End of Year Promise Ch. 01

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“So what does this mean with your promise Ms. Grahams?” Sarah asked in a worried tone.

I could feel the eyes of the class on me, well at least those that were over eighteen, see I made, what I thought was an impossible deal with the students of my year twelve class. The deal was eligible only to those that were eighteen years of age or by end of year would be which narrowed it down to about a third of my twenty odd students. The next criterion was that they had to have one hundred percent attendance, they also needed to average at least a B minus on all assignments and finally they needed to pass my class. If any student was to meet all of these criteria then at years end I would treat them to a special dinner/date.

The reason for this promise was that at 25 this is my first teaching job since completing my studies, and to secure a full time job at this school I needed to demonstrate to the board that I was capable of teaching, and I thought that showing a class of above average students would secure my place, and being what I consider an attractive young woman standing 166 cm, full bodied 36C bust, light brown tanned complexion, deep blue eyes, and dark blonde shoulder length hair, I thought I would use my extra talents / gifts as incentive.

What I never expected was that two of my students would meet all the criteria set, Sarah and John, both of them are amongst the older students in the class, Sarah turns 19 in a couple of months while John turned 19 only a few weeks ago, both Sarah and John have been amongst the top performers not only in my class but in the whole twelfth grade. Sarah closely resembles Hilary Duff, with her soft skin and proportionately large teeth; she is one of the shorter students standing only 155 cm with short dark hair and brown eyes, and an impressive 34B bust. John on the other hand would be considered a book worm or a nerd, he is tall and thin at 180 cm, with a pale complexion and sky blue eyes, despite being thin he does have some muscle and I can image John growing up to be a very handsome man.

“Well if you and John want to stay after class we could discuss this matter further.” I responded to Sarah.

The rest of class seemed to fly by quickly, giving me no chance to think of what options I had and what my next move would be. No sooner had the students sat down then the bell rang to dismiss them. Everyone filed out except John and Sarah, who upon packing their stuff moved to the side and let the other students out. Once they were all gone, John and Sarah walked gingerly to my desk.

“Well, congratulations are in order I think, not only have you met all the criteria in my class but I understand that the two of you are the top performers in your entire year,” I spoke beofre either of them had an opportunity.

“Thank you Ms. Grahams,” they both responded in unison.

“Well, I’ve been thinking, I don’t have much money to spare and I wasn’t expecting any student to meet all the criteria let alone two students,” I started.

“So I was thinking that you can both come over to my house and I’ll cook a dinner for you?” I threw out my idea.

Neither John or Sarah had any objections, we confirmed that Friday night was good for everyone, well unknown to either John or Sarah; I did have plans for the Friday night, but nothing that I couldn’t get out of. I watched as they left the class, it was clear that they were both excited over the coming ‘date’.

The Friday came in no time, I was fortunate enough to be class free on Friday afternoons, so after the bell rand after lunch and all the students were in class I packed my class and headed home for the day, firstly to tidy my place up as well as start some dinner, which I was still undecided on, as well make sure that I had some nice cloths to wear.

I no sooner finished getting dressed in a pair of tan pants and dark brown singlet top, after giving my place the once over, and having a shower, when a heard the door, as I answered it I could feel my heart rate increase and sweat start to form in the palms of my hands. I stood for a second, composed myself, and then answered the door. Sarah was standing their in a lovely pastel colored floral dress, with her hair sitting nicely off her face to her neck. She was holding a bottle of white wine in her hand. I escorted her in and took the wine and placed it in the fridge. Within a minute or so of escorting Sarah inside John knocked on the door. John bahis firmalar─▒ stood wearing a pair of black dress style pants and a dark casual collared shirt, in his hands he held a six pack of beer, and I took the beer from him and placed it in the fridge as I showed him to the lounge area.

For a few minutes all three of us sat in relative silence, only passing comments on each others appearance at first. I quickly made a discussion to open a bottle of wine, in an effort to stimulate the conversation a little. John requested a bottle of beer in lieu of a glass of wine. As we sat I shared with them the dinner menu of chicken in a creamy sauce, neither of them objected to the menu.

It was after a second glass of wine that dinner was ready, by this point I could feel that I was getting quite light headed, Sarah and John seemed okay, and however, they were more active in conversation. We ate dinner and shared another drink. By this point we were all feeling some effects of the alcohol, the conversation was flowing nicely, and we shared a few laughs. After dinner we sat around in the lounge with a little background music and continued to chat away, by this point the conversation had steered itself naturally to sex.

“I’ve fooled around a couple of times with some of my boyfriends,” Sarah admitted after being quizzed on her sexual experience.

“I’ve had a girlfriend, but we didn’t do anything sexually,” John admitted.

“What about you Ms. Grahams?” Sarah turned to me.

“Well, I’ve fooled around with guys and girls,” I admitted

I could see both John and Sarah light up as they proceeded what I had shared with them. I continued to explain that at College I started to explore my feelings for woman and discovered that I am bi-sexual, I could see by the smile on Johns face that he loved hearing this. Sarah stared at me quite intently, I had suspicions that she was all so bi, or at the e very least bi-curios.

