the back of me. Was this really happening? I looked back at the scene in front of me to see that the doctor had come to rest kneeling between Madeline’s legs. She had one hand resting on Madeline’s mound, her thumb moving over her clit while her other hand eased the speculum in and out of her. Madeline still had her arms above her head, her breasts bouncing slightly with every arch of her back and twitch of her body.

I leaned back against Carl, my head resting against the shoulder whose hand was resting on the wall. He set to work instantly, bringing his mouth to my neck and placing wet kisses against it. I tried to keep my breathing regular, and not to moan, lest I interrupt the scene before us. His hand left the wall and then I felt both of them under my shirt, sliding up my sides and over my ribs to my breasts. He filled his hands with them and squeezed, and I put my own hands over my shirt and his hands to push them harder against me.

He reached under and grabbed my underwire and lifted, allowing my breasts to spring free. His hands were slightly callused and a little rough, bringing waves of sensation from the skin to skin contact. I let out a quiet sigh of contentment and pushed back against him, feeling his hardness against the back of me. I rubbed myself against it, and felt rather than heard Carl groan. He pinched my nipples, making me jerk against him, and his hands left my breasts to slide down the front of me.

Madeline’s moans were getting closer together, and I looked forward to see her shudder with release. Her cheeks were flushed, and she was thrusting her hips forward to meet the doctor’s speculum thrusts. I needed to be filled like Madeline was, but not with something cold and metallic. I needed something warm and hard, and from what I was feeling against my ass, big. As Carl’s hand reached my already opened waistband, I turned my head so that my mouth was at his ear again. I licked his earlobe and took it between my teeth as his hand travelled lower, and opened my mouth to let out a gasp only he would hear as his fingers slid between my folds.

Again I felt him vibrate behind me, I moved my hand up and over his head to rest on the back of his neck to steady myself. He slide two fingers up and down me slowly, my wetness coating and lubricating them. I felt his teeth scrape across my neck and let out a groan of my own. My orgasm was building in me quickly, and I stopped sucking on his earlobe and removed my hand from his neck in order to start pulling down my pants, my underwear coming off next.

I heard the muffled sound of a belt buckle being undone behind me as I looked forward. Madeline was now standing, having left the bed. The doctor’s jacket and shirt were gone, leaving the doctor in a pencil skirt and heels. She and Madeline were embraced, kissing deeply, and Madeline quickly unclasped the doctor’s bra and was moving to the zipper of the skirt. I heard the sound of something heavy being placed on the floor, and then the sound of material dropping behind me, and I spread my legs apart slightly.

Madeline pulled the skirt down over the doctor’s gorgeous ass, her hands grasping it tightly as they turned, the doctor backing up towards the bed. Carl moved back up behind me, his cock hard against my own ass cheeks. He leaned into my ear. “I’m a man of the law, Beatrice,” he said, his voice heavy with breath. “I need to know that you want me to fuck you.” I reached behind me and grabbed Escort Kütahya a hold of him, shifting myself and bending over slightly so that his head was close to my opening. The movement left a streak of precum on my ass cheek, making my pussy scream. He groaned, and leaned forward again. “I need to hear it.”

I straightened up, but before turning to his ear I looked back at Madeline and the doctor. The doctor was leaned back, resting on her elbows, her black heels digging into the stirrups, as Madeline kissed the inside of her thighs. As Madeline’s head moved inward, the doctor moved her hands to her own breasts, pinching her nipples as Madeline’s mouth made contact with her pussy. The doctor’s head fell back and she moaned deeply.

I turned my head to Carl’s ear. “Fuck me,” I said. It came out harsh and breathy, and I think he knew how much I needed him buried inside of me. I leaned forward and he started to ease himself inside of me. My whole body became fire as he filled me, slowly. I tried to keep my breathing steady, but with every inch it quickened. Right when I thought I couldn’t take much more of him he eased out, and then slide back in, just as slowly. I put my hands on the wall in front of me and started to push back against him. He had his hands on my hips and refused to let me set the pace, slowly fucking me, giving me more of his length with every thrust.

I had my head resting on my arm and moved it to look at Madeline and the doctor. The doctor had her hands buried in Madeline’s red hair, her breasts pushed together by her arms and bouncing as she moved against Madeline’s face. She was going to come soon. I was going to come soon. Carl must have picked up on something, or maybe he was just that good, because his thrusts started to pick up in speed. He was letting me push back against him, and one of his hands moved from my hip and into my hair.

Carl took a fistful of my hair at the base of my bun right as my pussy started to contract. I turned my head and buried my face into my arm, biting down to keep from screaming in elation. I felt every curve, every crevice of him as I squeezed him, my orgasm causing my whole body to shake. He stayed buried inside me, and as the squeezing subsided, he eased himself out of me. As soon as he left me, I wanted him back inside. I turned to face him, breathing heavily. I motioned for him to lay down, and made sure he was positioned so that I could watch Madeline and the doctor while I rode him.

Madeline was bent over the doctor’s still sprawled form, kissing her deeply. I placed a foot on either side of Carl, and looked down at him as I took my shirt off, unclasped my bra, and threw both on the floor beside me. I reached up and let my hair down from its now messy bun, and then lowered myself onto my knees above him. I lowered myself onto him, taking handfuls of my own breasts as I did so, my mouth open in the silent moans I couldn’t let out. He ran his hands up my thighs as I started to move against him.

I threw my head back as I moved against him, my nipples pinched tightly between my fingers, rolling. I looked down at Carl and leaned forward, placing a hand on the floor on either side of his head. I looked through the crack and saw that Madeline had moved to the side of the bed. She had her ass towards the doctor and was bent over her leg, her middle and ring finger moving hard and fast, in and out of the doctor’s pussy. The doctor had turned slightly, and was doing the same to Madeline from behind. Both of them were moaning, the sound bouncing off of the walls.

I looked down at Carl, and started moving my ass up and down, faster and faster. He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me down on top of him, dropping me onto my elbows, our chests smashed together. I buried my head into his shoulder as he thrust up into me, moving fast and hard. I matched him, and I could hear our skin slapping together. I moaned into his shoulder, biting down as I mumbled “Fuck me, fuck me,” over and over into his skin. He groaned and thrust into me hard, over and over, and I exploded, just in time to feel his seed burst into me, hot and thick.

We kept moving slowly against each other, our breathing ragged. We both realized at the same time where we were, and I slowly lifted my head. I looked through the crack, my vision clouded, only to see that Madeline and the doctor were gone. I looked down at Carl to see him looking over my shoulder, and I straightened up to look behind me. Madeline and the doctor were behind us, their eyes wide. They didn’t look upset, like I expected, but rather started walking back into the room. Madeline peeked back around the door, a smile spreading on her face. “Every third Thursday,” she said, and disappeared back around the door.

I looked down at Carl, and he also had a big smile on his face. “I’m not waiting that long!” he chuckled, wiggling his hips against me and making me suck in my breath.

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