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It had been a good night. We always had fun at Jill’s sister’s and tonight was no exception. Jill however was completely out of it. I had just about managed to get her into the cab, but now she had passed out good and proper.

Not that I minded though, I love molesting her at the best of times, even more so when she is unconscious! I had let her flop down so she was lying across my lap face up with her legs hanging off the seat.

The cab pulled away and I wasted no time. I lifted her leg up and propped it against the door. This spread her legs and I helped her skirt up the last few inches to expose her panty covered mound. I rubbed her gently and let my other hand work its way under her top to squeeze on her tits.

I rubbed along her mound and was pleased to feel it getting wetter and warmer against my touch. I put my finger to my lips I tasted her pussy juices. My dick was starting to get hard and I realised that I was quite uncomfortable with Jill’s weight on me. As best I could I wriggled to get more comfortable, but I was so horny that only setting my hard on free would make me any better off.

We stopped at some lights and as we braked, Jill slipped forward. Perfect, now my crotch was free form her weight. I put my hand back to her wet panties and the other rubbed my dick through my jeans. Mmm, Jill was so wet and I was so hard. I moved her wet knickers to the side and put my finger into her, she was so wet it slipped in easily and I soon found myself pushing in a second.

I unzipped my jeans and edged them down. My dick swung up, hard and proud. I pushed my helmet into Jill’s cheek and face as I stroked my hard member. If only you were awake I thought, if you only knew that I was rubbing my dick in your pretty face. I rubbed my finger around the end of my dick and put it in my mouth, my pre-come tasted so good. I rubbed it on Jill’s lips too, like a lip stick.

My thoughts of sordid pleasure were suddenly interrupted, “Man you look so hot like that!” The cab driver was leaning over his seat looking at the scene on his back seat. I looked out the window reflexively, I hadn’t even noticed we had stopped, but we were no in an empty gaziantep escort car park.

I was shocked at first, but noticed that I could only see one of his hands, there was a familiar action going on with his other one. I put my hand back on my hard on and resumed pumping Jill’s hot pussy.

“Look at you,” he continued, “fingering your wife while you wank your big cock!” His observation about my dick took me by surprise, but I liked it and pushed myself forward a little so as to stick it further forward.I was getting hornier and hornier by the second and realised that I wanted to see what was in his other hand. Oh Jill, what are you missing out on here, I thought to myself. I sat forward and looked over the seat. His body was twisted where he was looking over the seat, but I could clearly make out his dick, it was nice and thick and he had his hand firmly around the shaft and moving up and down it slowly.

It looked very nice and I realised that I wanted to get my hands on it. I got out the car and the driver followed me. We met at the front of the car and I dropped straight to my knees. I continued to wank myself while I put my lips to his hard cock head.

Man he tasted good, I compared his pre-come taste to my own, I like mine more, but his was making me hotter. He was thick and I opened my mouth wide to suck him in deeper. I felt his hands on the back of my head and felt him pushing his hot meat deeper still. I started to gag as he hit the back of my throat. Although he was pushing hard, he noticed my discomfort and tenderly withdrew and just rocked his hips so the first few inches fucked my face. This was just so hot, my dick was harder than it had ever been.

“Oh, you are good at this,” said my driver, “you have got me so hard, I want to fuck you” Oh my god I thought, this is so wild, Jill’s screwed me before with her strap-on, and she has always said I would prefer a real cock, now I was going to get to find out!

I obediently stood up as he pulled my head up. I kept my hand on his dick, stroking it all the while and then he turned me round pushed me over the front of his car. I tugged my jeans and boxers escort gaziantep down, my hot dick feeling great as it rested on the cold metal of his bonnet.

I was relieved to feel the familiar cold wetness on my hole as I he pushed a lubricated finger into me. I didn’t notice him getting this out, but didn’t care, I pushed back on his finger. Then I felt it nudging at my entrance, his big dick was ready to penetrate me. I was so excited, but tried my best to relax, if I didn’t there was no way that beautiful big dick was going to fit in me!

I couldn’t help yelping as hit fat cock head pushed into my tight hole. He was bigger than Jill’s strap-on and I felt my arsehole peel open to let him in. My face went hot then as he started to slip in, pushing a little further with each nudge of his hips.

I groaned out loud and heard him say, “Oh you have such a nice tight butt.” I replied, “I bet all holes feel tight to your big dick, it’s filling me up!” He chuckled and then reassured me, “Don’t worry, you nearly have it all, oh it looks so good sliding into you.” He pushed in more and I put my hand over my back, I wanted to feel it going in. I put my fingers around it, but there wasn’t much room between his thick shaft and my arse cheeks. I brought my hand back to take my weight on the car and felt his balls rest against me, I had him all in me and boy did it feel like! I groaned out loud and he started to slide it back out, it felt so good, I couldn’t do anything but moan louder and enjoy the sensation. He was long as well as thick and seemed to take a glorious age before he reached a point where he was going to push it back in. And then he did and I let out more moans as he pushed his hard dick back into my arse.

“Uh, feels so good,” was all I could say as his beautiful assault on my arsehole continued. He was in good rhythm now and I could hear him breathing heavy over the gorgeous slopping sound of his cock squelching in and out of me.

He kept his gentle pace for some time, stopping every now and then to grind his full length in me. When he did this I pushed back and wiggled against him, forcing his dick to explore gaziantep escort bayan and push me inside, threatening I am sure to burst into my stomach! Then he leant down and I felt his quick breath on my neck. He grunted in my ear, “Now I have to come, my friend,” he said, “I have to come in your sweet little arse”

“Yes,” I pleaded in reply, “please give it to me!” He pulled nearly all the way out and then began to bang my arse, he was quick with his strokes and they pushed all the way deep inside me before sliding as far out as he could before running me through again.

The sensations were amazing and so my loud moaning began again. I was pinned to the car while this big cock fucked my arsehole, relentlessly in and out, he had his hands on my hips and was nailing me hard!

“Oh fuck yes,” I cried, “Fuck” I felt his dick swell and get even harder (if it were possible!) I knew what was coming and he let out a yell as I felt his come pump into me, it felt hot deep inside me. Again he plunged and I felt more come run into me. His hand gripped my shoulder tightly as he pushed into me again and again, forcing himself deeper into me to deposit his load.

When he stopped he held me in position still and I enjoyed the feeling of my arsehole squeezing on his softening dick. I let myself lay on the bonnet catching my breath. As his dick began to shrink, my arsehole kept pinching around it. My tender hole. I felt like I had been fucked like how I like to fuck Jill.

I remembered Jill and looked up through the windscreen. He r body was still slumped across the back seat. As if reading my mind, the cab driver spoke up again, “Why don’t you fuck her now, while I take you home”

“Okay,” I said, “but please tell me this is your last fare tonight, because I would love you to come in for a coffee.”

“It is!” he said. He pulled his trouser up while I got into the back of the cab, oh poor Jill I thought, as I lay on top of her, my dick slipping into her still wet hole. “What have you missed out on,” I said. I felt my balls get sticky as come ran out of my arse and onto them. Two thrusts in and I was ready to come, I was so hot, I let my load go and fuck as deep as I could into her warm pussy. I pulled my soft sticky dick from her and got my clothes back as the cab pulled away.

I just hope that Jill wake sup by the time we get there, I thought as we drove back onto the street. Then, looking at the back of the drivers head, I thought, or not…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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