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Evauee 11 – David finally takes Caroline

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There was no way he was going to tell anybody about this! He lay back on the bed with Auntie Rose lying next to him, trying to take in what had happened. After a few minutes she gave him a quick kiss and slipped back to her own room, leaving him lying there in the moonlight. He thought for a moment it had all been a dream but the ache in his groin told him otherwise. He could still taste her mouth, smell her perfume and feel her pussy clamped around his cock!
He really thought that once he had left Mrs Wilson and the girls, his sex life would be over until he got back to his Beth
He suddenly felt very tired and soon fell asleep, waking in the morning to sunlight streaming in through the window and, suddenly remembering what had happened, a smile on his face. He turned on to his back and thought.
Would Auntie Rose want to see him again? He would have to be very careful. He would be especially mortified if his mum found out. He was also wondering whether he would still want to make love to Caroline. She had virtually agreed that they would do it, probably down by the lake in the next couple of days, and he thought he had better act as if nothing had happened as she would be very suspicious if he suddenly changed his mind.
At the breakfast table Auntie Rose gave him a smile and a wink, which frightened the life out of him. What if mum or Caroline had seen? However she then acted quite normally and as usual Caroline and he made arrangements to go down to the lake and swim.
As soon as they were out of sight of the house they linked hands as they normally did. They walked wordlessly down to the lake, and then…
“I want to do it a day…” His heart leapt.
“Are you sure?” he said, hoping not to sound too eager. Caroline stopped and turned to him with a grin on her face.
“Yes David. Definitely today.” She continued on down to the lake, leading him by the hand and, as they had done previously, they both quickly stripped off and went for a swim. He certainly needed the swim to cool down his ardour!
They climbed out to dry themselves and lay in the sun. Caroline was on gorukle escort her back and David lay on his side gazing at her. She had her eyes closed and her face was pale but beautiful. She was starting to get a bit of colour but nowhere near as much as him. He allowed his eyes to travel down to her chest where her soft breasts shimmered in the light. Her dark pink nipples were already erect and David licked his lips in anticipation.
He gazed at her soft flat tummy and then at her groin, where there was the beginnings of a small, soft fuzz of pubic hair, glistening with water from the lake, golden in the sunlight. His cock was by now beginning to harden and he wondered whether he should make the first move. He looked up and saw that Caroline was gazing at him with a grin on her face.
“Enjoying the view?” she asked. He grinned sheepishly. “So…shall they do it then?” She bit her lip nervously. David nodded and shuffling closer to her kissed her lightly on the lips. She curled her arms around him and pulled him closer to her, kissing him passionately as they had done before. He moved his right hand up to her chest and began to caress and squeeze her breasts. The nipples were hard in his palm and Caroline began to breathe more heavily. David felt her legs parting and he carefully lifted himself up and positioned himself between her thighs.
As he had done with Auntie Rose the night before, he supported himself on his hands and gazed down at Caroline. The difference between her and Auntie Rose was quite striking. Caroline looked young, innocent and pale in the sunlight. She also looked nervous…
“You will be gentle won’t you?” David nodded. He knew he was going to have to break her hymen, as they had discussed a couple of days ago.
“Just say stop any time won’t you?” Caroline nodded and then took hold of his hips. He shuffled forward and looking down guided the tip of his cock between the puffy lips of her pussy. She spread her legs wider and he could clearly see the tip of his cock nudging against the pink lips. He looked up at Caroline again eskort bursa and her eyes were closed, a tense expression on her face. He carefully slid the head of his cock up and down her pussy until he could feel the wetness starting to seep out. Easing forward he felt the head of his cock, just the head, slip between her lips.
Caroline gave a little gasp.
“It’s in!” She grinned at him nervously.
“There’s a bit more yet I’m afraid.” he cautioned.
“He know that, silly! It’s just that I’ve got at least part of a boy’s cock inside me for the first time. Let me enjoy it!” He grinned back at her; it was nice that she realized that sex could be fun rather than serious. She shuffled about and then gazing up at him she put her hands on his shoulders.
“A bit more now…”
She tensed herself and he eased forward, feeling a few more inches of his cock sliding into her. Then he felt the resistance he knew he would find. He gazed at Caroline who bit her lip and blinked a few times. Then she nodded. David took this to be the signal, carefully pushed, and felt a definite pop.
“Ooh …wow…shit…” Caroline exclaimed and he froze. She took a deep breath and then opened her eyes to look at him.
“Is it all right?” She nodded slowly.
“It hurt a bit but it’s all right now. Just rest it there for a bit.” She put her hands back on his shoulders and pulled him down again so he was now lying on top of her. He was conscious of the heat of the sun on his back and he rested on his elbows, gazing at Caroline’s face and stroking her cheek with his hand as the muscles of her pussy slowly contracted around his cock, as if gauging it for size.
“Try putting all in now…slowly…” Caroline whispered and he carefully eased forward, his cock slipping further and further into her pussy until he could go no further.
“Gosh it’s a biggie isn’t it?” Caroline paused and then grinned. “Not that I’ve got anything to compare it with you understand…!” David laughed. “It just feels big to me!”
“I have been told it’s quite big for my age.” David grinned at Caroline karacabey escort smugly.
“The girls at school say it’s not the size it’s what you do with it!” Caroline grinned back.
“What would you like me to do with it then?”
“Make love to me David.” She whispered simply, her face going serious for a few seconds. He kissed her lightly on the lips and then, pulling his cock almost all the way out he carefully slid back in and started to make love to Caroline.
It was very different from last night. Whether it was Caroline’s age, or the situation or the sunshine he don’t know but this was making love, rather than last night, which was fucking, pure and simple. He soon got into a steady rhythm, slow but deep and Caroline started to breathe more heavily.
“This is really nice David. This is lovely. I could do this all day!” She grinned at him.
“I’m not sure I could last all day!” he gasped, as his orgasm approached. Suddenly Caroline went red.
“David I think I’m going to come. You’re going to make me come!” Suddenly she was lifting her hips off the grass and thrusting up at him, grunting.
“Yes…oh yes…oh yes David that’s lovely! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes! Oh yes!” Suddenly she bit hard on his shoulder and he could feel the muscles of her pussy contracting around his cock as her orgasm ran through her. She jerked several times and then stiffened with one final clench before falling back onto the grass. She looked up at him red faced.
“That was fantastic David! Brilliant!” She giggled like the schoolgirl she was. He continued to slide in and out of her albeit more slowly and then suddenly he felt his own orgasm approach. He screwed up his face as he started to come.
“Oh yes David that’s it! You must come as well! Come inside me!” David’s eyes closed. He could hear Caroline’s voice crying out to him and suddenly he erupted, juice spurting into this young girl’s pussy. He jerked several times, each time spurting inside her until he could feel his orgasm subsiding and he gently lowered himself on to her. Caroline wrapped her arms round him and held him closely.
“I love you David.” she whispered in his ear. “I love you so much…”
Suddenly, to his horror, he heard a movement. He jerked his head up and looked around. He could see nothing. It must have been a duck or something in the reeds…

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