Drunk Again

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I came in the front door and immediately looked for Margaret. She wasn’t in the living room, so I looked in her bedroom thinking she might be taking a nap.

I didn’t find her there either so I headed out to the kitchen. As I went into the kitchen I looked out the side door. She was standing with her back to me holding onto the porch railing with both hands.

The unusual thing about her was she was wearing not only a black garter girdle and dark brown Manahattan heel nylons pulled way up her legs, but a very sheer pair of black directoire knickers that came down to mid thigh and covered the top of her stockings. They were so sheer I could see the crack of her ass through them. This was unusual because she hardly ever wore knickers anymore.

I thought maybe she was sober today, but as she turned around and faced me I could see she was totally wiped out again. She gave me that stupid looking grin that only an intoxicated person can give. I could see the huge forest of black pubic hair on her belly through her knickers.

Suddenly the shower began trickling down through her crotch. Then it began to fall faster. Finally the pee was a torrent running so hard and fast it was not only streaming through the crotch of her knickers but was also running down both of her legs soaking her stockings. She said “What the fuck are you looking at me like that for? You’ve seen me piss before. I just thought I could make it back to my potty but it hit me all of a sudden and I couldn’t hold it any longer.”

“You’re so full of shit it isn’t even funny. You get so fucking drunk everyday. The dishes sit in the sink, the beds aren’t made, the laundry isn’t done. All you do is get up and drink beer.” I told her.

Then it was over and as she started to walk over toward me she stumbled. I caught her and helped her inside the house and led her toward her bedroom.

I got her to her bed and unfastened her wet stockings and peeled them down her legs and also took off her soaking wet knickers. I got a pan of warm water and soap and proceeded to wash her cunt and legs, drying them off when I finished. I helped her out of her garter girdle and into her nightgown. I told her she needed a nap and I would wash her lingerie for her. She agreed and was asleep in five minutes. I washed her knickers and stockings and hung them in the bathroom to dry so she could put them on again when she woke up.

Why did she have to get drunk so often? It had become an everyday event. She began the day with with a bottle of beer before breakfast, beer all day, and finished with a beer about ten in the evening. She was consuming nearly a case a day alone. With Agnes, her mother, also drinking a lot it was now becoming two cases every three days for both of them. I don’t know how my father was managing to pay for it. I presume it came from the subsidy he was receiving from Agnes’s brothers who paid him to let her live with us.

Margaret woke up an hour later and promptly let me know she had to piss again. I helped her sit down on her little chamberpot and stood there until she finished pissing. She didn’t bother to wipe her pussy, but wanted another bottle of beer. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted, so I went and got her one.

She went into the living room and sat down in her chair. I managed to get a towel under her ass before she sat down so she wouldn’t get the chair wet. She said “Frank is coming over about two o’clock this afternoon and I want you in your costume.” I was never sure why she wanted me in my costume but I never argued with her. I just put it on while he was at our house.

My costume consisted of a sheer bra, bikini panties, a black garter belt, black full fashioned stockings, and one and a half inch pumps.

Frank had a cock about seven inches long when soft with a very long foreskin. I had seen her suck his cock and she loved to play with the foreskin, trying to stick her tongue up inside it while he was soft. One time he got so excited he just shot his load of semen in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, then washed the rest of it down with a bottle of beer.

Frank must have been pretty horny that day because it wasn’t long until he had her in the bedroom and was fucking her brains out. She squealed and hollered like there was no tomorrow. She told him ” Frank, you have to breed me. I want to have another baby.” He must have shot another big load of semen inside her cunt. When they came out of the bedroom, which was right next bahis siteleri to the living room, she had semen running down her legs onto her stockings and his cock was still dripping. It was pretty obvious neither of them had wiped themselves off after they got done fucking.

She told me to get them each a beer and they sat there and drank, talking like nothing had happened between them.

The next day she had the use of the car and we went to her favorite watering hole. Agnes, her mother, who also liked her beer went along too. Frank was sitting at the bar when we got there.

Before she left home she had put her stockings on but had used roll garters to hold them up rather than a girdle. She also put on her black nylon panties. I said “You know they are visible through your housedress because you have no slip on.” She told me she didn’t care if you could see them or not.

She sat on Franks left and her mother was on his right. When mother sat down on the barstool she flipped her dress out behind her so she was just sitting on her panties. I was sitting on her left drinking a Coke. Mother, Agnes, and Frank were all drinking beer. Pretty soon I saw her pull her dress up over her knees so her stocking tops were showing. I saw Frank put his left hand on her right leg and slide it up toward to her panties.

Suddenly, she told him “I have to go pee and I’ll be right back.” She climbed off her barstool and headed for the ladies room with her black panties showing quite clearly through her dress. I know several men in the tavern had a good eyeful of her as she headed to the restroom. She was probably gone a couple of minutes when she returned and climbed back on her barstool.

