Evening to Remember

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I am scheduled to be in LA for a couple days on business and you have asked if we might get together. Your email just says I’d like to see you if you have some time. I of course am excited that maybe you have something planned, so I ask you when and how long. You are pretty guarded but say I just like to see you maybe after work one night when you are in town, maybe an hour. I ask if you’d like to do dinner and you so no I’d rather not talk to you in some place where people are in case… , can we meet at my house. So I agree thinking well I guess that means this really is just to talk. I figure you are going to tell me off or something. I am certainly not thinking what is really going to happen how little did I know. We agree to meet the first night I’m in town at 7pm you tell me your address and I tell you I’ll be there, can I get a number encase I’m running late, you say you’d rather not, I can call you at your office until 5.

I’m real nervous on my way over. I just know it is going to be bad. I was really hoping to well maybe have a good time, if I only knew. I check into my hotel and change out of the suit and off I go. So I find your place no problem, out of the car and to the door.

Well you answer the door and I’m a bit shocked and almost immediately turned on, You answer the door in a dark silk robe that is tight fitting and just a little above your knees in length, it is not see through. You really look great, it shows off your amble breasts and I can see just a little cleavage. You invite me in and step away from the door and began to walk away from me. Your wearing black high heels and they really make your legs look great. I try to stay cool in case you just haven’t finished changing, I am watching you as you walk away and can hardly think straight. You don’t even turn around, you must know I’m checking you out, watching how your ass moves as you walk, you say why don’t you sit down here and point to a chair. You then ask if I’d like something to drink, how about a Pepsi. I can not take my eyes off your legs and so I mumble sure that’d be great, do you want me to get it. You reply No just sit there and relax, you disappear around a corner, are back before I can think. You hand me a Pepsi and give me a look with those eyes. You make idle chat like everything OK, you feeling OK, it must be apparent that I’m shocked and excited. You know exactly what you are doing and are in complete control. You say give me a minute I’ll be right out and off you go. If I’d been cool and not so shocked I might have noticed the room and the setup. But I just I’m thinking about how hot you look and hoping that I get it together before you get back.

What I don’t notice is this is not probably the way the room is normally set up. The chair is facing towards the couch but is a little farther away then it would normally be, and there is nothing except a rug between the chair and couch. The coffee table that should be there is off to the side likes in pushed out of the way. The chair is comfortable enough but had a noticed there were some added features.

It is not long and you are back in the room, and I am surprised because you haven’t changed at all, and you are carrying a nylon gym bag, which you set down next to the couch. You sit down on the couch and cross your legs, I am staring at them wondering about what is underneath your robe and what you might have in mind. You don’t say anything you just watch me and I realize that I’m staring at you and haven’t really looked you in the eye. You smile at me and I’m sure I blushed, because you say, so do you like? And you use your eyes to look down at yourself. I reply “Yes, sorry for staring, but you are very beautiful!

You are quick to respond “That’s all right I don’t mind being watched.” You continue “I thought maybe you’d like do me a favor?” I reply well of course if I can, what is it? You are quick to set me up with the bait. You respond with “it won’t cost you anything I just need you to know if you will, you can’t ask any more questions, you can say no and leave, I will understand, it won’t take long but if you will, you can take care of it here and now. If you say you want to do the favor, you will be able to do everything I need for the favor tonight. I just need you to be here and listen to everything I say, again you can’t ask anymore questions once you say yes. But you have to listen to everything I say and you can not object.” I don’t know what it is but I’m thinking you just need me to listen to you about a problem and you just don’t want me mouth off. So I reply, “Why of course but why can’t I ask any questions.” You say that you agree you just have to do what I ask no questions asked. Well how can I say no, so I agree. You smile and say remember no questions just listen without questioning.

Well I want you to know I had no idea how hard your little request would be. But I was ready. I was about to meet my match. You quickly cut right to the point.

You said to me, “Tripper you are about to be very surprised and maybe shocked. I will expect you to cooperate for the rest of the night until I so say you must do everything I say, or you will be punished. You may only talk to me when I say you can, you may not ask me for anything. Tripper you have been staring at me since you walked in, well you will get to see more of me. But first we need to even up some things, hakkari escort bayan please take off your clothes so that we are more evenly dressed.

