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Double Trouble Ch. 1

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Ch. 1: Movie Magic

Living next door to your relative does have a lot of disadvantages. You have to be careful when you come and go, who you hang out with, and what girls you bring home when your parents are away. The last one, is what started me on my road to sexual awakenings, so to speak.

I was seeing this foxy babe for the past few weeks and I figured it was time to try and get into her pants, as there was no room left in mine from the constant hard-on. My parents were gone for the weekend and they asked aunt Genni to keep an eye on me. Here I was a twenty three year old guy with raging hormones, just dying to get my pecker wet with a new babe and I have to watch for my aunt. Aunt Genni-Ann is a nice enough person. She’s my mom’s identical twin. Genni-Ann and Gerri-Ann. The only difference between her and mom is mom is married and aunt Genni isn’t. Her old man took off before I was old enough to remember and she has been alone since. She often kids me about being the only man in her life that really cares. That’s because I always mow her lawn and keep her house and grounds looking good, never taking a penny I might add.

Anyway, here I was with Brandy sneaking in the back door to get to my room where we could, I hope fuck our brains out. It wasn’t hard to get Brandy out of her blouse and bra, because all she was wearing was a halter top. I was like a kid in tit heaven. Her firm 38’s jiggled with ever move she made. Her silver dollar sized areola were capped with bright pink pencil eraser sized nipples. I was sucking on two of the nicest thinks I ever put in my mouth. Her moaning and sighing told me to keep going., which is what I planned on. I let my hand roam down to the button on her skin tight shorts and flipped open the button with the skill of an expert. The zipper was next. Beyond that was blue silk thong panties. I had her shorts down around her waist when she pushed me back and said,

“Ssshhhhhhh! Someone is coming. I heard the door close!” Sure enough I heard a familiar voice saying,

“Jack! Jack honey are you here? Hello. Is anyone home.”

“Quick Brandy! Grab your clothes and jump out the window! If my aunt catches us I’m dead meat!”

“But Jack we’re on the second floor! I break my fuckin neck if I jump.”

“No silly. There is a fire ladder at the window. Just throw it out and climb down. I’ll meet you tomorrow and we can take up from where we left off.” I gave he left tit a gentle squeeze and helped her out the window. It was none to soon either as I had just opened the door and there was aunt Genni with her hand on the door knob.

“Hi aunt Genni! What’s up? I said with a little embarrassment.

“Hi honey. I thought I saw someone sneaking around back so I decided to investigate. Why did you come in the back way?”

“Umm I was ahhhh I was sort of trying to….well you know.”

“No Jack I don’t know. Were you perhaps trying to sneak a girl up here and get in her pants while your parents were away?”

“Aw come on aunt Gen. Can’t a guy have some fun. I’m stuck all alone in this big house and there was nothing to do so I figured I would add some excitement in my life.’

“You don’t have to answer to me hon, but your parents might be sore if they found out their son knocked up some chick in their house while they were away. I bet you didn’t think about that did you?”

“No I guess not. I’m sorry aunt Genni. It won’t happen again.” I guess she could see I was beaten as well as frustrated.

“Say! Why don’t you grab your P-Jays and come and stay with me tonight. I all alone in a big old house too. We’ll have some fun. Watch a movie and eat popcorn. Come on! It’ll be fun.”

“Aunt Gennnnn! I don’t wear P-Jays any more!”

“Well bring your robe, or what ever. I’ll meet you downstairs.” I closed the door and went to the closet to get my robe, and that’s when I noticed. In all the panic I had forgotten to zip up my jeans, and therein all it’s glory hung my wilting dick. “Oh shit! I wonder if aunt Genni saw?” Well it was too late to worry about it now. I closed my bedroom door and made my way to the front door where aunt Genni was waiting.

“Come on handsome! I’ll be your date for the rest of the evening. OK?” I smiled at her and lowered my face to hide my shy expression. She hooked her arm in mine and we made our way to her house. I could feel the heat from her breast as she pressed close to me. If I get turned on again tonight I’m sure to get a case of blue balls. We entered her house and headed for the TV room as she called it. Aunt Genni loved her TV and she went for the best equipment. Big screen and surround sound, the works. “

“Why don’t you go take a quick shower and I’ll get us some snacks. Then you can find a good movie on the dish and I’ll take my shower and we’ll enjoy ourselves.”

“Okay aunt Gen.” Off I went to get cleaned up. I was back in ten minutes all squeaky clean and ready for some serious TV. True to her word aunt Gen had the snacks laid out along with some wine for her and gorukle escort bayan beer for me.

