Don’t Judge a Book… Pt. 02

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I decided that I wanted to expand on the story of Curtis and his mammoth cock, so here is part 2 of what may become a series 🙂

Contains excessive cum, excessive cock length, cum inflation and squirting.

Enjoy 🙂

It had been three months since I’d last seen Curtis but the memory of that night was still etched into my brain. I had been back to the club I found him in a few times hoping to bump into him again, but no such luck. There had been other guys trying to hit on me of course, but frankly I had been spoiled by Curtis’ monumental member, and the feel of a comparatively small bulge rubbing up against me as I danced with other men just wasn’t as appealing as it had been before. I still fooled around with Emma occasionally but not in a romantic way, it was almost like a social activity for us.

One night we were at my place, a bottle of wine down, and laid on the bed where the event had happened all those months ago. I was absent mindedly fondling her tits when she perched herself up on one elbow.

“What’s up Sian?” she asked. “It feels like you’re holding back, something on your mind hun?”

Was it that noticeable? “I’m sorry, I just have a lot on my mind…”

“Would that a lot happen to have the biggest cock you’ve ever seen?”

She knew me so well, maybe I should have just said ‘fuck it’ and started a real relationship with her.

“Yeah, it’s been on my mind a lot recently.”

“I know that feeling,” she said. “Like you’ll never have that level of satisfaction again?”

“Sort of, but I’m not sure that’s it.”

I’d been thinking about this a lot, and I couldn’t decide in my mind whether my desire to see Curtis again was a purely carnal, passionate need or if it was something else entirely.

“Does it bother you that we’ve not even heard or seen Curtis again since that night?” I asked.

“It is a little strange, I’ll admit, especially after what we did for him and more importantly what he did to us.”

“Like I could get guys ghosting a girl after a drunken one night stand, but Curtis just doesn’t strike me as being like that.” I paused for a moment. “Did we do something wrong, like did we upset him or something?”

“To be honest, I put it down to embarrassment, maybe even a little bit of fear. He said he’d never had sex before we rode him silly, and with him being so shy and lacking in confidence, maybe he doesn’t get just how amazing the night was for us.”

“True,” I said with a sigh. Imagine having an endowment like that but not being confident enough to use it. His confidence had been so lacking, I had had to give him permission to fondle my tits, even after I’d placed his hand on them. Come to think of it, he’d spent the entire night doing whatever we told him to, even if it made him uncomfortable.

“Is it weird that it was a nice change for a guy to wait to be given permission to do things?” I asked Emma.

“No, not everyone likes to be dominated all the time, perhaps he’s naturally a submissive anyway.”

“That would make a lot of sense,” I pondered. A plan was starting to formulate in my mind. I had no doubt that if we met again, I would find a way to convince him to make me his personal cum bucket again, but what if he just disappeared again after that? I needed to find a way to build his confidence so that I could have readier access to that mountainous meat, and besides which a little more confidence certainly wouldn’t hurt him.

* * * * *

About a week later my luck turned around. As I was shopping for a last minute dinner, I spotted him down the isles, baggy trousers and all. Knowing what swung beneath them made the previously unappealing leg wear seem almost sexy. Remembering my plan, I made my way towards him.

“Curtis!” I said, flinging my arms around him in a warm embrace. “How are you? I haven’t seen you for ages!”

“Hi Sian,” he said to his shoes. No eye contact after what we’d done together? It was worse for the poor guy than I thought. “I’m ok, how about you?”

“I’m great actually, thanks,” I said with a beaming smile. He was still focused on the floor, but I pushed ahead with the plan. “Are you with anyone?”

“No I’m on my own,” he mumbled.

As expected but just in case. “Well I’m just about finished in here and my place isn’t too far away, would you like to come round for a drink?” Keep it simple for now I thought.

“Er, sure, I guess.”

Love the enthusiasm there Curtis. “Great, give me two minutes and I’ll meet you outside the shop?”

* * * * *

I had practically skipped out of the shop and home with Curtis. As before he was very quiet and avoiding eye contact wherever he could. I told him to a take a seat on the sofa as I went into the kitchen to make a coffee.

“Cream and sugar?” I asked

“Just sugar please,” he responded politely.

