Emily and Ruth Pt. 02

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Emily and Ruth

Part II

By DDDDave

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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“Did you sleep well last night, Steve?” It was Ruth asking as she wandered into the kitchen the next morning.

“Oh, yeah. Emily is still asleep. I think I wore her out last night.” I bragged.

“I bet you did, you stud, I just bet you did!” Ruth responded. As she approached me she was swinging her shoulders and landing hard on her heels, causing her gigantic globes to bounce on her chest. It was a mesmerizing sight. I couldn’t help it. I was staring at her tits as she made them obvious!

I had a much clearer sight of all the breast action because Ruth had not put on her usual cardigan. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped tee shirt. It was skin-tight Any one could see how her enormous tits were quivering and shaking as she maneuvered thru the kitchen. There was no bra there today!

And as I continued to stare I saw Ruth’s nipples become more and more prominent. Those nipples became larger and poked out thru the thin fabric of her top.

She was wearing yoga pants and there was a gap of several inches between the hem of her shirt and the top of her pants.

Until now I had not really noticed but Ruth was trim and fit. Aside from an amazingly over-developed pair of tits Ruth really wasn’t carrying any excess weight! If she dressed like this in public she would be overwhelmed with suitors! What a body!

I wondered in passing if Ruth knew how unusual she was?

Her actions the rest of the day put that stray thought to bed She knew! Ruth was well aware of how she looked and how men reacted to her appearance when she showed off! She might not have been Vogue model good-looking like Emily but Ruth was sexy as hell in her own way!

Before Emily came down for breakfast Ruth went and put on her usual sweater. But she took every opportunity to expose herself to me! She would spread the sweater to show off her huge tits! She would push her arms together causing her breasts to bulge our from behind her cardigan.

Ruth had a way of bending and stretching that showed off her amazing dimensions. Her legs, her booty, her bust (of course), and she was also very flirty! She would lick her lips while looking my body up and down and winking at me! Much flirtier than she had been the day before.

A little later that day she sidled up to me. One hand was stroking my back while the other slid under my tee shirt and started stroking my abs.

“You are in really good shape, Steve. You must work out a lot!” she cooed. “And you are hung like a horse! I’ve never seen a dick the size of the one I saw last night while you were fucking hell out of Emily! She had told me you were really sexy and now I know what she was talking about!” She licked her lips again, showing me how long and agile it was.

“Um, ahh, thank you, I guess,” I responded as I looked over my shoulder to see where Emily was. Luckily she wasn’t in the kitchen to see her roommate running her hands over her boyfriend!

“Yes, Emily is one lucky girl!” Ruth was still running her fingers over my stomach and now she was cupping my butt cheek in her other hand! At the same time she was using her tongue to tease my ear.

“Um, I’m glad you think so, Ruth.” I said.

“Yes, I’d love to be that lucky,” she said as she twisted to press her huge tit against my upper arm and side.

She turned away, again pressing her self to me and left the kitchen.

I had to wait a few moments to allow my erection to subside before I could go back to making my sandwich!

Later that afternoon I was watching TV while Ruth tried to distract me by posing and showing off while sitting in the chair nearby. Emily came in and sat down next to me. She reached out and held my hand. I thought she was getting amorours but she just wanted the remote so she could change the channel!

A moment later Emily sat up straight s├╝pertotobet yeni giri┼č and pointed to the TV. “Look! There’s a sale at Costco! You want to come Steve?”

“I was watching the golf match until you sat down. No, I don’t want to watch you spend money! I’d rather watch golf today!”

“Suit yourself! I’ll be back in a few hours! You watch your dumb golf!”

And she was gone. As the door slammed shut Ruth was cuddling up to me. “You want to see my hole in one?” she asked with a sexy smirk on her face. As she asked she spread her legs so I could see her neatly trimmed vagina and the three fingers that she was sliding in and out. “Or would you rather see my bunkers?” She pushed her upper arms together forcing her massive boobs into prominence.

She had been teasing me all day and I’d had enough. With out a word I grabbed hold or her massive mounds.

“Oh, yes Steve! Fill your hands with my big, fat, tits! Feeling your hands on my boobs makes me so fucking horny! Let me get this out of the way!” She reached down and pulled her blouse off. She did it roughly, causing her tits to bounce and cavort until she could get her hands and arms around them and held them to herself!

“Come on, show me how much you like my big, fat titties, Steve! You have such strong hands and I love the way you make my big titties feel! I have so much more to offer than Emily, don’t I?”