“I will be back in ten minutes. Help yourself to a beer and chips and find a good movie.”

I settled into the big sofa and popped a beer and grabbed the remote. I was scanning through the channels and found what promised to be a good movie. It was a Sci-fi Horror type movie with some pretty big names. It was starting in fifteen minutes so I figured it would fill the bill. I was just into my second beer when aunt Gen re-appeared. She plopped down beside me and I almost spilled my beer. Here I was in my robe with just a pair of boxers on. Aunt Gen was dressed in pretty much the same from what I could see. She had on a black lacy robe which was practically see through and it stopped just below her butt. Her bottoms consisted of a pair of… well boxer shorts, also black. Now aunt Genni is my mom’s twin and at the age of forty-two they are still beautiful women. To describe one is to describe both. Aunt Genni is a five foot seven, red head with a well-proportioned body with one exception. Her boobs are about a forty “DD” from viewpoint, and yes they do sag, but hey she’s old enough to warrant it and I think they looked just fine. No extra flab or extra weight to be found anywhere else. As I looked at her it wasn’t hard to tell she left her bra in the bathroom. Her nipples were showing just enough to look real sexy. She saw me looking and said,

“Well honey do I look all right?”

“Wow aunt Genni! You look bitchin. I mean you…. you look real pretty.”

‘Oh lighten up handsome. I am after all a woman, and I do like to hear men fuss over me. I think I like bitchin better than pretty.” Again I shied away, embarrassed to meet her eyes.

“What kind of movie did you come up with?”

“It’s a Sci-fi horror flick. It looks to be pretty good.”

“Fantastic! I love getting the shit scared out of me. You can protect me from the space aliens! OK?”

“Yes my fair maiden” I said getting into the act. “I shall keep you from harms way!” We both laughed at the silliness of our act.

“Pour me some wine handsome!” As she held out her glass in front of her my eyes confirmed the fact she was bra-less. Her soft pillows of delight pushed the front of her robe revealing all but the perky nipples. “Fuck me!” I though to myself, “Remember dickhead she’s your aunt. Your mother’s twin. If you’re looking at her tits your looking at your own mother’s too.

“Pardon me sir! But may I have some wine?”

“Oh… sorry aunt Gen. I was somewhere else?

“Oh yeah and where might that be? Never mind fill me up.” I filled her glass and we started watching the movie.

It was a really good picture with a lot of action and suspense. The movie was about three-quarters done and so was a six pack and a bottle of wine. Aunt Gen was engrossed in the movie and wasn’t paying attention to her robe. Most of her big boobs had made their way into the dim light of the room. My dick had a mind of it’s own and was starting to push up the front of my robe. Just then there was a loud crash as one of the alien creatures surprised the hero. My aunt jumped and spilled her wine and my beer all over the front of both of us. I jumped to my feet, as the liquid was cold. She did the same wiping the mess from the front of her robe. It our effort to wipe ourselves we also bared our fronts. Me with my semi-hard cock poking out my boxers and her glorious tits exposed completely.

“Shit! All over the front of this new robe, and I just bought it today. Damit!”

“Ahem…. Aunt Gen…. You might want to cover up your…. ah… your top!”

“Oh! Excuse me! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to upset you. You must think I’m an ugly old broad.”

“No! No not at all I think you’re….. I think you’re really bitchin!” We both broke up and sat down on the couch, giggling like two teenagers.

Aunt Gen looked at me and commented on my exposure of sorts and that caused us to start all over again. After laughing so hard our stomachs hurt we reached for refills on our drinks. Aunt Gen hadn’t bothered closing her robe and my pecker continued to climb. She was the first to speak saying,

“Jack? Do I really look bitchin to you? This time it was her who lowered her head in shyness.

“Why sure! In fact I would take you out on a date anytime!” She reached over and gave me a hug, her naked breasts rubbing against my chest.

“Thank you sweety. You just made my day.” She looked up and saw me looking at her naked tits. We both had drank enough to lower our inhibitions and defenses. She put her hand on my leg three inches from my growing cock and said,

“Would you like to touch them? I won’t say anything if you don’t”

“You realize aunt Gen if we go the next step I may not be able to stop!”

“The truth be known, I’m counting on just that.”

I raised my hand and cupped her mound of flesh, gently feeling it’s mass. It was like a soft warm pillow, giving way whereever nilüfer escort bayan I applied pressure. I lifted the other and played with both of them, mesmerized by their beauty.

“Wow aunt Gen they are beautiful. Can I…. Can I put one in my mouth?”

