Engineers Can Be Trained

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I love smart guys. They are interesting, fun, quirky, and just all-around adorable. Part of my attraction is that they completely lack any “game,” and don’t have any idea how to be a “player.” And they are often just totally oblivious to the signals a horny girl sends out. But, this also means they don’t get laid much, and when they do, they are waaay too wound up and waaaay too serious to be much good at it. So, as a VERY horny Junior coed at a Southern California engineering school, I decided that if I wanted to date engineers, I was going to have to figure out how to get them better in bed. As I really really really really need good sex. I guess you can say I’ve been pretty successful in my de-virgining efforts, and posted two stories already that had several engineers finally enjoying a real girls coupled to the distal end of their penises. One side benefit: these guys are trained up to my standards, and REALLY learn fast how to REALLY please a girl. Not needed for this story, but the other stories were “An End to Virginity” and “How to Seduce an Engineering Student.”

I’m still pretty active with the three boys from those stories, but they are also hooking up with a couple of my girlfriends, and they have also have been successful on the open-pussy market. Sex with them is great (I trained them!) but the frequency is going down (so to speak.) So, I am still on the prowl for a new guy or two. I thought you might like to hear how a recent Thursday (and Friday morning) went.

I had two classes this morning (the boring part of my day) and at lunchtime walked to the campus cafeteria to get what they generously call “food.” I planned to sit in their covered patio and eat, and get a start on some nasty Calculus assignments. I teach an aerobics class at 6:00, so my whole afternoon was open.

I got my “lunch” and went to the patio, but it was oddly busy. I guess the Seniors had a meeting with the Career Office to talk about the on-campus interviews that start next week. This is a really stress-out time for Seniors when they gotta go find someone to pay them so they can pay back their $120,000 of student loans.

There were no empty tables, but there were a couple with just one person, so I figured I would get a place using squatters rights. One table had an OK, normal looking guy, a Senior, that I had seen in a couple of my humanities classes. He always seemed super shy after class, so I never had a chance to talk to him before.

“Hey,” I said to him as I set my tray at his table. “I am Amy, I’ve seen you in some of my classes. Mind if I sit and do some homework?”

“Keith. Sure,” he said softly, but startled and seeming uncomfortable with my sudden appearance in his space. “I am almost done.”

I was really glad I had not gone all-out getting ready today. I still had on some nice designer jeans that showed off my butt, and a silky top that hung nicely on my boobs, but nothing too sexy or revealing. And good thing, as anything cuter than this would have made this poor guy explode, or at least totally unable to talk. I felt compelled to help this guy out. I sat down at the table, but keeping my body as far from his as possible to keep him more comfortable. I even positioned my arms as best I could so he wouldn’t feel compelled to have to look too much at my boobs.

“So what was the meeting about?” I asked.

“Interviewing.” He said. Apparently there was a worldwide shortage of words.

“You got any lined up?” I asked, making a mental note to ask more open ended questions!

“Three,” he finally replied.

“You ready?” I asked, aligning myself with his conciseness.

“Not really,” He said with a tad more interest.

“Why not,” I asked, actually caring this time.

“I need a suit,” he said rather sadly.

“Go get one, they sell them all over,” I said obviously. “Too expensive?”

“No, my Dad put $800 on my card today,” he replied. “I just have never shopped for one. I’m not good with this kind of thing.

“Getting dressed?” I asked with a sarcastic smile.

“Ha. Ha.” he replied, I think finally appreciating my attempt at humor. “I just don’t get dressed up very often. Or ever.”

I picked up my smartphone and did some quick searching.

“Nordstrom’s has a decent suit sale going on,” I said excitedly. “I know they have a whole department with great young men’s suits.”

“I have no idea how to pick one out,” he said, making Eeyore seem like a cheerleader.

“If you have a car, I’ll go with you,” I said. “I have a good sense for fashion, and you would be fun to shop for. And clearly you need the help.” At least he smiled with that one!