“What was it like?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I like it, women are soft and tender and know what I like, but nothing beats a man, and the sexual tension between them.” I explained my feelings.

“I bet that women know how to eat a pussy?” Sarah shocked me with her comment

As I was about to respond to her comment my eyes were drawn to John’s crotch, were a bulge was clearly visible, my normal reaction would be to ignore it, however I was feeling more frisky then usual.

“John, it looks like you are enjoying this conversation,” I remarked as I continued to look at his crotch.

“I’m sorry Ms. Grahams,” John started to apologize, his face clearly red with embarrassment.

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry about, arousal is perfectly normal,” I attempted to reassure him.

“So what was it that your girlfriend actually did for you if it wasn’t sex?” I asked.

“Well, we would watch each other, you know playing with themselves,” John responded.

“What about you Sarah, how far have you gone?” I asked

“I’ve gone all the way once, I’ve given a few head and hand jobs though,” Sarah sounded proud of her experience.

“Do you spit or swallow?” John asked trying to sound cool.

All three of us started to giggle, I think it was more of a nervous reaction then anything; the tension in the room was building.

“I love to swallow,” I responded

“Me too!” Sarah added.

John was getting rather excited by this talk, his bulge was now quite large and it actually looked like it was causing John some discomfort as it pressed hard against his slacks. Seeing him get excited only further excited me, I could feel my pussy start to moisten, Sarah looked as if she was getting randy too. After a second of thought I decided that we should continue to see how far we went, we are all adults and as of next week neither John nor Sarah are my students. Beofre I was able to say anything, Sarah had reached out and slowly unzipped Johns fly.

I watched in anticipation as Johns cock sprang from his pants, it was impressive, thick and cut, I didn’t think John was aware that his cock was a good looking one. Sarah too was taken back by the sight.

“Fuck me, that’s a good looking cock!” She exclaimed.

“I’d love to suck that thing off!” she continued

Before John or I could say anything, Sarah started to slowly stroke Johns cock, as it swelled a little more, Sarah lowered her self down and started to roll her tongue over the tip ka├žak iddaa of his cock, John let out a sigh / moan, it was clear that this was the first time that lips had touched his cock. I watched as Sarah continued to run her tongue all over his cock, Johns eyes started to roll in the back of his head. Without warning his cock swelled and shot ropes of cum down Sarah’s mouth. Sarah true to her word swallowed everything that John shot out. By the gulping sounds that Sarah was making it must have been a lot.

“Fuck that was good!” John finally moaned.

“Imagine if it went longer,” I commented.

John blushed and looked rather embarrassed as he realized that he was a little premature, he was about to say something when I cut him off.

“Doesn’t matter, you’ll be ready again, and in the mean time you can watch as Sarah learns how to lick a pussy,” I remarked.

Sarah’s face lit up with excitement, it was clear to see that she was more then happy to comply.

“Take your cloths off, while I take mine off, then I’ll lie down and you climb on top of me into the sixty-nine position okay?” I instructed

Sarah acknowledged by standing up as she removed her dress over her head. As the floral dress raised up, I could see that she wore a tiny white g-string, I watched and grew more excited as she lifted the dress over her tight stomach, then up and exposed her bare breasts, in the centre of her breasts sat perfectly round, light pink areolas and puffy tiny nipples. I was unable to hold back a groan of enjoyment as I stared at her exposed body.

I stood up and lifted my singlet top over my head, I felt John’s eyes on me as I removed my singlet, I then un-hooked my white bra and slipped my arms out exposing my breasts, my nipples were erect by this point, my areolas were a tan color in comparison to Sarah’s. As I un-hooked my pants, I watched as Sarah was removing her g-string, her pussy looked very tight and was shaved completely bare. John looked like he was ready to shoot his load again; his face was covered by the biggest grin I had ever seen before. I felt the eyes of both John and Sarah as I was still removing my pants, I felt a little embarrassed as I stood there in my least flattering tan boy leg style panties, and quickly lowered them revealing my smoothly shaved pussy.

No sooner had I removed all clothing, I laid down on the carpet in front of were John was sitting, I positing myself to give him a clear view at my pussy, I could see that John enjoyed the view as his cock was already beginning to stiffen up. Sarah was unsure of her self as she moved over to me.

“Just squat over my face, and then lie on my belly and mimic my actions,” I assured her.

Sarah positioned herself over me, and as she lowered herself down, my nostrils were filled with the distinct aroma of pussy, my mouth watered in anticipation of tasting her sweet young pussy. Sarah was soon on her knees with her pussy on my face, I gently parted her soft bum cheeks, to allow easier access to her pussy, and gently lashed my tongue out against her pussy lips, I heard her gasp as my tongue made contact; this gasp coupled with the familiar tangy taste of her pussy further excited me.

