Don’t Fancy Yours, Mate! Ch. 03

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The alarm on Martin’s phone woke him. It was 5.30 in the morning, and he had a hard-on, as he did every morning when he awoke. He looked at Jane, his mature, busty, and hot colleague lying next to him in the hotel bed, and was tempted to wake her. He knew that she would be reluctant to have a quickie, as she wanted him to leave and return to his own room before he was seen and thus rumbled her. At fifty-eight years old she didn’t want to be the subject of gossip and for the word “desperate” to be whispered and sniggered over.

He swung his legs out of the bed and pulled on his clothes from the previous day. He avoided using the en-suite so as not to disturb her. He was tempted to carry his shoes instead of wearing them to allow him to tread more quietly, but decided that this would look more secretive and suspicious if he was seen. Instead he slid his shoes on and walked to the door as softly as he could.

His room was only on the floor below and he walked quickly and quietly along the corridor, down the stairs, then to his own room. Thankfully he encountered nobody. As quietly and smoothly as he could he turned his key in the lock, opened the door, stepped in and closed it behind him. He slid his shoes off.

He needed the toilet and was about to go to his en-suite when his mobile buzzed and vibrated in his pocket. He guessed that it would be from Jane, and decided to check his messages in case anything was wrong.

hi, have fun washing it off but not 2 hard luv jn

He shook his head in bemusement, tossed the phone onto the bed and went into the en-suite bathroom. He looked at his tired face in the mirror as he emptied his bladder. He hoped he would be able to stay awake at the workshops and presentations that day despite his lack of sleep. After all, he and Jane had had sex the previous evening when they retired for the night, and twice during the night as well.

He looked down; then he saw it. Along his half-erect cock was some black writing. It said simply “Jane’s!” Now he understood her cryptic text message. He laughed out loud at her sauciness, writing her name on his cock as a claim of exclusive ownership while he was asleep. He ran his hand under the tap and over the soap and rubbed the writing. It remained intact. She had clearly used a permanent marker pen rather than a water-based one.

He felt annoyed. He would have to get every trace of it off. It would be mortifying if anyone spotted it if they stood next to him at the urinals later on. He took his clothes off and stepped into the shower. He cast his mind back to her text. He looked down at the writing again. There was no denying — it did have a funny side to it. He laughed.

He did have fun washing it off, too. Breakfast would not be served for nearly two hours, and he was still hard and horny as he thought about the night before. He shafted himself slowly, then more quickly. The sight and feel of her satin nightdress. Her mature body in the half-light. The feel of her big breasts pressing against him and spilling over his hands. The sight of her bum cheeks as he withdrew from her pussy and squirted over them. He gritted his teeth as he called these and other images to mind, and jerked harder and faster, bracing himself against the wall of the shower as he came.

Then he gave his attention to her writing. He did mange to get it all off but he had to apply neat shower gel and rub it hard with his fingers. It took some time and several careful inspections. He laughed again, and when he went back into his bedroom he picked up his mobile, and keyed his reply.

hi jn. had fun washing it off but wont b able 2 manage 4 some time, sore, had 2 scrub v hard

He chuckled softly and got into his clean clothes.

He avoided sitting with her for breakfast and sat with other delegates for some of the presentations and seminars, too. He even managed to avoid looking at her too much. Just before one seminar, however, she caught his eye. She smiled, seemingly innocently, but picked up her pen and made a writing action in the air. He stifled most, but not all of his laugh. The bloke next to him looked at him.

“Sorry — just a private joke,” Martin muttered, hoping he hadn’t blushed too deeply.

He caught up with her at lunchtime but apart from exchanging a couple of knowing glances and chuckles, neither referred to it.


At canl─▒ bahis ┼čirketleri last the final presentation and question session finished, and they headed for the railway station. As well as his own holdall, he carried her overnight case, very mindful of some of the clothing that lay inside it. She was wearing a knee-length pink raincoat that was buttoned high. It was double-breasted and the colour suited her. He was slightly disappointed that her legs were bare and that she was not wearing stockings. He wondered whether she would invite him back to her house when they arrived back.

The journey home would take just over five hours. He was glad they had reserved seats, as it was the build-up to local rush hour. They settled in their seats and made small talk. After a while he closed his eyes and re-lived in his mind the sex that he and Jane had enjoyed over the last twenty-four hours. He felt pleasantly tired.

He looked out of the window until it went dark, and browsed through the National Geographic magazine he had bought. Jane also dozed off and read her book. He noticed one or two people look at its cover and at her. It was a steamy novel that had attracted a lot of publicity. He smiled to himself. He wondered whether she really wanted to read it or whether she was just doing it for effect. No doubt fellow-passengers would consider her past such books at her age. They would be shocked indeed if they knew some of the things she got up to!

