Dolores and Bill

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It was Friday evening. Bill laid in bed waiting for Dolores. His aching blue steel hardon was almost painful. She would emerge from the bathroom momentarily to give him some relief, maybe. It was up to her.

His cock had belonged to his wife for over a year now. Her control was 24/7. She might milk his cock tonight. She might not. He was hers, now and forever.

It all began when she forgot her keys one morning and abruptly returned home to find him secretly stroking his hard cock.

She watched as his unshared passion gushed from his clenched spasming body. She got her keys and slipped quietly out the door. Once in the car the tears flowed as she vowed through clenched teeth. “His cock is mine and I’m not sharing it with anyone. Not even him.” That evening she wanted to play and when he was not interested it was on.

The cage was red and black, her favorite colors. He would wear it from Sunday night until Friday night. He would wear it on the weekends unless he was playing with Dolores, which was quite often. She needed him to be hard and ready for her all weekend. The cage guaranteed that he would. He would do this or she would leave him.

It was that simple. Bill agreed to try it for a week. Then another week. Then a month. Every time either of them had a problem they worked it out together. And they had many problems.

He was restless in the cage. Not so much at work but at night he found it hard to sleep. Night sweats did not help either. But after three nights he settled down. Her control was growing on him. She missed his cock too but the new routine would prove to be beneficial to her as well. Dolores had something else she wanted to try that could bring them closer than ever but first she must bring him into submission.

To ease him into his new life she used a special numbing cream of her own making. When uncaged halkal─▒ escort it allowed his cock enough feeling to remain hard but it kept him too numb to cum. He had problems and she had problems too. She missed his cock during the week and she missed the closeness they had shared. She let him out on Wednesdays to play but did not allow him to cum. After playtime she would drain him through prostate massage.

This accomplished three things for Dolores. Milking kept him virile. The cage had shrunk him an inch and he was not as thick. But he was like an iron rod when released. She loved to impale herself on his now 7″ cock and ride him for hours on the weekend. It also relaxed him. She could have a release any time she liked and she liked to do it in front of him.

Making him watch brought out the sadist in her. Being milked kept him dry too. No erection meant there was nothing to stop the flow and sometimes he would overflow and make a mess. Dolores did not like messy boys. She discovered jelqing and recently uncaged him to jelq twice a day for ten minutes in an effort to restore and maintain his size. After the first week Bill went along with anything Dolores wanted. Her fantasies and desires became his.

Why? Why would a strong, virile 40 year old man who could cum every day tolerate this kind of control? It certainly was not for the couple of semi numb orgasms Dolores gave him on the weekends. The weekends were more of a task for Bill. A giant 3 day task. But the weekdays were something else again. It was the weekdays that he lived for. He loved their ANR.

From Monday morning until Friday evening he was caged, but he was not bored. Dolores had him suckling her breasts three times a day. Her breasts were sensitive and this kind of intense show of affection for them taksim escort often sent her into orgasm. Sometimes it put her into a blissful sleep. Bill was caged and could not have an erection, but nursing her gave him dozens of tingling surges of pleasure. He was caged but it felt like he was floating on a cloud.

These sessions lasted at least 20 minutes. It was sexual at times, very relaxing too, but the bond that developed from this daily routine was strong. Each 20 minute session usually called for another 20-30 minutes of snuggling, cuddling, aftercare. They were together in mind, body and spirit now. And Dolores was firmly in control.

The bathroom door opened and her silhouette appeared in the fading twilight. She was stunning for thirty eight. Bill met her at the foot of the bed. She took her key and removed his cage. His cock tumbled out and began to grow. They kissed deeply, passionately.

He reached around and unhooked her bra. It fell to the floor next to the cage. They kissed again and again. He held her in his arms. She felt his cock rising up between her legs. Bill laid her back onto the bed as he held her, followed her, kissing her all over now. He kissed her breasts and her body. He kissed her clit. He stroked her legs.

He gently turned her over and gave her a good back massage. She could feel his hard cock sliding up and down in her cheeks. Bill could feel his cock coming to life after 5 days of solitary confinement. He never questioned why, when she told him it was either the cage or she was leaving him. Nothing was worth losing her.

He never noticed the cage now, but in the beginning the ANR took the sting out of the chastity. It made it bearable while opening his body to new feelings. The old feelings of jacking off, of feeling his load as it gushed out of him, those feelings were gone. ┼či┼čli escort The new feelings, supported by honesty and obedience, were much more special..

He was not as long or thick as he was before the chastity but he was as hard as ever. He knew he had to be careful and not cum without permission. He must stop, so that she could apply the numbing cream.

Once he came without permission. He had to stop touching himself and just let it ooze and finish on its own while watching her masturbate in front of him. She did this the rest of the weekend. Her discipline was firm but fair. He made mistakes, but he never made the same mistake twice. With permission he was allowed to thoroughly drain himself. Even though he could barely feel the orgasm, he could see the huge load pour out of him as he stroked his hard cock.

He never felt empty though. When Bill was only allowed to cum twice a week, he recovered quickly. Each time his balls felt as full as ever and his cock ached to be set free. Masturbation was merely another task to him now. One that pleased Dolores very much. There was no nursing on the weekend except in the course of sex.

On the weekends he was her sex toy. She would ride him for an hour, cumming several times. The numbing cream was perfect. Mild enough to keep him hard, yet strong enough to keep him from cumming.

On this night he had licked her clit to orgasm. She rode him like a rodeo rider, cumming again and again. Squirting and cumming until she dismounted, exhausted from her ride. She laid over to the side and said, now cum for me baby. He put his butt to the headboard and his legs up the wall. His cock was now above him. He stroked and stroked but nothing was happening. His cock was completely numb.

Dolores said, here let me help. She got up, lubed two fingers and worked them into Bill. He moaned a welcoming moan. Oh yeah, he said. Oh yeah! He exclaimed. Mmmmmmm yes! Another few strokes from Dolores was all it to for Bill’s strokes to begin producing enough thick rich cum to cover his face. She took her fingers and raked it to his lips. Remember, you must not waste a drop if you want to suckle. Bill licked himself clean. It felt so good to obey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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