Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 03

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Part 3 – Enjoying my Girlfriend and Evaluating my Revelation

That night I had great sex with my girlfriend Sandy. I enjoyed her body but kept thinking about all the experiences that I had with Glen. It excited me so much. I usually always went down on Kathy and made sure that she had a few good orgasms before entering her. I loved eating her pussy and this made her all the more wet and reduced any regret that I might have at cumming before she did. Tonight was no exception but after making her cum twice and fucking her for about ten minutes I was still not close to cumming. I guess that this was the result of me already having cum twice that afternoon. So I decided to go back down on her.

Sandy was shocked because I had never done this to her before. At first she resisted and told me that it was gross. I persisted and dove back in. I was no longer afraid of putting my mouth where a dick had just been! Sandy was so much wetter than normal now and she had creamy white pussy cum in the folds of her cunt lips. I licked this up and enjoyed its tangy taste. I then proceeded to lick her from asshole to cunt with long slow swipes of my tongue. Every once in a while I would make a little point of my tongue and put some extra pressure on just her pucker. This drove her wild and she told me so. gümüşhane escort I kept teasing her sensitive gusset and asshole. I marveled at how closely it resembled a camera shutter and though how marvelous it felt to be in such a private place. Before I knew it half of my tongue was inside her bud.

Sandy now begged me to fuck her ass. We had practiced anal sex before but not without a condom. I did not have any condoms around for the past month due to her starting on the pill. Boy, was I excited. I came up and plunged my dick into her sopping pussy a couple of times for lubrication and then put the head in her ass! I stopped with just the head in, remembering how Glen had done the same to me just a few hours ago and envied her contentment and excitement as she wiggled her tight ass and begged me to enter farther.

Since having experienced my ass being fucked by an expert that very afternoon, I had a much better understanding of what had to be done to make it more enjoyable. I started the smallest rocking motions as Glen had done to me earlier that day. It drove Sandy wild with lust and she started pushing her ass back at me to impale herself further. Once we got a good rhythm going I would pause at the end of each instroke with my pelvis resting on her firm escort gümüşhane round globes. It felt wonderful and I let loose with my load. I guess that my wild spasms turned Sandy on because she clenched tight and started shaking all over.

Once we both finished our orgasms, as my dick was shrinking, I laid behind Sandy holding her in my arms and asked her about the experience. She told me that it was wild and taboo, she said that she loved the nastiness of it and the feeling that she just got away with something. My dick now plopped out of her hole and I went to the shower to rinse off inviting her to come with me. She just said, “You go, I like the sticky gooeyness of your cum.”

By the time I came back to bed she was sound asleep and this gave me time to contemplate what had happened for I had so many questions! I was happy that she let me fuck her ass without a condom. I also wondered why I was so turned on by fucking Sandy’s ass but felt revulsion at the thought of fucking Glen’s ass. I would have to ask him. It also amazed me how Sandy loved the nastiness of the act as I had too when Glen took my ass!

In the morning when we woke up I looked at all the dried cum on the back of Sandy’s ass cleft and under her left cheek. It was so sexy that gümüşhane escort bayan I got a hard on and started kissing her. She responded enthusiastically and kissed me back passionately. I traced the dried cum spots with my finger and told her how attractive they made her look. Sandy smiled and said, “Well it itches, so get busy and scratch my itch!” I happily obliged and went down on her so juicy cunt. It was tangier than usual and I lapped at it like a man possessed.

Sandy came twice and I came up and sank my dick deep into her snatch. I then rolled around so that she would be on top and could ride me at her leisure. I imagined how good her ass must look from behind. Her pussy was so wet and velvety that I knew that I would not last long. When I grunted and released my load I was glad that I had ate her to orgasm beforehand. Now I felt no guilt as I pumped my seed up into her so quickly.

Sandy quickly got off me to go pee and take a shower. However a big glob of cum dripped out of her snatch and onto my stomach as she got up. As soon as she left the bedroom I scooped up the glob with my finger and sucked it off. It felt so nasty and the impulse was so strong. Since my slime coated dick was still hard I formed a ring around the base with my index finger and thumb. I then ran them along the length of my shaft scooping up most of the copious amounts of slime covering it. This I quickly licked of my hand and marveled at the taste. It was less bitter than cum and yet tangier. I savored the flavor in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it down.

To be continued . . .

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