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Easter Granny Ch. 02

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A note to my readers. Hi Easter Granny was initially intended to be a stand alone story, but toward the end of writing the story I felt there was some potential for a longer story, so I left the ending “open”. Feedback says there are people out there who want more. Ask for more and you massage my ego, in return I will endeavour to write more.


I had not expected to fall asleep with one hand in Granny’s pussy and four fingers of the other hand stretching her anus. The camcorder bore witness to the fact that I did fall asleep for twelve minutes forty-three seconds. (when we watched the playback Granny asked me, “Were you that bored?” in what I thought of as her courtroom voice).

When I opened my eyes, I thought it had only been a prolonged blink. As if to affirm this, I tried once again to get my thumb into Granny’s anus, really I was only half aware of this, until I watched the video playback. Granny cried out in pain, this I think brought me back to full consciousness.

It was obvious to me that Granny’s arse could be stretched no further, not without the risk of her tearing. Slowly I started to extract my fingers from her anus, while keeping my other hand in her vagina. When my fingers were out, her arsehole did not close, there was a gape — a dark tunnel of delight. The knowledge that I had caused, this change at the least a temporary change, maybe in time what might be a permanent change in Granny’s physiognomy was exciting in itself. Intrigued or obsessed by the gape, I inserted my index finger, then added my middle finger. It was not until I was enthusiastically frigging her with three fingers that she reacted. “No … No… please daddy no …” Her body squirmed, eyelids fluttered, she appeared to be awakening. I stopped. Carefully but swiftly withdrew my fingers and my other hand from her pussy.

I considered what my next move should be. Should I tongue her poor tormented arsehole? The idea was certainly attractive. Looking at her distended vagina, swollen labia, and still gaping anus had caused me to develop a raging erection. None the less, a martyr to my art, my first move was to attend to the video camera, repositioning it for the best angle, I zoomed in to record the very best pictures of her distended vulva and anus.

I turned Granny onto her stomach, spread her scrawny buttocks and bowed to my self prescribed task. My hands under her belly raised her hips exposing her arsehole, allowing my tongue better access. With my palm I massaged her pubic bone while my fingers busily stimulated her clitoris and labia. Soon Granny was moaning softly in her sleep. Her hips moving.

I gently I ran my tongue around the raised bruised muscle that framed her gaping anus.. As she relaxed beneath this oral massage so her gape increased in size. Then as she became more excited her anus pulsated, hips ground and Granny still asleep sprang to life. Unable to resist for any longer, I plunged my tongue into her, tasting her spicy meatiness mingled with, the bland taste of lube, with which her nether regions were liberally coated. All the while, between orgasms there were periods of stillness, when Granny snored gently having returned to deeper sleep.

It was this gentle snoring that took my attention back to granny’s parted lips, the inviting portal to her warm wet mouth. Carefully I turned her so she lay across the bed, once again on her back. This she had shown me was the best position for a deep-throat. Again I returned to the camcorder, if I was going to film us I wanted to ensure it would be the best film. Granny’s head was framed centre screen with enough room around her that any movement would not loose her out of the picture. Once in I would be able to look over at the screen and using the remote zoom in — or out!

I drew back my foreskin, I nudged her lips with my exposed glans. Granny responded like a Pavlovian dog hearing a bell, – she parted her lips. My eager prick entered her with ease, my cock-head slithering over her moist rippling tongue. Before my cock reached her epiglottis Granny was swallowing in expectation. Timing myself with her swallowing I gently thrust my rampant prick deeper into her. My bared cock-head slithering along her tongue, exploring her warm moist pussy-mouth. Her epiglottis gently massaging my glans with a muted gag-reflex. Then she swallowed allowing me access. Her throat seemed to contract gripping my cock, stimulating me to the heights of sexual delight.

I wanted Granny to enjoy this too, with my right hand I cupped her pubic bone, palming her, at the same time my fingers were able to toy with her clitoris. Granny slept but her hips writhed as she reacted to my stimulating her.

Now Granny was totally responsive. I think she remained physically asleep, but she was so stimulated that some parts of her mind were wide awake. Beneath my hand her hips bucked, her toothless gums munched gently on my cock. Once again Granny was cumming, her cum thick and oily made my fingers slither as massaged her erect clit.

