Erotic Games Ch. 03

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When Brad and I got married, I was intending to leave my wild side behind. I was a nurse and really enjoyed it. I had made it up to the position of a personal nurse to a very nice doctor. Brad called on my doctor and that is how we got to know each other. I had been in several relationships, but I was not ready to settle down just yet. I am young, active and pretty. (At least that is what everyone says). I hate being conceited. Even though I am a curvy tanned blonde, I try not to act like a bitch. When my doctor joined a larger conglomerate practice, many of my friends warned me not to go with him. They said the corporation was a profit hungry, impersonal practice. Brad and I had already moved in together and I wanted to make a commitment. He is a great guy and I love to do things with him.

We had plenty of sex before we moved in together so I had no illusions. He was passionate up to a point, but he is really under endowed. When I decided not to go with my doctor, he persuaded me to stop working. I did not want to depend on Brad solely, but he finally convinced me. I could start back at any time if I got bored or things didn’t work out between us. I also volunteered two days a week at a free clinic. In between, I stepped up my exercise regimen and got in really great shape.

I wanted to go on a mini vacation with Brad. One evening after we had dinner, I wanted to go on line and look up some destinations. Brad and I went into the study where he opened up his computer. He quickly closed down the website that appeared on screen, making me a little suspicious. I finagled my way to the keyboard and pulled up his history. I was surprised to find a website containing erotic stories. Instead of reacting negatively, I asked him about the site. He stammered a little, but said that he had found it by accident and had read a few stories.

After we had moved in together, sex eventually got really predictable and well, just plain boring. I did not want to act like a sex starved slut and he seemed to be content with some short rolls in the bed. I realized that couples go through this and some wander to try to scratch the itch. I did not have a desire to cheat. I suggested that we read one of the stories together. We enjoyed a few more stories over a week’s span and sex seemed to be intensifying.

We read some stories where the wife cheated and other ones where the husband encouraged his wife to take a lover. I was amazed that Brad found these entertaining. Our relationship was not really built on sex, so I guess he had no inferiority complex about being just a little smaller than average in the penis department. One evening we read a story about a hotwife who went to a bar and let herself get picked up while her husband watched. I was hot as hell after reading this, but I tried to contain myself. Brad picked up on the theme and eventually asked if I would do this.

With the thought of injecting some excitement into our sex, bahis firmalar─▒ I gladly agreed. We went shopping together and I picked out a thin dress, one size too small and short. I am well-endowed on top, 36D, and my breasts were mostly visible through the material. I knew all my underwear would show, so I told Brad it would have to be worn without any bra or panties.

The night we picked out to play our first erotic game, we were both excited and nervous. Brad called a UBER to get to the club ahead of me. I was to drive our car and we would return home together. Trying to follow the story, I was to circulate and see if there would be any men interested in pursuing me. Not to brag, again, but there was no chance that I would be disappointed.

When I arrived at the club, I found plenty of available suitors. I tried not to make eye contact with Brad and he was supposed to circulate and dance so he did not spend his time looking directly at me. I had joked with Brad beforehand that it would be funny if he picked up a hot chick before I was able to find a guy to tease. Everything was going as planned. Finally one guy in particular, Ted, was willing to put himself out there and make his bid to fuck me that evening. We danced and he kept asking me to dance. He took me back to a table and began making out. This was the first time I had been in close contact with a man since Brad and I had gotten together. I felt bad about leading Ted on, knowing that I would have to let him down before the night was over. I was turned on by his affections and returned his kisses more and more. He began feeling my legs up and slowly moved his hand under the hem of my short dress. My pussy was on fire. I was dripping. I felt his hard cock through his slacks and it was very evident that he had about five more inches than Brad. I really loved to fuck a big thick cock. I was so tempted to let him fuck me, but in the end, he brought me to a satisfying orgasm with his fingers.

I knew he was getting ready to take me back to his place and fuck me all night. I wished that I could do that, but my commitment to Brad was such that I did not want to go beyond what we had agreed on. I told Ted that I was married to a military husband and had not seen him in almost a year. I thought about finding a way to bring him off before I left, but I thought that would be like cheating also.

Brad walked by us just after I had cum. We made eye contact and I took that as my signal to go home. I excused myself to go to the restroom. Brad was waiting for me in the car and we were all over each other. He was hot and I needed a cock inside me. It didn’t matter that Brad was considerably smaller that my new friend, Ted. I had to have a cock inside of me. When we got inside, Brad sat me up on our kitchen counter and brought me to orgasm with his mouth. It was great, but I could not help but wish that he was eating Ted’s cum from my pussy. After I came, we got down on the floor and Brad fucked me doggy ka├žak iddaa style. I thought that would be my best chance for the deepest penetration, but it was still a letdown when I thought about some really big cocks I had before.