He did have a car, and he did agree to let me go with him. But it was sooooooo painful for him to be walking next to me. He was such a nice guy, and he was interviewing some great companies, but he just needed to unwind a bit. Well, a lot. With just the teeniest amount of social skill and confidence, this guy could be banging his way around campus (and he would do soooo much better bursa escort at interviewing!). We got to Nordstroms and found the suit department. A very cute young man, about Keith’s age came up to help us. Now this guy was clearly a player. Although he was polite, and showed us around the department, he just couldn’t keep his hands off me, or his eyes off my boobs. Of course, I liked the attention, but he was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he did look good wrapped up in a suit. He did help us find 3 suits that might work, so Keith and I went to try them on.

The sales guy had them set out for us, and left to go help a new richer looking guy that just walked into the department.

“Let’s start with this one,” I said. Picking up a nice charcoal grey suit and heading into the dressing room.

“Where are you going?” Keith asked in a panic. “You can’t be in the dressing room.”

“Sure I can,” I said stubbornly. “I came all the way out here, and I’d going to make sure this fits perfectly.”

He stammered some nonsense about “privacy” and “respect for boundaries,” but I was not going to sit in the waiting area. He finally conceded his inevitable loss on this point, and slumped into the dressing room with me.

“Well, get your shoes and jeans off,” I said with fake impatience. “Or I will yank them off for you.”

He kicked off his shoes, and slowly slid his pants down and set them on the bench.

“Cute boxers,” I said in my flirty voice. “I love the little sheep.”

He turned red and quickly pulled the suit pants and jacket on. I moved and sat on the bench.

“Come here,” I instructed. “And face away from me.”

I ran my hand up and down the outsides of his legs, and traced the outline of his ass.

“What are you doing!!??” he said again in his annoyed voice.

“I’m making sure the pants hang right on you,” I lied. “Now face me.”

I got on my knees and started at his ankle, and ran my hand up his inseam, all the way to the top. “Checking inseam,” I lied again. He was stiff with terror. “Do you know which way you dress?” I asked innocently.

“No.” he replied in a shaky voice. “What is that.”

“To make the pants fit just right, they have to tailor the crotch to accommodate if your penis points to the left or the right,” I said, referencing the only half-truth I know about suits.

I ran my hand further up. and found his package.

“Oh my god!” I said, truly startled (and pleased). “This thing is nice. REALLY nice! Why didn’t you warn me about this!” I said laughing, and not moving my hand. “And like most guys you dress left,” I said with a huge grin.

Keith didn’t say anything. I’m not sure he could still talk. But he did have a smile on his face for the the first time since I met him, and he didn’t try to move my hand. I reluctantly loosened my grip.

“Take this off and I’ll get the next suit,” I said as I left for the waiting room.

When I got back, he was in his boxers, of course, but this time was facing me. He was unwinding VERY slowly, but this was good progress.

“Let me double check that I got the size right,” I said matter of factly as I set the new suit down and stood in front of him. I put my hands on his boxers, and ran two fingers up and down the shaft. He did not flinch. Really good progress. “Holy crap,” I said breathlessly. “It feels so good, and this is not even hard yet!”

He tried on the second pants, and of course, I checked how he “dressed” in these pants.

I brought in the third suit and hung it on a hook. I sat on the bench.

“Come here,” I said softly, looking squarely at his boxers. “Show it to me.”

“My dick?” He said, startled and starting to panic. “Right here? Right now?”

I just sat still and acted impatient. After a few seconds, he moved in front of me, but about as far away from my face as he could get. He pulled down the elastic band, and exposed the base of his shaft, and then slowly pulled the band down. Inch by inch the shaft appeared. It was a nice firm shape, and circumcized. Finally the head appeared. He stood straight up with a ‘well now you’ve made me do it’ look.. He was so tense that it was still totally limp. But totally perfect.

“Has that been in a girl?” I asked, now MY voice was trembling.


“Ever had a blowjob?”


“Ever had a handjob?”


“Are you gay?”


He let me look at for a long time before he put it back in his boxers. But I could have looked at it alot longer. Not only was it a great size for me, but it was very nicely shaped. Pretty head. I really wanted to help him learn how to use it. If he can relax, he has the tool to make his girlfriends very happy.

He tried on the last suit. “One last thing we have to consider, especially considering what you have under your belt,” I said as I knelt down in front of him. “We need to see how the pants look when you are sporting a full erection.”

Keith just laughed, and unzipped his pants for me. He had bursa escort bayan TOTALLY given up his fight for modesty. Now this was REAL progress!!

