Encyclopedia Masturbationem Ch. 01

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Encyclopedia Masturbationem — Female Edition

The following series is designed to create a number of daily masturbation sessions for you or your woman’s pleasure. In this series, the reader must follow directions and focus on themes and images as she is prompted to do so. Orgasm is the ultimate goal but it is a goal that must not be achieved until you are specifically directed to do so.

If you are on this site and reading this series of offerings, it is safe to assume that you are not new to the wonderful world of self-pleasure. If you are a masturbation neophyte and need some inspiration to get the juices flowing, then you have come to the right place.

At the end of each session, rate your ability (1-5 Stars),to follow the script and cum as and when directed. Please send feedback of your success as well as any suggestions for future sessions. Those of you who have encountered this work in mid-series may wish to begin at Session

and follow through as the themes and scenarios vary in content and perhaps, difficulty.



: How It All Began

This introductory session will focus on the most basic elements of self-pleasure. Find a space and time where you will not be interrupted or feel rushed in any way. Get yourself comfortable and ready for bed. You may wish to don something silky and smooth or perhaps you feel sexiest in nothing more than your birthday suit. If kink is your thing, put on the leather thong or whatever other items help you to imagine yourself at your sexiest.

Before you begin to search for the physical sensations that are about to begin, explore konya escort your body visually. You may do this in front of a mirror, using your phone video or just with the naked eye. See your body not with your own critical eye but rather, from the lense of how others see you. After you have done so, find yourself laying comfortably in your bed and ready to explore the first of many sessions designed specifically for you and your masturbatory pleasures.

Your hands begin to caress your body while carefully avoiding those direct pleasure centers that might prompt you to finish prematurely. Begin at your head and take patience in moving across your entire body. A twirl of the hair. Fingertips gently tracing your eyebrows and the edge of your ears. Your hands move to explore every inch of skin, the entire canvass that defines your sexual being. At this moment, focus on the reality that the sensations you are feeling are not those created by another.

These feelings are unique and precious. They have been practiced many times and follow a pattern of pleasure that only you can create. It is built of that sacred trust you have developed over years of trial and error. Only you can possibly know the right pressure, speed, friction and intensity that comes from direct feedback. Make certain that your self-exploration is thorough and pays attention to even those areas that have not previously caused arousal. Approach these directions as though you have discovered your own nude form for the very first time.

If you feel that you have spent sufficient time exploring and caressing, it is now time to awaken the imagination konya escort bayan which of course is yours alone but in this instance, focused and directed by my prompting. I want you to begin by imaging the ending of this session which will conclude with a fantastic orgasm. You are not there yet but how do you see it? Will it be earth shattering or just another to add to the list of the thousands that have come before it? The answer will very much depend on the intensity of your focus and your determination to stick to the script.

Think back to the countless orgasms you have experienced on your own. That first time when the power of orgasm revealed itself to you. Think back to that moment. Think of the room. Think of how you were dressed. How did you touch yourself in those early exploratory sessions? Did you simply rely on your fingers or were there toys or objects involved? A pillow or firm object perhaps? Was this discovery made on your own or was it with the help or direction of another? Was it a quick instance or more of a drawn out session? Think back to how you reacted when you first realized you had learned how to create such selfish pleasure. What was your reaction and how long did you wait until you decided you certainly needed more of that?

Take a few moments to touch your body in however is needed as you think back to these early beginnings. Maybe you will emulate that first session as you remember it or perhaps your technique has evolved. If so, feel free to employ whatever new technique brings you the most intense pleasure but remain focused on those early experiences in your imagination.

Now escort konya let’s change your attention away from orgasm for the moment and think about those times when your body has prompted sexual need before your mind had engaged? Nipples hardening. Wetness beginning to emanate from within. Goosebumps and hair standing on end. A quickness of breath. What was it that caused your body to react in these ways independent of any focused thought? Maybe it was just looking at yourself in the mirror. Self-admiration of your sexual curves or the clothes that fit your body just right.

Perhaps it was the view of another or others that triggered a response from within. Think of specific instances. Who was it that made your nipples stiffen? Did he or she say something that caused your body’s reaction or was it just a look? What was the scenario that caught you by surprise when your first realization that you were horny, came from the feeling of dampening panties? Are any of these memories part of your ‘goto’ collection of have they been long since replaced by new ones? This moment is an opportunity to relive those early memories and inspirations. Use those memories to relive past orgasms you have created.

If you have not already done so, now is the moment to increase the self-stimulation that is currently providing your body with so much pleasure. Your mind remains focused on your early past. Close your eyes and see these memories as clearly and definitively as possible. Replay those scenes like small vignettes of your sexual growth.

Now pick a moment when you are ready to ascend the mountain top. See it coming and start building toward it. Abandon any hesitation or reserved behavior. Let yourself feel free to scream at the heavens. Allow your body to move and thrash about because no one is watching.

Now make yourself cum with the greatest intensity you can summon from within!

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