Again she flipped out the back of her dress. As she did so, I noticed the top of her purse was open and there were her black panties showing through the open top. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had gone to pee and just left her panties off. Again, she hiked her dress up over her stocking tops and spread her legs open.

Within seconds, Frank put his left hand on her right leg and it wasn’t long before I could see he was moving it further up her leg to reach her cunt. She leaned over toward him and whispered “Just be patient. You’ll be able to play with me in a minute or so.” They all finished their beers and ordered a fresh round. I asked Margaret if could have another Coke and she told me it was OK. She didn’t know I could see what was going on or that I knew she didn’t have her panties on.

Very slowly she scooted forward on the barstool so her butt was on the front edge. I could see Frank move his hand further up her dress, way past her stocking tops. I knew he had his hand on her pussy and it wasn’t long until she was wiggling and squirming with that look on her face that told me she was having an orgasm. She moved her butt backward so it is more centrally located on the barstool and looked at Frank.

“I need to get out of here. I’m so hot I think I’m going to pee again. We are leaving. You leave a few minutes after we do and come to the house because I need your cock inside my cunt.” So we left the tavern and headed to the car which was parked out in back.

No sooner had we gone outside than both Agnes and Margaret leaned with their backs to the car, spread their legs open and began pissing up a storm. “What the hell are you two doing?” I asked. Agnes replied “I had to take a piss. Now shut the fuck up and let me finish.” I didn’t know whether she had her directoire knickers, panties, or nothing on under her dress. Margaret had just pissed so I couldn’t believe she had to go again. I knew she didn’t have anything on under her dress since her black panties were still in her purse.

Agnes had a huge puddle on the gravel between her legs and Margaret was still pissing when her mother finished. I could see that both of them had pee running down their legs so neither of them had spread their legs far enough apart. We got in the car and Margaret had me holding my breath as we left the tavern. I hoped we would get home without having an accident.

Ten minutes later I was upstairs in my bedrooom. I heard Frank come into the house.I had put my garter belt, stockings, bikinis, and bra on along with my high heel shoes and decided to go downstairs. Margaret has put her girdle on and fastened her stocking tops to the garters. However, her great growth of black belly fur was showing as she had not put any panties on. She didn’t care as she was happy Frank was going canl─▒ bahis siteleri to fuck her. I saw Frank had taken his clothes off and his long uncut cock was semi erect and swaying back and forth as he walked into the living room.

Agnes was sitting in a chair and had removed her dress. She was wearing a black cut out bra so her long nipples were sticking out of her bra. I could see she had her black directoire knickers on and the crotch was all wet from her peeing in the parking lot. She hadn’t taken her girdle or stockings off and her stockings were still damp from her pee running down her legs.I could tell from the look on her face that she was drunk.

She told Frank she needed to pee again and was going to use the chamberpot. Frank convinced her to go out on the side porch to piss so we could all watch her. She got up and Frank pulled her knickers down and took them off of her. I saw her thick growth of grey cunt hair as well as her cunt lips hanging down between her legs. She was a little unsteady so I helped her to the side door. We got out on the porch and she leaned against the side rail, spread her legs apart and started pissing. I couldn’t believe the stream she was spraying. Some of it was running down both legs soaking her stockings again.

Margaret decided she needed to pee also, so she spread her legs and let go with a long stream. When they had both finished Frank grabbed his cock and began pissing on each of them. He sprayed Margaret first soaking her girdle, stockings, and belly then he did the same to her Agnes. Margaret had to squat down and begin sucking his cock, getting a mouthful of pee in the process.

Margaret suggested I take Agnes upstairs to her bedroom so I could clean her up. I guided her to the stairs and up we went. I did notice on the way up that her seams were perfectly straight even though her stockings were drenched with both her and Franks pee. She wobbled down the hallway to her room and when I had her in the room I shut the door and locked it.

I sat her on the bed and told her that she was now my slave and that after the mess she made this afternoon I would be in control. She would wear what I wanted her to wear and right now she was going to fuck me. With that I took off my pants and shorts and told her to grab my cock. She stroked it a time or two and then stuck it in her mouth and began to suck on it. I asked her how long it had been since she had been fucked by a man and she told me it had been twenty years. I let her know that was going to change and right now, so I eased her back onto her bed, told her to spread her cunt lips open and I thrust my cock inside her cunt. Her cunt was still all wet from her having just pissed so I shoved my cock all the way inside her. I wiggled it around a few times and suddenly she had her legs wrapped around my back and pulled me completely inside her.

Suddenly I felt something warm around my cock and knew she had had an orgasm. I pulled my cock out and thrust back in and she started wiggling and squirming. I told her to go ahead and have a few more orgasms. Finally I could contain myself no longer and shot a huge load of semen in her cunt. She kept me tightly inside her for a few minutes till my cock stopped quivering.