I reached in and pulled it out. It was like handling a smooth shiny Kielbasa sausage. It was starting to get bigger, but I wanted to hurry the process. I gave it a couple gentle strokes, and then slowly dropped my lips over the head and did some light sucking. Within seconds it was almost fully hard. I shoved it back in his pants and zipped him up. We both looked at in the mirror and laughed. Yes, he was DEFINITELY dressing left. Very left.

It was starting to subside just a little when there was a quick knock at the door to the dressing room and it opened. Our sales guy peeked in.

“Need any hel…” his voice trailed off as he looked at Keith’s pants.

“We like this one,” I said with a smile pointing at Keith’s erection. “Lets get this measured up for tailoring.”

Now this was so funny to watch. This cocky arrogant “player” sales guy had to kneel in front of Keith and measure his pants, with his face and hands just inches from Keith’s erection. And there was no hiding it. And it just took its own sweet time going back to limp.

We got the suit, and a couple shirts and ties, and a pair of shoes. All for under $600.

We were just heading out when the sales guy approached me.

“Can I get your number?” he asked. “I think you are the cutest woman that has ever been in my department.”

“I’m sorry,” I said as I hooked up to Keith’s arm. “This is my boyfriend and I’m going to be dating him as hard as I can later tonight.” We turned and walked away, as I put just a bit more wiggle in my butt.

“You mean that?” Keith asked, not looking at me. “That thing about dating me hard tonight.”


“Oh fuck,” he groaned softly. Poor guy could hardly walk with that rigid hardon. I put his hand in my back pocket. Just so sales-boy got the message.

We drove back to my dorm, but it was time for me to get ready to teach my aerobics class.

“I have to get ready to go teach,” I said as I slid out of my jeans and top. “You can drop me off to save some time, and pick me up at 7.” Then off with my panties and bra.

“Sure,” Ketih said, trying hard not to notice I was fully naked. “Should I stay there and watch the class.”

“No, come back here,” I said while shuffling through a drawer. “I want you to watch a couple DVDs while I am in class.”

“Ok,” Keith said. “On what?”

“My two favorite instructional DVDs,” I said handing him the discs. “On how to give good cunnilingus. It is one of most valuable skills for you to have. You do that well, and that girl will do everything she can to make you feel good.”

“No way,” he said, looking a little frightened. “Learn how to do that? From a video?”

“It will get you all the basics and there are several scenes showing in great detail how to do it,” I said with a smile. “And when I get back, I’ll take a shower and then you can practice on me.”

I had found my sports panty and bra, but had not yet put them on. I sat down at my computer, and quickly searched for an annotated picture of a vagina. I left it on the screen, and I scooted up onto my desk, and pulled a chair in front of me with my foot.

“Sit here,” I said. “This might help you as you watch the videos.”

He sat down and I opened my legs. “Take a look at the picture, and them me,” I said. “All girls have the same parts, but they all look a little different. Bigger pieces, smaller pieces, sometimes things are out in the open, sometimes they are hidden. Learn what all these do.”

It was so cool seeing him thoroughly studying me, comparing me to the picture. He was just enthralled. I had a good feeling about how much he would pick up from the DVD. I was also sooooooo turned on. I could see that Keith wanted to be good.

“One last thing, Keith,” I said seriously. “You’ve probably been using your hand for a decade. So it can be a big transition for a guy to go from masterbating to the feel of a girl. “

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Two big differences,” I explain. “First, your hand is much rougher than a girls mouth or vagina. It is a much more subtle feeling, and it may take some time getting used to it. Second, you are used to thinking about masterbating, and then immediately doing it. You will have to learn to put your desire on hold until the girl is around. The last thing a girl wants is to show up all horny, and the guy just finished doing himself.”

“Okay,” he said. “What are you getting at.”

“I’ll make a deal with you, starting right now,” I said with a smile. “You don’t masterbate for a full two weeks, not even once, and I’ll give you a minimum of two really nice orgasms a day.”

“Can we start that deal tomorrow?” Keith asked politely. “It really is an incredible deal for me!!”

“No, because you want to jack off the second you are alone this afternoon,” I laughed. “You need to learn to wait for me. As soon as I get back, escort bursa I promise to make it all better for you. To sweeten an already great deal for you, between 7 and midnight, today only, I will be open to give you unlimited orgasms.”

