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Do You Know How To Use That?

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Hello. My Name is Kevin I’d like to share a story with you, sort of a coming of age experience.

Aaron’s house had always been the go to for after school hanging out, it was huge and the kitchen was always well stocked. Our group of friends had been very close knit since we started highschool and had probably spent more time with eachother than with anyone else. We were now all going to collage, most locally but still had been seeing eachother much less lately, the bond between us was still obvious to anyone that was around us though.

Today was no different.

We had played soccer that afternoon and a few of us had decided to head to Aaron’s to hang out afterward. None of us had school early the next morning and we felt like we were back in the old times; even thought the old times were not that long ago.

Aaron’s dad, Jon, was a pilot and a perfectionist, he was a nice guy had tons of neat toys even a Corvette. but most of them, and certain rooms in the house were not to be touched!

But Aaron’s mom, Chrisy, was hot, she was not the trophie wife kind of hot, she was really hot. She could get to be a little annoying as she was always fretting over Aaron, his brothers, and us when we were over, but she was really great.

Aaron had once shown us a home video his mom and Dad had made. Wow! It was not anything out of the ordinary, bursa escort but it galvanized an already budding fantasy. She had a very large chest and was super cute and curvy. Wow, the video was a big turn on but even at my age I couldn’t help but notice that Jon seemed to be trying almost too hard, most of pretty short video had been of Jon’s butt humping and his wife was definitely enjoying the whole thing but Jon seemed to keep checking to make sure she was happy. I didn’t have experience, but I was racking it up in my imagination.

It seemed that Jon was away more than he was home and tonight was no different. Aaron’s little brothers liked to hang out with us in the basement so we were all rough housing and some were playing video games.

Chrisy came down to tell Aaron’s brothers that they had to go to bed and she asked if we were spending the night. Aaron said we probably were.

It was just like old times. There had been many months where we had spent at least one night at eachothers house.

Chrisy told the kids that time was up to head upstairs and said she would get us stuff to take showers. She came back down and told us that we could take a shower upstairs and she had gotten us towels out.

I told Aaron that I would go first, I always got drenched in sweat when I played soccer and Aaron’s dad would have probably bursa escort bayan already been worried about my sweat on his furniture had he been home.

Aaron’s mom was on the computer when I walked up and she said “I’ll show you where everything is and make sure you know how to turn the water on, the kids are in the other bathroom so you can use the one off of the my bedroom”

We headed upstairs and she showed me the towels and asked me to leave the door to the shower open into the bedroom to keep humidity from building up, I could see Jon’s OCD coming through in that comment.

Chrisy said “you can lock the bedroom door so you won’t have to worry about the kids or anything busting in on you, do you need anything else?”

I told her “I think I can handle it.”

I had always been a big guy and Athletic. I was a head taller than most of my friends. I hadn’t had much experence with girls even though I had been in collage most of a year, I had always been to distracted with camping, soccer, and then as I got older work that I didn’t have much time for girls. I sure did admire them though.

I I got undressed and turned the water on.

I stepped back into the bedroom, I knew that the tape we had seen was hidden somewhere in that room, but it was a big room with several closets bursa merkez escort and I didn’t really want to root around in them. The thought of Chrisy and Jon in the video hadn’t gotten me fully erect, but close.

There was a jacuzzi tub in the corner of the room and a toiletries covered double sink with a huge mirror above it opposite the door to the shower.

I caught a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror and my growing member. I was in great shape and while I didn’t really know because I hadn’t seen many erect penises, Our friend tom had walked in on me one time while I was pleasuring my self and ever since I had been teased for my endowment. I was proud of how my body looked and thought the view of my engorged cock body was especially good from the side. I looked over at myself in the mirror and began to grasp and stroke my now throbbing member more firmly.

I loved the feeling of my engorged member and arched my back stretching my legs closing my eyes and feeling warmth rise.

“Do you know how to use that thing?”

Chrissy was standing inside the closed door at the foot of her bed.

“I head the water running and thought you were in the shower.”

I was stunned. I couldn’t even speak. I just smiled and bit my lip.

Chrisy turned to leave, god this was right out of a dream and all I could do was stand there with my dick in my hand and smile.

just as she reached the door she turned back and said “maybe sometime I’ll have have to give you a lesson on how to use that thing”

She opened the door and closed it behind her.

Let’s just say the shower seemed warm enough when I got in.

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