Entree Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: The Shame Game

I don’t like the idea of being seen naked by a stranger, not one bit, and yet I do, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? It’s that part of me projected into my Mistress as a crude plea to be humiliated. Tis one of those rich cravings originating in a dimly lit fold of my cranium, a fissure of gray matter most perverted, a long darkened iter hollowed out by mother, maybe. It appears through a janus-faced personification both feared and idolized by me, yet recognized by my Mistress for what it is, what I both loathe and require, a treasure for her.

I shudder before my Mistress with tingly anticipation, awaiting her next command. And to think, she would never have considered becoming a mistress if not for me, and today she’s all but mastered the art. She’s already practiced in the art of spanking, and I dare say it’s become a punishment to avoid. I no longer toy with the idea of teasing my Mistress into a spanking me, instead I obey, or cry trying. Now I’m always trembling, as I should be, and I cover in goose pimples to her every sound. I always want to stay and run away at the same time -and I don’t want to know why.

It took a few faint-hearted attempts before my Mistress realized her potential and rightful place, but from there she blossomed. She has since promised me more humiliation than anyone could endure, and I’m both frightened and excited. She’s also promised to go gently, taking things slowly, giving me time to adjust and adapt to the new role she is developing into a plan for me. And she’s already promised me a whole new level, and that’s why I’m about to spend my two week vacation at her home. She promises to have me disgracing myself in public within days, and like all decisions forced by fate, it gnaws at my stomach and clutters my mind with thoughts gone berserk. It keeps cock drooling and testicles churning. I no longer doubt my Mistress, after all, here I was in the hallway of my apartment building embarrassing myself with actions most brazen.

My Mistress has come to know me well, inside and out, and was about to fix me up good, real good. I’ve taken a wonderful monkey on my back, and with her help I’m mainlining shame. She’s leaving me a junky for embarrassment addicted to mortification, and yet sometimes I return from somewhere. Then I look around and wonder where and who I am, not believing or understanding who I was. But I’m unwilling to leave the warm wet grasp of her hand, the one she permits me to slosh around in. It’s true my mind is dominated almost entirely by my penis, and my Mistress counts on it. She understands my cock and balls only too well and is mastering me through them. Her left hand reduces me to putty, and the right keeps me jumping. I am being broken gently while being roughly reshaped to suit her whims. I will soon be a toy puppy at the feet of my Mistress, re-created for her amusement and most bursa escort importantly, for her self-esteem.

I was sloshing around in the sloppiness of my Mistress’s hand, humping her fist like a husband his wife on their wedding night, the hallway echoing with the sloppy sounds of my happy dance, and though sure someone would hear, I didn’t care. My Mistress allows me to go on for quite some time, bringing myself to ejaculation over and over again, provided I don’t shoot my load. In return, I put on quite a show for her, a very obscene display that keeps her in tears of laughter, and happy as a new mother. I always make the best of it, damn the neighbors.

Today I found my Mistress right again, that I would eventually stop agonizing over being seen. She said I would no longer care if the neighbors were home, why should I? I would no longer concern myself with people falling over in laughter simply because I loved being a puppy to my Mistress. Soon I would do anything to ‘fuck’ the hand of my Mistress, and I threw my arms up and back in ecstasy as I humped. With eyes closed I kept my pelvis gyrating, fucking my lover like never before, my Mistress’s left hand. Like a pair of teenagers, we fucked in the hallway of my apartment building, while my Mistress put on one of her favorite acts. Standing over us fully dressed and looking bored, she began tapping a foot while humming some obscure tune.

I put one hand against the nearest wall for support and allowed my eyes to flutter. I knelt with my legs spread sufficiently enough to provide me thrusting leverage, which I used with abandon. A pool of lubricant had already formed on the rug below my pistoning organ. The pool was connected to and fed by lubricant oozing from my hard-on, long thick strands of pre-cum swinging and swaying with each full stroke. Both the hand of my Mistress and my boner were soggy wet, dripping in my nectar. My knee pads were slipping in my sweat and I was fighting to stay balanced enough to keep my penis sloshing. No marriage bed could have been sweeter, no harlot racier, no Romeo hotter, I was the happiest guy on earth.

All I could think of was the next impending orgasm, their approach being all that was beginning to matter. Though I’m rarely allowed an orgasm, I live for continuous onsets. Finally the need to orgasm overwhelmed everything else, displacing all other needs. Mistress is the giver of life through the rite of orgasm. She could have led me into a crowded street at that moment, but her friend appeared at the landing.

“Fluffy, go say hello,” my Mistress said letting me go while wiping her hand off on my back. SWAT! Her right hand let me have a swift slap to my right cheek, spurring me on. Without a moment to recover my front paws hit the floor and I took off towards the far end of the hallway without thinking. I was unable to catch my breath and gasped for air as I raced. I had no time görükle escort to consider my nervous condition or mental inabilities, and simply ran with blind faith.

