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dog on a dare part 2

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Dog on a dare part 2

This is a story about me catching my 12 year old little sister Samantha in a dog sex orgy and my second animal encounter.

One day when Sam was about 12 I had to pick her up from school as I turn the corner at the bottom of the school grounds I could see movement behind the sports shed, I thought I may have been kids try to break in or vandalise the shed so I slow down to get a better look, AND A BETTER LOOK IS WHAT I GOT A BIRD EYE VIEW YOU MIGHT SAY, here was my little sister Sam on all fours behind the sport shed sucking one boy off while another one was fucking her in the ass, you dirty little slut I thought, but I can say much as I was doing the same things at her age.

After about 5 minutes she ran over and jumped in the car how was school I question, yeah very exciting Sam replied, I bet I thought to myself with a grin, we got home and I went for a shower and when I got out I could hear these muffled cries so as I walk back up the hallway to the computer room, there was Sam watch animal porn on her computer while finger her pussy hard, the video was of a chick on all fours get fucked doggy style but a German Sheppard, I was in shock I didn’t even think she know of such think yet was turned on by it, just than the phone rang I run up the hallway and grabbed it, hello I said, hello missy this is Sam’s friend Kim I was wondering if Sam would like after our doggies for a day while we go away, just feed them before and after school and check the water?? Yeah sure I replied I will bring her over so you can show her what to do, ok see you soon Kim told.
I went and knock on the computer room, Sam I called www wwhhatt she replied Kim what’s to know if you can look after her dogs for a day while she is away, ok whatever Sam snapped, I told her that we would come over so she come show you where everything is and that, GREAT SAM YELLED the doo flew open I haven’t even Cum yet she snapped as she stormed up the hallway, Kim’s place was only three doors down so its not very far.
We got to Kim’s and wet in side Hi Sam how are you? Kim asked I am you just catch me at a really bad time I was in the middle of something Sam told, something or someone Kim Quickly asked yeah someone Sam answered, who, who tell me everything don’t leave anything out Kim yelled excitedly my finger I you must know Kim now don’t you have something to show Sam Snapped. Oh yes Kim said as she grabbed Sam by the hand and took her outside, I fellow walked through the back door onto the veranda and a big ran up to the girls sniffed the air must have been able to smell Sam’s wet pussy and shoved his head into her crotch Sam kind of half turned to look at my shriving and shaking I could tell by the look on her face she was nearly cumin, he likes you Kim said, just than I voice missy what are you doing here, it was Kim’s older brother Steven, he was sitting there in his boxers reading the paper, Steven was tall dark hair hot and spent a lot of time I the gym hot had a really muscular build and we went to school together and yeah if you couldn’t tell he made me wet and very hot plus I had been a few weeks since I had my last, oh Kim has asked Sam to look after the dogs tomorrow while youse are away, Oh ok so I sat and talk to Steven from there back veranda they had a like brick patio and than a big shed which house there dogs and horses and I could see the girls and make out some of what they were saying, Kim started French kissing Sam and slid her had up the front of Sam’s mini skirt OH MY GOD SAM why are you so fucking wet, oh at school I was give Jade a head job while mickle was fucking my up the ass and I got pretty worked up because I has been while since I had a dick inside that made me cum this boys at our school are hopeless, I might be able to help a bit she said and started fingering Sam’s pussy she granted and moaned than for a bit they kissed again and came up to the house, oh one more than the female dog is looked up because she is in heat and the three boy dogs and going insane trying to get to her so something they try and hump you leg and stuff Kim Really Sam replied with her like horny grin I could see the little wheelies in her head turn.

After dinner Sam had a shower, I off to bed sister umm you got to work tomorrow Missy she asked, shocked I said yes why that Sam oh just wondering I know she was up to something she never asks about work, what are you up to I thought to myself.

