Eki 02

Endless Summer

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I was the first one off the plane, near enough. I had no luggage. In fact I had no keys, no money, no credit cards, only my drivers license. But I had a week and a half of vacation–and an erection. It had been two weeks since my Cyber master had allowed me to come, and now, on the day we would finally meet-I was so hard it hurt.

Emerging into the airport from the jetway, I spotted the chauffeur immediately. I introduced myself, showed my ID as instructed, and without a word he turned on his heel and led me to a LIMO.

My heart was pounding as we pulled off of the highway, and wound our way through an affluent neighborhood. What was I doing? NO ONE had any idea where I was. I knew I should turn back. But my cock had other ideas.

We pulled to a stop outside a large stucco home, and as ordered, I got out and walked through the gate on the right side of the house. In the back was a lovely landscaped pool facing French doors, and off to one side a plain steel door with a plain knob. I opened it and stepped through to find myself facing another plain door. I stepped through the second door into the room and it closed behind me.

The sight of the room hit me like a physical force. The walls were padded in black leather and at intervals manacles hung from the ceiling. The carpet was thick and black and covered in what looked like come stains –as well there was recessed reflected light from the ceiling and floor-it gave a pink and yellow glow to the room. It was dim, but I could see everything. Down one wall was a padded horse, cross, and gynecologists table. Down the other were shelves covered with dildos, whips, clamps, lubes.

But by far the worst of it was the bed. On the far end of the room it sat on an old iron frame, next to the door to a dilapidated bathroom. The sagging mattress was covered in stains of all descriptions. Like the room, it smelled of men. Of come, and sweat and piss and a hundred lubes used on a hundred men, all mixed with the smell of leather.

Suddenly a flatscreen TV over the shelving came to life. On it a man of 35 wearing nipple clams was crying hysterically while sucking the cock of a brute of a man in a leather mask, as the man tugged the chain connecting the clamps and swung a riding crop mercilessly on the mans ass.

I WAS GOING TO BE RAPED. Panic hit like a wave and I spun and ran for the door.

There was no knob.

Just a keypad, for which I did not have the code. I had not meant to agree to this-but I had signed the contract, had promised him total obedience as an S&M B&D sex slave. I had agreed, but not to this, not to that horrible mattress, not to this chamber of horrors. I realized I Kadıköy travesti was shaking and sobbing. And the worst of it was that my cock was still hard.

On the filthy bed was a note on the pillow.


Strip naked and put all clothing in the foot locker under the bed. Then lock it with the padlock. Go to the bathroom and prepare yourself. Then and only then lift the pillow, and then put on the things you find under the pillow.


I cried for a while longer, as the porn on the tv got ever more horrible. Now a 30’s blond man was hanging in manacles, a huge dildo jutting from his ass, and he too was crying. The man in the mask walked over carrying a birthday cake candle, and reaching between the mans legs, snuffed it out on his balls. The scream filled the room, and I cried harder. Was this to be me?

I fell onto the filthy mattress, it reeked of come and piss. There was nothing to do. He would not release me, I had agreed to serve totally, with no restrictions whatsoever. I got up and went to the bathroom and, sobbing, ran the bathwater to begin preparing myself. .

When I returned and lifted the pillow, I found a lube enema, a butt plug, a cock ring, but worst of all, nail polish, stockings, and panties. Some part of my mind knew I had to do a good job. That my only hope of surviving the next week was to comply, to be as good a slave as I could.

I locked my clothes in the foot locker, and my cock twitched, knowing I was now totally vulnerable, trapped naked in a sex torture chamber, at the mercy of a master who had my written consent to use me, and not a soul in the world knew where I was.

I dressed carefully, making sure the red nail polish was on perfectly, and that that stockings were perfectly smoothed to my legs, the lube up my ass and held in by the plug, my panties straight, my cockring tight.

And I waited, nothing but the horrible porn to keep me company. The man on the screen now was about 40, on his knees bouncing up and down on a huge dildo. But unlike the others he was slack faced, numb. He had been broken. And A greater horror overtook me. The porn I was watching had been filmed IN THIS ROOM.

“Suck my cock bitch” said the man in the mask as he walked into the frame and pushed his meat into the man’s open mouth. “What a difference seven days makes, huh, cunt? Well, come on. Your new master will be here soon to pay me for you and collect his merchandise.” He laughed again. “Hope you had a good vacation”

And I went totally numb.

It wasn’t a game. It wasn’t for a week. I was to be made into a sex slave and sold.