When I pulled out I wiped my cock on her stocking tops then stuck it back in her mouth so she could lick the remaining semen off. She informed me she needed to piss again so I went across the room and got her chamberpot. I held it under her pussylips and she started dribbling until suddenly she had a tremendous stream of pee running out of her cunt. When she finished I told her to get either a pair of briefs or a pair of knickers and put them on so my semen could run into the crotch. She put a pair of navy blue knickers on. I told her I thought she needed a nap and I wanted to nurse on her huge teats.

She laid down with me beside her still wearing her black cut out bra and held her left teat so I could get the long nipple in and nurse. After about ten minutes she moved slightly and fed me her right teat which I nursed on. She was purring contentedly while I sucked. When I had my fill I told her to turn over and get a nap. She informed me the crotch of her knickers was soaking wet from pee and semen.I told her that was fine and it would dry nice and stiff.

Meanwhile I went back downstairs and I could hear Frank and Margaret fucking noisily in her bedroom. She told Frank he had the longest cock she had ever fucked and she wanted him canl─▒ bahis to fill her up with his semen so he could breed her. I knew my father didn’t want her bred because she couldn’t take care of the young children she had. But Frank complied and I heard him tell her he was about to unload in her cunt. It must have been a huge load because she squealed and hollered that she needed more.

I opened the bedroom door a little and I could see she had her stocking covered legs completely wrapped around Frank’s back so he was in her cunt as far as he could get.He was still wiggling and thrusting a bit. Finally, he took his cock out and she grabbed it and proceeded to suck him and clean the semen off of it. He then proceeded to begin pissing on her again, drenching her girdle and stockings for a second time. She opened her mouth and he gave her a quick shot as he finished.

He told her to get her black panties back on so his semen could leak out of her cunt into the crotch. Suddenly they both saw me watching them. Margaret told me to get over to her so she could suck my cock. Frank told me I was certainly getting longer. Margaret grabbed my cock and began nursing on the head of it. I couldn’t get an erction and she wanted to know why. “I had fucked your mother twice in the past hour and I am worn out.” She told me to get them each a bottle of beer. When I got back with the beer Margaret was sitting on her chamberpot pissing up a storm. She also had Franks cock in her mouth giving him a good suck.

Margaret wanted to know what I had done with her mother and I told her I had made it clear that I was going to be her master. When I told Agnes something I expected her to obey. Everything wouldn’t be sexual in nature either. It might be cleaning up a bit or doing some things around the house. Margaret wanted to know what I would do if she didn’t comply and I told her I’d whip her mothers cunt or her teats with my quirt. “How would you whip her cunt” she wanted to know. I said “I would have her stand with her legs spread and whip her cunt up between her legs. A few smacks with the quirt and she would straighten up.”

Frank thought that was a pretty good idea and thought he might have to use that on Margaret. Margaret let him know he couldn’t do that because her husband would notice her cunt being all red and would ask questions. They needed another round of beer, so I went to the kitchen and got them each another one. By this time Margarets black panties were drenched with the semen Frank had shot in her cunt. Frank told her to take them off and put them over the back of the chair in her bedroom so they could dry. I knew the crotch was going to be good and stiff from all the dried semen in them. Margaret just stepped out of them and I saw her hairy black belly and cunt again. She did have a forest compared to Agnes who was all grey.

Of course, I think her mother or someone was shaving her belly fur because all she had was grey hair around her cunt lips. It appeared that someone, maybe herself, was shaving from the top of her slit up to the top of her pubic hair. However, she wasn’t shaving her armpits or her legs because she had a small forest under each pit and a nice growth on her legs.

I thought I should go upstairs again and see what the old cunt was doing. When I opened her door she was just getting out of the bed and heading for her chamberpot. I told her I would hold it under her pussy and she could piss in it that way. She started to piss and it dribbled out and down both legs. The stream got better and finally was going into the pot. She wanted a tissue, but I told her I would wipe the pee off her legs, but her cunt was going to stay wet. I could see the navy knickers she had put on were pretty dry and the semen stains were showing. I told her to take them off and put on a pair of red briefs. The knickers had a big semen stain in them which was just fine. She wanted to get dressed and I told her she could only put a dress on. She just decided to leave her open cup bra and let her big nipples stick out of the open cups. I adjusted her nipples so they were sticking straight out of the cups. We went downstairs and Frank was just leaving. He told Agnes he hoped she had gotten her fill of cock that afternoon and he would see them again tomorrow.

Frank left and Margaret and Agnes both needed another bottle of beer. It was simply amazing how they could just drink beer after beer after beer. No wonder they went through a case a day. I wondered if father would fuck Margaret that night after all the cock she had already had that day. I guess I would find out later that evening. I knew I had Agnes taken care of. She was now my slave and woud be fucking and sucking me again later that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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