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Dog Breath

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Lane’s dog breath.

My friend Lane seems to always have terrible breath in the morning. I wonder why…

Three or four times a year Lane and I would go camping in the mountains for a couple of weeks and have a good time fishing, hiking, telling stories and drinking beer. Sometimes we would go with a group of friends but most times just him and I would go. When Lane would fall asleep for the night he would be out cold. I never saw anyone so deep asleep.

When we were in our teens we used to do all kinds of crazy things to him when he was asleep. One of the worst things we did to him was we made up his face like a slut, dressed him in lingerie and moved him to a different camp site. He was pretty mad about that. He crawled out of his sleeping bag before he realized how he was dressed. Once the other campers started laughing he saw how he was dressed and tried to cover up with his sleeping bag and left quickly. He stumbled through the woods for a while before he found his way back. He made it half way through the day before he found out that his face was made up. Luckily he saw his reflection in the water because we were about to take him into town. We eventually got tired of messing with him and left him sleep in peace.

When Lane got a dog, he took him everywhere. The dog was a short and shaggy mutt but a smart dog. What Im about to tell you about happened when we took the dog with us on a three week camping trip to the wilderness near us. Lane didn’t want to leave him alone for that long.

After our arrival and setup at the remote campsite, we did a little fishing and had a few beers. Lane was tired and fell asleep quickly for the night. I was just laying there in the dim moon light that was filtering through the tent, enjoying the fresh air and petting his dog which was was laying between our sleeping bags. I watched him giving his cock a good cleaning. It almost looked like a blow job to me. I thought to myself that I wish that I could do that. Then as a afterthought, to myself, not to the dog.

Then I was wondering if I could lick my own cock. I’d never tried before so I curled around and tried but could only get about 10 inches away from it even after stroking it to it’s full seven inches. It was hopeless and the dog was looking at me like he was amused at my effort. So I laid there stroking my cock some more while watching the dog as he resumed his self blow job.

Right then a nasty idea flashed through my horny mind. I looked at Lane lying asleep across the tent from me with his mouth open and at the dog licking his cock. I wondered if I could get the dog to fuck Lane in the mouth. The dog was about the right height so it might work. No one was around and I knew that Lane wouldn’t wake up.

I petted the dog and reached over and stroked his cock. He seemed to like that and in no time I had him humping my hand. I tried to get him to hump Lane’s mouth but he didn’t understand and wouldn’t stay still long enough to get started. I guess he was happy with the hand job.

I really wanted to see this work so I layed on my side by the dog and rubbed his cock and slowly moved my head closer to his cock. I thought if I could get him to hump my face, I could get him to hump Lane’s face. When he started humping I tried to get my face closer. I’m not sure what he thought I was trying to do but he kept running away. But he always came back for more.

When I finally got his cock in my mouth he went wild. He fucked my mouth but good. I just laid there with my head sideways like I was asleep. When I felt his knot start to get big I held it back with my hands. I wasn’t sure how big it would get so I didn’t want altıparmak escort to get it stuck in my mouth.

After only a few minutes he was whimpering then started cumming. I let him cum in my mouth and the cum quickly built up to where I had to swallow or spit. Since he was still cumming, if I tried to spit it would shoot all over so I swallowed the slimey cum down. He turned to leave so I held him by the knot and kept him in my mouth because he was still shooting cum and I didn’t want it all over everything. It took a few minutes before I could tell he was finished cumming. By then his knot had shrunk down to about normal so I let him go. I swallowed quite a bit of cum before he was done.

After the beer I drank that night the cum didn’t taste too bad at all. I figured it would probably be a natural reflex to swallow even when asleep and I wanted the dog to have what I would expect Lane to do in his sleep. I was preparing him to be a steady fucker of Lane’s mouth.

I let Lane’s dog fuck my mouth this way a couple more times that night and by the third time I pretended to be asleep and he just came over, mounted my face and did it all without my help. Lane commented that my breath was terrible the next day. He even called it dog breath. How fitting.