The porno had gone quiet, I looked Kurtköy travesti up to see myself standing in the video screen. I moved and realized it was a live picture. A new porn movie was starting-And I was the star.

He was coming.

Chapter Two

The door opened and he entered the room. For all my terror, I have to admit that even at that moment, I thought he was magnificent. Tall, shockingly tall, well over six feet, and I judged close to three hundred pounds of solid muscle. Broad shoulders and chest, thighs like pillars of marble. He wore the leather mask-with one disturbing modification-the eyes were covered with reflective sunglass material. This jaw was large and square, and the mouth wide, full, and sensuous.

Below the mask he was naked, sporting a hardon larger than any of the toys he had had me play with in our internet sessions. He carried a box, from which he took a bottle of bourbon, and after setting the box down, took it to his lips and drank freely.

For along time he said nothing, just stared at me, trembling and sobbing in the lingerie.

The he did something I never expected-he came over to me and took me in his arms, pulling my face into his massive chest. I cried into his chest, sobbing that I couldn’t’ go through with it, that it was too much, that it was just to have been a game, that I wanted to go home. All the time, he stroked my hair tenderly, like the gentlest of lovers.

Finally, when I was all cried out he spoke.

“No, my little one, what you have seen on the video is true. You belong to me, like this room and everything in it, and you will be trained to be a superlative slave. You know you want it, want to satisfy cocks, to drink come, to take it in the ass…to be punished for misdeeds.”

He was interrupted by the ring of a cell phone from the box he had carried in.

“Yeah? Great. See ya.”

He hung up and turned back to me.

“Your apartment has been cleaned out, and a letter of resignation bearing your signature will arrive at your work tomorrow morning, along with personal letters to your friends explaining that you are leaving to sail around the world, and wanted to skip the long goodbyes. You are gone from the world, and at the same time you are born into my world. Relax. Forget the old world. You will never again pay a bill, punch a time clock or commute to work. From now on you have only one purpose-to serve men sexually. You are special..very few love sex enough and are kinky enough to enjoy the life you are going to lead, but you will.”

I was numb, dazed by his speech, and gently he lifted my arms and lcoked them into manacles above my head. Pendik travesti One hand went to my still hard cock, and the other went to my asshole and began twisting and thrusting the plug n my ass, making my cock twitch further.

“Forget the world. Forget the world. Here is where you are. This is home.”

“I know it is going to be hard. But soon you will be the perfect faggot whore, and you will serve…at my discretion. And the best part is that there is only one rule to remember: serve well and completely or be punished.”

He looked down at my twitching hardon. “You are better than I thought you’d be, Pretty ass, pretty cock, ” He twisted my right nipple brutally “Mmmmm, sensitive tits, too, I know lots of guys who like to nipple torture whores while they fuck them….”

He smacked my hardon with an open palm. “That little hardon of your just won’t go down will it slave. No matter I can take care of that in a second.”

And for the second time that night he did what I could not have expected. He unchained me, lifted me and sat me gently on my back on the bed, my hardon tight against my belly. Then he straddled me, and slit his own asshole over my cock. After the weeks of not being able to touch myself, I was shocked at the sensation. From under the mask he smiled down at me.

“You want to come in my asshole? Well that is forbidden. So for the next few minutes: DO Not come.”

The he started clenching and unclenching his ass around my cock. It was marvelous, A hot slick fist milking me. Within seconds I was moaning, and felt so close to coming I was sure I would, but at the last minute, I gulped two deep breaths and held off.

He laughed, that same cruel laugh, and without warning seized both my nipples, cruelly twisting them and pinching them. At the same time his ass spasmed repeatedly around my cock, milking me with his slick, pink hole.

The fear, the weeks of frustration, it all came pouring out. The room filled with white light and I felt the wave overtake me, like rolling thunder surging up from my balls, from my ass where the dildo was still lodged. I cried tears of joy as the most intense orgasm of my life overtook me, and for a while at least, I passed out.

When I came to, My cock was still in his ass, and still hard.

“Mmmm, slave, you are in trouble-cumming in your MASTERS ASS WITHOUT PERMISSION-that’s pretty serious. None of the men you saw on the tape did anything nearly that serious. I’m sorry, there’s just no way around it. You will have to be tortured.”

I started sobbing and he slapped me twice. “Take it like a man, you little cunt. Now I have to decide what to do to you-but while I think about it, lets teach you to eat Manpussy.”

He slid off of me, leaving my wet cock cold in the rooms air. Then he roughly yanked me off of the bed and onto the floor, and flopped on my place on the bed.

“Bitch, you better get every drop of come out of my ass.”

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