Kas 13

Do Wah Daddy, Daddy!

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I think that pretty well everyone in the office was shocked when our boss called us together for a meeting — he looked so serious, which could only mean trouble.

Silently we shuffled into the Board Room and stood in a respective semicircle around his desk.

Tom held up his hands — palms towards us — hardly a sign that he was going to sack us all and a collective sigh ran around the room.

“Everyone here?” he questioned, not really expecting or getting an answer. “Good — right — this concerns all of you.”

We all looked at each other with lines of worry on our faces; there were 18 of us — twelve guys and six females of various ages from 20 to perhaps 50.

“My regional director has asked each office to raise some money,” said Tom, “He’s got a bee in his bonnet about donating to charity this year and we’ve all got to do our part.”

A selection of “mmmm”s and nodded heads was to be seen before Tom continued.

“So I had an idea which I’m sure will be beneficial not only to a good cause but to you lot as well. We’re entering a team into the local half-marathon in October!”

Gasps and cries rang out here and there.

He held up his hand for silence…..”So you lot have got near enough six months to get fit!” he said triumphantly, “And to raise lots of sponsorship money.”

Sighs and groans could be heard along with some crestfallen looks from the somewhat more portly members of the staff, but on the whole the idea seemed to be accepted — heck, it was six months away — some of us might not even be working in this office by then.

“Ok — ok — calm down,” said Tom, “I’m not expecting you all to become top flight athletes, but some keep fit and some running won’t do any of us any harm….but I’m warning you, we’ll have to do well because I want us to raise the most sponsorship of all the branches. Oh yes — I’ll be running too, if only to keep an eye on you!”

I’m pleased to say that Tom was now smiling as he finished his speech and he now let us chew the matter over for a bit. Small conversations started and little groups formed as the unlikely idea of us all running 13 miles sank in.

“Right — listen up! Then you can go,” said Tom after a little while, “Some sponsorship forms will be ready soon and I’ll set up a webpage so you can see how well you’re doing. And for those of you who really want to, I’ll let you list your best times….because in the next six months you’ll be needing to get some miles in — so it can be an internal competition as well. I’ll get something organised as a prize for the highest finisher in October.”

He stopped and looked around at our somewhat dazed faces.

“Ok — you can all go now — thank you for your attention,” he said and the meeting was ended.

We all trouped back to our respective work areas, still reeling from the thought.

Then a heavy hand landed on my shoulder.

“We’ve got some work to do, Chris!” a voice said — and it was Dad.

Yeah — I didn’t mention that he and I both worked in the same office but we did and even mum had a part-time job here. ‘Here’, was a smallish silicon chip production and development set-up — I helped design the layouts and Dad did the more technical stuff with the chips themselves.

“Speak for yourself Dad!” I chided him, “I’m fit already!”

“Yeah — like hell!” said Dad kindly, “We both need to lose a bit and running’s a lot different to weight training.”

Both he and I did indeed try to keep fit at the local gym but running 13 miles — well, even just trotting round sounded some way out of our league.

I nodded my agreement — there was a lot going through my brain at this moment.

“You gonna buy me some running shoes then?” I asked, somewhat tongue in cheek.

“If it helps then yes, I will,” said Dad, to my surprise, “Nothing posh but there’s no sense in not having the right gear — and if your gym togs aren’t suitable for running then we’d better get you something to wear too.”

‘Hey — this sounds ok!’ I thought, because this was something I could enjoy and something that both Dad and I could share.

“Come shopping with me on Saturday then,” said Dad, “We’ll see what we can do.”

He turned and headed back to the other side off the building, waving to me as he went and I waved back.

It was nice that we were close — Dad was excellent to be with; he had a good line in chatter; he wasn’t too tight with money and we had some of the same interests. We didn’t actually share much apart from our work-outs at the gym but perhaps this was something else that we could mutually enjoy.

Dad (Peter) had just turned 40 but he really looked younger. He’d still got all his dark hair and he was tall and lean — none of that middle-age spread on him. By the same token, he wasn’t overly muscular, but he was fit enough; the garden, DIY house maintenance and the gym sessions saw to that. He was also healthily fit — the annual company insurance medical check-up always cleared him with flying colours.

I too was fit and healthy. gaziantep escort I kept off all the fatty junk foods; I didn’t smoke and I only drank occasionally and at 6’2″ — the same as Dad — and steady at about 170 pounds, I felt good in myself.

