Early Morning Dessert

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A slight movement on the bed woke me up. The room was dark, except the strands of moonlight that was filtering into the room through the half-open blinds, creating stripes of light and shade on the crumpled bed. You had moved a little, readjusting yourself on your chest, face buried sideways in the fluffy pillow. The sheet with which I had covered you up before going to sleep myself was now almost off your lithe body, laying across only your waist. Your thighs were slightly parted. You were breathing lightly, in a steady rhythm, completely at peace with your raging passion.

As I kept looking at your face, the memories of last night came flooding back. True, we went to bed after a gap of a very long time, but your animal energy had completely thrown me off balance. There was even a fleeting moment of self-doubt, when I wondered whether my forty-year old body will still be able to match up with the intense energy of your raw energy of twenty-one. But that cleared off quickly, as I realised that you were as starved as I was. It was intense, and the force with which we came blew us both off. We were also both tired, and that probably answered how blissfully you were sleeping.

A familiar stirring woke me up from my reverie. Unbeknown to me, my sight had rested on your shapely asscheeks, and my manhood was beginning to raise its head. I was thirsty to taste you, and your buns were inviting me for an early-morning dessert.

Lowering my torso, I reached down towards your waist, sniffing my way down. The smell was heady, a mixed one of our sexes, our love-juices, our passion. Your pussy was glistening in moonlight, as I brought my mouth down to softly caress the puffy outer folds of your labia. My tongue tasted dried cum, and I quickly proceeded to lick you clean, siirt escort with soft, slow strokes. I didn’t want to wake you up in a start!

As my tongue went its way past the outer lips, into your inner folds, it tasted fresh wetness! God — you were already creaming…soft droplets of pre-cum dripping along the inner walls of your pussy, giving away fresh smell of sex…my lips moved over your quivering clitoris, holding it lightly between my lips and allowing my tongue to savour its pliant softness. My palms held your smooth asscheeks, placing the thumbs across your crinkled anus, as I traced back a trail of saliva from your clit to your rosebud.

Although you didn’t say a word, I knew instinctively that you were awake, awaiting my ministrations on your lovely puckered hole. The asshole was quivering in moonlight, with the few strands of fine hair touching my nose — I could tell they were standing on edge! I pulled my thumbs across, slightly opening up your anus, and nibbling soft kisses on the entrance to the dark tunnel. You groaned, readjusting your thighs and opening up yourself more. I felt a large drop of pre-cum dripping on my thigh, and scooped it up in my finger, massaging your clit with it. You grabbed my hand, and guided two fingers inside your delectable pussy, enveloping them in your tightness.

My fingers moved, as if with a mind of their own, opening up your love hole with each corkscrew motion. Your clit was throbbing, as I took it under my thumb, rubbing it incessantly as my tongue continued to lash and probe your ass-tunnel. It was already buried about half-inch inside your asshole, and trying to open you further. Streams of pussy-juice were flowing out from your gushing wet hole as you moaned with wild siirt escort bayan abandon.

And then your ass buckled, as you came creaming. The ass-tunnel throbbed around my tongue, as a torrent of woman-juice erupted from deep inside your pussy, drenching my hand. I waited for the trembling to subside, and kept massaging your pussy. Finally, when you seemed spent, I disengaged my tongue, sliding along your body to meet your face.

Your eyes were half-open, a faint smile playing across your lips, as you put your hands across my neck, pulling my mouth close to yours. You kissed my lips, your tongue moving inside my mouth. My cum-smeared hand moved up to your chest, massaging the underside of your soft boobs. My mouth found the nape of your neck, kissing and nibbling your earlobe. Your nipples responded quickly, turning themselves into hard crinkled nub of raw nerve-ends. I offered you my fingers, as you licked your own cum feverishly, and my other hand started to play with your nipples. The pointed tips quivered as my fingers took each one under them, kneading them and tweaking them in turn. You arched your back, pushing one of your lovely titties in my mouth. My tongue circled the light brown areolas, licking playfully, building you slowly up closer to another orgasm.

Suddenly I felt a familiar tug at my own erection. Your fingers were holding my turgid flesh, and as my mouth bobbed over your titties, alternately taking each one in my mouth, your pumping became more intense. Large globs of pre-cum were already dripping from my cockhead, and I knew I could quickly lose my erection to a shattering orgasm if I didn’t move quickly. Lifting my head, I said between breaths;

– Hang on, hun — I don’t want to blast my escort siirt cum on your hand…

– Come in, baby — move inside my pussy….fast….

The urgency in your voice was matched by your tugging at my cock, as I was slowly guided towards the soft velvety opening of your pussy. My knob was flared, and I rubbed it a while on your quivering clit, making you squirm. And then it sank in, ever so slowly, past the walls of your love tunnel, like a knife through hot butter. Soft skin melted with the heat, making way as I sank deeper, only to come back and grip me in a vice. I stopped at a point when I felt I could move no further, my pubic hairs brushing your pussy lips, my heavy scrotum resting on your asscheeks.

I stayed still awhile, getting used to your tightness, and then started to pull out. You moaned in protest as my cock almost reached the edge of your pussy, and then plunged in again, taking you completely by surprise. You gasped aloud, arching your back, raising your ass to meet my invasion. I groaned in pleasure, as your tight pussy started to milk my hardened shaft. I gripped one of your buttocks for support, as you continued to feed me your titties. Your nipples were red and sore, and you still wanted to feel my tongue on them. Your lithe legs hooked my waist, pulling me deep into your womb with every downstroke. I felt a surge in my groin, and my ass-muscles clenched. My dick was screaming for a release. I wanted us to cum together. As I could feel my own cum boiling and starting to shoot up my shaft, I took your clit in my fingers and started to rub it. In an instant, you went over the top, thrashing your legs wildly, pulling me deeper. In a flash, I felt my gut wrenching, as waves after waves of hot while lava came gushing out of my love tool, flooding your tight pussy.

I held you close tightly, as the flood shook us both, filling you up completely, and then oozing out the rest on the bed. I smiled at you, kissing your cheeks, as you smiled back, whispering

– My nipples are sore — how about some more of that cream massage?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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