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Dream Love Continues

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Quietly closing the door of my daughter Kristin’s room I stride quickly, still nude and with pajamas in hand, down the hall to stand before my son Nick’s room. Once again, my heart is in my throat, my tummy teems with butterflies, and I’m trembling; I realize, ever so clearly, that what I’m about to do is wrong in so many respects, yet the desire I feel for my son (every bit as intense as that I felt for Kristin when I made love to her this very night) leaves me no choice but to go to him and love him even more than as a mother…but also as a lover.

I stealthily turn the knob and slowly push open the door. Peering inside, I’m able to see very well by the glow of the same streetlamp that lights Kristin’s room. I inhale sharply but quietly when I take in Nick. He’s sleeping exactly in the way I pictured him while still cuddling with my daughter: on his back; no sheet covering his slender, firm torso, nor a shirt; the sheet over his hips and groin, tented with his morning erection…sweetly high. I’m momentarily disappointed when I notice that he’s not murmuring in his sleep as was Kristin, which caused me to enter her room in the first place. But only momentarily; I will begin making love to my sleeping son, and then we’ll simply see what happens next.

I come into Nick’s room and approach him, dropping my pajamas uncaringly to the floor. As I gaze upon my 18-year-old son I shudder in wanton delight, different from the other times I’ve noticed this: my boy is beautiful. I take in his tousled, curly blonde hair, framing a narrow face with full, sensual lips, and a firm jaw and chin. His 5’10, 145 pound frame, though trim, is obviously hard-muscled; his tiny nipples erect in the cool night air. And his cock! I bite my lip hungrily as I look at the height to which it pushes the sheet; I must see it in its full glory, and soon. His body, including his pale blue eyes, is so similar to that of his father’s; the one gift of Ron’s that I still cherish.

My arousal growing by the second with my large, dark nipples tightening and my inner thighs pressing against my already leaking cunt, I bend down to touch the face of my sleeping son; as I trace my fingertips over his soft, cool skin, Nick inhales deeply and seems to mutter something very quietly. I smile slightly; this is a good initial sign.

My fingers continue gliding down: over his cheek and jaw; over his throat and onto his bare, hard chest. As a fingernail gently scratches his right nipple, he takes in another sharp breath and writhes; his back arches slightly. I smile more widely as I trace my fingertip around then over his nipples, scratching them randomly with my fingernails; his breath comes faster and his movements more energetic.

I kneel beside Nick, then lower my head to lightly touch my lips to his. As I begin to kiss him, I grasp his nipple between my fingertips and pinch it gently; he gasps into my mouth, which I take as an invitation to kiss him more firmly. He murmurs something unintelligible again as he returns my kiss and I feel the tip of his tongue touch my lips, then my tongue tip. I purr with pleasure as I open my mouth further for his entry; in the meantime, I pinch his nipples harder, causing him to hiss into my mouth and squirm even more.

So my darling Nick and I kiss: not the peck of mother and son, but the full, urgent press of excited, needful lovers. I feel my nipples ache as they brush against his arm; my pussy throbs, its lips slippery with my flowing honey. I tighten my fingers, which had been simply caressing, in his hair; my other fingers pinch his nipples still harder, and he cries softly into my mouth. I close my lips and suck his tongue deep into my mouth; both of us are panting, our desires becoming too inflamed to control.

Quite unconsciously, I rise enough so that I can straddle Nick’s writhing body. Bending down again, I feel the tip of his sheet-encased prick touch the swollen, glistening lips of my cunt; I groan as I fight the want to simply move back and swallow his cock with my wet pussy, sheet and all. Instead, I wriggle so that his cock just glides over my slit; however, doing so pulls the crumpled sheet off of his erection, and it’s the naked, hot skin of that lovely rod that slides over my cunt…ahhhhhhhh, god! Control, Trish, control!

Shivering with mounting need I break our kiss, then trace my lips and tongue over his firm jaw and chin down to his throat. There, I suck the skin, right above his carotid artery, long and hard; Nick and Kristin both will sport vivid, possibly puzzling, hickeys. Nick’s hands rise to my back, stroking it from my shoulders over my spine and down, down, down to my bottom.

As he kneads my bottom’s cheeks, he murmurs his first understandable words: “God, you have such a soft, gorgeous ass! Feels sooooooooo fucking good! And I love you sucking me like that; love the pain!” My eyes widen, but I don’t relieve the pressure till I am sure a nice, dark hickey has formed.