I undo my shoes and socks and stand up and remove my shirt and pants. I set them down next to the chair on top of my shoes. You come over towards me I start to reach out towards you, you tell me NO. You brush up next to me and I hear you say everything, I want you naked. I remove my briefs and T-shirt and I am standing there naked. I’m not yet hard, but I feel excited, this is strange and exciting. You tell me to sit back down, you are very hard, and everything sounds more like a command. I obey without question. You go over to the bag and you pull out a couple of leather straps which you hand to me and ask me to put on. They are about 3 inches wide with buckle straps that I buckle on to each wrist, they have another buckle strap that you attach to the arm of the chair, while standing next to me on each side never walking in front of me. You kneel down next to me and pull my leg back towards the chair which has identical straps attached to the chair legs. I am now completely naked strapped to this chair.

At this point you walk in front of me and take a look at me and smile, and you say well isn’t this fun! You have planned this night carefully and are going to enjoy ever minute. You move close to me and rub yourself ever so lightly against my legs, as I feel the silkiness of robe brush the inside of my legs, I feel you warm breath blowing against my stomach and down to my raising manhood. You blow ever so gently knowing how much you are turning me on, since you are watching my cock begin to rise. This sends chills from the center of me out to the very tips of my body.

You pull away smiling ever so big. You step back and turn away from me; you remove your robe facing away from you, very sensually leaving me to wait to see your firm rear to the very last. I can see you are wearing some kind of thong and bra they look like leather.

With out turning around you bend over to get something from the bag next to couch you do it purposely so that I can get a wonderfully long look of your beautiful ass.

“Tripper, I’ve been wanting to have this much control of you for a long time. Tonight you will see things you’ve only thought about. I have you tied down so that you don’t get carried away.” You turn to me, you are wearing an amazing outfit it must be leather, the thong panties are crotch less, the bra is almost none at all, it supports all of you, yet its like your not wearing one at all. The bottom supports underneath and it looks like it has a normal triangle around your each breast but it is just a leather strap, you are practically completely naked.

“I am first going to masturbate here on the couch, you will no doubt enjoy watching, but may be slightly disappointed you can not touch me or yourself. So that you don’t have to panic for the rest of the evening, I will tell you I will let you release yourself before the night is over. I will not tell you when, how, or how many times but yes you will get to cum. But for right now you will have to watch me please myself.”

You sat down on the couch and proceeded to use your hands to touch yourself, caressing your breasts first, squeezing your nipples making them erect. You moved to between your thighs rubbing the inside of your legs, towards your crotch. The whole time you are doing this, it is like I’m not even in the room. You are watching yourself how your hands touch your body how it feels. I feel almost as if I’m intruding on this moment with yourself, it makes it ever more exciting. You touch your pussy lips ever so softly spreading them as your other hand moves down to rub your clit. I can see your wetness it is glistening as you spread open your legs. Your hand rubbing your clit and fingering yourself more and more rapidly. You begin to rub your clit faster as you finger yourself, I watch as your finger goes deeper and deeper in your wet pussy. I watch you as you pleasure yourself moving one of your hands to squeeze your breast and nipples, while continuing to pleasure your wetness. As I watch I can see that you are going to cum, I can feel my manhood throbbing as blood rushes to it, I almost panic thinking what would you do if a came without your permission, this is so exciting. You move both hands to your crotch, yes I can see that you are going to be coming. Your fingers concentrating on your clitoris while I see you have two fingers inside your love hole. It is a wonderful thing to watch as your body explodes in orgasmic pleasure. I can see your wetness on your fingers and in your crotch. I want to lick you, but you knew this and that is why I’m tied up.

As your orgasm subsides, you look at me and smile, you most certainly see how hard I am. My cock is actually moving from its own throbbing. “Well, Tripper did you enjoy that? Because that is just a start, but I think you need to be tortured a little more.” You stand up off the couch and begin to come towards me. “I am going to lay down here right in front of you and let you watch as I cum with this” and you show me what you had taken from the bag, it is a cock like dildo/vibrator. As you go to get on the floor in front of me, you teasingly rub your hair across my cock.

