Escalated Desire Ch. 02

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Ginna has been thinking non stop about Kull since that Monday morning breakfast rush. The thoughts have kept, overflowing her mind, rolling around continuously, playing out that morning, keeping her in a constant state of arousal.

She called him on Wednesday, pacing as she had to wait on hold, trying to control her nervousness which flew out of the window when his voice came down across the line. Her body reacted to his voice by, shuddering in response as they spoke.

She arrived where he requested for them to meet Saturday morning. she stood, taking in deep breaths outside the hotel door, groaning, as she placed her head lightly against the door, as her heart rate increased to a rapid beat, and feeling the sweat, gathering on her skin, as it slides down her chest, causing her nipples to tighten, standing at attention, shivering, and wondering if he was watching her.

Swallowing hard as she knocks on the door, waiting for it to open. She notices his bare feet, thinking to herself how sexy they are, as the door was fully opened with her eyes moving up in a slow exploration, traveling along his body to stop suddenly at his waist, taking in his firm stomach, showing his muscles. She continues her journey up to his naked chest, following over his nipples to his neck. To see him smiling at her, as she blushes deep red.

She watches in suspense for when he will allow her to enter through the door to the room. He shuts the door with a soft click of the lock, sending shivers down her spine, causing her to shudder.

Ginna gasps out loud as Kull pulls her close against his body, as his hands explored her skin to come across her body slowly and sensually to cup her etiler otele gelen escort breast, squeezing softly, as he takes the nipple between his thumb and finger to twist and pull it away from her body, as he listens to her moans of pleasure.

He lets go of her, as he walks around to stand in front of her, leaning in softly to lay his lips upon hers. No words were needed to be spoken as they both knew the moment would be ruined. He steps closer to her but not enough to touch, as she moves closer to him, closing the gap between them. He pulls away from her smiling, as he walks to the dresser, pouring a glass of wine for himself and her.

They sat down on the bed in silence, drinking the wine as he leans in to snatch kisses from her lips between drinks. When she hands the glass to him empty he gets up, grabbing some sort of tape, pulling off a long piece, moving over to her to place the tape around her eyes, closing off her vision. When he has finished he checks to make sure she could not see, as he takes her cheeks in his hands, kissing her deeply. She is in a state of awe with him.

He grabs her shoulders, pulling her upright to stand, as he turns her around in front of himself. He touches her hands to bring them together behind her back, as he restrains her wrists with the black ties he bought for this occasion. He moves her forward by the lightest touch to her lower back, letting her know he wants her to move ahead, as he guides her out to the balcony, pushing her face down onto a table covered with a towel. He caresses her arms, and shoulders, as he runs his fingers gently down her spine to her hands, giving them etiler rus escort a light squeeze of assurance while he watches her wither and moan on the towel.

He backs away from her, rubbing his erection through his jeans, as he slowly lowers the zipper, looking over her body as her legs are spread wide for his personal viewing. He sees how her lips droop from the weight of her wetness, glistening, beckoning him ,causing him to grunt out low in pleasure. He comes closer, rubbing her ass lightly, as he raises his hand, smacking her upraised cheeks first one side then the other, hearing her cry out, as she moans, wiggling her hips. He moves to stand between her thighs and with one sharp thrust of his hips he slides into her hot pussy slick from her need. She whimpers, letting out a low scream from his stretching her wide open. He stands still, enjoying the feel of her tight pussy, surrounding his cock, pulling back slowly as he takes a deep breath of her musky scent to fill his lungs, as he thrusts forward hard and deep. She cries out, fearing, wondering, imagining, as the pain comes quick and sharp.

He does not stop he keeps on thrusting harder and deeper inside her when he hears her say very softly barely getting the words out. May I come sir? of course, he does not reply. she knows better to ask this since he will let her know when the time for her to cum is there. He continues, fucking her with his movement becoming harsher, rougher, bringing her orgasm, causing his stomach to clench in need. She arches her torso off the table, screaming out her pleasure, as he thrusts a few more times to stand still, breathing raggedly, controlling his etiler t├╝rbanl─▒ escort own impending orgasm.

He looks at her, smiling big, as he slides his cock slowly out and brings his hand up to place on her neck gently caressing. When he suddenly picks her up in his arms, walking her to the bed to lay her down on her back, keeping his hand on her neck, as he slides his other large hand over her breasts, pinching the nipples then moving on to her stomach and thighs, as he finally places his hand atop her mound, cupping her, moving his hand back and forth over her swollen clit as well. He feels her wetness slowly dripping out onto his palm, as he brings his hand to his lips, breathing deeply ,slowly running his tongue on his palm, shivering and grinding against her, as he tastes her sweet cream until it is all gone. He brings his hand down to invade her with his fingers, plunging inside of her ass, as she digs her nails into his back, holding on tightly from the intense pleasure. He grabs her hair in his fist, pulling her, turning her over, forcing her on all fours, grabbing a hold of his cock, running it along her clit up to her ass, causing both to quiver in pleasure, groaning as he slides his cock down to place the tip at her weeping entrance. He thrusts into her harshly, roughly having to stand in place, as her pussy grasps him inside, clamping down, squeezing him tightly. He pushes her head down to watch him slide in and out of her over and over. Before he pulls her back against his chest, looking at her, kissing her lightly as he says, now you will cum for me.

He watches her body shake, as she screams out her pleasure, as he feels the flow of her orgasm, causing his impending orgasm to explode inside her, yelling out his own pleasure. He keeps moving in her slowly until he goes soft inside her, pulling out as she relaxes, lying limply within his arms. He lays her on the bed, as he stretches out next to her, pulling her into his arms.

Both sighing together as they have thoughts of next time.

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