As Nick’s fingers push deeper bursa eskort bayan into the cleft of my bottom (“Mmmmmmmm, nice and hairy!”) I break my seal on his throat and lick lower, circling his left nipple with my tongue, then flicking it with my tongue’s tip; he inhales sharply.

As I suck and lick his nipple, Nick hisses, “Yesssssss! Lick it, baby! Suck it! Bite it!”

I’m more than happy to oblige, sucking his small, hard nipple deep into my mouth while lapping it constantly; my fingers continue to pinch his other nipple. His back arches (pushing his prick almost into my hungry cunt; I sob quietly as I shift my hips again) and his fingers tighten around the globes of my bottom.

I release Nick’s nipple with an audible pop, then glide my tongue over to the other nipple, kissing, licking and sucking it until the thrust of his hips is constant and his fingernails push deep into the soft flesh of my bottom. Looking up, I can see his teeth clenched as his head is thrown back. I cry out into the flesh of his chest when, sucking, biting and pinching his nipples harder, I feel his fingernails scratch down my bottom cheeks.

Taking my lips and fingers from his nipples, I take his arms in my hands and push them above his head.

He laughs softly when I do this, whispering, “Yeahhhhhhh! Tie me up; I wanna know what that feels like!”

I smirk when I hear this, wondering who is getting the benefit of his raw lust in his dream. I press first my nose, then my mouth, to the moist skin of his right underarm; taking in the scent and taste of his fresh, young sweat. I tremble, and my cunt pours forth yet more nectar.

I trace my tongue tip down over Nick’s side, causing him to shudder and buck; I feel the head of his cock sliding over my tummy. I glide my tongue then over his firm, sculpted tummy, rising quickly with his breath. Pressing my lips to his tiny, round navel, I kiss it, then slide my tongue around its rim and bottom; he cries out in a low gasp, pressing his tummy up to my mouth. His prick is now caught between my pendulous, quivering breasts, pressing achingly into the soft flesh.

Both of us panting now, I kiss and lick lower still. I get my first glimpse of my son’s naked cock…and it is a beauty. Imbued with the iron-like stiffness characteristic of morning erections and a lovely purple-pink in its tumescence, it’s fairly long (somewhere between 6 and 7 inches, I estimate) and slender; its length curves upward to a proud, oval head, the tip now leaking drops of sticky preseminal fluid. It shudders and sways with his pulse and excitement.

Deliberately avoiding touching his cock, I instead glide my nose and tongue through Nick’s thick, wiry pubic hair. My hair, however, brushes his prick: when I turn my head, I see a thick string of his precum attached to my hair and to his cocktip; I tremble at the sight. I breathe in his clean, slightly sweaty odor; the earthy scent of his crotch causes my heart to race and my tummy to knot.

I push his slender, hard thighs further apart so that I can lick down between his balls and thighs, then up onto his inner thighs. Kissing, licking and sucking the smooth, softly-haired skin of his thighs causes Nick’s whole body to tighten and his breath come in gasps. I then raise his balls gently so I can lick behind then, this makes him jerk and spread his thighs even further apart. His tiny, brown, spasming anal flower is thus revealed to me, and of course I must press my mouth to it; kissing it, then tracing my tongue around it.

Licking his flower causes my aroused son to cry out in his breathy, slumbering voice, “Oh my fucking Goddddddddd! I love you licking my ass! Fuck, yeah!”

I lick Nick’s rose bud for a while, savoring its clean, manly flavor. But with his balls pushed against my nose and the scent of his precum lingering in my nostrils, I can no longer ignore the sweet sight before me: his gently nodding prick, drops of precum trickling down the head and shaft. But first…after breaking my kiss of his flower, I open my lips wide and take one of his large, tight balls into my mouth. He hisses and thrusts his hips wildly; I hang onto them so as not to hurt him. I suck his testicle, separating it from its mate while snaking my tongue around it; its flavor is rich and lovely, and I swallow as I suck and lick.

I try, and succeed, in taking both of his balls into my mouth; full to bursting, I do little but gently suck and knead them with my tongue tip. This seems to be enough as Nick is almost sobbing in his pleasure, humping my mouth as his hands grasp the wooden headboard. But the hot, moist skin of his cock as it taps against my forehead and nose prove too much: I must have it, and now.