As she had before when she came, Grany pissed herself a golden fountain arced from between her legs. Simultaneously my bursa otele gelen eskort testicles tingled and tightened as the sperm boiled out swelling my cock spurting my creamy essence down her throat.

My softening partially erect cock was still in Granny’s mouth when she pushed me away and spat me out. “Joe are you a sex machine?” She asked, her voice gravelly like a blues singer. I had no reply then she smiled and said, “I hope so because I like it.”

“I am enjoying myself.”

“So you enjoy taking me when I am asleep.”

I did not know if this was a statement or a question, whichever it was where was this conversation going.

“Do I get an answer, I think I at least deserve an explanation.” Once again Granny appeared to have moved into her best prosecutorial courtroom mode.

“It is a bit difficult to explain. Sex with you is great, in fact I never knew sex could be so good. But when you are asleep, like you were tonight …”

“Drugged by my sleeping tablets you mean.” Granny interjected.

“OK when you were in a deep drugged sleep like tonight, I was able to totally possess you. I could do whatever I wanted to do to you without having to consider you.”

“So I am like a sex toy — I should buy you a blow-up doll. Or am I better than a blow-up doll?”

Her eyes were twinkling and she was smiling. “Oh Gran you are far, far, better than an inanimate blow-up doll.” I replied.

“Right answer.” She chuckled. “So tell me what happened. What have you done to me?”

“Most of it is on video so we can watch it together.”

“You can show me in a minute. I can feel you have been everywhere. My pussy feels as though it is on fire. Once again my voice-box feels battered and bruised, I know you have deep-throated me,, I know where your cock was when I wakened. Yes I look forward to seeing that on video. My arse feels like it is on fire and I am aware it is gaping. God knows what you have done to me. I only hope I am not torn.”

“Your not torn.” I assured her.

Together once again we stripped and remade the bed, once more I gave thanks to the gods of sex, for waterproof mattress covers. When the bed was made, we returned to bed. Lying on clean crisp sheets Granny lay in my arms as we watched the video played back from the camcorder onto the TV. We fast forwarded through some bits, like when we were both sleeping. “Were you that bored?” Granny asked.

“No just tired — a little doze and I was rejuvenated.”

“So I noticed it is no wonder I feel so tender and opened. Out of interest how many fingers?”

“Pussy or arse?” I asked.

“Oh I could see pussy took a full hand. My backside.”

“Four fingers I could not get my thumb in.”

“Daddy used to get his hand in my arse, but I was younger then and probably more supple. Maybe in time you will open me up — if you want to stretch me like that.”

“I love it Gran, but what about you — do you enjoy it?”

“Do you have to ask? What did I say? Feel free to use me — just don’t tear me or cause permanent damage. I know stretched and gaped can become permanent — that is OK! I am talking about tears, broken bones things like that. Anything else is fine. I mean I am an old lady so I probably cannot take a whipping any more.”

“Gran I promise I’ll take care of you.”

“Easy to say Joe but those of us who play BDSM games walk a fine line. You as the dominant have to be responsible, especially if I am asleep or drugged.”

“I do promise, I’ll be careful. Gran one thing, will you tell me why you cry out daddy every so often?”

“Joe that is a big ask — let me explain. If I were to tell you, I would have to tell you everything. Then you would know all the family secrets that this old lady knows.”

“We have already created another secret.” I replied.

“That we have!” Gran gave a half laugh. “I am not one to miss an opportunity, I’ll tell you if you pleasure me.”

“Of course I’ll pleasure you Gran.” I replied giving Gran’s clitoris an extra tweak.

“Joe lay beside me, suckle on my tit. Make yourself comfortable because you must not stop, if you do stop I will stop the story. – Have we got a deal?”

“Deal.” I replied lying on the right side of Granny on my left side, so I could take her right breast and nipple into my mouth. Her hard rubbery nipple tasted sweet and salty as I swirled my tongue around it.

There was ecstasy in Granny’s voice when she said. “Oh yes this is so good, I have missed it for far too long. When that man called me an “old biddy” and I thought I was over the hill sexually. I thought that I could forget sex if I pretended to be doolally. But it doesn’t work. It is always there. You see I have enjoyed sex all my life from adolescence onward.

“OK I need to start somewhere or this will be the disjointed memories of a senile old lady and I am not senile.”

I stopped sucking took my mouth from her nipple and said. “I know your not senile Granny.”