The next night the dog seemed to be getting anxious towards night time. I made sure to break out a six pack of good beer so that Lane would be out for sure.

Once Lane was asleep in his sleeping bag I started playing with the dog. He was running around me like crazy. I was sitting up so he didn’t know what to do. He wanted some of what he had yesterday.

I started stroking him and getting him excited and he was showing a lot of red slimy cock. He was humping my hand but I wasn’t giving him a lot of relief. He was jumping at me and barking but Lane never moved.

I moved over to where Lane was laying and shook him to see how out he was. He was out for the night. I moved him around so that he was on his side and made sure he had a pillow to put his head at the right height. I gave him some time to get settled again before laying down so my head was near his.

The dog was trying right away to hump my face. I let him mount my mouth and hump me till he came. This time I let the knot into my mouth too to see if I would choke on it. I didn’t want Lane to choke to death on dog cock while we were camping. That would be hard to explain.

His cock was in my throat some but I didn’t choke even when he came, and he came a lot. Luckily his cock wasn’t that long, just fat, and the knot was small enough to fit easily in my mouth. I could even keep him from getting away from me with just the pressure from my lips around his knot.

It only took him about fifteen minutes after he was done with me before he was back for seconds. This time I pulled a blanket over my head and reached out and stroked him. When he started to get excited I guided his cock to Lane’s mouth. He wanted me but I was hiding and still stroking him. He finally gave up on me and aimed for the only other opening available.

When he started to fuck Lane’s mouth I moved away in case Lane woke up. The dog was going crazy as usual and Lane seemed to be sucking on whatever he was dreaming about. I was amazed at what I was seeing. The dog was going to town and Lane seemed oblivious to it. This dog was going to be the happiest dog around.

When the dog came in Lane’s mouth, Lane swallowed naturally. He didn’t choke a bit. There was some cum leaking out the corner of his mouth but he was swallowing most of it. When the dog jumped off of his face the knot was still bursa rus escort bayan in Lane’s mouth and he was still sucking at it like a pacifier. I reached over to keep the dog from pulling away too hard. I would love to know what Lane was dreaming about while sucking the dog cum down. The dog eventually got free and went in the corner to clean himself. It took him about a half hour to come back this time. That was one horny dog.

I bet the dog fucked Lane’s mouth three more times during the night before he finally curled up in a corner and went to sleep.

When Lane woke up the next morning it was he that had dog breath. He blamed it and his drooling on the beer that we drank. He had crusty drool all over the side of his face. I smiled when I saw him lick his tongue around his lips tasting it. Little did he know that it was genuine dried dog cum that he was trying to lick up.

I was getting horney watching the next night and was stroking myself watching them when I decided to join in on the fun. As soon as the dog pulled out of Lane’s mouth I stuck my cock in. Lane sucked gently on my cock. I was in such a high state of arousal already it only took a few seconds for me to cum. I came so much I thought it would choke Lane but he drank it down real good and kept sucking gently. It felt so good that I hated to take my cock away.

The next time the dog mounted Lane’s mouth I pulled his cover off to see if it gave him a hard on and he had a big one. I decided that Lane deserved to cum too so I pulled his underwear down enough to suck on his cock. I never sucked a man’s cock before so this was new to me.

I licked it a little and it really had no taste so I wrapped my lips around it and gently sucked, sliding it in and out of my mouth. It was throbbing and I could taste it leaking precum while I sucked on it. I was watching the dog fucking his face while I sucked away at his cock. When it looked like the dog was going to cum I sucked harder and faster.

When the dog started cumming, Lane started cumming too. It seemed to me like the dog cum was going into Lane’s mouth and out his cock. His cum tasted different than the dogs. It was much thicker, almost like thick pudding. I kind of liked the taste and swallowed it all. I sucked him clean and put him away, covering him up before the dog pulled out of his mouth.

The next few days I would keep the dog away from Lane until I was sure he was asleep. By the third day the dog understood he had to wait until Lane was asleep. That was a smart dog. He would go over and test Lane to make sure he was asleep before mounting his face. It was just amazing to watch.

