Diversions: A Pair of Adventures

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Diversions: A Pair of Adventures

(1)Showing off Makes a New Friend

I was at a Panera Breads not that long ago, using my laptop to type my latest story, because my home computer had contracted a virus, and my ‘techie’ husband hadn’t seen fit to repair it yet. It was crowded, and a lot of the tables were occupied by people with laptops, using Panera’s free wi-fi to get online. I had stopped there on my way home from work, so I was still wearing my work clothes: a short black skirt, a white cotton long-sleeve blouse, and black high heels with ankle straps. More than a few guys had looked approvingly at me, and I was horny, as usual. The time I spent on Literotica didn’t help; posting and flirting always got me in a more sexy mood.

Two guys came in and sat at the table directly opposite mine, and began to hook up to play some sort of linked online game, by the looks of it. They were both good-looking, one in particular. He was tall, with short, curly dark hair, and blue eyes. He had a nice lean build; the kind I like. The other one was shorter, with blonde hair and glasses; kind of stocky, and more muscular. The taller guy caught my eye and smiled. I returned his with my own, and glanced at them over my monitor screen from time to time, as I typed. They both seemed interested in me and I was feeling naughty, so I let my knees part a couple of inches, just to watch their reactions.

I saw the better-looking one kick the other guy’s foot and nod my way, so I relaxed my legs a bit more, giving them both a better look at the light blue lacy panties I wore. Their expressions were priceless; they couldn’t seem to look away. I glanced at them over the top of my screen occasionally and smiled to myself. I was getting very excited, myself, and I knew my panties must show a damp patch by now.

We played this little game for quite a while; me letting my knees part a little, and them alerting one another each time they noticed me, until I began to get bored. Neither one had made a move to speak to me and I had to get home, so, reluctantly, I gathered up my stuff and prepared to leave. First, though, I had to stop and flirt with them just a little more. I guess I just can’t take rejection!

“So, what are you playing, guys?” I asked, casually. They named some game that I wasn’t familiar with. I screwed up my eyebrows and nodded. “I don’t really do games,” I said. At least my games, I was thinking, are a lot more intimate! They seemed to be thinking the same thing, or maybe they just thought I was odd, but they both laughed.

“Well, if you ever want to playÔÇŽ,” the dark-haired one said, and left the thought hanging. I jumped on it. Being this close to him, and smelling his cologne, I definitely wanted to play!

“And, how would I find you,” I asked, and added pointedly, “if, say, I wanted to play with you?” I winked at him then, and his friend began fishing for a pen.

“Here,” he said, looking up at me. He began to write on a napkin. “My name’s Don. This is my number. Brian’s isÔÇŽ” He was writing rapidly, as if he thought I might change my mind.

“Hi, Brian,” I said, looking at the brunette guy. “I’m Tori.” I hoped I sounded sexy. Don handed me the hastily scrawled note, and I put it in my blouse pocket without looking at it, or him. My eyes were on Brian, and I checked him out, top to bottom, without any attempt to be discreet.

“I’ve got an hour to kill,” I said. “Maybe we could still play a game or two.” His eyes immediately turned down, and I knew I’d struck out. He looked at his watch pointedly.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “My girlfriend gets off work in fifteen minutes. I have to pick her up.” He looked up at me apologetically, and smiled a sad smile. It was cute and sexy, and I could read the dejection in those eyes, so I gave him some hope.

“Can I still keep your number?” I asked, and he smiled a little wider and said, “Sure.” I patted the pocket over my left breast as I turned to leave and said, “Well, at least you got this close.” I looked at Don, then. “Both of you,” I said, not wanting to leave him feeling ignored, and I smiled sweetly at him.

Still, as I was walking out, knowing they were watching me, I couldn’t stop saying, “Dammit!” to myself. Now I was really horny! That was on a ThursdayÔÇŽ

* * *

On Saturday, my husband announced he was going to the USC/UCLA game with a few of his buddies. Brian’s number in my purse had been like a hot coal the last couple of days. I’d taken it out and looked at it numerous times. On what was not really an impulse, I dialed it as soon as Gary left the house. Brian’s girlfriend answered.

