Enticed Pt. 16 – Two Lovers, Two Worlds

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This is part sixteen of my adventures in the early 90s with a gay man about 15 years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

After Ezekiel and I had spent an amazing Friday night together – a surprise for me as he came unannounced that afternoon – I had another fun Saturday with my “sire,” as I’d come to call him.

Blaise had introduced me to the joys of a man’s touch, the camaraderie of the cock, so to speak. We had a special bond. We knew each other in ways few others could imagine. Sometimes I could think of him at any time of day and immediately taste his skin or even his cum on my salivating tongue.

That particular Saturday I craved Blaise’s skinny cock in my ass for personal reasons and because I had a show that night that would include an anal component and I hadn’t been stretching as much as I used to. We hadn’t done any anal love-making in a few weeks. And, my new infatuation, Ezekiel, wasn’t interested in anal. That night would be my first self-suck show for a couple months and one of my double-ended dildos played an important part in the show. I needed some stretching and rehearsal.

“I want you to tie me down,” I told Blaise, naked and nearly already hard in his living room. “Let’s try a little bondage.”

I pulled a dining room chair to the center of the room and bent over the back of it at my waist. I directed him to tie my wrists to the front legs and my ankles to back. I’d brought some cloth ribbon as we didn’t have rope.

“Wait,” I stopped. “I almost forgot.”

I grabbed the leather collar that was part of my leather show costume.

“When I have this on,” I said, “I’m your slave. Address me as ‘Slave.’ Order me to do anything you wish. I’m yours to command.”

He was a little stunned.

“I know you’ve been interested in dominance and bondage for a while,” I said. “Let’s give it a try.

“Fuck me deep and hard! Force me! Remember, I’m your slave! Rape me!”

For some reason I wanted to be controlled, owned, forced. And, I knew Blaise wanted to try it, too.

Without a word he bent down to tie me as I’d directed him. In that instant I wasn’t sure which of us was the master and which the slave.

The next thing I felt was a generous slathering of cold lube on my displayed asshole. Blaise quickly began rubbing his not-yet hard cock up and down my spread crack. My own cock was growing rapidly.

He didn’t tie me very tightly. I could have pulled free with the slightest movement. But, I didn’t dare move. I gripped the legs of that chair as if holding on for my life. That is, until I finally felt his hard, thin meat piercing my sphincter. Once I felt him moving into me, I pushed back against his hips and thighs as much as I could in my current position.

Now that he realized what I wanted, Blaise began rocking into me deeper and faster. I held the chair legs tightly, grunting loudly as he forced himself on me. As his thin cock stretched me wider, his balls banged against my taint and swelling balls. The sensation caused my own dick to continue growing, pushing against the back of the chair.

“Harder, Master! Please!” I begged — or demanded.

He had my hips in a death grip as he pulled me back to meet his groin so hard I felt his hip bones against my ass cheeks. We both grunted and gasped as his cum exploded into me. Experience told me when he had shot his final wad and I immediately pulled free of the chair and away from him feeling his still hard cock pop out of my wet, cummy asshole.

I spun around and pushed him down and pulled off the collar.

“Suck me now!” Now I was the master and Blaise the slave.

My cock was against his throat in a second and he wasted no time giving me his tightest, wettest swallowing motion. I clawed a handful of his hair and gasped loudly. My stomach clenched and I felt my loosened sphincter spasm.

Blaise’s warm cum ran down my thigh as my own blasted into his throat. I thrust my hips against his face, holding his head tight against my flaming pubic hair. I fucked his eager face until I was empty and breathless.

After he licked my cock clean, keeping me jumping and gasping the entire time, I realized there was a small puddle beneath us. My slave had cum again while he was pleasuring his master.

As we stepped into a hot shower together Blaise pulled me tight.

“That was amazing!” he panted still breathing heavily. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“I thought you might,” I said. “But, I didn’t think you were ready to ask me for it. So, I stepped up — or, bent over — or something.”

“That collar thing is genius,” he said. “Keep that. Let’s keep that going.”

We had one of our long, slow showers together to clean up and relax into each other. When we finally stepped out of the shower in the master bath, even the bedroom was steamy. We barely bothered with drying off and just fell into bed together for a long naked nap in each other’s arms.

A malatya escort few hours later, Blaise warmed up the crowd at the Lodge as I waited in the back of the room in my blue pants and tank. I could still feel the looseness he induced earlier.