“Mmfpfhmm, monmnie mmpfh, mpffmgh!” It’s so hard to be articulate when you are buried in boobs to your ears! And I hadn’t even reached the bottom of Ruth’s cleavage! There was so much more to go! I was twice as deep as I could ever reach with Emily. Ruth’s tits were immense! Bigger, much, MUCH bigger than any woman I had ever dated!

I moved to the peak of her mammoth mammary mountain and licked and sucked on her nipples, bringing them to total stiffness. Ruth was moaning and sighing. She was holding my head to her, pulling me to her harder and harder, forcing her self deeper and deeper into my eager mouth.

“Oh, you do that so well! So well! Don’t stop! But let me at your dick! I want to see if it’s as big as I think it is! I didn’t get a real good look at it last night you know!”

She was struggling to undo my belt while holding me between her tits. I reached up and pressed the sides of her tits inward. I trapped myself between her pontoons. But now she was free to undo my pants! With in moments she had my dick waving in the air. I wasn’t at full length but there was enough for her to hold on with both hands.

Ruth began to stroke me up and down. “So thick! SO long! I love it!” she exclaimed. I want to see what this feels like between my titties! I bet it’s amazing! Come here!”

Ruth tugged me over her and while still stroking me she moved so that she could pull my dick between her boobs. She squeezed herself around me while grinning up at me.

“Do you and Emily ever do this? I bet it’s different with me, isn’t it?”

She was right! My pole completely vanished between those epic melons! When I did this with Emily the head of my cock would be in view as I pushed myself as far between her tits as I could reach. With Ruth that never happened. Her cleavage was massive enough that I never saw my dick once we began.. Her tit-tunnel stretched from her navel to her chin!

It was so exciting! It wasn’t long until I was unloading between Ruths boobs! Spurt after spurt was trapped by those massive melons! When i had emptied my balls Ruth pulled me free and took a moment to clean me up!

She didn’t let me get soft tho! She kept my dick rock hard while she straddled me and began to rise and fall on my hard-on.

Grinning and smirking down at me she lifted her tits up and licked her tit’s inner slopes and pulled all that she could reach into her mouth. She ran her hands into her cleavage and licked off her fingers and hands, she cleaned herself off while I watched.

“Oh, you are so BIG! So fucking big! I’m ready to cum and s├╝pertotobet giri┼č I’m not even half way down your big dick! Oh, Steve, here I cum, here I cum!” She let out a howl while she quivered and shook on top of me.

I grabbed her tits and squeezed her with both hands! There was more than I could handle. But I did my best! And Ruth seemed to appreciate the effort.

It was only a few minutes later, while I was sucking on her big tits, that she had another orgasm as I looked up at her.

“So good,” she moaned, trying to catch her breath. “So good! I’ve never had two orgasms in a row like that!” She slumped over, sliding off my erection and lying on the bed next to me.

“No need to stop now!” I told her as I rose to my knees behind her and pressed my erection into her from behind. “I like it from back even though I can’t play with your huge tits from here!” I semi-complained.

“But I think I can get deeper this way, right, Ruth? Do I get deeper this way? Do you like getting a big dick from behind?”

“Fuck me! So deep! Deeper than anyone has ever gotten! Deep! I love it! It’s better than ever! Don’t stop! You’re making me cum and not even all the way in! I love it! Don’t stop, Steve! Fuck me as hard and as deep as you can!”

Those were directions I was quite willing to follow. For the next ten minutes I pounded her relentlessly! I din’t let her cum tho! I would take her to the edge and then I would slow down and let her catch her breath. She started to beg me to let her cum!

I pulled out. Before she could do more than yell, “NO BACK IN! PUT IT BACK.!” I had flipped her over and rolled her up on her shoulders. She could see my dick as i pushed it deep into her cunt. She let out a scream and started to pant as I began to give her ten inch strokes. There was still a couple of inches that she wasn’t getting.

“Have you had this much cock before?” I asked her. “Have you had anyone give you more dick in one stroke?”

“Please! Don’t stop,” Ruth panted. “You are amazing! I’ve never had a bigger dick! Ever!”

“Do you want more?” I asked.” Do you want to feel what it’s like to take even more rock hard dick into your wet pussy?” I could see that she was staring at her pussy. Watching as I slammed into her and there was still several inches for her to take. I slid into her until there was only a couple of inches still visible.

“Do you want it, Ruth? Do you want to see and feel what my big dick will feel like when you have it all?”

She was gasping for air and clutching at my hips, trying to pull me closer to her. “Please, please, please! Yes! I want to. I need to. Do it! Fuck me as deep as you can! NO one has ever done me like this! I want it all! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Gah! That’s deeper than anyone has ever gotten! I can’t believe it! So fat, so long, so fucking BIG! Ahhhh gah! Mwhaaaa!”