But this marathon training looked as if it was about to make us both even fitter!

Saturday morning came and Dad and I were soon browsing in a local sportswear shop; to be shortly ‘rescued’ by an attentive assistant. The shoes were relatively easy to sort out and Dad bought us matching pairs of good quality shoes which really felt fine on my feet.

And in a few more minutes Dad and I were in one of the changing booths along with a small pile of running gear — most of it made of Lycra, it seemed. I sat on a chair to examine the goods.

“Don’t mind me,” said Dad as he stripped off, “Come on, try them on.”

Moments later his hairy arse and back faced me before he bent over to pull on some shorts — and I hardly knew where to look. I’d never been one to stare at arses before but here was Dad’s, strained tight and showing his brown puckered arsehole to me!

I shook my head, stood up and pulled down my jeans and underwear, then suddenly realised that my cock had started to enlarge.

‘Oh fuck, get down!’ I groaned inwardly, ‘Not now!’

Quickly I grabbed some shorts and started pulling them up — also suddenly realising that they were decidedly tight on me — but better that than be seen with my cock hanging out!

And just as I covered my equipment, Dad turned round to face me. His eyes quickly scanned up and down my body before he could stop them…..and mine did much the same except that mine became locked on his groin.

Dad’s shorts were skin-tight too, revealing not just the idea of his package but most of the detail too! I could see the size and shape of his cock, of his helmet and even of his balls! I drew in a quick deep breath then puffed my cheeks as I let it out through tight lips.

“Phew Dad — they’re tight!” I said, tearing my eyes away and glancing down at the shorts I was wearing with a feeling of horror — because I now guessed just what Dad would be seeing.

He smoothed his hands over the material and down his muscular thighs.

“Yeah they are a bit — but they’re supposed to be tight — they’re made that way,” he said.

“But yours are showing you off a bit too much, aren’t they Dad?” I replied, “Have a look in the mirror.”

Dad turned and postured briefly before turning back to me — his eyes once more dropping to my groin.

“Hmmmm. Speak for yourself!” he said with a grin and I too moved to the mirror.

“Oh fu….! Ooops, sorry Dad!” I cried, putting my hand over my groin in horror, “Shiiiit — I see what you mean.”

Because there in the mirror I could see myself, complete with what was patently a half-hard erection that crossed part way over my thigh. And the outline of my penis was possibly even more blatant than Dad’s!

“Hey — don’t let it worry you!” said Dad, patting me on the shoulder, “At least you’ve got something to show off! Wait ’til Sandy sees you like that!”

“She won’t be seeing me,” I said, “We broke up last week — nah, we didn’t fall out. Didn’t I tell you — she’s off to Australia for three months with her parents so we decided to call it quits.”

“Oh shit — hard luck!” said Dad, his hand still resting on my shoulder, “Just have to keep it to yourself for a while then.”

I nodded, realising indeed that my right hand would be seeing more than his fair share of action for a while and that was a fateful thought that connected straight through to my dick.

In seconds it had hardened and lengthened and in my snug Lycra shorts absolutely nothing was concealed. I might as well been wearing nothing and Dad was getting an eyeful.

He looked up and smiled at me.

“Wowee!” he said after having had a good look, “That’s a decent cock you’re packing!”

I’d always known that my 8″ cock was somewhat larger than average but to hear Dad give me that compliment just added steel to my erection.

“Sorry Dad,” I muttered, not knowing what else to do, “Can’t help it….”

“Why be sorry son,” Dad replied, clapping me on the back, “Should be proud of it! Chip off the old block if you don’t mind me saying so!”

I mumbled something inaudible to cover my confusion and embarrassment….

“Anyway, we can’t stay in these forever….do you want to try something else?” Dad said, “I’d rather we didn’t — I mean these are what we should wear for running although I think we’d both better wear underpants with them.”

“What else is there anyway?” I asked and we looked at the pile of shorts and tops we’d been given to try….but nothing else appealed to us.

“Oh well — just make sure we run when it’s cold!” quipped Dad and I laughed….until Dad spoke.

“Ok, let’s get ’em off and let’s go to the checkout.”

With no option but to strip off, we simultaneously slid our shorts down our legs and as I stood upright again there was Dad’s cock and balls hanging freely before me.