You lay flat on your back and put your feet up on hakkari escort the chair so I have the most spectacular view of you and your lovely wet pussy. You teasingly suck on the head of the fake cock and lick it to get it wet. As you pull it away you say, “If you behave maybe I’ll do this for you.” You begin to work the dildo slowly in and out of your pussy, watching me as you do this. You know that is driving me crazy, you see how hard, I am and the throbbing of my cock is most obvious. You pump away at your pussy pushing the dildo in a little farther each time. Your other hand rubs your clit as you fuck yourself with the dildo. I can see you begin your orgasmic thrusts, I look at my down at my cock, which you are watching also, and it is moving and throbbing to your thrusts of the dildo. You begin to cum and I hear you say, “Oh Tripper don’t you wish this was you inside me like this? “ “Oh yes, yes, if you’d just release me I would. “ You smile and your orgasm is over you look at me and say, “ Why should I untie you when I have this?” As you pull the cock from your pussy, and move it towards, me. I can smell the sweetness of you all over it, you begin to put it in my mouth, I swallow and lick it trying to get ever drop of your juices, from it. I don’t care that it looks just like a cock, you are all over it and I love the taste of you. You pull it away and say “that is all for now.”

Just then I hear I knock on the door. Which shocks me, but not you. “Oh good right on time” is reply to the door and my look of panic.

I hear the knock on the door, and I’m pretty shocked at your reply is “Oh, good right on time.” I can not even imagine what this is about. You move over to your bag next to the couch and you get something out which you hide behind your back. You move over to me and you sit down on one of my legs. I can feel your wetness and the heat from your crotch. You slowly touch my face with one hand and gently kiss me. This sends chills all through my body. Gently with your tongue you lick my lips and I try and catch your tongue with mine. You brush your face along mine and I hear you say, I’m sorry I have to do this OK? I feel your hands move behind my head, and your are putting something on my head, I can’t see it but I can feel it. You move quickly and in just a second you’ve managed to gag my mouth. You look at me and you say your sorry again. You tell me don’t worry it is going to be OK. I think you will like this next part, I know I will. I need to get the door now but I’ll be right back. I’ve invited a couple friends over. You look at my reaction and seem very pleased with my reaction, which must have been huge eyes of wonder and amazement.

You go to the couch and pick up your robe and but it on as you go to answer the door. I can hear the door open but I can’t see it. I hear you say HI, perfect timing, come on in. I hear someone a women’s voice say, so how is he? It’s not yours but you I hear you reply, he is great, I think he is more excited then I thought he’d be. He is probably worried about what is planned with you both here. Let me introduce you. You come around to the front of me and you have two women on each side of you. You tell me Tripper I’d like you to meet 2 of my girlfriends, this is SUE, (Sue is about your height and very busty with short red hair, wearing a very tight fitting cotton dress, and I can think that she is not wearing a bra because I see a perfect outline of her breasts.) and this is LISA, (Lisa is a little taller than you both, with brown hair and dressed in jeans and t-shirt, she is not as well endowed as you and Sue) You go on “ I was talking with them this week and told them what I was planning and they just begged me to let them help me. How could I resist, knowing how turned on you would get watching the 3 of us. We might let you loose later, but not yet.”

There is some chitchat and giggles about my precarious position, tied up, gagged and harder then concrete manhood standing straight up. Sue, Lisa are complementing you on how you’ve got me in this state, saying should we do anything with him right away. You start getting kissed by Sue and then by Lisa. Sue reaches for your breasts from behind you while Lisa is kissing you. It is very sensual kissing. Sue fondles your breasts and pulls your robe down off your shoulders and begins to caress your nipples. She steps back as Lisa pulls you closer to her as she rubs your ass. Sue gets out of her dress and exposes her very large breasts, which I can see now are very large and supported by half bra that holds them up and completely exposed, she is also wearing stockings and garter and no panties. She rubs her breasts against your back, as she reaches around you and moves her hands around on the front of your legs and your crotch. You turn to Sue and begin kissing her and you fondle each other’s breasts. Lisa pulls off her clothes and it is clear that she is very excited, her breasts are not as large as either Sue’s or yours but her nipples are very erect. She is completely naked and I can see that her pussy is shaved. Sue moves to the couch and sits down, and Lisa moves to her and sits down on her lap, to let Sue lick and suck on her breasts. You look over at your bag and open it to spill out its contents. There are lots of Dildos, vibrators and other toys and the spread out on the floor around the couch. You escort hakan take a small silver vibrator and move to the couch in front of where Sue and Lisa are kissing and sucking each other. You spread open Sue’s legs and look back to see if I can see, as you expose her trimmed pussy for me to see. You smile at me and move your hands to Sue’s crotch, which you spread, open and begin to lick and suck. I can hear soft moaning from you all, as you pleasure each other. You take the vibrator and turn it on and rub it on Sue’s pussy, and move it around on her clit.