I noticed Ezekiel in the audience as I walked through the room to the stage. He was on the aisle and I made sure to stroke his shoulder as I passed him.

It was the first time he would see my self-suck show. So, I made sure to make it as hot as I could.

Almost as soon as Blaise pushed my blue double-ended dildo into my waiting asshole, I felt the familiar contractions and rise of fluid through my balls and cock. My mind was fixed at once on Blaise’s dick sliding in and out of my ass, hot and wet, filling me with his pale semen, and on Ezekiel’s cock choking my throat spewing thick, sticky cum into my throat.

The sensations – of the dildo in my ass and my own cock in my mouth, combined with the memories and fantasies of my lovers’ cocks and cum inside me caused an explosion I’d never created in myself before. I came as hard into my own mouth as I’d ever cum in Blaise’s or Ezekiel’s waiting lips. It was so intense I almost forgot to finish on my face, giving myself a hot, sticky facial for my boys.

I was hot, spent and worn out by the time Blaise pulled my long dildo from my ass and I rolled over onto my knees to rise for my audience. Cum dripped from my face. My back was a little sore. My cock was limp and dripping with the cum that still oozed from the wrinkling head and the saliva I’d left on it. The 50 or more men in the packed room were on their feet applauding and yelling. I later found out that almost half of them had never seen me suck my own cock while Blaise fucked my ass with a dildo.

I spent a lot of time mingling through the crowd after the show. Tips were filling my thong as usual. I chose to finish the night in just my thong and matching tank. Something told me to let my admirers see how much I leaked semen after the show. More than one hand squeezed either my bare ass or barely covered limp and still leaking cock. I saw some lick their fingers after touching my spent cock. Even through the spandex thong they were getting a taste of my nectar. Many of my boys commented on how hot the show was that night. A couple of the regulars who had seen it before said it seemed more intense than usual. I knew exactly why. Blaise also whispered that he knew why, as well.

Eventually, I found Ezekiel and hugged him. I thrilled a little as his hand found my right ass cheek and gave it a squeeze. He sat beside me on the couch with Blaise and we talked the rest of the night. They got along well and I could tell Blaise was impressed by him.

Finally, the last few people said their goodbyes and only the three of us remained. Blaise started to clean up as Ezekiel and I continued talking.

“Don’t worry about that, B,” I said. “I’ll clean up tomorrow.”

“Would it be OK to come over and workout again tomorrow?” Ezekiel asked.

“Of course,” I said. “The same time or earlier if you like.”

“Well, if you’re going to take care of this tomorrow,” Blaise started, “why don’t I just head home?”

“I’ll be there in a bit,” I said.

“No,” he said, leaning in for a hug. “Why don’t you see if he’ll stay? Have some fun.”

“Are you sure?” I asked as he pulled back.

“We never spend Sundays together, anyway,” he said. “Go for it.”

“Do you need to leave right away?” I asked Ezekiel as I closed the door behind Blaise. “Do you want to hang out for a while and have another drink?”

“I guess, ” Ezekiel said. “Do you need to –?”

“No. I’d just have to come back home as soon as I got up, anyway,” I explained.

“Blaise spends Sundays with his mother and brother.”

“Can I ask a personal question?” he asked, picking up bottles and napkins.

“Well, of course,” I said. “I don’t think I have any secrets from you.”

“How do you two handle your shows and especially private shows and letting other men do stuff?” he asked. “I mean, if you’re a couple, how does that work? How does he feel about us?”

“Technically, we’re just best friends with extreme benefits,” I said as we walked into the kitchen, hands filled with trash. “Blaise sees the shows, letting men watch me, even letting them touch me, as a form of fun and entertainment. In fact, this was all his idea in the first place and the first few shows were just for his friends.”

Ezekiel raised his eyebrows at that.

“He likes the way they look at him and respect him for having me. I’m kind of a trophy,” I continued leaning against the kitchen counter. “I mean, I was 25 and had never been with another man before I met him. I guess, that’s a pretty good feather in his cap among his 40- and 50-something friends. It turns him on to know that all these men are lusting after me. And, even the ones I let touch me are only getting that; there’s no emotional connection. It’s just sex.

