Kas 13

Drunken Follies Ch. 02

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“what a nice bench.” Thoughts came slowly to my drunken mind. I sat down on the bench and looked at nothing.

“Yo, look at this guy.” Somehow I still managed to open my eyes and see three guys leering at me, laughing.

I looked to my right and saw the guy beside me open his zipper and take out his black dick. He started rubbing it and I could not help but look. It was average in size, maybe five or six inches. As I realized that I had been staring, and that his eyes were on me, I instantly drew my stare away and continued looking forwards silently as I tried to think of a possible escape from this wretched situation.

A dramatic run wouldn’t do, it would just be natural for them to chase me, like predators after a frightened prey. I thought over my situation while the guy beside me lathered his penis with saliva. I decided to walk away, slowly and decisively and maybe the pure shock of the act would save me.

I rose, took the first step, then the second, putting so much thought into every movement of my body, but I didn’t advance a foot before I felt his hand on my loose belt (I had just peed.) He grabbed me by that same belt, pulled it down and as my pants fell I fell unto his lap.


The pain was unmistakable, as the head of his dick made its first attempt at entering my virgin ass, I cried out in pain. Alarmed by my cry the other two turned around. But soon enough their look of concern turned to one of triumph as they quickly flocked to either side of me.

“How does his ass feel?”

“Good, I ain’t in yet though.”

I was so turned on, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let them beat me so easily, this wasn’t right. A fantasy enacted doesn’t make one any happier or willing to go with it. Should I? not like this, not in this way in the park. Maybe I can move them at least, no time no time. Need to think of something…

These thoughts and a thousand more ran through my head as I came to the all important decision: I wanted to do this, I needed to do this for a million and one reasons, but I couldn’t allow this to happen here.

I realized what I must do (and before I continue, let me just let the general reader understand that I am in fact an officer in a certain army and so my combat training is proficient, but no one is a superman and so what I did was only a delay, if they wanted to they would have probably still kicked my ass if they fought together.) I kicked with both legs to the sides and hit the two standing in front of me in the knee caps, and as they both dropped I elbowed the guy who held me on the right by the ribs and in the left by the ear and bolted running with my pants by my ankles for about 3 meters from the bench, turned around panting: “Stop, you win. But I wont do this here, come to my apartment, its about gaziantep escort 5 minutes by car.”

“No fucking way man, we ain’t stupid.”

“Its three of you against me, rape me, cum on me I don’t care but it aint happening here.”

“You tellin’ us what to do?”

“I’m tellin’ you what to do so I’d cooperate.”

“We don’t got a car.”

“Cab, then.”

“You payin’?”

“fuck, no… you wanna fuck me n have me pay for the fuckin’ cab too?”

They laughed at that; laughter is good, it means they will be easier dealt.

“Fine, we’ll pay.”

We got into the cab, I sat bitch (Ironic isn’t it?), to my right sat the guy whose dick had already violated my now aching bottom, and to my left sat a guy who at first I thought retarded. Both their cocks were straining in their pants and each had a hand on me as if I would escape. Maybe they thought I would jump out the window.

I give the driver the directions to my house, its about 20 minutes walk but I didn’t want to risk one of them getting impatient.

“Do you usually do this with your friends?” it was the taxi driver who spoke and the question was directed at me. He was referring to the fact that both my hands were stretched out over the two guys beside me, rubbing their dicks through their pants. But at this point I didn’t really care so I just minded my business teasing the guys. This is good, horny means quick.

“we aren’t his friends,” Said the guy in the front: “we found him.”

“You found him?”

“Yeah, on a bench, in the park. He begged us to fuck him, he said he wanted us to piss on him n’ shit.”

“Really? That’s fucked up… could I..”

“yeah, you can fuck him. Come over in about 2 hours. What’s your number bitch?”

“05…” It was instinct, I swear!

“Call him, he’ll take care of ya.”

“Where did you say you found him?”

“Park Darom.”

“Fuck, I gotta go there more often then.”

“haha. Why? You got his number now, just call and he’s yours.”

Maybe its fitting at this point that I’ll describe the cab driver. He was sixty, but as with all cab drivers in my country he was rather immature. Most of their target audience is teenagers so they learn to maintain the same idiotic teen attitude of their costumers. He had a scruffy white beard, rather fat, and was wearing some hideous white sweater. Not worth anyone’s time… but my own.

The conversation continued in the background as I played with both guys. The one on my right brought me on his lap and put his hand in my pants, drawing circles around my ass, getting me… what I thought I’d never say… wet..

How else would I describe the feeling? My ass was getting wet, my dick was hard as a rock, and I was horny as fuck, wanting him to keep going as I licked my way around the cock of the guy to my left.