They had to change trains and waited for a while for the connection. It was twenty five minutes late. He hated long journeys, especially train journeys, and even more so when they ran behind time. He just wanted to get home and chill out — or maybe get to Jane’s house and get hot! He still hoped that she would invite him back, but he was not going to push.

They finally approached her station. It was on the main line but the express services did not stop there, hence their need to change trains earlier. He had agreed to see her safely home and then get a taxi back to his house, which was about four miles form hers. He picked up her case and his own and they got off the train onto the platform.

Only three other people alighted and they soon disappeared. It had been a long day, and to his annoyance he realised that Jane had wandered over to the information board that displayed the timetables.

“Sorry, Martin. I’m just checking the train times for work next week. I have to take my car into the garage.”

She reached into her bag for her diary and a pen. With a smirk she brandished the pen at him and mimed writing. His annoyance changed to laughter.

She jotted down a few times in the back of her diary and re-checked them back to the timetable. She fumbled in her bag, smiled, and rejoined him.

“Well, Martin — it wasn’t a bad conference. But I liked the night-time hands- on workshops the best!”

She scooped her hand under his groin and gave it a gentle squeeze. He looked round, shocked, then realised that nobody was about. The others who had got off the train had now left. The station was small and unstaffed, too, and theirs had been the last train that day scheduled to stop there. They headed towards the subway that led under the tracks to the exit.

“Have you got any plans for what’s left of the evening, Martin?”

“Not really, Jane. Have you?”

“No. No, I’ve got nothing on.”

He nearly made a crude, double-entendre comment but she looked tired and serious. They were part way down the ramp when she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh shit!”

“What’s the matter, Jane?”

“I think I’ve dropped my diary. I won’t be a second… you wait here…”

He waited half way down the ramp for her and watched her go back to the information board. Her legs looked good, and although she was wearing court shoes rather than stilettos the rapid click of her heels on the platform aroused him. Her slimmish body looked attractive in her pink coat, her posture was upright and proud, and her silver-blond hair was smart. Again he wondered whether she would invite him back or whether he would be going straight home once he had seen her to her house.

He spotted her diary lying on the platform as she drew near to it. He watched, hoping that she might bend forward to pick it up and give him a glimpse canl─▒ ka├žak iddaa up her coat, but instead she squatted on her haunches. She stood up and turned round, smiling at him and waving it in the air, then she walked back towards him and down the ramp.

“Got it, Martin. Sorry about that.”

“That’s okay.”

“Martin… you know when I said I don’t have anything on tonight…”

His heart quickened a beat. It sounded as though she might be about to go from having no arrangements to making some that would include him.


“I meant… I REALLY don’t have anything on…”

The belt of her raincoat was undone and she was unfastening the buttons. She peeled it open and stood with her hands on her hips.

“Bloody hell, Jane!”

Her crude pun and her lewd behaviour stunned him. He stared at her frontal nakedness. Her matronly breasts swayed deliciously, and her nipples were large and half-erect. Her belly was slightly plump, and he stared at the appealing horizontal creases of her skin. Her nakedness and the harsh lighting made her hairy mound seem the more prominent. Her legs and thighs were neither skinny nor fat. She was quite curvy, with matronly hips. For her age her legs were shapely. The bulkhead light emphasised the verdant hair of her natural, uncropped bush. Martin thought again of the jibe of a fellow delegate at the conference, “Don’t fancy yours, mate!” He smirked. He doubted whether the woman that man had brought along and bragged about bedding — however attractive and sexy — was as hot as Jane where it really mattered.

He was both aroused and nervous of being disturbed. She walked towards him, her hands still on her hips, her raincoat still open, her heels clicking loudly on the subway ramp as if echoing the pounding of his heart.

She stood before him and leaned into him. Her naked, DD breasts pressed against him, and she kissed him on the mouth. He slid his hands inside her open coat and fondled her ripe bum cheeks. He was shocked and thrilled at her behaviour. The realisation that as soon as the conference was over she had rushed to her room and stripped naked, and remained completely naked under her coat on their way to the station and throughout the journey was extremely arousing. It was not the way a fifty-eight year-old woman would behave! Nor was what she was doing right now…

They kissed deeply and passionately, and he fondled her full, flaccid breasts for a few moments. She pulled away from him. She left the buttons of her coat unfastened but closed it and fastened her belt to hold it loosely in place. She picked up her overnight case and took his hand in her other hand. He picked up his holdall. But instead of leading him to the far end of the subway and the station exit she dragged him back towards the platform they had left.

“Jane… what the hell…?”

She laughed and continued to lead him to the platform. It was deserted but quite well lit. She led him past the various unlit buildings. Another short platform backed onto it near its far end, a bay platform with buffers where a local shuttle ran during the day. She led him onto it and to a bench right under a platform light. She pressed his shoulders down, prompting him to sit.