Keith smiled and agreed to the no-masterbating-for-2-weeks deal as I got dressed in my aerobics outfit. He told me he was masterbating almost every morning, every night, and then several more at random times when his roommate was out. This was going to be a big change for him! But after two weeks I told him he could start adding some masterbation back into his mix, but I wanted him to practice some control these first two weeks. I think that today would be his hardest (pun intended) day.

Keith dropped me off at class, left and then came back an hour later to pick me up. He came into the studio, I was chatting with some of the students, including Clara, the Freshman from a previous story that had asked for my help in becoming sexually active. She, too, was a very fast learner and was now actively “dating” a couple geeks. Two very happy geeks, I might add. I quickly introduced everyone.

“Hey girls, you want to come to come have a celebration shot with me and Keith tomorrow?” I asked. “We will be celebrating his losing his virginity.”

“Sure we will,” Clara said excitedly, shaking Keith’s hand. “I got rid of mine a month ago. Good riddance! When did you lose yours?”

Keith looked at me, bewildered. “He will actually be feeling fine female fellatio for the first time in about an hour, and he will completely lose his virginity by 10 tonight!” I said with a laugh.

“No wonder he can’t speak,” Clara laughed. “He’s all backed up and about to explode!”

Keith’s phone beeped. His suit was done being tailored, so we made a quick stop by the store to get it. The sales guy tried to get my number again, but I just pointed out again what he had seen in Keith’s pants, and that that is all I needed for now. He handed me his number on a yellow-sticky, which I dropped in the trash as I walked away.

“Did you watch the DVD’s?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, looking a bit pathetic. “Very cool, but it made me so horny. I’m not sure how much I actually learned.”

“Sorry about doing that to you, the timing was just bad today,” I said sincerely as I began taking my clothes off. “Relief is coming soon, so to speak,”

He smiled as he watched me undress, leaving only my socks and shoes on. Its been my experience that guys, for whatever reason, love to have sex with a girl that keeps her socks or leg warmers on!! He was totally hard in his pants, again. Poor guy.

I pulled my wood desk chair and set it in the middle of the floor, I pulled a bath towel off my shelf, partially unfolded it, and put it on the chair. Finally, I grabbed a pillow off my bed, and put it directly in front of the chair.

“All set!” I said excitedly, “All I need is my fellatee!”

I was already pulling his shirt off, and undoing his zipper as I kissed his mouth. His shoes flew off, and he hopped around pulling his socks and pants off. I continued kissing and holding his head while I maneuvered him to in front the chair, and the let a hand slip into

his boxes. “Oh fuck,” I said as my fingers tried to get all the way around the shaft, but couldn’t. “This is going to be a blast to suck!” I used both hands to push his boxers down, and then he helped to pull them all the way off. He was naked. I was in shoes and socks. And damn was he hard.

I pushed him into the chair, sat on his lap (with his dick in front of me), and continued to kiss him. I let my fingers gently slide up and down his shaft, and made circles around his rim and head. I sat back a little, and watched a huge, clear drop of precum appear on his head. He watched it too, and squirmed some as the drop grew. I know it feels so good as the drop appears. I used my index finger and slid the drop onto it, a teeny glistening thread jumping from his tip to my finger. I started to kiss him again, and put the finger between our lips. Together we kissed the precum off my finger. We did this for several more drops.

“Is that the first time you’ve tasted precum?” I asked between kisses. “I love the sweet silky taste of it.”

“First time,” he sighed. He was so horny.

“I’m going to suck your dick now,” I said softly. “First, I’m going to play and have fun with it, so you can stay relaxed. Then, I’ll let you know when I’m starting the final push so you can get ready to cum. And finally, after you are done, I’ll be back up to give you a kiss.”

“OK,” he trembled. “I have waited so long for this.”

I slid off his lap and took my position kneeling on the pillow. I took my time nibbling and licking, being very careful not to give too much stimulation too quckly. His pre-cum was dripping really fast, so I made sure he was watching me lick it all up. After a few minutes, the pre-cum started to turn milky, and the taste changed, so I knew there wasn’t much time left.

“I am going to make you cum now,” I said, looking into his eyes. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” I guess that was probably pretty obvious, but I know its something that guys never tire of hearing. I say that pretty much every time I give a blowjob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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