We got to my apartment building, and I freaked out. What if they wanted to do it outside? What if they would try to fuck me in the stairway? If my neighbors saw, it would be horrible.

What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

So I did what made most sense at three am, I grabbed both guys by their dicks, leaving the third to pay, and guided them up the stairs in that fashion. They kept stumbling after me as I rushed up, while the third quickly paid and ran after us.

The lights were out in the stairway by my apartment (thank god!) but I couldn’t find my keys, when finally it happened: they had gotten impatient! Within a second I was thrown against the door, not hard, but to show intent.. my pants were brought down and the lil dicked one started entering me while I was squeezed flat against the door.

It was hell, and it hurt, but it felt sooo good! Still, I frantically searched in my pockets, amidst the pain and the ecstasy, I opened the door and fell into the living room.

Turning around I saw all three coming at me, and I muffled a laugh when looking at their glossy eyes.

The door was still open, but I really had nothing to do, I had exhausted my efforts at this point and just hoped to maneuver them a bit away from the open door so that no one could chance a look. The last thing I’d need is one more coming for a lay!

So there I lay, on the floor, supporting my self by my elbows, jeans ripped off, and a hole put through my underwear cause: “no one wants to see your pickle dick.”

I was then brought to the couch (so much for hiding from the door) put on fours and immediately one of the guys started fucking me from behind while the second one lay in front of me, intending me to give him a blowjob, but all I could do was grab the base of his dick, and muffle my groans.

I felt like I was being split, like his dick was piercing my lungs, I just hung on to the couch braced the pain. He fucked me so hard I thought I would pass out, for ten minutes, my ass was on fire and then I felt a new sensation: the first batch of cum in my ass. Slowly it dribbled out as he lifted off of me, and started cheering.

“Yeah man! Look at that? Pretty aint it? Hahaha.”

Now, I thought, I’d have a break! But no, as quickly as the first came out of my ass, that the second started fucking my mouth with his dick. Hard and fast he went, and I couldn’t breath from the get go, so again I fought the pain out, road the pleasure train, and got my second batch of sperm deep in my throat.

It was then that I noticed the third guy, he had looked through our fridge and found some cheap wine, beers, and two bottles of grey goose. He came into the living room, put down the alcohol on the table, gave me a beer, and sat on the couch.

“On the floor.” I didn’t even think not to obey. It seemed obvious.

“You spent?” he said this to the other guys.

“Yeah. Fo’ a while at least.”

“Good, now. Look at me bitch, get between my legs. look at my dick. This is your god, you will treat it as such. And when I cum, there better be some fuckin fireworks. Understood?” all I did was nod and get down to work.

I stretched out my tongue real slow across the bottom of his dick, scooping up dripping pre-cum in an upward position that eventually had my eyes on his as I sucked in the massive glob of pre-cum cuming out of the snake eye.

“I think this bitch likes you.” Said one of the other guys, but I didn’t pay attention to him. He didn’t matter, he could piss on me, like they said in the car, and it wouldn’t matter. Now, it was just me and god.

Looking into his eyes, I couldn’t believe how much power was in them, and for a second I was lost. For ten seconds I stayed this way, looking into his eyes, with my mouth sucking and easing on his head and then I slowly took him in, a quarter of an inch at a time, never stopping, constantly ignoring the pain, until I reached the bottom of his dick, and then began circling slowly with my head until I could not hold my breath any longer and rose up. Next I moved to his balls, while I so gently held his rod, not to engulf, but to hold lightly and tickle as I lovingly let each ball enter my mouth in time and sucked with varying degrees of force.

My almost pilgrim like care had him panting and cursing, and that almost disappointed me, as I hoped that he would maintain composure and silence throughout the whole affair and so maintain power. But never mind that, its time to please god. I kissed and licked his balls a bit more, and rose with the lick, my tongue on the base of his dick, slowly rising, as my tickling hands rose above it, until again we looked at each other.

“Please.” I whispered and again slowly took him in all the way down to his pubic hair, and again:

“Please,” I whispered ever so gently and took him in completely, wholly, and more quickly.

“Please..” I whispered, now barely audible, and again took him down with more force.

Then I came up, straightened my stare into his brilliant eyes and whispered: “choke me..” and choke me he did, as soon as my head sucked his back in, he put both hands on my neck, squeezed firmly and started skull fucking me to a degree that to this day I’ve never seen. So violent, so amazing! For three minutes he fucked me so, until those words I had been waiting to hear for so long came out:

“I’m gonna cum!!” he let go of my neck as I grabbed his butt, and shoved myself down to receive a glorious load that had me coughing, choking, and gurgling for about three minutes, until we both settled.

I lit a cigarette and smiled, this was amazing.

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