“But, I think it really malatya escort bayan turns him on to see me with other men and to hear about what I do with them when he isn’t there. I usually tell him everything I do in private shows. And, afterward, he’s pretty charged up. We have a pretty good time after I tell him my dirty adventures.”

“I can imagine,” Ezekiel said. “Watching you is pretty arousing.”

His eyes traveled down and back up my nearly nude body. I still was wearing only my blue thong and tank. I took that opportunity to pull the tank over my head.

“But, since you asked,” I continued, standing inches from him in nothing but a thong. “He and I did talk about this just yesterday. Apparently, Blaise has been thinking a lot about it.”

“He said he thinks I need someone like you, someone closer to my own age with similar interests and a similar experience level.”

“You and I do not have a similar experience level,” Ezekiel said.

“In a way, we do,” I argued. “I’ve only been with a man for just over a year. Yes, I might have done a lot more as far as ‘activities’ go. But, I’m still in a very uncertain, questioning area, not knowing how I really feel or fit in to the whole gay spectrum.”

“You might have less practical experience. But you’ve been in the ‘life’ for four years now,” I continued. “You have some time-served in it that I don’t have, especially concerning worrying about people finding out.”

“I guess so.”

“Anyway, Blaise said our relationship is more like a teacher-student thing or even father-son,” I continued. “Which has its own uniqueness. I need someone my age to explore with. I shouldn’t have a daddy all the time. And, he doesn’t mind sharing me if he knows it’s good for me. He wants me to be happy. But, he also knows that I have feelings for him and will protect those feelings and my relationship with him no matter how far off I go.”

“Wow. That’s kind of beautiful,” Ezekiel said.

“To be fair, I also don’t feel like I have a claim on him,” I said. “If he felt the need to spend time with someone his own age, I’d be fine with that and even encourage it.

“He also said he thinks you’re a great guy,” I continued, a hand suddenly on his hip as he stood before me. “He thinks we’ll be good together and good for each other. I definitely agree with that one.”

“So, we have his blessing to see where this goes?” he asked.

“And mine,” I said, pulling my dark lover closer. “I want to take this as far as we can. I’m loving every minute with you!

“Now, let’s see how far removed I can get you from these clothes.”

Our lips met hungrily in my kitchen. I forced my hands down the back of his jeans to squeeze his firm, round ass. His tongue pushed deeply into my mouth.

Ezekiel’s hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt. I switched from ass-squeezing to belt loosening. Our lips never parted. It took me a while to get used to kissing a man with Blaise. But, now, I couldn’t keep my mouth off of my new friend.

In minutes all four of our hands roamed all over our bodies on the couch as we kissed so passionately that saliva was dripping from our chins. My thong was pushed to the floor as my cock grew out of it.

I pulled away just long enough to suggest the bedroom. I wanted our cocks in close contact as soon as possible.

I sat up on my bed and had him face me.

“Jack off for me,” I said. “I want to watch you.”

“I’ve never – done that for anyone –.”

He was obviously reticent, nervous.

“It’s OK,” I assured him. “I’ll do it with you. Just look in my eyes or watch my hand stroke my own cock. Don’t think about what you’re doing to yourself. Think about what I’m doing.”

We both began stroking ourselves sitting staring at the other man’s hand and cock. Just seeing him rub himself was making me throb. His chocolate hand sliding up and down on his stiff midnight rod had my own cock pulsing hard in minutes.

I leaned down and dribbled some spit on his black cock head and then on my own.

I had my free hand on his nearest thigh rubbing up and down.

I moved slowly, savoring every sensation. Ezekiel seemed to be speeding up.

“Slow down,” I commanded. “Make it last. Don’t try to finish. Just let me watch you stroke yourself. I promise I’ll take care of you in a minute.”

He slowed down and rubbed himself lightly, slowly. He moaned quietly and his eyes closed. I know he wanted to watch me as much as I wanted to watch him. But, he simply couldn’t help himself. He had such a short trigger, I decided to change my plan.

“Look at me,” I said. “Just look me in the eye.”

He complied with my orders. In a few seconds our strokes were synchronized, our eyes locked. It was almost as if we were jacking each other.

The net effect was that he lasted a couple minutes longer and I didn’t last as long as usual.

As my own cock and balls began throbbing, I knew his must also be aching to explode. My breathing was heavy, but manageable. Ezekiel escort malatya also was breathing heavily, but not wildly so.