“Yes darling you can do what ever you want. It’s been so long since I’ve had a man I have forgotten how nice it feels to have a man touch me. Suck my tits baby. Suck your aunt Genni’s big tits.” I put her nipple in my mouth and started to feed on it. The nipple responded immediately, getting hard as rubber while I nursed on it. This was definitely better than sucking on Brandy’s tits. There was a whole lot more tit to play with. Her soft warm flesh fueled my lust, making me as horny as a ten peckered owl. My cock was turning into steel draining all of inhibitions with it. I was going to fuck and suck my aunt, and nothing short of a bomb was going to stop me. I sucked and bit at her nipples making her moan and squirm. This was one hot lady. I felt aunt Genni’s hand travel the short distance to my lap. Her hand started to rub the front of my shorts making me even harder.

“Oooo…. baby is this big hard dick all for little ole me? Ummm you are a big boy aren’t you. How long is it? Wait let me guess.” Her hand went up and down the length a few times and she said,

“I would say it is about…… eight and a half inches. Am I right?”

“No it’s just eight inches.”

“Just eight inches he says”, she mocked. “I will have you know that just eight inches is very very rare indeed. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen one that big, even in pictures. Why don’t you let me see this big old cock. In fact why don’t you let your aunt Gen suck this big think down her throat. It’s been a long time since I’ve throated a cock and I would love to try and do this brute.”

She pushed my head back and lowered herself to her knees in front of me. Her fingers made their way into the opening of my shorts and she extracted my rock hard cock. Her next word almost made me cum.

“Watch your nasty aunt Genni suck your big hard cock. Watch me feed on it. It will be just like watching your mother suck your big fucking cock!”

She licked up the side of my cock, never taking her eyes off mine. When she made it to the top, her mouth opened as wide as possible and I watched as the head disappeared into her hot mouth.

“Oh fuck aunt Gen. I don’t believe it. Oh fuck yeah! It feels so good. Don’t ever stop. Suck me baby, suck my cock!” I was watching her take my cock in her mouth. It was blowing my mind. Here I was in my own house with my lovely aunt sucking my cock. Her red lips traveled up and down my cock, her eyes looking directly into mine. It was if my own mother was on her knees before me, that’s how much they looked alike. Her sucking noises and my groans of lust, drowned out the sound from the TV. Her palm cradled my nuts, rolling them to and fro, adding to the excitement. Her other hand was running up and down my ass, squeezing my cheeks. I would not be able to hold out much longer, I knew that for sure. She pulled my shaft from her sucking mouth long enough to say,

“Watch, honey! Your horny aunt Gen is going to swallow this big fucker whole. Would you like that? Have you ever been throated?”

“Oh god!!!!!! No I haven’t aunt Gen. I have always wanted to but none of the girls I went with could!”

“Well stud. Watch me, ’cause your aunt Gen can throat this cock, and I am going to love every second. Just think Jack. I could be your mother and you wouldn’t know the difference. Would you?”

“Please……….aunt Gen! If you mention mother once more I will cum for sure!”

“That wouldn’t be so bad! I want you to cum baby. I want you to shoot that white-hot syrup all over auntie’s face. Would you like that hmmmmmm?”

“Your fucking right I would like it. I have never cum on any of my girlfriends face’s. They’re such prude’s. Do you really want me to cum on your face? Can I cum in your hot mouth auntie cocksucker?”

“Yes I do want you to cum, and yes my soon to be “aunt fucking nephew” you can cum in my mouth too. Oh one more thing Jack. I will show you the one difference that there is between your mom and me, after you shoot that white sauce all over my face.”

Aunt Gen went back to her cocksucking and I used all my strength to hold back, but I knew it wouldn’t be for very much longer. Aunt Gen shortened it by freeing my cock long enough to add,

“Cum in mommy’s face son! Shoot your fuck cream allllll over mother’s face baby.”

That was all it took. I grabbed my rod and started jerking it as the cock juice rose from my balls and flew out the tip. Huge gobs of cum poured out of my cock hitting aunt Gen in the face, on her eyes, her nose, in her flaming red hair, and yes some of it ended up in her wide open mouth. I couldn’t remember ever cumming this much. It was if I would never stop. The incredible feeling lasted for almost a minute, after I stopped bursa otele gelen escort bayan shooting. Aunt Gen had taken my cock and was wiping her face with it gathering all the cum and licking it off my cock, taking it in her mouth and sucking it clean time after time until her face and my cock were clean. As my rod shrank in the warmth of her still sucking mouth, I still found it hard to believe what I had experienced. It wasn’t a dream because I could feel and see this wickedly wonderful woman on her knees in front of me.

