Doe Eyes

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Henry was desperate. It had been a long car ride with his boyfriend, Jack, and he hadn’t been allowed to stop and run into a bathroom at any point in the past four hours. They had gone through a few fast food drive throughs, but every time Jack assured Henry, “Just hold it, baby. We’ll be there soon,” and gave him more and more water to drink. By the time they pulled into the driveway, Henry was putting all of his effort into clenching his abdominal muscles, shifting position in his seat, trying to keep his breathing under control.

“Oh thank God,” Henry rejoiced when Jack put the car in park, and reached immediately for the door handle. He pulled, ready for the car door to swing open and usher him into the most satisfying piss of his lifetime, but it didn’t even budge. He jiggled the handle, pushing the whole of his weight against the door, but still nothing happened.

Henry had wide-set eyes. They were big and wet like like a doe’s eyes, and Jack loved how stupid they made Henry look when he turned to look at Jack with a panicked expression.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked, though he knew perfectly well.

“Can you unlock the door?” Jack regarded Henry with mild amusement, and Henry squirmed under his gaze. He was always turned on when Jack looked at him like that- like he had never seen anyone so stupid in his life. Something about the cold slant of Jack’s eyebrows made any instance of eye contact a powerful physical experience.

“What’s the rush?” Jack moved his hand to Henry’s thigh. His legs were pressed tightly g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri together and Jack could feel the tension in his muscles when he gave his thigh a gentle squeeze, “Is there something you need to do?” His hand moved to Henry’s lower abdomen, pushing ever so slightly against it.

“Ah!” Henry responded immediately, mashing his thighs together forcefully and wrinkling his brow, “I-” He struggled to speak when Jack gave another gentle push, “I really have to pee. Please let me out of the car.”

“Aw, dumb baby. You can’t even hold your pee?” Jack removed his hand from Henry’s stomach, eliciting a strangled noise of relief, and rubbed his thigh again. Henry crossed his legs to try and hold it in. Henry was blushing, and Jack loved to see him so embarrassed.

“Please,” Henry whined. He was ashamed to admit it, but his cock was straining against his pants. Something about the pressure on his bladder, combined with the humiliation of looking so desperate in front of Jack, made him squirm with arousal.

“Uncross your legs,” Jack commanded, and Henry did so slowly. It took every ounce of his control to keep his legs open without wetting himself. Jack’s eyes combed over Henry, who sat under his gaze with flushed skin, stomach tight, every muscle clenched to keep from embarrassing himself even further. “Look at you…” Jack smiled and ran his hand firmly over the crotch of Henry’s pants, making his hips twitch towards the contact. “Does this turn you on?”

Henry didn’t want to respond, g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri but he couldn’t look away. He felt like his body was in a state of tense suspension – too strained to move, too clenched to breathe, and too dumb to answer the question. Jack squeezed his bulge and he let out a shaky gasp. “Use your words,” Jack commanded.

“Yes.” Henry drew and exhaled another unsteady breath as Jack continued to rub his crotch, “sir.” Jack smiled,

“Aw, you know I love it when you call me that.” At this point, Henry could no longer bear to keep his legs open. He crossed them again and squeezed his eyes shut, wincing from the growing pain in his bladder. Henry knew he was moments away from bursting, and Jack watched a tear or two well up behind his dark eyelashes. “Hey,” Jack reprimanded, forcing Henry’s legs apart again, “I told you to uncross your legs.”

“Please sir,” Henry shuddered. Every word was a challenge, “I need to go.”

“Then do it, you fucking idiot.”

With those harsh words, Jack placed one hand on Henry’s abdomen and began pushing firmly. Henry’s muscles tensed in response, still trying to hold back the flow, but they quickly failed and a sad trickle began to leak from Henry’s urethra. He gasped and squirmed under Jack’s hand, and the trickle grew to a steady flow of piss. A wet spot formed in his jeans, then grew. His skin flushed a deep red. The urine made trails down Henry’s leg, and the sound of it dripping onto the car’s interior made him shudder with arousal and g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri shame. Henry’s mind was elsewhere. His eyes were soft, fluttering with relief, and his breathing was shaky and deep.

Jack pressed harder. The sight of Henry’s mouth opening as his head fell back made his cock twitch. He savored the movements in Henry’s abdomen, the little moans and whines he let out under his breath. It was like an orgasm in slow motion, and his disgust at the sight and smell of Henry’s urine only fed his arousal. He loved watching someone so beautiful being reduced to a whining, squirmy baby, then to something even less than that. Jack could see that Henry’s mind was blank, occupied only by his relief, and he wanted to drink in Henry’s stupidity.

As Henry reached the end of his stream, now only trickling out a few sporadic bursts of urine, he felt the pressure of Jack’s hand on his stomach grow painful. He found himself unable to form words, so he grabbed Jack’s wrist, and Jack responded by asking “All done?”

Henry nodded. He slid back in his seat, feeling how his pants and underwear squished when he moved. They were completely soaked through, and the warmth of the liquid made his head spin. He couldn’t help but rub his hand over his crotch a few times, bringing his hand to his face afterward. He inhaled deeply, savoring the smell of his own piss, and even began licking his hand clean of it.

“Messy baby,” Jack said, and Henry’s eyes finally opened again. Henry saw his boyfriend sitting in the driver’s seat, his cock hard and eyes trained on Henry’s face. Henry pulled his finger out of his mouth with a wet “pop” and ground his crotch briefly against the edge of the seat. Henry gave Jack a smile, glancing down at his cock then back up again, and licked his lips.

His big, stupid doe eyes pleaded for more touch.

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