Eleanor’s Creamy Awakening Ch. 01

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Eleanor was nervous. Her pulse started fluttering more intensely as the screen of her phone jolted and revealed a text. Be there in 5, it read. She took a deep breath and poured herself a glass of red wine to calm her nerves. Eleanor sat at the edge of her couch with half of her back rested against it in a comfortable position. Her legs were folded towards her, one resting on top of the other. Growing more anxious, her right hand started fidgeting along the hem of her flared cotton mini-skirt while she waited and anticipated. She was quite happy with the outfit she chose for the night. A charcoal-hued skirt, which exquisitely enhanced her hips and long legs, matched with a white tight tank top that perfectly outlined her perky breasts. She had contemplated wearing sexy lingerie with a silk robe earlier but she didn’t want it to seem like she was trying too hard. And this felt more comfortable. Plus it was a casual, effortless look that still emphasized distinct portions of her anatomy rather impeccably. She glanced at the clock tensely. She didn’t really know what to expect of the night. Up until this moment, Noah was something along the lines of intangible and unreal — a figment of her imagination. They had spent far too many nights texting, and sexting for that matter, but what if it would be different in real life? What if the chemistry isn’t there, what if he’s actually a dick, what if… The doorbell interrupted her mid -thought.

“Fuck, here we go,” Eleanor mouthed quietly. She emptied her wine glass almost abrasively before approaching the door. She looked at herself in the hallway mirror to make sure everything was in place, and with one final deep breath, she opened the door.

Right there before her stood Noah, tall, broad-shouldered and fine as fuck. “Hey,” he muttered with a shy smirk and reached out his arm to offer a fine bottle of red wine.

“I brought some wine.”

Eleanor’s eyes shifted from his brown enigmatic eyes and onto the strong sturdy arm that was now reaching out to her. Blood quickly rushed to her cheeks. She was taken aback by how extremely handsome he looked. Although she had seen photos of him online, she just now realized that they definitely didn’t do him any justice.

“Thank you,” she said, flustered. Her hand reached out to grab the bottle, and as she retrieved it, his fingers gently brushed hers, sending shivers down her spine… and lower. She felt a sudden sharp hotness develop between her legs, causing her to take an abrupt gulp of air. She refocused.

“Come in,” she gestured, in an attempt to seem in control of whatever was going on under her skirt.

Noah glanced at her as she invited him in and walked away. His eyes slowly voyaged from her silky black wavy hair all the way down to her ravishing legs. If Eleanor looked taken aback, Noah looked far more pendik escort obvious, except he simply couldn’t hide it. He sat down by the kitchen counter and watched as Eleanor reached the top of her cupboard to grab another wine glass. Her skirt slithered indecently high for a second, just enough to exhibit a glimpse of one of her butt cheeks.

“I already started drinking before you came.” Eleanor said as she put down the glass in front of him and walked to the coffee table by her couch. The apartment was small and compressed but cozy nonetheless.

“Do you mind?” she asked while holding up a half empty bottle.

Noah wet his dry lips with his tongue, unable to utter a word. He was left speechless after being exposed to a subtle hint of flesh under Eleanor’s skirt. Eleanor smiled, aware of Noah’s gaze on her and his mind being adrift. She had grown more confident now, grateful for the alcohol in her veins. She enjoyed the silence for a second before she broke it.

“I mean it’s not as fancy as the one you brought but I figured we can open that one later?”

“Uh… yes, of course. I don’t mind at all,” he managed to say. He suddenly stood up with such palpable male energy that made the hairs on Eleanor’s neck rise. He walked towards her with inexplicable grace and settled his hand firmly at her waist, steering her to the kitchen corner. The sensation of his touch on such a vulnerable place rippled through Eleanor, and she felt the flesh between her thighs tighten. The sexual attraction in the air was undeniable.

“Here, let me.” Noah took the bottle from her and poured elegantly into the glass with his left arm, keeping his right hand secure on her waist. Although he came off as a bit

shy at first, this was his way of showing he was in control, and she loved it. They were suddenly in a small enclosure, inches from each other, aware of the sexual frequencies vibrating in the space between them. He took a sip of his wine, and licked his lips, not taking his eyes off her for one second. His gaze was frustratingly seductive, piercing through her, and Eleanor was convinced that this moment alone was enough to make her orgasm.

“So…” he started. “I can’t believe I’m finally here.”

“Me neither.” Eleanor found herself staring at his lips. Noah looked at her with a hint of amusement as he noticed her quivering.

“I’ve been fantasizing about this a lot.” He gestured at the space between the two of them.

“Oh yeah?” she grinned. “What have you been fantasizing about?” Standing there in a perfectly fitted tee that showed off his wide shoulders and muscular arms, he was more striking than ever. His face was much closer to hers now. He gently held her chin up with his thumb and index finger as she impatiently waited for his response. The escort pendik smell of his cologne and the feel of his breath on her skin drove her into a momentary daze and turned her on wildly.