“Woof, woof. Woof, woof. Woof, woo…” I chanted in breathless merriment, bounding forward with tail shaking and boner bobbing. Though I couldn’t yet make out the person I was approaching, I saw her fall back against the neighbor’s door when she saw me. She carried a bag under one arm and used her free hand to brace herself as she began laughing aloud. Surely her laughter would bring every neighbor in the building out to see what was happening. I was nervous enough to cry and I wanted her to stay quiet, wanted to tell her, hoping my Mistress would.

“My god,” she yelled, continuing in a fit of laughter. I carried my unbearable shame across the hall to her and went up on my knees like Silver. I raised my arms and placed a paw on each side of my face. I was actually humiliating myself in front of a total stranger, just as my Mistress said I would. I still wanted it to end soon as possible and felt my body flushing with the heat of a shame unlike any I had ever experienced before. And yet I continued.

“Woof, woof,” I said, sticking my throbbing hard-on out to her. I shook it back and forth sending juice everywhere, while shaking my ribbons in an attempt to look adorable. The stranger looked to my Mistress through eyes filled with tears.

“When you said cute… Why, I never imagined anything this cute,” the stranger roared. I dropped my paws and turned to my Mistress with a bark. I found another reassuring smile urging me to continue, to swallow ever more embarrassment.

“Woof, woof,” I said to reassure her I understood.

“Good, fluffy,” my Mistress chimed, understanding me. I turned nervously to her friend and went back up on my knees.

“Woof, woof,” I offered while attempting to look even cuter. I continued shaking my boner back and forth, sending its mess everywhere. I continued to shake my ribbons, and bark, and whine convincingly.

“Oh it’s too unreal,” she said in a moment’s breath. I dropped my paws to the floor and turned to take a step. Then I fell down and rolled over onto my back as far as my tail would allow and spread my legs. I brought my knees way up to my shoulders and kept a paw to each side of my face.

“Woof, woof,” I whined while arching my back and begging to have my tummy rubbed. This was my piece de resistance. My boner bounced up and down on my belly and I wiggled my ass around provocatively. I looked at her with my mouth opened, tongue dancing in the air. My neighbors should have walked out of their door just then. The woman continued laughing while starting to compose herself. I heard the door downstairs open and almost lost it, but there was nothing I could do about it. I hoped my Mistress would protect me.

“Precious… my god escort bayan it’s precious,” the woman stammered. She was looking down at me while wiping tears from her eyes. She couldn’t yet control her laughter, but continued trying. I continued nervously wiggling and slithering in hopes of looking like a real puppy. “Too precious. You are just too precious,” was all she could muster. She finally got her eyes dried and finished with an- “oh my.”

I stopped wiggling and looked back at my Mistress for another smile, and returned to her friend quickly, when from the corner of my eye I saw it descend. I jumped up and went for the hand once it dropped low enough. In test I began to lick at it, and when it didn’t move away I commenced sucking a finger. I’d soon captured each digit one at a time, individually, between moistened lips pursed oh so right. And after suckling but a moment I pulled my lips down slowly, and off with the quietest ‘pop’. I loved the flavor and stopped to bark at my wonderful discovery before continuing the sequence again.

“Woof, woof,” I said speaking to the hand of the lady.

“Well I think fluffy has found a new girlfriend,” my Mistress said.

“Huh? You mean this,” her friend asked, taking her hand from me to hold up.

“Yep, that’s who I mean.”

“Woof, woof,” I added timidly, trying to show her how much I wanted it back. I was concerned about footsteps and murmuring getting closer.

“Well, here ya go fluffy,” the friend said, dropping her hand for me to enjoy. I went back to it with lips and tongue immediately. It was quit yummy and crowded out the approaching footsteps, though not well enough. I was frightened yet horny as hell, I was about to get up and run, but couldn’t stop suckling the wonderfully long soft fingers. I was going to be seen like this, I could feel it, and then I would die.

“Come on in,” my Mistress finally suggested, and I breathed a sigh of relief from around the digit I suckled, that came out from the corners of my mouth in bubbles. She had a smile on her face that I caught from the corner of my eye. It told me I had pleased her, and I was ecstatic. She turned to walk into my apartment and her friend followed. With my tail shaking and boner bobbling, I followed her friend, a finger yet in my mouth. Though more nervous than ever before, I was happy as could be. I heard my neighbor’s voice and footsteps getting closer. I was forced to watch the stairs from the corner of my eye as we moved, expecting to see my neighbors any second. I was shaking more, almost losing control, and I had to pee real badly.

“I can’t wait to get started on you,” the friend said, looking down at me. I looked up at her and my Mistress whistled, causing me to bound on ahead and came to heel beside my Mistress. I watched in trepidation for a sign of my neighbors, and the guest to enter. I was sure I’d seen them just as my Mistress closed the door, and I was sure they’d seen me too, I could feel it. I watching the ladies greet each other as if nothing was amiss, and then they turned to me. I felt something eerie when the friend looked at me licking her lips wickedly.

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