I was driving deeper and deeper! With a yell I drove all the way into her! There was nothing left outside! She had it all! And she loved it!

I slammed into her again and again. Her legs wrapped around me and she pulled her self up hanging from my body as she convulsed and shook thru an amazing orgasm!

She finally collapsed back onto the bed while I pounded into her again and again, emptying myself into her once more!

She lay under me as I let my dick soak in her sopping wet pussy. She was panting for breath.

“That was amazing!” she gushed. “I’ve never cum like that before! Usually it takes two bottles of wine and a jack-hammer for me to get off! You made me cum four times in a row! I’ve never been multi-orgasmic! What a rush!”

“I’m not going to let that be the last time! Steve, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had! I want more! Not now, I’m worn out, but soon! I’m going to take you as often as I can get you!”

The next day Ruth was in a teasing mood.

She wore a spaghetti strapped tee shirt under her normal cardigan. But she kept the cardigan open most of the time so I could watch s├╝pertotobet g├╝venilirmi her melons bounce and tremble as she moved around. She would grab her tits and mash them together for me. Her cleavage would surge upward toward her chin. She would bobble them up and down, swing them from left to right and otherwise show me just how big her tits were! And I watched every moment of it.

In turn I would grasp my hard-on thru my sweat pants to show her how she was affecting me. I had a hard-on most of the day. Twice Ruth knelt in front of me and pulled my sweats down to my knees and treated me to a combination blow-job/tit-fuck. She got me to empty my balls all over her chest and then she would clean herself up while I watched.

Emily had gone shopping again. Ruth was sitting across from me. She was reading a magazine with her legs tucked under her. While she was looking at me Ruth slowly untucked her legs. As she spread her legs further and further I was able to see that she had three fingers pushed into her cunt. She had been exciting herself quietly while reading the magazine. As I watched she pulled off her ever-present cardigan and lifted up her shirt to expose her erect nipples that were perched on her massively over-sized tits. One hand continued to tease her pussy while the other squeezed and manipulated her giant globes. She was smiling at me and running her tongue in and out of the mouth to lick her boobs.

“I have a date tonight,” she told me looking for my reaction.

“That’s nice,” I said. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of being upset. After all we were just fuck buddies. And I was in a relationship with her roommate. Not that that relationship was all the deep at this point. Frankly, Emily had been taking me for granted I thought. She didn’t make any effort to spent time with me. And when I made overtures to her she was as likely to beg off as not. She seemed to spend a lot of time shopping.

After a quiet dinner Ruth prepared for her date. I thought she looked nice. She was wearing makeup for the first time that I had noticed and she wasn’t wearing her cardigan. Instead she was wearing some sort of billowing dress that managed to hide her figure. A little.

Emily was meeting some classmates for a study session at the library and I was home alone for a few hours.

Emily came back around 10 after the library closed and Ruth was back about an hour later.

“How was your date,” Emily asked Ruth as she came into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee”.

“Disappointing” she grumbled. “Not at all what I was led to expect.” She put her coffee cup on the table and reached across for the creme and sugar. As she did so her loose fitting blouse gaped open to show her impressive cleavage. She leaned a little further which caused her tits to press against the table top and billow out. Her cleavage became deeper and more prominent. Her chin was almost buried out of sight as she paused to be sure that I was looking! I was looking!

“My friend that set me up on the date told me he was cute and hung. Well, he was cute. But hung? Not compared to what I’ve seen lately.” She winked at me.

I don’t think Emily was listening. She was out the door while Ruth was talking.

Ruth’s hand landed on my thigh as she sat down.

“I have new standards for what ‘hung’ means! He wasn’t even 8 inches long! Not at all what you have to offer, Steve.” She was gently stroking me. I was getting longer and harder while she worked.

“Much more like it! I like a large cock! And I think you have one of the largest I’ll ever encounter. Let me pull it out and see what we have to work with!”

She wasted no time. Moments later she was stroking me to a full hard-on.

“Why don’t you just break up with Emily?” She asked me. “I’m tired of sneaking around! and she can’t satisfy you the way I can! She doesn’t have what it takes to excite you, does she? She doesn’t have tits like mine! You need my gigantic tits to get excited now! She can’t do it for you the way I can! I’m bigger! I’m firmer! I’m rounder and I make you hornier than she does, right? And I’m eager to do things that she can’t or won’t do! Now come here and fuck my big, fat titties! I need to feel you spurt all over me!”

Emily and Ruth


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