Her voice was cold when she heard another female ask for her boyfriend. “Yes, he’s here,” she said. “What is this concerning?” It was plain to see she wasn’t going to put him on with me.

“Oh, he left something at Panera Breads the other day,” I said, trying to sound official. “It may be important. If he wants it, he’d better get down here before my manager throws it away.”

I heard the muffled sound of topkap─▒ escort the phone being covered by her hand, but her words were unmistakable. “Some girl says you left something at Panera’s the other day,” I could make out. Then, “What were you doing there?”

I was thinking, Bitch! Let him do what he wants, when he’s away from you! Then she came back on the line. “Okay,” she said, and breathed heavily into the phone; a sound that made it known that she didn’t appreciate the interruption. “Thank you.” Then she slammed the phone down. I smiled. Bitch.

I got to Panera as fast as I could. It was fairly early, but already crowded with the morning coffee and Danish people. I found my little table from the other day unused, though. Good. I wanted him to be able to find me easily. Sure enough, within 10 minutes he was walking toward me.

God, I was thinking. He looks good! With a pair of tight, torn jeans and a flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off, he looked like he stepped right off a Chippendales calendar. His blue eyes were on me steadily, and I felt the familiar stirring in my core. I knew I was gonna get fucked soon!

I wore a short denim skirt and a white sleeveless stretch top. No bra. White thong panties, which I hoped not to be wearing for long. They were already feeling damp! I smiled up at him as he approached me.

“Hi,” I said brightly, rising. “I was wondering if you gotÔÇŽ”

He bent over me as soon as he was close enough, and his mouth went straight to mine. His arms went around my waist, and we kissed. He pulled me into him, and I let him. I was halfway standing, with the table between us, and if he’d wanted to lay me down over that table and have his way with me right there, I’d have let him!

Oh my god. He was a good kisser! His lips crushed mine, but not hard enough to hurt; just hard enough to let me know that my mouth belonged to his. I opened my lips just a little, and his tongue probed between them. It tasted heavenly.

Finally, it ended; too soon. “Hello again,” he said, chuckling. His voice was deep and masculine, and I was definitely wet.

We chatted for a few minutes, during which I gave him my name. “Well, Tori,” he said softly, “want to go for a ride in my car?” I smiled and gripped his arm, and asked him how long we’d be gone. When he asked me how long I had, I just whispered into his ear.

“How many condoms do you have?”

* * *

We didn’t go far. I asked him to drive just to the back of the parking lot, and we parked, facing the woods. He drives a big black Ford Explorer, with reclining front seats. He reached across me and lowered my seat to a nice angle, then started to kiss me. What a kisser he was! Before long, we were both breathless with need, and I was yanking at his shirt, unzipping his jeans and tugging them down his hips. He reclined his own seat, then, and I told him to wait, and to just watch me. I wanted to strip for him. He held his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly as I began to undress. “All of it,” he said, as I pulled my top off over my head. “Everything. I want you totally naked.”

Oh my god, what a turn-on! He just sat there, playing with that big cock, watching me. I laid my top on the console and looked at him. “The skirt?” I teased. He nodded, and I slipped the zipper and shimmied it down my legs. Now I wore only tennis shoes and my white thong. I leaned back and put one foot up on the dash, watching his hand slide slowly up and down on his cock. It looked so good! After posing sexily for him for a moment and teasing myself through the panties, I wanted to go down on him. He could take my panties off, I decided.

Turning and leaning over him, I kissed him deeply. His hands went to my breasts, and I shivered at his touch. My nipples were on high alert. He stimulated them as we kissed, and I rubbed myself against that rigid cock. Then I slipped down his body and took it into my mouth.

It was a nice size, thick and fairly long. I liked the way it stretched my lips as I cupped the head in my mouth, teasing the helmet with my tongue. I felt his hands go to my head, and his fingers threaded into my hair. I love that feeling; the feeling that he has the power to slam my face down onto him at any moment!