“Aunt Genni You are incredible! I can’t believe this happened. It was so fantastic, so cool, so……bitchin!”

We both laughed at my choice of words.

“You know Jack! I don’t think I have ever seen a more rigid and beautiful specimen of a cock like yours! If I can get it hard would you do me the honors of sticking it deep in my wet horny cunt?”

“Aunt Genni! It is beginning to harden as you speak that filth to me, and I figure a few more erotic fuck words and it will be as hard as before. Let me hear how much you want to fuck your nephew.”

She made her way up onto the couch and snuggled next to me. Her mouth was close to mine so I bent and kissed her. Her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth wrestling with mine trying to stick her’s down my throat. Her one hand was massaging my hard pole, the other was busy running fingers through my hair. She broke our kiss and asked me if I enjoyed being with her. My reply was to fondle her glorious boobs and stick two fingers in her wet soupy snatch.

“Does that answer your question dear aunt Gen?”

“Mmmmmm most definitely Jack! You know your way around a woman’s body pretty good. I like the way you wiggle your fingers in my cunt. It’s making me wetter, and I’ll need all the wetness I can get if I want to get this beautiful big cock in my pussy. Tell me! How many girl have you balled?”

“I have been with two girls before, but you are my first woman, so I guess you could say you will be the woman who takes my virginity, in a sense!”

“Hmmmmm! Yeah I guess I am. Does it scare you that I am your mom’s sister?”

“No, not at all! In fact it’s as if I am fucking my mom. I mean heck your her identical twin!”

“”Well yes we are identical, but there is a small difference. You see this small beauty mark on my right boob?”

“Yes! The one that looks like a small heart.”

“That’s the one. Well your mom has one too, except hers is on her left boob, in the same spot. She is in a sense a complete mirror image of me. We are the same in every way.”

“Except for one thing aunt Gen. You are fucking her son and she isn’t!”

“Yes I imagine your right. Tell me Jack! If you had the chance would you fuck and suck your mom?”

“”Geee… I don’t know! I guess if she wanted to I would. Do you think she would fuck and suck her son?”

“Good question! Why don’t you stick this big old prong in your auntie’s hot little cunt, and maybe then I will be able to answer your question.”

“Coming right up you sexy bitch. Spread those luscious gams and get set for the fuck of your life.”

I held her legs at the ankles and walked on my knees until the head of my cock was poised at the entrance of her red-haired love grotto. She reached for my cock and rubbed it on the lips of her pussy, lubricating the head for an easy entrance. I nudged open her pussy slowly pushing at the opening. Her guttural response made my cock jerk upwards.

“Oh fuck yes baby give me your hard cock. Fuck my hot wet pussy and make me cum. Mmmmmmmm you feel so big. I feel like I’m being split in two. Uugggggggg….oueeeeee…..Jack! How much more cock? You’re splitting me open!”

“Hang in there aunt Gen there are only two more inches to go and you’ll be filled with all eight inches of your nephew. How does it feel? Do you like Jack’s hard cock?”

“Ooohhhhh……fuck me baby…..I lovvvvvvvvve your hard fuck pole. Push it in quick. Let me have it all!”

I slammed into her, knocking the wind out of her. Our bellies slapped together, our pubic hairs tangled as one. I pulled back and pushed myself back in. It was incredible. Her pussy held onto my cock gripping it with the wet velvet like walls. I pushed and pulled faster, increasing our tempo, causing both of us to pant and grunt like the two sex starved animals we were. My big titted aunt had her eyes closed savoring ever thrust of my cock. She let me know she was having a cock happy time.

“Ohhh yes baby! Fuck your poor auntie’s hot pussy! Make me cum honey! Fill my wet pussy with you cock juice pleasssssseee! Oh…oh…ohhhh yess baby I’m cummmmmmmmiiinnnnnggggg! Oh FUCK YES! NOW! FUCK NOW! FUCK ME! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!”

It didn’t take her as long as I figured, but man did she cum. I could feel her cunt squeeze my cock, milking it, trying to coax my liquid seed from my balls. I reached down and pinched her hard nipples saying.

“Cum my precious cunt! Cum for me and I will fill you with my creammmmmmmm. I to orgasmned, filling her pussy with my copious flow. The squishy sounds we made heightened our orgasms. I looked at her as my seed filled her wet hot cunt. I could feel the overflow drenching my balls and her pussy mound. Her eyes opened to see me staring back at her. A smile formed on her face and she simply said,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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