Next morning I went in and woke her up, Sam I off to work I will drop you at school, nah thanks I am not going in I am sick are you sure Sam I asked because normal no matter how sick she is she has not missed a day, yeah I just going to sleep şişli escort in I think ok I said shutting the door, as soon as the door shut I heard her get out of bed and start getting dressed so I know something was up and I had the day off work so I was going to find out, I drove out the driveway and parked a few days down and walked back to a point where I could see the house but no one could see, Sam walked up the driveway and started walked towards Kim’s house I could see she was rubbing her pussy was she walked with her hand, I slowly and sleathfully followed she entry the house and went straight out to the shed, I entry and was hiding in the kitchen you, from the kitchen window you could see the whole shed she come back out onto the grass between the patio and the shed with a big beach towel and the two of the three male dogs fallowing her around like a bitch in heat, the male dogs border collies, muscular and tall the thin, Sam kneeled down on the towel on all fours and striped her mini skirt and tank top off one of the dogs straight around behind her and start lapping at her pussy while the other one started liking her face and shoulder she shivered and shook with pleasure and after a few licking she started moaning and groaning as she fell into her first orgasm,
I saw her cum squirt out over the mouth and nose, liked it off and started scooping her juices out of her with his tongue and I could she his doggie dick starting to hang down, than he jumped up and wrapping his paws around her tiny naked waist and mounted her and started thrusting towards her the first few times missed than I Saw Sam arch her back and throw her back
As started fucking her with all his might his whole body shook as his tongue hung out of the side of his mouth and he took and tighter grip and fucked her tiny body even hard, he was make her his bitch and was treating her like a bitch too, the was now laid on his back and Sam was jerked him after he was fully erected I saw his big dick disappear into her tiny mouth, he lick and sucked and bob up and down on that dick like a pro, I heard Sam let out a little yelp as I saw the dog that was fucking the living hell out of my little sister bury his knot deep and side, she cum again laid there as muffled cries left her body still sucking the dog dick for dear life, the dog knotted to her pulled out after about 5 minutes and she pulled the dog dick out of her mouth and pull the dog back and so he was laid on the towel and Sam mounted him positioned his dick at her tiny opening and started sliding up and down his dick, she was sitting up right, hands pushed down on his chest bouncing up and down really short and quick jab, than she got kind of on all fours over him and was doing nice long strokes of the full length of his dick, I come see a few running through the paddock and come under the fence and start sniffing and licking and Sam and this dog she was riding, the other border collie start of to one side of the yard licking himself clean and these new dogs a kelpie, cattle dog and a German Sheppard all circling and sniffing and licking and Sam’s naked body, I was very hot and wet and turned on by what I had seen making me remember my owner doggie encounter but was also scared for her as I thought the dogs may start fighting and she could get hurt, the cattle dog licked around Sam’s asshole and pussy and than mounted her and searched for a bit hitting the back of her thigh cheek of her ass and finally stunk deep into her ass, Sam let out a scream
As he was off like a rocket and than the dog was still under her filling her pussy dig his claws into her thighs and started fucking into her hard, mean while the kelpie and Sheppard just kept circling, just waiting some how as if they know they would get there turn, the kelpie jumped up putting his paws between Sam shoulders and pushing her head to the ground just a few inches from his hard dick he started thrusting towards her face Sam tried to fight and move but his weight had her pin and the right angle so he could thrust into her mouth, his tip pasted through her lips as he thrust faster and faster into her mouth, what a sight my little 12 year old sister being fuck in the pussy, ass and month by three different doges while the Sheppard just kept circling, the fist thing that come to mind you have done this before you dirty little slut and I couldn’t take it anymore I need a release, I put one head on the sink and spread my legs wide and bent down as far as I could so I still had full view and started rubbing my already erect clit and slid moving them in and out it feel so good I was nearly Cumming, than I felt something wet touch my pussy ad it feel so good I jumped with excitement I looked back there was Steven’s big great Dane storm licking my pussy his tongue slid in and out of my pussy ad felt so good so I turned my attention to my clit and I turned back to watch my sister, the dog underneath her let out a yelp and the one fucking her tiny little ass through his head back and howled like a wolf, I realise them two dogs were fully knotted with Sam as I could see the kelpie trying to bury his knot in her mouth I thought to my self if he gets it into he throat he could kill her, just than he got really slow and jerky as I saw him shoot his white doggie load into her mouth the angle the she was on must have stopped him from getting his knot into her mouth, after about 15 minutes the three doges pulled out of her, and went to clean themselves and Sam started trying to get up and the German Sheppard jumped up wrapping her paws around her waist pulling her back down one thrust hit the mark and he was fuck her faster and harder than any of the other dogs had done before he must he been a lot bigger to I could see Sam’s face and she had tears running down her cheeks and a sense of overpowered and helpless like she had realised she was now being raped by this huge dog, she tried to pull and get away but bit down on the end of her ponytail pulled her back till her hip smashed into his and Sam had to full extended her arms to touch the ground must have given him better angle as he was now stood right up on his back instead of thrusting forwards he up into her and her body was shoved and thrown around by the sheer size ad weight of this dog and he was in total bliss and his knot slammed into her and Sam let out a scream,
As she started thrusting her hip back to met him every thrust.
I was Cumming to rocking my hips back ad forth meeting this Danes tongue lick for lick with my muffled cries,