Releasing his balls from my mouth, I take his prick in my hand for the first time. I gasp at the feverish heat of its skin as well as its velvety softness; the moistness of his precum causes the skin of his cock and my hand to stick together. Just grasping the lovely bursa otele gelen eskort bayan thing causes it to drool more clear, viscous fluid; this time the warm, thick liquid runs over my fingers.

I breathe deeply: the scent of Nick’s overheated skin, sweat and precum mix to make my head swim in delirious delight; the imagined taste of this potent brew is more than I can stand, and I press my tongue tip to the shaft of my darling son’s cock. And thus I find my imagination pales to reality: the flavor of his prick’s skin is divine, and I shudder in a near-orgasm. The salty-sweetness of his flesh marinated in his precum is making me ravenous, and I lick it like the proverbial lollipop; as I do I can feel a blood vessel throbbing beneath my tongue, and the sheer joy of this wicked, delicious thing I’m doing bursts within me all over again.

I lick my son’s prick avidly, from root to tip, savoring the lemony sweetness of his precum as it drools onto my tongue and thus down my throat. As I love his gorgeous cock Nick writhes, his hands now on my head and his fingers tangled in my hair, his hips thrusting faster. Soon his prick glistens with a coating of his precum and my saliva.

Kissing and licking his beautiful cock causes Nick to moan, “Oh Godddddd, oh fuckkkkkkk! Lick my prick! God, I’m close to coming! So fucking close!”

Not wanting to waste Nick’s sweet seed by having it shoot into the air in his adolescent eagerness, I press the tip of his cock between my lips then let it slide into my mouth. Shallowly at first, I take more of his lovely rod into my mouth with each thrust; as I suck, I entwine the head then the shaft with my tongue, delighting yet again in his unique, savory flavor. Finally, despite its length my lips are wrapped around the base of the shaft, his pubic hair tickling my nose; his cockhead bumps against the back of my throat. Then I begin sucking my baby boy in earnest: my wet mouth tight around his prick, my tongue circling it and licking it, pumping up and down. And Nick does the same: he thrusts his cock in my mouth, fucking my mouth as it fucks him. Our mutual ecstasy builds this way to an intolerable point, and then…


His body is rigid, his back arched, his head thrown back and his eyes still closed, his hands pressing my head down while his fingers pull painfully at my hair…and the thick, sticky, salty-sweet mass of his semen shoots into my mouth, filling what space isn’t taken by the girth of his prick so that I must swallow repeatedly around his swollen cock. And still it comes: in lessening jets, filling my mouth as I pump it over his prick, and I swallow still more.

Finally though, his cries quiet, his writhing stills, and his fucking of my mouth slows then stops; he lays gasping, trembling with the force of his orgasm. I now have time to savor the divine flavor of his cum; I glide my tongue over my teeth, collecting every drop, then leave it on my tongue for a few moments to enjoy before swallowing.

It’s during this time of enjoying my son’s cum that his words in the heat of passion finally make an impression on me: he called out his own sister’s name; so in his dream, it was Kristin who had gone down on him and made him come in her mouth…Kristin with whom he is making love! I must admit, I’m a bit taken aback: while I had only a slim hope it might be me whom he was dreaming of, I thought it more likely it was some girl he knows at school or at work…but his sister? “The plot thickens”, I think giddily. This could complicate things.

But on second thought…his sister fantasized she was making love with me when I seduced her in her dream; Nick has every right to dream of his sister in the same erotic way, or it will all have to end…and I have no intention of ending the deepening and widening of the relationships I have with my son and daughter. If he wants Kristin, then Kristin I will be if he cares to continue tonight.

I lick the still-oozing droplets of Nick’s cum from his cock, then get up to lay back down beside him. I take him into my arms as he pants and twitches; his soft, smooth skin now glows with sweat, and its scent makes for a heady mixture when combined with that of his cum and my now-sodden cunt.

I hold him close and stroke his hair, whispering, “You were incredible, dear brother, and incredibly tasty! Now relax and let Kristin take care of you.”

He snuggles into me, his head on my breast as I bury my face in his moist hair. I look down and note with some amazement that his cock has lost none of its rigidity.

“Teenage boys!” I sigh to myself.