“I like a nice amount of cream, but you already know that don’t you?” I said with a grin, walking across with his drink. Curtis shifted uncomfortably, my attempt at flirting erzurum escort with him seemingly making him feel more anxious. I would have to learn to slow down a bit more if I wanted to get through to him.

Bearing this in mind I sat on a different chair from him as we sipped our coffees.

“This is a little different to the last time we were here isn’t it?” More discomfort. “If you don’t mind me asking Curtis, how come I haven’t seen you since then? I had a great time and I had assumed you did too?”

He stopped drinking his coffee and stared down at the floor, as if he was looking for the answer to my question. I decided to poke a little further.

“You did have a good time right?”

“Yeah I did,” he suddenly said. “But it’s just, well…” He trailed off. In any other situation I may have started to become annoyed but I knew I was dealing with a fragile soul.

“Well that’s good to know,” I said with a smile. “But there was something else?”

He breathed in deeply and for the first time his eyes met mine, my beaming smile the antithesis of his pained expression. “Is it true that you only came to speak to me because of a bet?”

My heart sank. In the midst of all the pleasure and the longing for that again, I had completely forgotten that my discovery had come about as the result of a drunken bet with Emma. For fucks sake, no wonder the poor guy hadn’t spoken to me if that was what he thought.

“To begin with, yes,” I said deciding that honesty was the best policy. “But I…”

“So you never had a crush on me in high school then, that was just a lie?” he interjected, cutting me off.

There was nothing I could say to remedy this. I could see the hurt in his eyes and understood why he’d not been able to even look at me. “I’m so sorry Curtis…” I began.

“And is this just another act to get me to sleep with you again?”

I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes. This was not part of the plan. Why had I been so naïve as to assume that it was him with the problem and not me? I realised that this whole time I had been painting myself as this benevolent saint who was going to make the nerdy kid from school’s life better, when I had been causing him pain all this time. I wiped away the tears and started looking towards the floor for answers myself.

“I’m sorry,” he suddenly said, reacting to my show of emotion. “It meant so much to me when we started to talk that night, like all of my dreams coming true at once. And then when I saw the message your friend sent you on your phone in the morning asking if you were $150 richer after proving I had a tiny penis, it all came crashing down. I felt used and exploited.”

I couldn’t argue with what he was saying. I thought about how I would have felt in that situation, thinking that I was lucky he’d just been avoiding me instead of something worse. I burst into full tears. “I’m so sorry for what I did Curtis,” I said through sobs.

“I didn’t come here to upset you,” he said calmly, “but I wanted you to understand why I haven’t tried to speak to you again.”

He stood and walked over to where I was sat, placing a hand on my shoulder, the warm feeling sending a small wave down my spine. I looked up at him through dewy eyes. He gently wiped away a tear with his thumb, soft against my damp cheek.

“Let me make this up to you Curtis, I’m so sorry for what I’ve put you through,” I said, almost pleading.

He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead before moving away towards the door. I accepted in this moment that there would be no gracious act of forgiveness, no Hollywood ending; I had hurt him and he had every right to leave.

“I’ll leave you my number if you ever want to meet up for a drink sometime.”

He had extended the olive branch and I was grateful for it. “Thank you,” I said as he gave a small smile and walked out the door.

* * * * *

Things had not gone according to plan the last time to say the least so I was determined that our next meeting would be a more positive one. We exchanged texts back and forth before eventually agreeing on a meeting place. I dressed more conservatively than usual so as not to give off the wrong idea. I did however have a new plan. Whilst I had no interest in tricking Curtis into doing something he didn’t want to do, I felt he had the right to set the record straight with the people who doubted him.

We sat down in a booth at the back of the bar he had chosen; it was quiet enough that we could engage in conversation but not so quiet that we couldn’t talk openly. After a while I started to turn the conversation around to my agenda.

“So, Curtis, I know that the events surrounding our first sexual encounter were wrong but I feel comfortable enough to explain some of what happened that night. As you know, I was acting on a bet that night,” I said almost wincing at having to bring it up. “But I want you to know that no man has ever treated me with the respect and care you showed me that night. escort erzurum I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about your cock since then too, but it’s been playing on my mind how a man like you could so easily just treat every woman he meets as a piece of meat and yet you let us lead, you did as we asked and you were so receptive to our needs. And the more I think about it, the more I think that girls like me are to blame for guys like you feeling so low on themselves.”

