Donut Dolly

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It was my first day to the unit. I was so nervous. I didn’t know anyone here. I was in a foreign country. I was so excited to be here, I was a donut dolly. It was my passion, my dream to be here to help all the soldiers. All the other donut dolly’s were so nice. They showed me to my room, helped me understand how everything worked here. They told me sometimes it could be so brutal, the war was just getting bad and they needed all the help they could get. For the past few weeks everything had been peaceful and everybody was pretty much just relaxing and enjoying life as much as they could.

After getting all unpacked and organized the girls led me to the cafeteria. There were around 150 soldiers here at this unit. The girls warned me that because I was new, all the guys would be checking me out. The girls all had their men, and their guys kept them close. So every time a new girl came, she was like fresh meat in front of pit bulls. As soon as we walked in, I could feel all eyes on me, like they were violating me, unbuttoning my nurse uniform one button at a time. I stared straight ahead, the girls tried to block their views as much as possible.

We got our food and sat down at the table. I let out a sigh of relief, the worst was passed. The girls were all giggling at me, laughing at the look on my face. One girl, sitting next to me, told me I didn’t have anything to worry about. I’d be fine. All the guys were really nice, except one. They all looked in unison to the back of the cafeteria. I slowly turned my head, it was like tunnel vision. Everyone else in the cafeteria just kind of blurred out except for him. They said his name was Mike. He was a Black Hawk Helicopter pilot. He was in an army green flight suit and had a flat top, and a goatee. They told me to not mess with him. He couldn’t be trusted. He’d try and would succeed to seduce you the minute you let him talk to you. He is bad news and he was looking right at me. Not only was he looking at me but it was like he was sizing me up. I think he knew what they were saying to me because he smiled a very wicked smile. I bit my lip and looked away, cheeks flushed. I looked back at him, and the girls scolded me, they said “don’t! If you give him just a little bit, he will take you whole”.

How could I not be curious after all that! It made me mad that I wanted him just because those girls told me I should stay away from him. I made my mind up. I would stay away. Nothing he said to me would make me give in.

The next day I saw him everywhere I went. It seemed he just happened to be going the same places I was. I ignored him with every fiber of my being. It just kept gnawing at me, he was so sexy. None of the guys here had what he did. He just exuded some kind of sexual energy. I knew deep down I wanted him. Were these girls crazy not to give be┼čikta┼č mas├Âz escort in? No, I had to stop thinking like that.

Finally it was lunch. I was so looking forward to sitting with the girls. I knew I was safe when I was with them. I waited for like 20 minutes at the door for the girls but they never showed. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer so I turned the corner and pulled the door open, and bumped body to body with him. He didn’t move, or act like he was surprised in the least. As I felt his body next to mine, I swear I felt something hard where it shouldn’t be. I backed up and gasped. I ran around him and grabbed a tray. I got my food and sat down at the nearest empty table. As I put a cherry in my mouth he sat down right in front of me. He simply said, “Meet me on the runway at midnight”, and left.

The rest of the day I was a complete mess. I wanted to meet him but I knew what would happen if I did, and I still really wanted to meet him. I would go but I wouldn’t tell anyone. If the girls just never found out then it’d be ok. I wore a white skirt with a white tank top, it wasn’t all that low cut, just enough though. I walked slowly out to the runway, trying to catch my breath. We were just gonna talk, that’s all. I tried to think of something boring, something I do every day so I could control my shaky nerves. It wasn’t working. I saw him standing there, lit up by only the moonlight. He took my breath away. Had I ever seen a man so beautiful but yet so rough? I walked quietly over to him, looking down to the ground. I didn’t have the confidence to look him in the eye. As I came closer he reached his hand out and I took it. He lead me over to a big, black helicopter and lifted me up inside. He jumped in the other side and started it with a symphony of movements. I’d never been in a helicopter before. I yelped as it lifted off the ground and went up in the air. We only flew for just a couple of minutes till we were in the deep jungle. As he lifted me out and the blades came to a standstill I could hear the roar of a waterfall. He led me through a path through thick vines and bushes; suddenly we stood on the edge of what seemed to be the earth.