“Wrong action!” Granny roared pushing my head down onto her breast. I quickly resumed suckling. “Remember the deal. I appreciate the sentiment, bursa eve gelen escort bayan but you keep sucking — or I stop talking.”

“I told you a bit about my pregnancies. How it was all arranged I went to a convent in Belgium gave birth and returned home without the baby. It started long before that. Mother had died, Daddy employed young girls as housekeepers or nannies to look after me and my brother Richard, he died in an accident.”

We all knew the story of Uncle Richard, he died young. He rolled the tractor, when driving across the slope of the steep field, with a bale up high on the front loader. I suppose it made us all that bit more carefull.

“It happened when I was quite young. I had come down stairs one evening, I had already gone to bed. I thought daddy was watching television in the living room. Opening the door I saw our housekeeper stripped to the waist, her skirt rucked up around her waist. She was on her knees between my father’s legs. Her head bobbing up and down. She was giving Daddy what I learned later was called a Blow-Job. Both of them seemed to be enjoying themselves. Instinctively I knew should not be seeing this. I crept away without being seen.

“A couple of days later I got Richard in the barn and told him. Then I went one step further and got him to get his cock out. Soon I was giving him a very inexpert Blow-Job. This became a regular event, Richard began reciprocating by licking my pussy in much the same inexpert manner.

“Inevitably we got caught by Daddy. He did not say a lot, but within a week I had lost my best friend, my first lover — my brother. He was sent off to boarding school. I think boarding school is the English answer to any and all family problems.

“To be chronological, next the housekeeper left, this often happened, but this one was not replaced. Daddy made it plain I was to keep house, clean and cook.

“One night I awoke in the middle of the night. Daddy was beside my bed, he was not wearing any pyjama trousers and he had a massive erection. I don’t know if he realised that I was awake. My memory of the events is quite confused. Somehow he was on the bed straddling my head. Quite gently he opened my mouth. Probably he was using one of his vet’s tricks. Then his cock was in my mouth. Of course in those days I had not been trained and desensitized so my gag reflex kept fighting against him. Never the less he kept control of my head and his cock remained in my mouth for what seemed at the time like hours. Then he came. My mouth was full, I wanted to spit it out. Daddy kept hold of me head and his cock embedded in my mouth. Eventually I did as he told me and I swallowed. He massaged my throat to make me swallow all his cum, any that leaked from my lips, I had to lick up.

“That Joe is the first time, then it was every night. I expect that you are expecting me to say I hated it, I felt defiled and so on. Sorry I did not at the time and I don’t now. I am a natural submissive the more that I am used in sex the better the sex is for me. My father absolutely loved taking me when I was asleep.

“Daddy trained me. I had to take bananas or candles in my mouth to desensitize my gag reflex. Now nothing makes me choke, I just swallow and down it goes, I suppose I would make a good sword swallower — I should have thought of that when I was younger thinking about a profession!” Granny laughed. “Of course as a Veterinarian Daddy had access to drugs and often he used them on me. I lost my virginity both vagina and anal when I was asleep. The first time I was fisted he had drugged me. I awoke with him deep inside me, the pain I felt was getting his hand out.”

This tale was giving me a raging erection as I imagined a young girl being fisted.

“Then I got pregnant, stupid but neither of us expected it. By the time we realised I was six months gone. So the trip to a convent in Belgium, for nearly a month I nursed the baby before she was adopted. Daddy loved my milky tits. He used to milk me every four hours.

He told me that so long as I was lactating that I would not ovulate. He claimed that milking me was merely a clinical matter to do with contraception. Of course he was lying, he loved possessing and controlling my body. Keeping me lactating was just a part of his lust for total control over me.

Often instead of sucking my breasts he would make me kneel down on all fours, put a basin under me. Then just like milking a cow, he would use his hands to express all the milk out of my tits. I have to admit I really do enjoy having my tits sucked even though nowadays they are dry.

He took everything to another level when he bought a goat milking machine, out in the little barn he custom built a ‘crush’, it was the height of our kinky games, when he put me in it restrained and helpless. Then he would put the cups of the milking machine on my breasts and fire-up the machine.”

I was sucking Granny’s nipple swirling it with my tongue as I conjured up mental images of Granny in a crush. I suppose the crush was long gone — I thought with some regret.

“I think that is why my tits are so empty, bayan eskort bursa because until your Mother and Aunt Emma were weaned at four years old my tits had been full of milk almost continuously for over fifteen years. Right Joe that feels great, time for the other side.”

