Doctor D.R.Acula Ch. 04

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In The Bedroom

When we enter the bedroom, I lay her gently on the bed with her knees bent up, then sit down at her feet and pick up one foot. The fingers of one hand wrap around her leg above the ankle while the other hand unbuckles the strap holding the shoe on her foot. She slips her foot out of the shoe and lifts it up to my shoulder and rests it there, her stocking-clad leg resting against my cheek. I bring her other foot to my lap and unbuckle the strap from that ankle also. This time she places her foot against the bulge in my pants and begins to rub up and down. “I think it is time that your fair-maiden does something for her handsome prince.”

Sharlene slides her leg off my shoulder, down my arm and bends it around my waist as far as she can. Her other foot slides from my bulge and around my waist on the other side. The muscles in her legs flex and her whole body slides into my lap. She grasps my hands in hers and pulls herself upright in my lap. Her hands move to my neck and she pulls my head forward until her lips contact mine. Her lips part, her tongue forces my lips apart and begins to run across my teeth. She moves her hands to my chest and begins to unbutton my shirt, one button at a time until she reaches my belt. I am amazed that she is able to maintain her contact with my mouth as she does it.

Finally, she breaks her contact with my mouth and shifts her body back far enough that she can undo my belt. She pulls my shirt out and undoes the last few buttons, before slipping her hands inside and running them up my bare chest to my shoulders. Her hands spread wide, taking my shirt with them, then start to pull it down. When she reaches my wrists, she leans forward against my chest and pushes her breasts against me until I fall backwards, imprisoning my hands in my shirt. Her hands move to my pants and undo the fastening at the top, then ease the zipper down, giving the bulge behind it a quick stroke.

Leaning her body to the side, she brings her leg back until her foot is behind her and she is able to kneel over my lap. She leans the other way and repeats the process. My gaze is drawn to the top of her legs where her smooth outer lips are spread wide, exposing the moist, pink skin inside. I watch as a single drop of moisture forms at the bottom of her inner lips.

She brings her knees together, trapping my legs between them, then slides down towards my feet. Her hands swiftly remove my shoes and socks, tossing them to the floor at the side of the bed. I arch my back so that she is able to pull my pants down as far as my knees then lift my feet so that she can pull them all the way off. Leaning forward over my legs, Sharlene grips the bottom of my boxers, giving me a very nice view of her breasts and firm nipples as she does so, and pulls them down to my knees. She has very effectively trapped me on my bed, although I can very easily free myself if I want to. She gives me a smile, letting me see all the metal that I have installed in her mouth, then lowers her mouth to just above the tip to my shaft.

Looking up at me, she extends her tongue and gives the tip a gentle lick, removing the bead of moisture that has formed there. “Mmmm, that tastes so good.” Her head moves closer to the tip and she runs the brackets on her teeth gently over the head. My shaft twitches and rubs against her lip depositing another drop there. She pulls back, extends her tongue and licks the drop off. “That is delicious,” she says as she leans over me on her hands, “but I have a favour to ask of you. I am ready for you to begin my transformation. I have decided that I want to be a virgin when I transform. The favour is that I want you to be the one to take my maiden-head and make me a damsel. Will you do that for me, my prince?”

“If that is what my fair maiden wants, then that is what my fair maiden shall have.” As I finish speaking, she stretches her body over mine and brings her lips to mine once again. I can feel her nipples pressing against me first, then her breasts contact my chest and finally, as her belly touches mine, there erzincan escort is a warm, wet sensation along the underside of my shaft.

After a far to brief kiss, she lifts her head up and asks, “How do we begin the transformation?”

“According to the myths, the vampire bites their victim on the neck. Actually, any part of the body with a good blood flow will do. All that really happens is that there is an exchange of fluids between us, blood just happens to be the most effective way to transfer the virus.”

I feel her body lift away from mine and her knees move up my body until her breasts are right in front of my mouth. She lowers her nipple until it is resting against my lips. “Will this do as a good place to bite? There are plenty of blood vessels there.” I can feel her heart pumping behind the breast that is resting against my lips. I open my lips and suck on the nipple that pops into my mouth. My canines extend down below the archwire and I feel them against the edge of my tongue. I move my lips back so that the brackets on my teeth are resting against the breast that she is firmly pressing against me and bite down, running my tongue over her nipple. She gives a gasp and I release my grip on her breast. She pulls back slightly and I see two little spots of blood on her breast, one on each side of her nipple. I raise my head and lick them away.