“I really appreciate you saying that,” Curtis began. “But don’t blame yourself, it’s really the whole society of high school that fosters that. And I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about you too.”

I felt a hot flush go through me as if I hadn’t considered until this moment that despite everything he could still have feelings towards me.

Moving swiftly onwards, “so I want to do something to rectify this Curtis, to redress the balance as it were.” I moved in closer to him, producing my phone at the same time. “I still have the picture I took of you hard in the cubicle that I sent to Emma on my phone. I want to send this to my friends that were there that night and prove them wrong.”

“Woah, hang on a minute Sian, I don’t see how this balances or proves anything.”

“They are so convinced about that bullshit story from high school that I think seeing your massive cock would be the metaphorical slap in the face they deserve.”

“I’m not sure about this…” Curtis began.

“And then to nail the point home, I’ll tell them that we’re a couple now.”

“We are?” he replied shocked.

“I’m sorry,” I quickly responded. “I mean I would like to be with you if that’s ok?”

I placed my hand on his and was relieved when he didn’t immediately pull away. He paused for a moment, and then I felt a soft squeeze of my hand. My heart felt fit to burst; the feeling I had had since that night had been one of romantic attraction, I just hadn’t realised it or even wanted to admit it until now, but knowing he felt at least similarly meant more to me than I ever thought it could.

“Go ahead,” he said, giving me permission to enact my scheme. I attached the picture to a group message to the rest of the girls with the caption ‘my new boyfriends cock’ and hit send. Within a minute or two my phone was buzzing with replies.

Eve: “Bullshit!”

Alexa: “Photoshop much”

Cali: “Not buying it girl”

“They don’t believe it,” I said. “But neither did Emma until she saw it for herself.”

“Well, let’s show them in person then.”

I was shocked not only at the suggestion but at the confidence it was delivered with. “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Maybe they need more than a metaphorical slap in the face.”

Curtis you dog! “Ok,” I giggled. I was loving his new found confidence and hoped it would last. I sent a message to the rest of the girls asking them to meet me at my place.

* * * * *

One by one the girls arrived at my place. Eve was about my height with long brown hair, a slightly smaller bust than me but a wider ass, Alexa was the smallest of us at 4″10′, skinny and with no more than a B cup bust and Cali was somewhere in the middle with pale skin and auburn hair. I had asked Curtis to remain in the bedroom as something of a surprise reveal as my friends sat down on my sofa.

Once they were in position I beckoned Curtis from the bedroom. He stood in front of the three of them, a slight giggle passing amongst them as they were sure this was some sort of joke, and with a smile dropped his trousers allowing over a foot of man meat to hang down. Their jaws collectively dropped at the sight of my man’s massive fat cock. I must admit I was little taken aback myself, having the real thing in front of me instead of just in my dreams.

“Don’t pick your jaws off of the floor yet ladies, it gets bigger.”

“It gets bigger?!” they seemed to say in unison.

“Let me show you,” I said walking towards my prize. I locked eyes with Curtis and he gave me a small nod. Remembering his penchant for my tits, I quickly undressed, revelling in the fact that my friends also got to see how amazing my body was too. I could already see Curtis’ cock starting to twitch at the sight of me, so I placed his cock between my tits and began to rub up and down his steadily engorging shaft until at last he was at his glorious full length and girth, just over 3 feet long and as wide as my arm. I looked back towards my friends, barely able to contain my glee as I saw Eve biting her lip, Alexa squirming in her seat and Cali absently rubbing one of her nipples.

“So,” I said through a sly grin, “still think my man has a tiny cock?”

They all shook their heads, their eyes not leaving the massive cock sticking out between my breasts. A wicked idea flashed through my mind. “I bet you’d like to touch it wouldn’t you?”

I glanced up at Curtis who had raised an eyebrow and gave him a quick wink to let him know I was ok with this. erzurum escort bayan They all nodded through heavy breaths, unable to even formulate words in response, transfixed by Curtis’ colossal member. “Well then, ask Curtis nicely,” I commanded.

Eve was the first to get her bearings, “Can I touch it?”