“Seeing you spread your legs for me. Tasting you. Sliding my tongue inside you as you come.”

If there was a sharp hotness between her legs, it was now an increasing wetness. Eleanor felt her clit throbbing for attention and her pussy getting wetter by hearing Noah’s words alone. He was nothing short of irresistible. Eleanor had never in her life felt this sort of attraction before, like every cell in her body gravitated towards his. Before she knew it, she sealed her lips over his in a rough and passionate manner. Her hands were suddenly pressing him closer as they kissed, and she felt his tongue slip inside her mouth in just the right ways. He kissed Eleanor skillfully and aggressively, and pulled her closer, pressing his body as tight against hers as possible until she could feel his cock stiffening under his trousers. She moaned and he pushed away from the corner. Grabbing her hair and cupping the curve of her ass, he lifted her off her feet and onto the kitchen counter.

With her ass on the counter, and his torso towering over hers, she interlocked her legs tightly around his back, bringing him closer to her. She scooted forward hastily, closer to the edge of the counter and closer to him. The clothes in between them were becoming a burden so Eleanor quickly tore off his t-shirt and felt his bare-naked back against her palms. She needed to feel every single hard inch of him rubbed against her soaking panties. His lips navigated swiftly from hers, down to her neck and his mouth deepened as he sucked with force while one of his hands slipped under her tank top and clutched her tender and sensitive breasts. Noah could feel himself harden with excitement as he assertively lifted her top off, exposing her bare chest. After taking a second to admire the beauty that was in front of him, he buried his face in her breasts and sucked both nipples with a hungering desire, feeling them harden. Goosebumps emerged across Eleanor’s skin as she reached for his cock and caressed her hand along his shaft until she reached his balls, massaging and gripping them with lust. Noah’s muscles strained, his hand lingering under Eleanor’s skirt, powerfully gripping her ass and discovering the waistband of her lace underwear. With two fingers, he expertly moved her panties aside just enough to slide a finger into her wet and swollen pussy.

The finger startled her to say the least. She wanted more, needed more. “Oh fuck,” Eleanor moaned. She tried to gasp for air, tugging on Noah’s hair as he continued kissing on her neck while rubbing her sensitive clit in a circular motion with his thumb, pendik escort bayan and sliding a finger or two inside her simultaneously. Noah knew exactly what to do to drive Eleanor absolutely crazy. Vaguely conscious of the movement, Eleanor found her back now pressed against her coffee table. With an animalistic impulse, Noah pulled her skirt down and glanced at her stunning body wearing nothing but ruby-red underwear.

“Take off your panties,” he commanded. She obeyed. Eleanor gently removed her underwear, sliding them down her legs. He was incredibly hard now. The back of her forearms supported her upper body as she rested on the table. While staring at Noah seductively, with a slight smirk on her face, Eleanor lifted both her knees up and slowly spread her legs wide open to reveal her pulsating pussy that was desperately yearning for him to enter. A devilish gaze appeared on Noah’s face like he was ready to abandon everything in the entire world just to be inside her.

“Jesus, Eleanor.” He knelt down and put his palms on each thigh to keep them spread out beautifully just for him. He started kissing her right inner thigh softly as he made his way inwards. Just as he reached her bottom lips and motioned to give them the attention they so invitingly urged, he moved onto the other thigh and started kissing there, witnessing the frustration build up in Eleanor. She enjoyed the teasing, but it frustrated the hell out of her. Every cell in her body vibrated and ached for his tongue to meet her clit. Just when she thought she could no longer bear the frustration, Noah pressed his lips intensely onto her soaring wetness, his mouth deepening and sucking at the same time as he buried his face up and down her pussy. He spit on it harshly and continued to lick her everywhere while moaning and eating her out like it was his last meal on Earth. The intensity and passion that Noah manifested sent electricity coursing through Eleanor’s body, forcing her to plunge her back against the surface of the table once again. She gripped his hair firmly, with her hand forcing his head to stay in place, and her inner thighs locking in his ears securely. With immaculate skill, Noah’s tongue started flickering on her clit specifically. He kept licking her clit and started fingering her too as juices trickled down from her soaking wet hole. The combination of clit licking and finger fucking felt too fucking good that Eleanor could feel an orgasm build. Her legs started shaking uncontrollably as she was about to come. Suddenly, she pushed his face away abruptly. She didn’t want to orgasm yet. She wanted to come with him inside her. To climax while he thrusted his hard cock in her. Rosy-cheeked and out of breath, she stood up and pulled him close. She kissed him lightly, admiring his soft lips, and steered him towards the couch. Noah was slightly confused at the sudden change in motion, but he wasn’t complaining. While they kissed, Eleanor took control and pushed him down with one hand onto the couch. She stood over him and looked him in the eyes wickedly while she got down on her knees and positioned herself in between his legs.

“My turn,” Eleanor grinned.

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