“You will feel a warmth start to spread through your body, starting at the place where I bit you. This is normal, but I suggest that you lay down for a bit.” She rolls to the side and lays down on her back beside me. I sit up and free my arms from their temporary imprisonment in my shirt, followed by sliding my boxers off and releasing my legs. “After a while, you will feel your canines start to extend. I haven’t attached them to the wire yet, otherwise you would feel quite a bit of discomfort. I popped a few brackets off my own teeth when I first started doing this. Since Halloween is the only time of year that a vampire can start their transformation, this is not really a problem. Let me know when they have descended into place.”

She rolls onto her side, facing me and says, “Lay down beside me. I have a much better way to find out if they have descended.” I lay down on my back, my head on the pillow and she snuggles up to me, placing her head on my shoulder. “How will I know when the transformation is complete?”

“The complete transformation will take quite a while, but when you feel your canines move down, that is the point that you are a vampire. You will need to exchange fluids with me at least one more time to

aid in your transformation. The first time, I took blood from you and infected you. The second time, you need to take from me.”

I can tell just how far the virus has moved through her body as the various parts of her pressed against me change temperature. First it was the breast over her heart, then it was the other breast. Now the shaved lips pressing up against my leg are warming up and spreading open. She begins to run her teeth over my earlobe, brushing the brackets against the bottom and then gently biting it. I can feel her lips warming up as she bites down without breaking the skin.

We lay there side by side for a while, just enjoying the feel of the skin-to-skin contact.

Sharlene whispers into my ear, “My teeth are starting to feel funny. I think something is starting to happen. Can you check to see if my teeth have moved?” I turn my head towards her and open my mouth to ask her to spread her lips so that I can check. Before I can say anything, she pushes her mouth against mine. Her lips part and her tongue slips into my mouth, trying to wrap around my tongue and pull it into her mouth. Knowing that she wants me to check her canines, I start to run my tongue over her brackets, working my way backwards. I can feel that the one bracket has moved down, but not the other. She makes a humming sound as I run my tongue over the back of her teeth, going from one side to the other.

I feel the second canine tooth descending escort erzincan at last, so with one final pass over the brackets on her front teeth, I move my head back and say, “Your teeth have moved into place. You have become a virgin vampire in more ways than one.”

“I think that it is time that we take care of that,” she says, rolling away from me, then getting onto her knees beside me. She wraps her fingers around my shaft and begins to slowly stroke up and down. As I begin to harden, she leans over and begins to move her head down towards her hands. I take the stocking-clad knee that is closest to me and lift it across my body so that she has one leg on each side of my chest. She looks down at me between her legs with a sparkly smile, and then takes the head of my shaft into her mouth. I place my hands on her waist and gently pull down until her pussy lips are right above me. Her outer lips are spread open like a flower, revealing the nectar inside. I lift my head from the pillow, extend my tongue and repeatedly lick from the bottom to the top. Her legs begin to tremble when I get near the little button at the top, which I deliberately avoid touching.

She runs her tongue around the head, then gently brings her teeth into contact with the skin just behind the head of my shaft. Very carefully, so as not to cause any discomfort, she pushes the shaft to one side of her mouth so that her canine is rubbing against it, then moves her tongue around my shaft and pushes it to the other side of her mouth. I swell up in her mouth when I feel her open her mouth just enough to rest the extended canine against the skin and bite down gently, but firmly, without breaking the skin.

I grasp her firmly at her waist and pull her hips down against my face, insert my tongue between her inner lips and begin to extend and withdraw it. My nose comes to rest against the bud at the top of her outer lips, which causes her to open her mouth and lift her head, releasing me from her mouth. Sharlene begins to softly moan and press down more firmly against my face, allowing my tongue to explore the inside of her increasingly wet interior. The tremor in her legs increases and I can feel with walls of her pussy sucking my tongue into her until the tip of my tongue brushes against her maiden-head. She lets out a wail and her whole lower body spasms, jerking upwards off of my face. Her legs clamp together, trapping my head between them, as she has another orgasm.

Gradually her legs begin to ease their grip on my head and she rolls over onto her side, giving me a full-banded smile of satisfaction. “Come here, my prince, and let me give you a kiss to show you my appreciation of your efforts to please me.”