Mmm, mmmm, arr, arr, as my cum flowed over this dogs tongue and down his throat I could hear him swallowing ad onto the floor, I still long for more, I want his dick, I needed his big dick inside, I patted my ass and come boy fuck me fuck me I whisper but nothing I looked back to my sister the Sheppard was stood ass to ass with her and was dragging her around like a rag doll she cried out in pain,
Than the knot that tied than fell out of her and the Sheppard started cleaning himself, I couldn’t believe my eye this dog had about a 9 inch dick and a knot the size of a baseball how could she take all that in and now I know why it hurt I would have cried to and Sam collapsed on the she was wreck, panting laid with her face and chest on the ground ass in the air as cum poured from her pussy like someone had turned on a tap, the kelpie jumped up mounting her and after two thrust sent it home, he took after he was a lot small and light than the Sheppard so the kelpie could thrust a lot faster and Sam was helpless she was so tired and had no energy to fight him off just had to laid the and take it but still this was the 5 dog she had fuck in one day one after another, after a few second long hard faster thrust became really slow short jabs and the kelpie started yelping as his cum shoot into Sam, Sam somehow managed to have another orgasm.
I was still try to get this Dane to fuck me, than I felt paws around my waist pull me back and first thrust his dick slid deep inside me, after a few thrust I thought that’s doesn’t feel like a dogs dick and the paws don’t feel like paws, I slid my hand back and yep they where hands my head shoot around, it was Steven, Steven what are you doing here, I have been all the time and your Sister the troop she is has made me horny and if your willing to let me dog fuck you, you can let me fuck you he said as he thrust into me, even if I didn’t want it was to late I was already building another orgasm, I looked back to Sam and I saw the knot come out of her, she rolled over on her back and tried to stand but her legs were like jelly, so she slid her self alone the floor into the shed, and forced herself up on to a hay bail and from where Steven was stand her come reach the door he opened the door and storm ran straight down to Sam, who laid on top of the hay bail feet on the floor thighs spread wide and was panting like a dog, totally wreck, storm started licking her pussy Sam laid there lifeless and first till said had another orgasm which sent me into one
Steven thrust deeper and harder with all his might after for minutes, he grunted, OH FUCK OH SHIT HE MOANED, as his thick salt white wine filled my pussy.
I raised my head to see if Sam was ok Storm had jumped up between her thighs and had his legs on the hay bail one either said of her hips and fucking her lifeless body, she just laid there panting lifeless, he fucked and fucked and humped and thrust I didn’t think he would ever stop, he was I lot bigger and heaver than the Sheppard so he couldn’t really fuck very fast, big he looked huge fucking my little sister’s tiny body I saw his knot sink into her, she jumped up with a pained look on her face and started trying to pull away from him, he just tightened his grip and lower down the hay bail, she was now sitting on the edge of the hay bail with her head rest on his big muscular shoulders, and he was driving it home, Sam had yet another orgasm and she started thrusting her hips to met his thrust and started panting time with him and than he throw his head back and howl and he spray his doggie cum into her which gave her another orgasm and she panted faster and faster and her stomach got bigger and bigger and looked like she as pregnant, her and storm remained tied together for about half an hour, than she got up put on her cloth and stagged towards the house she come through the front door and Steven was standing there,
By this time I had come for the bath room, oh my god please don’t tell anyone please, I won’t tell anyone anything but this will be all three of us little secret but since I caught both of youse you both have to do something for me, both Sam questioned yeah storm was eating your sister out, really she said with a smile I went bright red with embarrassment, one will have to do something for me and one for storm, I will suck you off, I am sore to do anything else after being fucked by 6 dogs, Sam, said ok Melissa that leaves you with storm Steve told ok I said you won’t do he started I will I snapped you haven’t got what it takes he laughed Steve just get the dog in here I demanded, ok girl he open the door and called storm he bounced inside and sat in the counter, now Steve didn’t care what I did to storm but may mind was racing I wanted him inside me, all three of us Sam sat on the floor and teased Steve a bit he sucked me nipples and finger fucked me for a bit I sat on the next to Sam he came over and stood in front or Sam started to suck him off, he moaned and groaned yeah that a good little slut you suck little a pro, he grab Sam’s head and started thrusting into her month I pulled I hips towards me and got on all fours and started licking and sucking her clit, she giggled and moaned, than storm came over and started licking my already wet pussy it felt so go I was getting wetter and wetter, that wet it was running down my thighs, I could hear Sam deep throating his dick,
Storm moaned me and started fucking me his weight was so heavy that it pushed my head down to Sam’s pussy so I started to ate my little sister Cunt I was so tight and I come still taste the dog cum it was salty but nice, as fast as I was being fucked I flicked my tongue in and out of her and over her clit it wasn’t look till she was thrusting into my face, I saw Steve shoot his load and Sam sucked him dry and he pulled out of her month and went around the get a full view of what his dog was doing to me, Sam started Screaming ,
As her juices full my mouth and sucked out every last drop, Storm yelped as he fired his hot load into my pussy which sent me into orgasm, after a while Storm and I was ass to ass and Steve came squeezed between Storm and me and stuck his cock up my ass and stated fucking me hard,
Sam got under me like in a 69 position and started licking my clit and I started thrusting back onto Steve and Strom’s cocks

Abut 40 minutes later storm and fell out of me and Steve thank us both and promised he would tell anyone, so we went home ad talked and the day before bed,
Steve starting coming around a lot so me and Sam would fuck him as much as we could and sometimes he would bring storm.

The End

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