“Pfff — got all crumpled up in there!” he said as he rubbed his hand vigorously over his penis and in moments it had grown considerably and now hung well away from his body.

“Shit — didn’t mean to do that!” he said, his cock now almost horizontal to the floor.

I just couldn’t help by stare — I’d seen many an erection on the internet but this was the first one I’d been able to observe in real-life….and erect — well, near enough erect.

And as you well know, men enjoy visual stimulation as much as anything; possibly more than the written word and the sight before me hit the right button. Almost before I could react, my cock lurched upwards from its half erect condition to a full blown hard-on! I nearly fainted with embarrassment.

“Bloody hell Dad, see what you’ve done?” I groaned; my hand doing it’s best to cover my cock and failing.

“Hey — come on. Don’t be embarrassed — let’s see it — you’ve seen mine!” said Dad now showing a fully erect penis that was the mirror image of mine, “Come on, don’t be shy!”

Slowly I took my hand away and my penis sprang upward to point at the ceiling, a trickle of precum now coursing down my exposed knob.

Dad stepped towards me and grasped my cock, his own erection now just a foot or so away from me. He slowly ran his hand up and down my shaft before tightening his grip and sliding my foreskin backwards and forwards, making my cock tingle and jerk.

“Ooooh! That feels good — really good!” said Dad, smiling at me, “Ages since I had a cock in my hand apart from my own of course.”

I just stood there, almost paralysed, as he played with me, just loving the feeling of a strange hand on my penis.

“Touch mine — hold it!” he said and he reached out and pulled my hand to his cock. Automatically my fingers closed round it. It felt unreal to me — someone else’s live reproductive organ, all warm blood, flesh and skin in my hand and it felt incredible.

Dad sighed heavily as we held each other’s cocks — then with a last squeeze he let me go.

“Come on — we’ll get in trouble if we stay in here much longer,” he said as I too relinquished my hold on his penis. Truthfully I didn’t want to let go — the feeling was soaking into my memory and I was loving it.

“Yeah ok,” I sighed — and the thought of having to go caused my cock to deflate in moments with Dad’s doing the same shortly afterwards.

Together in silence we dressed and, having made sure that we were presentable, we marched to the checkout desk where Dad paid for our purchases — me following in his wake like a puppy.

Once outside and in the car, Dad looked hard at me.

“Was that ok — what we did?” he asked and I nodded.

I was totally shy about it but the feelings were too exciting to say no!

“Great,” said Dad, “Might be nice if we try it again later.”

And again I nodded, knowing now that Dad and I were about to embark on a sexual adventure and suddenly I was looking forward to it! I felt my cock stiffen once more but this time I wasn’t so shy as I leaned back and adjusted my growing bulge with my hand. I saw Dad glance at it but he was concentrating on his driving, so I was left there in my seat with a hard-on that just wouldn’t go away.

By the time we got home, some twenty minutes later, my cock had leaked so much that my jeans had a sizeable patch of very damp denim and I had to use our shopping bag to hide it as we went from the car to the house. Inside I was able to slide off to my room without anyone else seeing me — although since there was only my sister and my Mum at home apart from us and sis was almost certainly out somewhere, the likelihood of being observed was low.

I collapsed onto my bed and just lay there feeling either numb with shock or rigid with excitement; it was hard to tell which…..but my continued hard-on decided for me that it must have been excitement.

‘What the heck is Dad up to?’ I asked myself, ‘Anyway so what, it felt so good so I don’t care really…..! I wonder when we can do it again.’

And with that thought and with my penis still hard I drifted off, to be woken some while later by a knock on the door. It opened and Dad stuck his head in.

“Dinner time,” he said, “You ok?”

“Fine,” I replied as I pulled myself upright and as I did so I saw Dad’s eyes slide immediately to my groin again. My penis pulsed under his gaze and began to fill out once more before I shook the sexual thoughts out of my head.

“Be with you in a minute,” I said, “Just going to change into my shorts.”

A few moments later my cock was under control, my jeans were off, my shorts were on instead and I strode to the door where Dad was still waiting.

He linked his arm over my shoulder as we walked down the corridor and squeezed me gently.

“Let’s have some grub — then we can have a break and then perhaps we can take an evening run, eh?”

“Yeah sure,” I answered cheerfully, “Need some exercise anyway — down on my quota this week.”