He was gentle, though, and I set my own pace, slowly bobbing up and down on his twitching member. His hips began to move, thrusting gently up into my mouth, and his hand slipped into the front of my panties. I gasped when his finger curled up into me, and squirmed when he began to finger-fuck me.

“Oh, god!” His finger moved deeper. I could hear its squishing sounds as it worked my sopping pussy, faster and harder. He was getting more and more excited as I sucked him. Finally, though, he got so aggressive that it became uncomfortable for me. I pulled off his cock, put my hand on his chest, and told him to sit back and watch.

“This is how to play with a girl’s pussy,” I said, leaning against the passenger door and pulling my knees up. I slid t├╝rbanl─▒ escort my panties slowly off, watching his face and the movement of his hand. Then I spread my knees apart and began to tease my cunt lips, sliding one finger up and down my furrow, and clenching my thighs together around my hand. After a few minutes of this, I began to breathe harder.

“Oooooh,” I panted, laying back on the seat and spreading my thighs. “Ooooooh, yeah.” Having him watch me was a tremendous turn-on, and I was getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the pleasure my own fingers were bringing me. Using two fingers of my left hand to spread myself wide, bringing my clit to the fore, I stroked across it with my right. When I opened my eyes again, I saw he was stroking himself harder, and it caused an instant spike in my own pleasure. My climax was imminent, and I stabbed two fingers into my sopping pussy, rubbing my palm over my throbbing clit.

“Oh, god!” I moaned. “I’mÔÇŽI’m gonna cummmmmmm….” I was there. I felt myself release, sudddenly, and my hand was flooded with warm fluid.

I cut my eyes toward Brian. He was taking long firm strokes on his cock, watching me climax for him. I worried he’d ejaculate, and I wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy it, but at the moment I was powerless to stop my own orgasm. It rolled through me like a thunderstorm, until finally I collapsed back into the seat, out of breath.

“Oh my god, Tori…” His voice was hoarse. I could hear his excitement in it. “That was fuckin’ awesome!” he gushed, leaning toward me to kiss me again. I took his lips and tongue, welcoming them into my hungry mouth, and waited for my heart rate to slow down as we made out.

It didn’t slow, much. I only got more excited. “Give me a condom,” I ordered, and he pulled one from the pocket in his door. I rolled it quickly over his throbbing length. “In the back seat,” I panted, and rolled over to climb over my seat into the back. I only got halfway over, though, before his hands gripped my waist. He held me, my belly on the headrest, as he climbed up and over me.

“No you don’t,” he growled. “I want you right here.”

I hung halfway over the seat, my legs quivering in anticipation, as he yanked his jeans down over his thighs while holding me with one hand on the small of my back. “Oh, god, sweetie,” I moaned. “Please hurry.” He did, and I felt him at my pussy, parting my labia with the head of his cock. Suddenly he thrust forward, and I was pinned to the seatback by his body, his big dick deep inside me. I gasped, and begged him to fuck me quickly. He laughed. He didn’t have any intention of doing that.

He began a series of long, slow thrusts, pulling almost out of me and then sinking almost to my cervix as he pushed forward. I went crazy, loving the feeling of his cockhead splitting me apart as he drove into me. I could feel another climax coming, soon, and I begged him to fuck me.

“Ooooooh, yes!” I urged. “Just like that! Oh, god…HARDER!!!” He continued to slide lazily in and out of my pussy, and I chased my orgasm relentlessly. His rhythm was driving me mad as I clenched my muscles around his cock, trying to get him to speed up. “Fuck me!” I yelled, over and over, but he continued to thrust slowly; deeply. His hands moved from my waist up under my arms, and when he reached my breasts, they closed around them, his fingers surrounding my nipples. That did it.

“Oh, god!” I gasped, as I felt another climax upon me. “Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh!” My body bucked beneath his, and still he fucked me at that same pace, even as I flooded his cock with my cum. I was thrashing wildly, my cunt contracting around him and my hips rocking against the seat, moaning “Ogod, ogod” over and over, until I exhausted myself and collapsed onto the seatback again. Still he fucked me.