One of the days camping, Lane got a stomach virus and was throwing up and had the runs. By that evening he had settled down some. I helped him down to the lake to wash off good before sleeping. It was a warm night so we decided to sleep outside the tent. Lane was naked and on a blanket in case he had to throw up or worse. He fell asleep curled up in a fetal position completely covered with another blanket. I stayed out there with him in case he needed help.

His dog didn’t understand why we were outside the tent and why Lane was covered up. He sniffed all around him but Lane was covered up head and all. The dog gave up on Lane and came by me. I was on my side and hiding under my blanket. I reached out and stroked his cock until he was humping my hand then I hid from him. The dog was running all around me trying to get something. Finally my behind became uncovered and he tried mounting me.

Since I was lying on my side he was grasping me akwardly but giving bursa üniversiteli escort bayan it his best. I could feel his cock poking around the back of my underwear when I thought I would at least give him a fighting chance. I pulled my underwear down and let him try some more. I could feel his slimy cock sliding around my ass crack looking for a home. Finally he got lucky and the pointy end of his cock found my ass hole. Once he felt that he really tried harder. Pretty soon he was half in my ass and working hard to get it all in. He could only get so deep with me on my side.

The tightness of my ass really had him going. It felt pretty good for me too after some initial discomfort. I was rock hard by now and ready to burst. I rolled over onto my back and held my legs wide and up to give him better access and he rewarded me by jamming the rest of his cock and his knot up my ass. I was jacking my cock and as soon as I felt the knot swell I started cumming. The first big spurt hit me straight in my open mouth. After that I was trying to shoot the rest toward my mouth. Most went all over my chest and face. I came an huge amount. It must have been the pressure of his knot on my prostrate that made me cum so hard. My cum tasted different than Lane’s and the dog’s. I swallowed it and what I could get with my tongue.

The dog had by now pulled up tight and was pumping my ass full of cum. The dog was licking what cum he could reach off of me while finishing cumming in me. When he turned to jump off of me I felt his knot pull hard on my ass so I grabbed his tail to keep him from tearing my ass apart. It took twenty minutes for the knot to shrink down to where it pulled out painlessly. My cock was hard as a rock the whole time.

It took me a few minutes to recover before I got up to clean off. Cleaning off meant a short walk to the lake. I could feel the cum dripping out of my sore ass and down my leg as I walked. I washed in the lake and swam around a little before heading back.

What a surprise I saw when I got back. There was Lane’s dog humping away at his ass. That little bugger had moved the blanket away from Lane’s ass and was fucking him while he was curled up on his side. I pulled the blanket away from the front of Lane and saw that his cock was hard and throbbing.
I laid down and sucked on the tip of his cock as that was about all I could get to because of the way he was curled up.

The dog was going hard at it and was whimpering like he was ready to cum. He pulled up tight and no doubt started cumming in Lane’s ass. Lane started cumming too and filled my mouth with his cum. I had to swallow quickly as he came much more than last time. I was really starting to like this.

The dog pulled away from Lane too quick and was still cumming. He didn’t have good enough access to get knotted to him like he did to me. The dog was still spurting cum so I grabbed his cock and sucked on it until it was finished.

The dog fucked each of our asses one more time before I fell asleep that night. I let him get his knot in me but he couldn’t get it into Lane even though he tried hard. I jacked off again into my mouth while I got fucked by the dog. My aim was getting better so I swallowed more of my cum. When he fucked Lane again I sucked Lane’s cock and was rewarded with another large load of cum. I also finished taking the dogs cum when he pulled out of Lane..

The next morning Lane complained that he thinks he might have shit himself as he had dried crust on his ass and legs. He also said his ass was really sore. He thought it was because he had the runs the day before. It was hard to tell how many times the dog had fucked him that night after I went to sleep. I knew why his ass was sore because mine was too. We walked down to the lake to wash off before breakfast.

Lane, his dog and I had fun camping for years after that. I eventually got my own bigger dog and had some fun camping on my own with him.

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