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Bill Gilbert, a 52 year old man, living from day to day on the money he received as a buy-out from his company, was getting restless. He long ago tired of day-time TV, chess games in the park, and looking after the little bungalow he inherited from his folks. He missed his wife of 20 years. She stunned him by coming out of the closet and went off to live with her lover, an older woman. He occasionally volunteered for a few events but decided he needed something more. A friend suggested he try substitute teaching. The money was not great but the challenge peaked his interest. He applied at the local board of education offices and in a few weeks was hired as a substitute teacher.

He started out with a few middle school assignments and in a few short months was transferred to the senior high school. Because the school was so overcrowded, some of the classes were held in temporary buildings, five in all, parked on the school grounds. His passion for history landed him in the senior class history group, in temporary building number 5. He gazed over the 30 or so students in his class on the first day. The regular teacher was pregnant with complications and unlikely to finish the term. With only a few days left in the school year, the seniors were understandably bored and anxious to graduate and get out. Nevertheless, Bill put a lot of effort in his work and on the day of the final exam, he felt that the students would probably do rather well.

Of all the students in the class, Emma was not the sort to attract attention. She had big brown eyes, a somewhat stocky build and short blond hair that framed a fairly common face. What did single her out from the rest of the 18 year olds, was a pair of enormous breasts. She never dressed to flaunt this but no matter what she wore, it always looked to Bill as if she had stuffed a pair of soft balls in her sweater. She always sat in the front row of chairs. It seemed to Bill that she craved his attention, always raising her hand to answer questions presented to the whole class. Her eyes never seemed to leave him as he walked back and forth, explaining the demise of the South during the Civil War. Eventually he dismissed her interest as a novelty from the regular teacher’s regime.

Friday, the last formal day of school. Bill handed out the graded exams. The bell rang and all the students bolted from the building, rushing over to the main school to their lockers and freedom. All that is, except Emma. Bill was cleaning off the huge old desk, one of many donated by some government agency. Suddenly he was aware of Emma standing right next to the desk.

“Mr. Gilbert, could I ask you a personal question?”

“Certainly, Emma. What can I help you with?”

“Mr. Gilbert, do you think my breasts are too big?”

If she had hit him on the head with a baseball bat, Bill could not have been more surprised.

“What do you mean, Emma, why would I think you breasts are too big?”

“Well, she sighed, tomorrow night is the senior prom and nobody has asked me to go. I think they think I am some sort of freak with these big blobs on my chest.”

Bill could see tears starting to well up in her eyes.

“Emma, this is the sort of question you should be asking the school nurse or your mother or somebody else. I’m just a substitute teacher, not a student counselor.”

“But Mr.Gilbert, you are a man, an older man, and I thought you would know more about these things. The boys in this class are jerks, I think. They are all going with skinny girls who are more popular than I am. “

Bill was flustered, embarrassed by the fact that he had been caught staring at her chest a number of times by just a glance from her big cow eyes, and he avoided a direct answer and finished cleaning off his desk. When he turned back to Emma, she shocked him even further. She had opened her blouse and unhooked the bra from the front. Right in front of Bill’s face were two of the most perfect tits he had ever seen.

Imagine, if you will, an Olympic almanbahis ski jump, the long slope going downward and then swooping out. Emma’s tits started out high on her chest and then swung down to a couple of large brown nipples. Underneath, they were every bit as large as two soft balls. Bill stared at the perfect pair, at a loss for words.

“See, Mr. Gilbert, they are too big aren’t they? You can touch them if you want. They are not as soft and floppy like my mother’s breasts.”

With his brain numbed by the brazenness of this display, Bill’s body acted as if on autopilot. His hands rose to touch the pink orbs. They were indeed firm yet most definitely squeezable. As he grasped the tits, Emma’s eyes closed and her breath started to come in short gasps. He gazed at the wonders in his hands and he began to massage them, tweaking the nipples, pulling on them. Emma let out a moan and grasped Bill’s head and pulled it into her chest. He pressed his face between the two tits and then turned to suck on a nipple. This set off another round of gasps from the 18 year old novice. As he continued to maul and suck, her body suddenly stiffened and she wrapped her arms around his head and fell forward. For a moment it seemed as though the chair Bill was sitting on would tip over backwards. Bill regained his balance and composure.

“Emma, we can’t be doing this. If someone should come in here, I could be in very big trouble.”

“Oh, Mr. Gilbert, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. When you started fondling and sucking my breasts, I felt a strange tingle all over my body and then I felt this terrific rush all at once and I nearly passed out. I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No, Emma, I’m OK but……..”