His heart was hammering in his chest.

“Jane, I really don’t think…”

She laughed.

“I do, love.”

He stared as she unfastened her belt and let her pink coat fall open again. She stood astride him and leaned forward, proffering her large, pendulous breasts to his face. He nuzzled and kissed them, kneading the soft flesh. He squeezed one orb and pointed it compacted, firmed-up form to his mouth. He began to suck on it and to chew her nipple.

“Mmm, that’s it, Martin, love. Mmmmhhh…. Pity there were other people in or carriage on the way up or I could have suckled you on the train. Suckled you and SUCKED you, love…”

She bent her head down and to his delight she scooped her right breast to her own mouth. He stared, enthralled, as she poked out her tongue and licked her nipple. It looked rude and very erotic. She scooped her orb higher and sucked on it noisily. He moved his own tongue to flicker against her nipple, her lips and tongue as well.

She dropped her hand to his groin and unzipped his trousers. She slid her long fingers inside and kneaded and fondled his balls canl─▒ ka├žak bahis and his rising cock through his underpants.

“Oh Jane, that’s good, but let’s go somewhere more private…”

She took his hand and led it to her hairy pussy. She rubbed it against her swollen lips and her hood. She murmured with pleasure as he caressed her.

“This IS private. There’s nobody about, love. There are no more trains due and the station is unmanned…”

“I know, but what if…”

“Mmmhh, Martin, I want this inside me. That book I was reading has made me hot and horny. You can come back with me for an hour or two if you like…”

A big smile broke across his face, and he started to stand up.

“…but only if you fuck me here and now, Martin…”

She unbuckled his trouser belt and unfastened his trousers. She tugged them part way down his hips and did the same with his underpants.

“Oh Jane, not here, let’s…”

“Oh yes, here! Yes, I think so!”

She pushed him back down onto the bench. He felt its coldness against the backs of his thighs. She raised one leg and placed her foot on the bench next to him. He fondled her thigh and kissed it. She slid her foot and leg between the seat of the bench and its back, and lowered herself onto his lap, straddling him and facing him. She swung the other leg through the gap between the back and seat of the bench.

There was a low metallic sound that rose in pitch and volume, the signal of an approaching train. He jumped, but she pushed down on his thighs with her weight.

“Don’t panic! It won’t stop, it’s just the express. It will go through so fast that nobody will see,” she laughed.

The train could now be heard quite clearly.

“In any case, my back is covered by my coat and my back is towards the main platform that it will pass. And your face is hidden behind me. Let’s do it, love…” she said, her voice rising as the train roared closer.

The fear of being seen made him start to lose his erection, but she took it in her hands and played with it. She rocked up and down on his lap, playing with his throbbing cock in her hand as she did so. He tried to sink lower on the bench to hide as the sound of the train became almost deafening, and a flurry of lights flashed as the train shot past them at high speed, then receded into the distance.

She laughed.

“Wow, Martin! I felt the earth move and saw flashing lights, and you’re not even inside me yet!” she said.

Though still nervous, he had to laugh. She rubbed his erection against her belly and thighs and gently slapped it against her belly. He was soon hard again, but he still felt very conspicuous, and hoped that they could be quick. He cupped her breasts and groped and mauled them playfully but gently. Her wanton behaviour was driving him on.

She raised herself on his lap a little and, holding his throbbing length in her hand she lowered herself onto it. She rode slowly up and down, her hands resting on the back of the well-lit bench. He continued to grope and squeeze her bouncing breasts with one hand and with the other hand he rubbed her moist clit. He stared at the swaying and surging of her breasts. She gasped softly and increased the force and speed of her thrusts, taking him deep and hard. He tensed and clasped her tight as he pumped into her until he was empty, and she came almost at the same time, grinding against him.

They sat quite still for a few moments. He was still half in shock at what they had done. Although anonymous, they had potentially been seen by a hundred people or so. He tried to console himself that they would have thought it was two frisky young people. He looked up at her slivery-blond hair and realised that some would have guessed her approximate age. She looked at him and laughed softly.

“Good boy! You can come back now for a couple of hours if you want to, love.”

She slid from his lap. They linked arms as they headed down the subway and under the tracks again, but withdrew as they left the station exit. Her house was only a third of a mile or so away, and it would not take long to walk.

She pulled him close for a moment as they waited for the traffic lights to change so that they could cross the road. She giggled saucily and flicked back the bottom of her coat.

“Look… I’m dribbling as I’m walking along! Look at that… look at that spunk and pussy juice trickling out of my pussy and down my thigh!”

He glanced at the lewdly glistening patch on her pale thigh, then she pulled her coat over it again and they crossed the road and headed for her house.

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