Eugene the Nerd Pt. 02: Shaping Up

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The Life and Hard Times of Eugene the Nerd

Part Two: Shaping Up


Eugene’s world was from now on, since his humiliating initiation experience, profoundly changed. Eugene had been very emotionally, personally, and sexually violated. Out of this, Eugene walked away with a “what the hell” attitude toward having his partially or fully naked body being seen by others. In fact, Eugene quickly became a legend in his school as word of his large male endowment spread. Even though he was still a skinny nerdy lightweight, he was shown a new degree of respect by the girls now eager to be with him, and the guys who now respected him as a very well hung male stud.

Furthermore, Eugene now realized just how defenseless he had become by avoiding anything to do with physical exercise and athletics. He now was certain of two things: since he had become an overnight male sex legend he longed to develop his body to better live up to his role as a stud, and he never wanted to be in the position of being puny, weak, and utterly defenseless and unable to defend himself again. This would not mean that Eugene would give up being a bookworm, science loving nerd. He still loved reading and learning and studying, but these days his young man’s veins coursed with testosterone and he had a newfound lust for taking chances, having his developing body tested and pushed to new limits physically, becoming a man.

For the first few months, Eugene was a developing ‘in the closet’ stud. Unlike before, he was not ashamed for others to see his g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri body, but he wanted to mold and sculpt it some first. Eugene started by working on his little pot belly and diminutive biceps. He did hundreds of sit-ups, crunches, and leg lifts, and he installed a chin-up bar in his closet doorway so he could workout hard in private. As his abs developed he added weight to his crunches starting with using textbooks as weights, then his dog which did not work out so well, and then large concrete retaining blocks that he found out in his backyard.

His abs developed surprisingly quickly. All the exercise kept him lean, and the baby fat in his “cute little” pot belly melted away in the first month and with the weighted crunches his now well defined six pack abs were forced to bulk themselves up becoming hard knots of muscle, nicely chiseled and defined like in the pictures of Roman gladiators. Likewise, his arms and shoulders and chest quickly added bulk and definition to meet the new demands of performing the large numbers of chin-ups and push-ups.

Eugene found that he was quickly rewarded for his efforts as his body seemingly in no time morphed into the body of a sculpted athlete. He suddenly found a new passion for running in his neighborhood. The running quickly developed his lower body, and speed and endurance and he discovered that he now loved to run shirtless in just running shorts and shoes to work on his tan and proudly show off his new manly body.

He still worked hard in school and studied and read a lot, but he learned to work an hour or two of strenuous exercise into his daily routine. He generally did multiple sets of weighted chin-ups, g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri push-ups and ab crunches of sit-ups to failure… Until he could do no more. Then he went for a three mile run that included some interval sprints. All of this shirtless and proud for all to see. He really enjoyed running and working out guerrilla, proudly free-balling, when he worked out and ran. He loved feeling his manhood flopping around freely in his shorts and he knew his large man-junk put on an impressive display that he was quite proud to show off. Besides that, the airy free space in his shorts felt good to his sweaty junk.

His reward was at the end of this routine when he returned home. He always returned to his bedroom and did a couple more sets of chin-ups and push-ups to get his arms and pecs hard and pumped again. Then more weighted sit-ups to pump up his abs. Then he went to his bathroom and practiced muscle poses and checked out his progress. His young dick always responded by becoming hard as a rock and throbbing with his pulse, and finally he worked out his right biceps and forearm by flogging his sweaty sausage until it spunked all over his pumped chest and abs. It proved to be a very effective workout routine indeed.

Eugene found that not just his growing muscles, but also his sweaty dick were pumped up and highly aroused after his run and final sets of chin-ups and push-ups. His favorite muscles were his biceps and his washboard abs. He always saved his last sets for his abs. He hated his old little fat pot belly. Now he could look down and see his meaty cut abs.

He loved to punish his abs until they screamed in burning pain for him to stop. He loved to g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri imagine that he was being held prisoner, stripped of all his clothing and forced at knife point to do punishing sets of ab crunches to satisfy his captors or else suffer the pain of their knife slicing his “pretty boy” abs. His six pack pooched out a little, but it was lean solid muscle.

The girls loved his ab pooch, and many times girls and sometimes guys asked him to lift his shirt so they could feel up his flexed rippled abs. Oftentimes thinking of this when he was sweaty and naked doing sit-ups with his hard dick bouncing on his hard abs, his hands locked behind his head and the air thick with his fresh musky armpit smell, watching his sweaty biceps sweat and bulge with each upward part of a sit-up, watching his muscular deep pits and dark hairy pit bushes glistening with beads of his sweat, was all it took to push him over the edge. Like he was being forced to do sit-ups until his tortured abs failed him, seeing his hard throbbing sweaty dick, it’s reddish blue mushroom head swollen and drooling his precum goo onto his ripped belly, he was overcome with the pain in his abs combined with the intense pleasure of orgasm. This was his favorite way to cum.

Finally his abs were at their breaking point, and his dick and balls were aroused to the max begging for release. His exhausted body was finally forced to surrender to a huge long wave of intense tingling pleasure. He could feel its epicenter, his swollen sweat balls, and from there it radiated out to every part of his body. For the next several moments the burning pain in his abs and biceps and the tired aching in all of his muscles was completely forgotten. All he could feel was intense tingling pleasure. Someone could smash in his face with their fist and he couldn’t have cared less. He loved to look down at his visibly pumped but totally wasted abs, covered with pools of his mixed milky cum and hot smelly sweat.

To be continued…

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