Mum was quiet during the meal — she had a project on that was keeping her very busy and she was preoccupied with her book of words as we ate. Mum was a semi-freelance technical author and she’d won the contract to provide the technical instructions for some intricate software — and it was keeping her very busy.

Dad and I also ate almost in silence; perhaps because we were both hungry or perhaps because we were both preoccupied too….but on a rather different subject but finally we’d finished. Some quick clearing up; a brief thank you to Mum, who was still engrossed in her manual and Dad and I wandered off into the garden with an after-dinner mug of coffee each.

We went and sat on the swing seat in the warmth of the late afternoon summer’s day and this time it was I who started the conversation.

“I didn’t know you were, you know, like that, Dad,” I started, hoping not to get my head bitten off, “I thought you were all macho and all that.”

Dad chuckled and I knew I was ok.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me — or mum for that matter but I will tell you that we used to be swingers and that I’m quite happy to go either way,” said dad to my surprise.

“Wow Dad — wish I’d been able to join in!” I spouted cheerfully, “I reckon I would have loved that — sex parties and orgies and that sort of thing.”

“It wasn’t all orgies, son,” Dad replied, “More often than not it was just private parties — perhaps just two couples sometimes and we’d all swap around.”

“Phew — brilliant!” I said, feeling life returning to my groin. “Is that where you learned about cocks?”

“No — I’ve always been able to swing both ways….ever since I can remember, but it’s only since we joined the swingers that I’ve had a chance to practice,” said Dad, his hand unconsciously rubbing over his own bulge, “But I like it!”

“So did I,” I said, “Are we going to play some more later?”

“Wait til we’ve had our run, Chris — then perhaps we could shower together and see what happens — yeah?” Dad replied with a big grin, “I’m looking forward to that already!”

“So am I!” I groaned, “Look!”

My penis was now at full stretch down the leg of my shorts, seemingly almost reaching the end of the leg of the shorts. The rigid muscle was creating a huge protrusion which was throbbing in time with my heart.

“Ah — come on — get serious,” said Dad, laughing lightly, “How do you expect to run like that?”

He put his hand over my penis and squeezed it firmly.

“Can’t help it Dad — it just happens. Just talking about sex is enough to make him come up. He’s always doing it — bet you were the same when you were my age.”

“Hmmmm — yeah, sure was — still am!” he said, now moving his hand up and down my cock, “Feels good to me. Hmmm — I think we’d better do something about that.”

“Like what Dad? ” I asked……and Dad pointed.

“Come down to the garage, son, my quiet corner,” he said, “You know your mum never goes down there; too much dirt and muck, she says — so we’ll have a bit of peace.”

He stood up and faced me and there before me was the matching outline of his erection, stretching his jeans. I put my hand up and stroked it before I too stood up.

“Come on then — what are we waiting for!” I said enthusiastically.

Leaving our empty mugs behind, we ‘innocently’ strolled around the garden, feigning interest in this and that before peeling off to the path to the garage. It was a garage by name only; none of us used it to store cars but it was handy for storing all kinds of other odds and ends and Dad had a bit of a workshop set-up down there too. But it was also a comfy place — he had two old armchairs there and a table and there was a portable gas cooker too. His bolt-hole for when things got on top of him…..

But today the only thing liable to get on top of him was me!

Although it remained pretty warm, a bit of a breeze had sprung up which gave Dad the excuse to lock the door and then we were safe! He and I faced each other, both breathing heavily with emotion.

“You sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Do what?” I replied innocently rubbing my hand down my thigh.

“Play around a bit,” said Dad, “Enjoy some sex together.”

“Try and stop me!” I exclaimed as I undid my shorts, “You said you’d help me with this!”

And with that I let my shorts drop to the floor, my erection springing up before me, eager for some release.

“Fuuuuuck!” said Dad, taking in the sight, “Oh yeahhhh!”

He dropped to his knees before me; moments later his hand held my cock and seconds after that he sucked the end of my penis into his mouth!

“Mmmmmmm!” he moaned round my shaft as it slid in and out of his mouth.

“Bloody hell Dad, that’s good!” I groaned as his talented tongue and lips stimulated my erection, “Oooh yessss — I won’t last long, Dad.”

He dragged my cock from his mouth to reply, still wanking my shaft steadily.

“Yes son, you cum for me, just cum when you’re ready,” he said, stretching out his tongue to give me a quick lick, “I want to taste you!”

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