Erotic New-Year

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My friend Katrina was putting on a huge new-year party, and she invited everyone she knew. Friends, Family, Boy-friends, ex boy-friends, the lot. So of course, I was invited too. I wanted to look my best as I’d heard she’d invited a lot of buff boys as well as all of us. I curled my blonde hair and turned up in a sexy red party-dress and black stilettos.

As I staggered around the dance-floor in my too-tall-heels, I spotted a cute lad in a corner, swigging at a beer while laughing with some other lads that were obviously mates of his. He had dark hair which stuck out at odd angles, and he obviously hadn’t made much of an effort to look his best, as he had on jeans, trainers, and a blue t-shirt, which was very baggy. He laughed at something one of the other boys said, flashing a gorgeous smile.

I wondered how my friend knew him. Was he a distant-relative of hers or something? I didn’t know, I’d never met him before. I assumed he had a girlfriend, he was just too hot for words. I made my way towards Katrina, the host of the party. She was looking very pretty herself.

‘Hi Anna, having a good time?’ She asked me cheerily, as she spotted me walking etiler eve gelen escort over.

‘Yeah, it’s great here,’ I replied, twisting round again to see if the cute boy was still there. ‘Who’s that lad over there? The one with the blue shirt.’

Katrina looked over at him too. Then she smiled.

‘Oh, him! He’s my brother’s best mate,’ She replied casually.

‘Oh, ok, thanks. Just curious,’ I thanked her, then danced my way back towards him. He looked slightly drunk, so I thought it would be ok to go say hi.

‘Hi! I’m Anna,’ I smiled at him, holding out my hand. I hoped my teeth didn’t have any food in them! Obviously, they didn’t, because he leant forward and whispered very quietly to me.

‘Can I have a word, outside?’

I was very taken-aback, but what else could I do? I nodded and followed him over the porch and into Katrina’s huge garden. I turned to face him, blinking my large blue eyes with curiosity, feeling for the first time that maybe I had too much mascara on.

He looked back into my eyes.

‘I’ve seen you before, babe,’ He said simply, his dark eyes not leaving etiler grup yapan escort my blue ones.

‘Err, sorry, I don’t think I’ve seen you before,’ I laughed slightly, ‘Where have you seen me?’

He smiled romantically. ‘In my dreams.’

And then he started kissing me. It was kissing like I’d never felt before. His tongue explored every nook and cranny of my mouth, interlocking itself with my tongue. I pulled at his shoulders, snogging him back. His hands ran down my back and onto my bottom, and he pulled me closer still. He had one hand on my shoulder blade, the other on my rear end. Still with his tongue in my mouth, he moved his hands to the zip on my dress, un-zipping it, breaking off the kiss for a second while he removed my dress.

He then started playing with my breasts, stroking my bra strap for a few seconds, before he found the clip and un-did my bra. It fell to the floor and he started sucking my nipples, moaning softly. I moaned too, and pulled his t-shirt off of him. Soon we found that we were both completely butt-naked, as he sucked every part of me he could reach.

I dropped etiler mas├Âz escort to my knees and took his hardness in my mouth. Moving my head forwards and backwards, I sucked him dry. He moaned and squirted all over my face. I grinned, and he lifted me up, onto a dustbin.

I felt his hard dick entering me, and I spread my legs as far as they could go. He pushed at me, humping the dustbin in his eagerness to please. I placed my hands behind my, thrusting my hips towards him, wanting him to stretch me just that little bit further.

‘OOOOOOOOOOH!’ I moaned, screaming for more as I reached orgasm. He obviously reached it at the same time, because not only did I feel juices leaving me, I felt juices entering me too. He yanked himself out of me and rolled me over roughly. Before I’d had a chance to realise what he was doing, he’d pulled me up into a crouching position and was performing anal sex.

He wrapped his arms around my middle and humped me with all the energy he had. I was jerked forward with every rough thrust he gave. I moaned out loud, not caring who heard. He growled and trusted harder, his balls slapping against me loudly.

He orgasmed again. It was his turn to scream out loud. We both collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. He rolled on top of me and tongued me again, us both moaning softly. It was by far the best new year’s party ever. I now meet up with him once a week to have a good shag, and every time I moan louder than the last. He says I’m the loudest sex buddy he has.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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