Just as my eyes began to close without my control, I noticed his were squinted tight. I leaned in and our lips met. My free hand instinctively replaced his stroking his dark meat. A second later both our cocks exploded together, spraying cum on our stomachs and my hands. We were so close that his sperm hit my body and mine landed on his.

We kissed and I continued stroking both our cocks until our breathing slowed and our balls were empty. I pulled back and licked his cum from my hand. As one, we dropped into a 69 position and began cleaning each other from balls to chest.

After a quick shower together, we made our way to the couch and spent another hour or so trading our abbreviated life stories and how we ended up naked on a couch together.

Since he’s a teacher, Ezekiel explained, he has to be discreet. While we both had known homosexual and lesbian teachers in our high schools, it was always a matter of “don’t-ask-don’t-tell.” They couldn’t be open about their love interests or lifestyles. But, as long as they kept it to themselves, no one cared.

He told me he always found himself watching the other boys as he was growing up more than the girls. But, it never manifested in a sexual way. They never turned him on. He’d had a couple girlfriends and even fantasized about them when he jacked off.

Homosexuality hadn’t occurred to him at all until some time near the end of his second year of college when his roommate came on to him and talked him into playing one night. Though not openly gay, the roommate had noticed Ezekiel watching him and other boys on more than one occasion.

“Y’know, once we actually touched and kissed and his hand was on my dick,” he admitted, “it just felt right, like I found where I belonged.”

I told him how Blaise and I got together, but that I still considered myself bisexual.

“I still have to be discreet, too,” I said. “Or, really, in the closet in a sense. People at work know Blaise and I spend a lot of time together. We go to lunch together nearly every day. But, that’s about it.

“I think they know about him, though he’s never been really open about it. More don’t-ask-don’t-tell. But, I’m not sure how they would react to my being more open. In some ways, I represent the paper to the public. I’m always out in public taking pictures, telling people who I am. A lot of people around here might have a problem with a man who spends time in the company of other men.”

“I can tell you you don’t present as anything close to gay,” Ezekiel said. “But, how do you handle your shows? Aren’t you worried the wrong people are going to find out?”

“Of course, I have to keep my shows as quiet as possible,” I said. “I mean, I don’t have any kind of permit for this. And, most of what I do is illegal, anyway. I mean, it’s essentially a live sex show. That’s one reason we consider the money I get a ‘donation’ or ‘gift.’ It’s also part of the reason I moved out here. It’s quiet. The closest occupied house is more than a half-mile away. And, we’re outside the city limits, so there are fewer laws against the immoral and unnatural nature of my performances.

“In a perfect world, every property on this road would be owned by me, Blaise, or a member of my audience just to be sure no one complained about the traffic or potential noise. But, that’s also why I built the fence around the backyard. I can have all the privacy I want. And, I can park all the cars back there. So, that doesn’t draw unwanted attention.”

“This is a really nice place,” Ezekiel said. “I mean, it’s a great house for a single guy and it’s very secluded.”

“It’s really pretty great out here,” I said. “I really like it. And, you haven’t seen the best part. There’s a pond out back that’s part of the property. And, back in the summer I had a deck built out there for entertaining. It’s great. I love it out there. When it was warm enough I went swimming as often as I could. And, since it’s mine, and completely private, it’s clothing optional.”

“So, maybe it’s none of my business,” Ezekiel said slowly, “but, I’ve heard some of the men talk about you like you’re straight? And, you just said you’re bisexual. I don’t really get it.

“I mean, what you do to me and what I do to you …. I mean, you’re too good not to be full-on gay. I mean, I don’t know what I’m trying to say.”

“You don’t seem gay at all,” he said. “But, damn if you don’t fuck and suck like you’re the gayest man I ever met!”

“I really am more bisexual,” I explained. “I can’t really say that I’m homosexual. I really still like women and the female body. I mean, I can look at a woman and get going. I can’t do that with a man. Most of the time when I jack off in the shower, I’m thinking about a girl I work with, to be honest.

“I can’t explain it. I still find women more sexually attractive than men. In fact, until very recently, I really wasn’t attracted to the male body at all. I couldn’t just look at a guy, no matter how attractive, and think about doing him.”

“Even Blaise,” I continued. “In spite of our emotional attachment, I’m not really attracted to him. The sex is physically great. I even crave his dick sometimes. But, I don’t see him as sexy any more than any other man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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