“Oh my gosh, Mr. Gilbert, my panties are soaked!”

She quickly lifted her skirt and pulled at the elastic. Right in front of Bill’s face was a patch of soft curls of pubic hair and a shiny, slippery slit.

“My thingee is all wet and slimey.!”

Trying to sound like a dispassionate clinician Bill said,

“I think you experienced an orgasm, Emma. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a woman will experience a secretion of lubrication during an orgasm.”

“Look how wet I am. Touch it Mr. Gilbert. You’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Emma raised her left leg to Bill’s chair and Bill’s lust overcame his common sense. He ran a finger over the soaked cunt. Once again Emma moaned in response to his touch. He rubbed her a few times and then pulled away.

“Emma, we’ve got to stop this before it goes too far.”

Emma pulled her panties off and tossed them on the desk. She stood there for a moment, staring at the 52 year old man. She had a twinkle in her eyes as she said,

“You know, Mr. Gilbert, you have seen my thingee but I haven’t seen yours. I can see a bulge in your pants.”

Bill was suddenly aware that his cock was ramrod stiff. He was about to protest.

“Come, Mr. Gilbert, it’s only fair that I get to see yours. I’ll bet it’s bigger than these silly boys in my class.”

Before Bill could answer, she dropped to her knees in front of him and deftly unbuckled his belt, snapped open his button and pulled down his zipper. It became immediately apparent that this girl was no novice.

“Emma, you should not be doing this! I could get arrested for this.”

She pulled at his boxers and the head of his cock peeped out.

“Oh, it is bigger than the boys’ in my class. And look, there is a little drop of something at the tip. What is that?”

“Oh,……… that’s a ………sort of male lubrication that men have when they get sexually excited,” Bill managed to stammer.

In his daze, he let the girl wrap her fingers around his cock and squeeze it lightly. She took a finger from her other hand and wiped the droplet from the tip of his cock and placed it on her tongue.

“It doesn’t taste hardly at all,” she said.

As the drops continued to seep from the tip of his cock, Bill just almanbahis giriş stared in amazement as the girl leaned over and licked them from the tip. She kept doing it until Bill could no longer stand it and he gently placed his hand on the back of her head and slowly forced his cock into her mouth. She rose up when his hand released her and then went back down with his hand. Soon she was in a regular motion, sucking him as deeply as she could. Within a few minutes Bill suddenly blasted a burst of semen into her mouth. Emma coughed and gagged for a moment but kept up the pistoning on his cock. Jet after jet squirted into her mouth and she swallowed most of it. Some escaped and drooled down the sides of Bill’s cock. Finally he could take no more and pulled her head up to his and kissed her long and hard.

“My God, Emma. I can’t believe you did that! Have you done this a lot before now?”

“No, only once but I liked doing to you. Your cock is so big and hard. I could do it all day long!”

Bill tried to regain his composure. All this has gone way too far, he thought. He pulled up his boxers and his pants.

“Emma, we can’t keep this up. Please don’t tell anyone about this.”

“Oh I won’t Mr. Gilbert. I don’t know what came over me. But now what about the prom?”

“Well, Emma, I have an idea. I’ve been asked to be one of the chaperones at the prom. I’ll just bring you along as my assistant. You’ll get to dance with some of the guys, especially when they see you in a formal dress. You can help me with the refreshment table. OK”

“Oh, Mr. Gilbert, that would be wonderful! Here’s my address. Just come by and pick me up around 7:00. I want you to meet my Mom.”

As Bill drove over to the address Emma had given him, he wondered what the reaction would be with her Mom. How often does a 52 year old man go to a high school prom with an 18 year old girl?

“I hope she doesn’t figure out what went on Friday afternoon,” he thought as he drove up to the house.

He rang the bell and a woman answered the door. She was in her forties, Bill guessed. She was what used to be called a “dish water” blond. She wore a white sweater pulled over two enormous tits. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples formed little peaks in her sweater. Her blue jeans were so tight, one would think they were applied with a paint brush. Her bubble butt swayed from side to side as she walked over to the stairway, calling for her daughter to hurry up. Bill stepped into the hall way and soon Emma came down the stairs in a blue taffeta dress that swirled around her knees. The top was a velvet bodice that strained with the weight of those magnificent tits. It did little to hide the plunging neckline. Momentarily distracted by these two gorgeous sirens, Bill thanked the mother for allowing her daughter to come along and help out. She took Bill aside for a minute and said,

“Emma has been talking about you ever since you started teaching her class. Her father left us a long time ago and you are the first male role model she has accepted. I am pleased that she has found a good person. We have both had a rough time without a good man in our lives.”