And I’m correct in my surmise of bursa eve gelen escort his recuperative powers, for it’s not long before he is nuzzling my breasts and caressing my tummy and thighs. I quiver as he touches several right places and his lips and tongue are pressed to my still-hard nipples, making them even tighter and more sensitive.

He murmurs to me, “I knew you’d be great, Kristin, I just knew it! I can’t imagine fucking anyone else would be as incredible as with you!”

Despite the delightful sensations mounting in my breasts and pussy, I smile mischievously and whisper, “Not even Mom?”

Nick actually stops his excruciatingly pleasurable torments to think for a moment, then replies, “Yeah, you’re right. If I thought Mom would give me a chance, I’d fuck and suck her right after you. You’re both too hot to be real!”

He then simultaneously closes his lips on my nipple while teasing the glistening lips of my cunt with his fingertip; I can’t help but cry out and my body jerks. Without another word, I push his face into my breast.

He swirls his tongue around my hard nipple as he sucks it deep into his mouth; the sensations come too hard and fast, and I gasp and writhe without thought or reason. When one of his fingers pushes between my swollen pussy lips and he pinches and rolls my other nipple with fingers from the other hand, I feel a climax helplessly begin in my stiff, little clit.

With mixed relief and regret, I relax as Nick stops sucking my breast and fingerfucking me; I feel a dim amazement when he whispers, “No, Kristin, I don’t want you to come just yet. I have to taste that sweet cunt I’ve been wanting for so long!”

With that he gently pushes me down till I’m on my back, my arms up and legs spread wide in hungering invitation.

Nick poises himself above me, eyes still closed. He then lays down on me with his lips touching my tummy just below my breasts; as he kisses me there he never stops pinching and twisting my nipples with his fingertips; thus, I have excruciatingly luscious sensations running constantly through my body…a most delectable form of torture.

He kisses and licks his way down my tummy as it undulates with my panting breath. I cry out and arch my back as he covers my navel with his lips, then penetrates it with his tongue. After causing me to writhe and groan with this sweet agony for a while, he continues down into the humid, fragrant forest of my pubic hair.

Nick traces his lips and tongue through my pubic thatch, nuzzling it with his nose and pulling it with his teeth.

As I writhe and gasp and moan, he raises his head and with his eyes still closed, murmurs dreamily, “Damn, girl! I’d always thought you’d be all shaved bald, or at least trimmed! It’s all good, though: I love hairy, tasty pussy, too!”

With that, he goes back to matting down my pubic hair completely with his saliva.

When he splays my cuntlips open with his tongue I gasp and arch my back, thrusting my hips up to push my saturated pussy into his mouth. He laps his tongue from my stiff, throbbing clit all the way down to just above my anal flower; I long to beg him to lick my rose bud, but decide to let him choose that himself, if he will. His oral technique is rougher than Kristin’s, but no less exciting. Losing control, I fuck his mouth with my cunt, thrusting my hips up and causing his strong tongue to penetrate me more deeply.

As he tonguefucks me and I ride his sweet mouth harder and faster, and he continues to pinch and twist my nipples with his fingertips.

I hiss through clenched teeth, “Ahhhhhh god, Nick! Fuck my pussy with that wonderful mouth and tongue, honey! Fuck me hard and deep! Push your mouth down in there and wet your face with my nectar! Fuckkkkkkkkk! I’m so close! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!”

And he loves me all the harder and more roughly for that; causing me to cry out more loudly and lose control, humping his mouth frenetically and grip his hair hard as I push his mouth deeper into my sloshing pussy.

As Nick gasps for air and makes my thick honey bubble, I feel the orgasm begin in my achingly-hard clit then burst downward into my cunt and thighs, and upward into my tummy, my breasts, my brain. I shriek gaspingly, my back arched painfully and my whole body rigid; if I was thinking at all I’m sure I would notice that I must be hurting Nick, as hard as I am riding his mouth.


Thrashing my head wildly, my breasts bouncing almost painfully, my damp hair covering my face, I continue fucking my son’s mouth and tongue as my climax floods me with excruciating pleasure.

But sadly my orgasm ebbs, and finally I collapse on the bed. I pant loud and fast, trembling and jerking as after-sensations shock my overloaded clit. Nick drinks my honey, flowing from my cunt like a biblical flood; I sob with mixed agony and delight every time his nose or tongue contacts my over-sensitive nubbin. Still, I can’t help rubbing myself on his mouth, tormenting myself as he is tormenting me.

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