I move up alongside her and she places her arms around my neck, rolling to the side so that we are laying face-to-face. She presses her lips against mine, parts them slightly and slips her tongue out between them and against mine, gently prying them apart, and into my mouth. I gladly accept her invasion, and after allowing her to explore my mouth for a while, begin one of my own. Our tongues fight a battle that begins in my mouth and gradually works its way toward hers. My tongue slowly forces hers back into her mouth after much brushing up against her brackets and archwire. She finally surrenders and I am rewarded by her allowing me free access to her mouth. I am able to freely run my tongue across her teeth and, when I reach her canines, she playfully traps my tongue between her extended upper and lower canines.

Keeping my tongue trapped between her teeth, she places one knee over me and rolls her body over mine. She presses her hard-nippled A-cup breasts firmly against my chest and reaches down between our bodies to rub my hard shaft against her partially spread outer lips, coating the head in warm moisture. She releases my tongue from its temporary imprisonment, and begins to kiss her way across my cheek towards my neck. I turn my head slightly to allow her better access to my neck. She spreads her legs slightly and her outer nether lips open, erzincan escort bayan allowing her to rub the head of my hard shaft against her inner lips, which gradually part. She relaxes her hips and the head of my shaft easily slips through, coming to rest against her barrier. Sharlene gives a soft moan and continues to kiss her way across my cheek, finally reaching my earlobe. She parts her lips and rubs her brackets against my earlobe, then murmurs into my ear, “I am ready for the next part of my transformation to begin.” Then she takes my earlobe into her mouth, places it between her canine and bites down.

My hips thrust upwards as she presses down, my shaft breaking through her barrier and removing her virginity. Her teeth part, releasing their hold on my earlobe, which slips from between her lips. Her legs squeeze tight against my hips, freezing us in place and holding me inside her. She gives a sigh of contentment. We lay like that for a short time, allowing her body to adjust to the new sensation it is experiencing.

I feel a drop of blood form on the puncture in my ear and begin to creep down my earlobe, then Sharlene takes my earlobe into her mouth and sucks the drop away. Just like when I bit her nipple, the saliva seals and numbs the puncture site.

Gradually the grip of her legs on my hips begins to slacken and her legs start to flex a little, not really moving up and down, more just a gentle squeeze and relax of her inner muscles. She is effectively stroking the entire length of my shaft with her inner muscles, without moving her body. My body responds to the stimulation in a normal manner by increasing blood flow to the area, causing my erection to swell inside her. I have been in a state of semi or full erection for quite a while now, so it takes very little further stimulation to get me to the point of no return. As soon as she begins to start to slide up my shaft, I pass the point and my shaft spasms, releasing a flood of sperm into the innermost part of her love canal. Sharlene gives a squeal of surprise and slides down onto me, firmly embedding my still hard shaft in her.

“How long will it stay hard?” she asks me. She begins to slowly slide up and down on my body, gradually increasing the length of her stroke.

“It can stay hard for quite a while yet. Many of the myths about vampires have some truth to them, although most of it is not real. The part about vampires turning into bats is not real, but we are able to change our body shape slightly. What really happens is that we move body mass from one place in our bodies to another. For your first time having sex, I decreased the width and length of my shaft to make it more comfortable for you. With practice, you can learn to change the shape of your body too.”

She places her hands on both sides of my face and moves her lips over mine and gives me a quick kiss, then pushes her body up until most of her weight is on my groin area. “If you are able to stay hard for a while yet, I would like to have my first none virgin orgasm.” She begins to lift up and down on my shaft, rocking backwards and forwards to stimulate the bud that is sticking out of its hood.

I focus my mind briefly on changing the shape of my shaft to give it a bit of a bend, intending to give her g-spot some stimulation. I feel the bottom of my shaft begin to rub against the back wall of her love canal and the head press more firmly up against the rough patch inside the opening. She responds by starting to hum and it almost sounds like she is purring. Next I reach up and begin playing with her A-cup breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples. As I am playing with them, they enlarge, doubling in size.

She rises up on her knees until the head of my shaft is just inside her inner lips and begins an up and down motion that gradually increases in depth and speed. I can definitely hear a purr coming from her throat now, making her sound very much like a contented cat, that slowly grows in volume. The purr soon turns into a growl and her movement starts to lose rhythm. Her legs start shaking, her knees clamp tight to my side, and she drops down onto my groin. I can feel the muscles inside her love canal clamp firmly around my shaft and ripple, trying to suck me deeper into her. The growl becomes a roar of sexual fulfillment, signalling that she has had her first climax as a vampire.

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