Bill was not quite sure of the motive behind this admission but he tucked it away in his mind for future reference. He promised to have Emma home by 12. As they drove through the semi-darkened streets, Bill wondered which of these two would be the better fuck, Emma’s youthful enthusiasm or her mother’s skilled experience. He shook his head in an attempt to keep his attention to the task at hand.

They arrived at the school where the gymnasium was decorated to simulate an old southern plantation house. The band had already started and Bill introduced Emma to the other chaperones. As the evening wore on, Emma did get to dance with some of boys from her class. True to form, she helped out at the refreshment table. Time and again, when she thought no one was looking, she would bend over and flash her tits at Bill. He tried almanbahis adres to divert his gaze but more often than not, he stared long and hard. Soon they discovered that they were out of ice. Bill volunteered to go to the cafeteria kitchen to get some. Emma tagged along as Bill expected. Once in the kitchen they suddenly clutched each other in a desperate kiss that nearly swooned both of them. Bills hands seem to be everywhere on Emma’s body. He pulled out one tit and sucked on it. She responded by rubbing his rock hard cock through his pants. In a wink he undid the suspenders of his tux and his boxers soon followed to the floor. He pushed Emma to her knees and quickly thrust his cock into Emma’s open maw. For a few minutes he continued to fuck her head. Then, he pulled her up by the arms, swept up her skirt exposing her crotch and laid her back on one of the stainless steel prep tables. He pulled off her panties and drove his tongue into her slit. Her cry of joy echoed off the concrete walls of the kitchen. She writhed on the table as Bill draped her legs over his shoulders. He grabbed her legs and pushed them back nearly to her chest. His tongue slathered over her cunt, teasing her clit and then dropped down to her pink rosebud. The shock to Emma was felt throughout her body and Bill poked his tongue into her ass. His saliva mixed with the secretions from her cunt which flowed down over the asshole and onto the table. Bill decided now was the time to make his move.

“Emma, I’m going to fuck your ass. It may sting a little at first but then after I get started you’ll get used to it; you will love it.”

Emma, nearly unconscious from the attack on her cunt and her clit, could only moan her approval, or so it seemed to the 52 year old man about to take her anal virginity.

He brought his throbbing cock to the slippery spot and pushed in the tip. Emma moaned a little louder. He pushed again and this time the tip of his cock entered her asshole. He waited a few moments and then began to push in and pull slightly out of the now expanded anus. Bill now grabbed the girl’s hips with strong hands and forced his cock deep into her rectum. Her cries now came faster and louder. Not caring whether anyone heard them or not, Bill began to speed up the thrusting. The prep table shook with his efforts. Perspiration stood out on his forehead. Suddenly he felt the semen boil from his cock and jet after jet flooded the violated ass hole of the 18 year old.

As his cock wilted from the effort and release, Bill backed out of the girl’s ass. A flow of liquid followed and dripped onto the table. Both of them were breathing hard and fast. Emma finally sat up on the table.

“I never knew I could do that. It was as wonderful as you said it was. Thank you, Bill. This is a night I will never forget.”

She jumped down off the table and wrapped her arms around Bill and they continued to kiss. They dressed and cleaned up and returned to the prom with two bags of ice. As he drove Emma back home, the two were strangely silent. Emma reached over and placed her hand on Bill’s cock once more. Bill was surprised to feel it rise again. He slowed down and turned into the entrance of a park. He turned off the car as Emma pulled the zipper on his pants. She leaned over and fished the semi-tumescent cock out his boxers. She lowered her head and once more began to suck on a 52 year old cock. It hardened under her sucking and soon she was bobbing up and down. Bill pushed his seat back and stretched out as far as he could. Emma kept up the work on his cock, her hand now squirmed inside his boxers to his balls. She gently rolled them in her hands. With a loud moan, Bill came once more in this teenager’s eager mouth. This time she swallowed it all. She looked up at Bill with her big brown eyes.

“Bill, can I see you again this summer? I want to do everything. I want to do everything with you. I want you to be my teacher, my lover and my counselor.”

Bill’s mind began to imagine just what else they could do. They had the whole summer before them until she went off to college. And then there would be the mother. The image of her mother’s huge tits and magnificent ass flooded his imagination. He smiled as he backed out of the park and drove into the night.

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