“Touch what?” I coyly replied. I wanted to hear the exact words from her mouth.

“Your massive cock Curtis,” she replied.

I saw a smile blooming on Curtis’ face at the recognition of his vast length and the fact that that recognition came from someone who had no idea what he was packing. He turned to face Eve, his massive throbbing schlong almost brushing against her cheek. I giggled as I remembered his statement about giving them a ‘literal’ slap in the face.

Eve tentatively moved her hand towards the quivering anaconda in front of her, and flinched as it twitched at her touch. Curtis had done that deliberately, he was playing with them and I loved it. Moving her hand back to the shaft, she could barely fit her fingers around half the width and depth of Curtis’ manhood. She started to move her hand up and down the length, eliciting a small moan from Curtis as she did so. I could see her nipples poking through her top, Curtis’ cock electrifying her like it did me.

Breaking through their stupor, Alexa and Cali moved to either side of Eve to join in pleasuring my man, each wrapping their hands around a section of his god like cock and stroking up and down in unison. The sight of three cock hungry whores worshipping my man’s cock was sending my pussy into overload, my juices practically gushing down my legs.

I could hear the intensity in Curtis’ moans increasing, and knowing that it wouldn’t be long before he blew his ridiculous load over the three sluts in front of him, I ordered them to strip down, partly because I wanted a show for Curtis but also so their clothes weren’t so covered in cum that they couldn’t leave when I wanted them to. Once they were finished, Curtis was mine.

Kneeling naked in front of Curtis, I could see his eyes widen as he took them all in, their combined six hands all resuming pumping his cock and yet leaving plenty of room to spare. He turned his head towards me as his breathing intensified. “Shower them with cum,” I commanded.

“Yes, please shower us with your cum Curtis!” they each demanded.

“Open your mouths,” he ordered with a groan and they obediently did, ready to receive their creamy prize.

Jets of cum shot out of Curtis like a fire hose, immediately covering all three of his cum buckets as they greedily swallowed down as much as they could. Cali suddenly grabbed the spurting member and wrapped her lips around the head, stealing all of his cum for herself. I saw her belly start to swell as vast amounts of spunk slid down her throat, the memory of becoming a cum balloon sending orgasmic shivers through my body.

Alexa then snatched the unloading hose from Cali’s mouth and tried to fit it into her own. It’s massive size meant she could only just cover the tip, but it was enough to make sure that all of his seed was splashing through her mouth and into her stomach, as her own belly stretched and distended at the sheer mass entering it.

Finally Eve took over, apparently on a mission to swallow as much of Curtis’ meat as possible. She had a reputation for having a well trained throat, and it seemed that reputation was earned as I could see the outline of Curtis’ cock stretching against her throat. I would have to get her to teach me that.

She finally pulled away as the last drips of cum left Curtis and gazed down at the pot belly full of cum she now possessed. Each of them was now sat panting, rubbing their engorged bellies and each looking like they were around 6 months pregnant.

I took in the sight for a moment, my pussy gushing juices like a waterfall. Finally I stepped over to the spent threesome. “Looks like you all need to freshen up there girls,” I said with a mocking grin. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and offer my tight asshole to my personal sex god.” I turned giving them a good look at the ass that was about to be destroyed, making them all wish it was going to be them on the receiving end. I decided that to hell with asking them to leave, I wanted them to see exactly what they were missing.

Covering my hand in my ample juices, I lubed up Curtis’ epic cock, ready to penetrate my ass.

“Are you ready to take me?” I purred.

“Are you ready to take me?” he returned with a lustful gaze.

“I am so damn ready to have my ass stretched by your massive cock Curtis,” I said turning around and presenting my longing, impatient fuck hole. Just like he did with Emma, he started to push in slowly as my asshole stretched and twitched to try and accommodate this gargantuan invader. The tip now fully in, I felt him place his hands on my hips in anticipation.

“Are you ready?” he said through a slight moan.

“Yes, god yes, please fuck me as hard and deep as you can!”

Like the good obedient man he was, he pulled back on my hips and thrust forward, burying 2 feet of his cock in my ass. I screamed in pleasure as my own jets of cum shot out of my swollen pussy, drenching my three guests in the process, eyes now firmly on the main event.

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