You reach down and you get another vibrator and turn it on and use it from behind on Lisa. She is moaning as you rub the vibrator from underneath her while Sue is sucking on her breasts. You now are using the vibrators on both Sue and Lisa, moving them in and out of their pussy’s I can hear Lisa moaning louder and faster as you & Sue bring her to climax. She is rocking back in forth as you move the vibrator in and out of her pussy. After Lisa climaxes she moves off to the side of Sue on the couch so that she can reciprocate the sucking and licking of Sue’s breasts. You move the vibrator to Sue’s clit while you lick on her pussy, as Lisa sucks on one of her breasts and fondles and squeezes the other. Sue is beginning to cum as evidence by the moans I hear. She is watching you and Lisa, as you perform for her pleasure. This is making me more excited and my cock is harder than ever before, it is so hard that it hurts. It is throbbing and I am moaning under my gag. Watching 3 ladies please each other is incredibly exciting to me.

If I could just get one of these hands loose I would be masturbating as I watched you all. Sue is having her orgasm in full force as you lick her pussy and clit. As her pleasure subsides you and Lisa kiss each other and Sue. I am trying to move but I can’t, I am screaming under the gag, but it is just very muffled. As you three bask in the afterglow of your pleasure you all turn to me and giggle. You all three come over closer to me and surround me, I can feel the warmth of your hot bodies close to mine. And I can smell the scent of you all, this is such torture. Sue is on my left you are directly in front of me and Lisa to my left. Sue has brought one of the vibrators and is beginning to rub it on me at the base of balls. Lisa is rubbing on my nipples making them erect. You are smiling at me as you can see the tortured look in my eyes, almost begging to be released. You say out-loud that you think it is time to release a little of my pressure. Maybe we should let him go which Lisa & Sue disagrees with immediately. They tell you NO, lets leave him like this, we can get him off and then continue to play some more, while he has to watch. Everyone agrees with this concluding that I should be teased while being given a handjob, it is decided that anything else and I’ll cum to quickly for anyone’s pleasure.

It is incredibly exciting while this all takes place. Lisa continues to rub my nipples and lick and bite them also. Sue is rubbing my balls with her hands and trying to get the vibrator into my ass. While you tease my cock with your tits, rubbing them across it and squeezing my member with them. You each take turns touching, foundling and squeezing my stiff cock, making sure that I don’t cum. Sue climbs up on top of me and presses her breasts into my face, rubbing them against me, causing me to wish that I didn’t have this gag in my mouth. I think it is you that are rubbing my cock and balls, I can’t be sure since I can no longer see. I feel like I’m about to explode just as it stops, and I feel your nails scrapping along the length of my member. Sue climbs down off me and I can see that you are smiling between yourselves, Sue grabs my hard cock and begins stroking it swiftly. While Lisa moves behind you and fondling your breasts, squeezing and pulling on your nipples, you both move in closer to me, as she holds your breasts tightly and with Lisa saying do you want him to cum on these? As you say yes, I can feel my orgasm beginning to build, with Sue pulling on my cock harder and harder, I begin to ejaculate towards you shooting cum onto your breasts as Lisa pushes you closer. Lisa turns to the front of you smiles as she licks my cum from your breasts as Sue licks the cum from my still hard cock. As Lisa lies you on your back on the floor, and continues to lick your nipples and breasts, Sue lies down beside you and begins to play with your pussy with her hand. She moves down your body licking you as she moves to your crotch she pulls off your crotchless thong panties and starts to lick your wet pussy. Lisa moves to the toys on the floor and she finds what she is looking for, which is an enormous strap on dildo that she puts on it most be 14 inches long and very thick and moves towards you. As you lay on your back she moves the dildo to your mouth, which you take and start licking and sucking on it as Sue, is licking your pussy. She then moves around behind Sue who is on her knees with her ass in the air and begins to spread her open to accept the strap on dildo to her from behind. Lisa is gently rubbing the dildo on Sue’s pussy spreading her lips so that it will accept this massive dildo. Lisa gently pushes the dildo into Sue’s pussy, slowly moving it back and forth moving it deeper into her on each stroke. Sue reaches for a vibrator on the floor, the silver one and moves it to your pussy as she licks and sucks on your pussy. As she inserts it into your pussy you arch your back to meet her tongue, a pillow is on the floor that she places underneath you to assist you. Lisa is now stroking the entire length of her large dildo into Sue’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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