The following morning, Brad asked if I had any regrets. I told him that I didn’t. I pretty much had to say that but in reality I really did wish that Ted would have fucked me before Brad fucked me. I was relatively sure that our relationship was moving into a different phase. We both enjoyed the erotic stories and it seemed likely that our new game was pleasing us both. I wondered if we would progress to the point of actually fucking another guy while Brad watched. I was too excited to even think about that. I assured him that my pleasure came from doing what he wanted me to do. This seemed to be a very positive feeling. We made love again that morning. Our sex life was already being enhanced by our walk on the wild side. I could hardly wait to see what we would do next.

The following Thursday evening, Brad looked at me a certain way. It was a questioning look, but I knew what he was thinking. I tried to act cool, but in the end I ended up smiling at him. He raised his eyebrows again and I nodded in the affirmative. We both knew what that meant. It was getting more out front now. I went into the bedroom and changed out of my normal sleep set into a sexy baby doll with thin bikini panties. Brad was still in his shorts and tee so I told him he was going to have to strip naked while we browsed the websites. He smiled and complied. His cock was hard. Still small, but very erect.

“What would you like to read, My Dear,” he asked.

I brushed past him and looked at the categories. While we had no desire to get into BDSM, I was intrigued by the dominant wife stories. Also, there were submissive wife stories as well as both categories for men.

“How about we look at the domme category and see if we like anything. We looked at some more tags and finally selected a story where the wife had the husband serve her. When they played the game, she had him cleaning naked and sleeping on the floor beside her bed. Parts of it we liked, but not all. That would mostly be true of any story, made up or real. Later in the story, the wife put the husband in a chastity device. I had never heard of such an apparatus. I had heard medieval stories about husbands putting chastity belts on their wives while they went off to war. I thought that was legend and I never paid much attention.

I asked Brad what he thought about the chastity device for the submissive husband.

“Not much.” He answered. “But actually in some of the eastern countries instead of putting the wife in a chastity belt, they had eunuchs watch over them all the time to make sure no other man made love to them while the warrior was away.”

“That sounds radical to me,” I shivered.

Brad said, “I guess it was an effective method back then. For everyone except the ka├žak bahis eunuch.”

Back to the submissive husband, I said, “Well, Brad, you are already naked and that makes you the submissive tonight.”

He looked rather quizzically toward me. “Did you like that story?”

“Parts of it. How about you tippy toe into the kitchen and fetch me a glass of red wine. And nothing for yourself, Slave. I don’t want you getting tipsy, much less frisky. You better do as I say and I will let you keep your balls.”

“Thanks, Miss.” He replied as he cupped his junk with his hands.

After he came back with the wine, I had him read me another story out loud. This particular one went even further. The husband had to serve the wife and her lover. They had him wait outside the door while they made love. He had to listen to his wife’s shrieks and cries as the man made her cum over and over. Afterwards, the husband had to clean the wife’s pussy.

“Wow, Honey. Looks like you are getting off easy tonight. How about you give me the computer and let me read another story. Pull my panties off and suck my pussy. Matter of fact, Pull my panties off and put them on yourself.”

“What?” he exclaimed.

“You heard me, Slave. Do it.” I looked him straight in the eye giving my best schoolmaster stare. For whatever reason, he did exactly that. I was surprised that he went along with that. We had not read any stories like that but browsing the categories had given me the inspiration. We were in a sexy mood and I guess Brad did not want to spoil the scene. He pulled my thin red bikini panties off and slipped them over his legs. I had to admit, it looked pretty sexy.

“Now get down there and suck my pussy, Boy. And don’t shake the bed while I am reading. I’ll let you know how to proceed, so listen to my instructions.

I tried to concentrate on the next story, but I had to keep interrupting my reading as I guided him on his service.

“Lick my slit.”

“Spread my lips and stick your tongue up my pussy.”

“Lick my clit.”

The more I instructed him, the better job he was doing. He complied with my every command. I thought this was great. I had never instructed him step by step when we had oral sex. This way he knew exactly what I liked and he would automatically concentrate better the next time he was asked to get me off orally.

I became wetter and hotter until I had as shattering orgasm. I grabbed the back of his head and held him into my pussy. It felt so good. After I relaxed, I let go of his head. He gasped for air and tried to catch his breath.

“Don’t be so dramatic, Slave. Now get back down there and clean up my juices.”

I had him lick me slowly until my juices stopped flowing.

“Now, Slave,” I instructed. “Jack off that cock in my panties until you cum.”

I know he was hot to fuck, but I thought that might be a better result for my little submissive husband. He finally came in the sexy panties. I turned out the light and told him to go to sleep.

“You can change the sheets in the morning. And I want my panties hand washed and air dried. Make sure you do that before you go to work tomorrow.”

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