I continued to lash my tongue out, with each go I made contact with more and more skin, each brushing caused Sarah to gasp and let out light moans. Sarah soon positioned herself on me and I felt her warm skin press against me, after a few seconds, I could fell my pussy growing warm, I could tell that Sarah was in position and ready to go. I brushed my tongue against her clit causing her to moan a little again. However she followed my lead and I felt her tongue brush against my pussy. I continued my action, of licking her clit, after a few licks Sarah’s tongue made contact with my clit; it was a wonderful sensation and caused me to moan a little.

Sarah followed my every move and within minutes my tongue was burred deep inside her tight pussy with my thumb gently stimulating her clit, Sarah’s tongue was deep inside my pussy and her thumb rolled around the tip of my clit. It was hard to tell that this was her first time; she was getting me off rather quickly.

Sarah and I feed of each others rhythm and enjoyment, it was not long before we were moaning and groaning and we ate each other out. I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue and knew that she was nearing an orgasm; I didn’t let up my rhythm and continued to stimulate ka├žak bahis her clit.

“Oh my fucking god!” Sarah moaned

“I’m fucking cumming, fuck don’t stop!” she continued

Hearing her orgasm sent a familiar tingle up my spine, I felt my toes stretch out then I let out a deep moan as I was engulfed by a whole body orgasm. I felt everything tingle and twitch as Sarah continued to lick and suck my pussy. As my body stopped tingling Sarah and I slowed our rhythm down to a complete stop. We both lay there, breathing heavily as we regained our composure.

“Wow Sarah, are you sure that was your first time?” I asked

“Yep,” Sarah giggled

“It looks like John is ready again Ms. Grahams,” Sarah commented

Sarah then lifted her self back on her knees and slowly stood up, I looked over and John sat in the chair at this point completely naked. His cock was fully erect and he was slowly stocking it, his jaw was wide open, and his eyes looked like they were bugging out of his head.

“Why don’t you come over here and let Sarah sit in the chair?” I motioned

John stood up, and Sarah sat down, while they were shuffling about, I sat up and positing myself to be on my hands and knees and faced Sarah. John then moved behind me.

“Now why don’t you fuck me with your hard cock and watch while I eat Sarah’s pussy some more,” I instructed.

John was more then happy to obey my request; I felt his warm hands as he placed them on my hips, then I felt nothing, I could tell that John was either having a little stage freight or was savoring the moment, beofre I could say anything, Sarah climbed from the chair and joined John behind me.

“Here, let me help you with that,” I heard Sarah say.

Sarah held onto John’s thick shaft and assisted him to feed it into my pussy; I felt the head of his cock as it gently parted my pussy lips. I was so wet from the tongue fucking I just received that John’s cock was able to slide in with relative ease. As soon as John was inside me, Sarah returned to the chair in front of me and parted her legs slightly, giving me a perfect view. John began to slowly rock back and forth, he was being very gentle with me, sometimes I like that, but at this point all I wanted was to be fucked hard.

“Fuck me John, fuck me hard!” I moaned.

I felt his cock swell a little as he picked up the pace; I felt his cock slide deep inside me then slide back. His cock felt great inside me. As he picked up the pace I felt his balls sway and slap against my pussy, each time making a light slap sound.

“God, your pussy is feels so good,” John moaned as he rocked back and forth.

“Call me Ms. Grahams,” I begged

“Oh Ms. Grahams, your pussy feels so good,” John moaned again.

Hearing him moan my name was so hot and kinky that I was so close to another orgasm. I was so caught in the moment that I had completely forgotten about Sarah, as I looked up I could see her index finger slip in and out of her pussy as she played with herself. It was all too much for me, watching my star female student play with herself while my star male student fucked me; I was unable to hold back the orgasm that was building inside me.

“I’m cumming John, don’t stop fucking me!” I managed to moan before my body tingled and my pussy exploded.

“Oh god, Ms. Grahams, I’m going to cum!” John blurted out.

I could feel his shaft swell and knew that he was ready to explode at any moment. I knew that would be clean, and I was on the pill, I figured that I should make his first experience the best he ever had.

“Cum, deep inside my pussy John,” I purred to him.

With one load groan, I felt John unload his balls deep inside my pussy, I felt the spurts of cum erupt from his cock, and I clenched my pussy muscles around his shaft and drained the last drops from his cock. I could hear John moan as my muscles contracted around his cock. As John’s groans subsided I could hear that Sarah was in the midst of an orgasm herself, her light moans making an ‘OOO’ sound, I looked up at her, her eyes were shut and her head tilted back as she fucked herself oblivious to either John or I.

John removed his cock from my pussy, John and I, both exhausted, fell to the ground, Sarah too collapsed deep into the chair, the room was filled with the musky sent of cum and pussy, and only the sounds of heavy breathing could be heard.

After ten minutes or so, all three of us had regained our composure, and after sorting throw a pile of cloths on the ground, all three of us were dressed again. John and Sarah soon left, leaving me to replay the scene in my head as I drifted off to sleep.

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