I gave her right tit a long kiss. Clambered off the bed walked to the other side and got back on the bed. “Gran tell me something.”

“If I can I will, I think all the need for secrets has gone.”

“Am I right in thinking that Mum and Aunt Emma do not know who their father is?”

“No they don’t! Nor do they know about the other three children. As far as they know they are the only children I have had, and they are the unfortunate result of a one night stand.”

“So how did you become a solicitor?”

“The short answer is using my brains and blackmail.”

“And the long answer?” I asked knowing what her reply would be.

Her reply was exactly as I had predicted to myself. “Come on big boy start suckling my tit and I will tell you all about the long answer. Mind you once you have heard all that I have to tell you may think that I am not a very nice person. While you are sucking I want you to play with my pussy gently at first but when I say so, do it hard.”

“I don’t think I will think any thing bad about you, whatever you tell me.”

“Just suck my tit and make me cum and cum again and again.”

I think her left breast had become aroused by my sucking on the right. Or else the conversation had stimulated her arousal. Her nipple seemed to be already engorged, large and firm in the same state as the right breast, that I had already ministered to. I teased her nipple it in my mouth, gently raking it with my teeth. I had to be careful with her pussy, she squirmed — the moment my hand touched it, she was obviously very sore. I knew I should really have respected her wishes and given her some recovery time. I moulded my hand around her pubis, my middle and index finger caressing her slick lips, gently touching Her erect clitoris.

“Oh that is good sooo very good. You know Joe you are so like my father, your grandfather. A superb tit sucker, I wish that I could lactate for you. You love being dominant taking me in my sleep. It is almost as if you are him reincarnated!”

I shivered this was a spooky idea of Gran’s!

“Joe my Pussy is not made of glass let me feel you!”

“I don’t want to harm you.”

“Joe I told you treat me rough — I don’t get off if your gentle. Forget that I am your grandma — I am just a kinky slut. The woman whose body you are allowed to use and abuse. Just like your grandfather did!”

“Am I really so like him?”

“I think that you are. I suppose it is because you have his DNA his genes. If my understanding of genetics is correct, I calculatethat your mother has seventy-five percent of my father’s genes and DNA instead of the usual fifty-fifty between father and mother so grandparents are diluted to twenty five percent. So it is only to be expected that at least one of my grandchildren will take after his or her grandparents.”

“So what about your mother, did she have a high sex drive too?” By now I was really intrigued about inherited behaviour.

“I do not know the answer to that question, I was too young to know her — know her like that . When you are young a mother is a mother, a sort of sexless being. At the age I was when she was alive I did not know what sex was, and even when I got older I would not have thought about sex and my parents.”

“Its kind of illogical is net it we are all the result of sex, but I don’t think anyone associates their parents with sex. I mean I know they must have sex or they wouldn’t have kids. Yet even now it is hard to imagine.”

“That is what I was saying then before I was old enough to have mother daughter conversations she was gone — she died.”

“Talking about DNA and hereditary behaviour, what about Mum and Aunt Emma, both of them appear to be prim and proper?”

“I agree it is weird with that gene pool you would expect your Mother and Aunty Emma to be having sex everywhere.” Gran said adding, “No matter those genes have certainly come out in you. Not just the sex drive but the sexual preferences too.”

When is the story going to start? I really did not want to think about how inbred we were. Although I must admit Gran had started me thinking about Mum and Aunt Emma. I’ll save those thoughts for later.

“My Daddy your Great-Grandfather and Grandfather, did not stop. Not even after two pregnancies. When I got pregnant he would curse me for being a slut and then fuck me again. It was as illogical as everything about our relationship was illogical.

“At first I was happy with this state of affairs. To others, everyone else that is, I was his unpaid housekeeper, outwardly his dutiful daughter. But behind closed doors I was both his Daddy’s little girl and his sexy fuck slut. He simultaneously worshipped me as his little angel; and regarded my body as being his property and made sure that I knew it! Sometimes he would bring in a speculum from the surgery — always a large animal sized instrument. Then he would insert it screw it open and stretch me. He said he was shaping my vagina to suit him and him alone. Just after the second child, I had barely stopped bleeding he came over to Belgium took me out of the convent for the day and back to a small Pensionne. There he got this full size equine speculum into me and opened me up, then he fisted me using two hands.”

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