The moon lit up the water as it cascaded over, I couldn’t see the bottom but I could certainly hear it. We stood on a giant rock, smooth as glass. He turned to me, without a word, grabbed my neck and kissed me so deeply, I knew, right then, that this was meant to be. I kissed him back, then grabbed the zipper on the front of his jump suit with my teeth and fell to my knees. I grabbed his hard, cock and squeezed with both hands as I looked him in his eyes and smiled. I used my tongue to outline around the outer edge of his head as I caressed his balls with my hands. I flicked my tongue all over the meat be┼čikta┼č otele gelen escort of his head and softly put the whole tip in my mouth. I sucked as I would’ve on a lollipop, making that popping sound as my mouth pulled off. I grabbed the base of his now throbbing hard cock and wrapped my fingers around it tight and squeezed as I slid my mouth down as far as I could go. I heard him moan, he grabbed handfuls of my hair as I moved up and down. I used both my hands, trying to mimic what it’d feel like if he were inside me. He grabbed both sides of my head and forced himself inside my mouth, he went faster and faster and pushed all the way to the back of my throat, I swallowed him, begging him for more. I moaned as I took him deeper. I felt my pussy begin to throb and felt the juices start to flow. I looked up at him when I knew he was on the verge, I wanted to see him as he came in my mouth. He looked at me as he rammed his rock hard cock violently in my mouth, he screamed and came so hard his juice squirted out both sides my mouth; I swallowed all the rest, every last drop as he fell to his knees.

Both of us were on our knees, looking at each other with such intense hunger. All that was human had left us, left us there alone with an urging we couldn’t resist. He put his hand around my throat and pushed me back on to the rock and kissed me deep. His lips slid over my chin, my cheek, and then to my ear. Chill bumps instantly popped up all over my body, I tried to pull my ear away but his hold on my throat kept me from moving. He breathed hard into my ear and only said, “It’s my turn now.”

I felt the juice spill out all over my clit the second he released my throat. He slid down my body and forced my knees apart. My skirt fell up just above my hips baring my naked bottom; I didn’t wear any panties that night. He was only inches away from my lips, lips that were pulsating with need, with want. He breathed hot breath and they swelled even more. He pulled my lips apart to expose the rapture that lay within; he raked his goatee slowly against the clit as he breathed. I came. It was just too much, he was only just barely touching me but my body was responding like it never had. As I came my back arched against the cold stone. I started begging him for more. He finally wrapped his lips completely around my clit and sucked hard. He licked and sucked, I went wild. I heard myself scream but I felt as if my body were floating up, like my soul wasn’t attached anymore. And then he put two fingers inside me, thrust them in, hard and fast. I came so many times. I came so hard my legs were squeezing his head. I’d finish cumming and tried desperately to push his head away. He’d order me to put my hands up and then I’d come again. I was limp, I couldn’t fight anymore, be┼čikta┼č rus escort I just laid there and came over and over and over again as he sucked the life out of me.

My heart stopped when he stopped and rose up above me. I knew what was coming. I moaned before he even did anything to me. He grabbed the back of my knees and pushed them up beside my head and thrust himself into my dripping, soft, tight pussy. I screamed, I could feel him in my stomach. He thrust again, and again. He was hurting me, he was too big but oh my god, he felt so good. I felt this fire start in a heart shape around my pussy, it spread slowly, like morphine being shot right into my veins. It worked itself outwards, down my thighs, up my stomach, out through my arms and legs, and shot like an invisible light out from each finger and toe. As it coursed through my body I froze and he continued to pound me mercilessly. Sweat poured off each of us, we both panted with exhaustion but couldn’t stop. We were intertwined in each other like we had never been with another. Then he flipped me over with astonishing speed.

My back instinctively arched so my ass was as far up in the air as I could get it. He grabbed each side of my round ass, spanked one side hard, and then the other, and slammed his whole cock inside me. He could get even deeper this way. I screamed, my eyes flashed red from the pain. I moved forward and he pulled me back, pushed my back down, cutting off my air and forced himself in deeper than any man had ever gone before, like Captain Kirk aboard the space ship Enterprise! I laughed as I had the thought and then came so hard, I finally passed out. Lying there limp must have turned him on because as I woke I heard him scream, he had been so quiet until he came. I had never heard a man roar like he did when he came. As he pushed himself deep inside and stayed there, I could feel his cock twitching and the hot cum filling my insides. I came again. As I came I could feel my juices spilling out around him and running down the insides of both my thighs.

We fell down against the cold stone beneath us. It felt so good against our hot bodies. I lay on my side facing him and couldn’t bear to open my eyes and look at him. I could feel him staring at me. I felt a smile rising up on my lips, I couldn’t stop it. The smile was the side effect of the pure satisfaction he gave me, that which I couldn’t hide or lie about. I half way opened my eyes, just a slit to see if he was really looking at me and he was. My heart stopped and I shut them as quickly as I could and smiled even bigger.

The next day I couldn’t walk without feeling him inside me every step I took. I was glowing. I knew all the girls would know what I had done. I tried so hard to act normal. I was so mad at myself for giving in so easily, but glad that I did. I promised myself though, I wouldn’t do it again. I’d get too carried away if I did it again. As I turned the corner to go in the cafeteria for lunch, I felt a hand grab mine and then spin me around. It was so sudden; I didn’t even have time to get nervous. He was pushing himself up against me. All he said was “Meet me on the runway at midnight.”


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