Another ten minutes and another screaming orgasm later, he began to move more aggressively. I knew from his motions that he was getting close, and I clamped down on him with my exhausted pussy. He sped up, beginning to moan.

“Oh, fuck!” His voice was low and intense, and I could feel him grow inside me. Suddenly he thrust forward, harder, and I felt him fill the condom with his first burst of semen. Several more thrusts followed, each accompanied by a low groan from him. My pussy clenched convulsively, milking his seed from him.

At last he collapsed onto my back. His cock filled me completely, and I arched my back, taking it slightly deeper, before he could start to wilt. It felt so good! My pussy was still humming with new-found pleasure, and I moved my hand under my groin.

“O-o-o-o-o-h” I moaned, my voice trembling, as my fingers found my clit. It was alive with sensation, and I began a series of little climaxes as soon as I began to stroke it with my fingernail. They built steadily, and I moved my hips under him. He helped, pulling and rolling my nipples with his fingertips, and soon I was bucking wildly again, thrusting my hips against the seatback. t├╝yap escort I could feel him being squeezed out, as my pussy contracted in pleasure, but it only added to the sensation.

Then a very nice thing happened. His cock began to grow again, filling out the condom as he got aroused by my stimulation of my own body. “Oh, fuck yeah!” he growled. “Cum for me, baby!” He began to thrust again; at first tentatively, like before, then harder. He murmured sexy, nasty things in my ear as I reached for my climax.

“That’s it, baby. Cum for me! Be my slut. Be my dirty little slut! Bitch!”

I went into overdrive when he talked to me like that. It just excited me so… I screamed my pleasure out loud as he fucked me, now ramming his cock harder and harder into me. My pussy gushed, and I howled through yet another mind-numbing orgasm. He pounded me relentlessly throughout, calling me nasty names, and I went from one gushing climax to another. I thought my heart would give out!

Finally, he came again. I could feel the poor condom attempting to cover the head of his dick, even as he filled it with another slimy load. When he pulled free of me, the rubber lay just inside my pussy walls, it’s precious load oozing out and onto the seatback. I took a deep breath as he rolled from me, and then carefully pulled the overworked condom from my dripping hole. He dropped it out his window and began to pull his jeans back up over his thighs.

“No, don’t,” I said, eyeing the shiny length of his cock. “Let me clean you first.”

He looked askance at me as he was yanking his jeans upward. “No you don’t,” he said again, but this time he wasn’t saying it in that sexy growl. He laughed, “If I let you do that, we’ll be here all afternoon!”

I pouted, watching him, and murmured, “Works for me,” but he was not to be swayed. He pulled me to him and we kissed, but he refused to give in to my exploring tongue or hands, telling me at last that he and his girlfriend had just had sex when I called.

“That explains your stamina,” I told him, “and why she sounded like such a bitch.” He laughed and kissed me again.

“No,” he said. “She is a bitch.”

As Brian drove me back to Panera’s to get my car, he asked if he could have my phone number. I refused, telling him I was married. He didn’t seem too surprised, but asked if we could meet again.

“One never knows,” I said, trying to sound noncommittal, but a week later I was calling him again. I’m getting very well acquainted with the interior of the Ford Explorer!

(2)Showing off Makes a Pair of New Friends

It was my lunch break at the retail store where I work, and I had taken lunch in the mall, as I often do. The little wrought-iron tables offer a great place to hang out and check out the guys, and there were lots of people to look at.

“Hey, Tori,” I heard. It was Matt, one of the stockboys from my store. He was walking up to me, and I smiled and told him hello. He’s a cutie; only 18 or 19, with a tight young surfer body. He and I had surfed together once or twice, and we even made out once, afterwards, when he offered to let me sit in his car to warm up. I hadn’t had much to do with him lately, though he came by my kiosk in the store to flirt almost daily. With him was Benjamin, another of the stockboys. I had only spoken to Ben once, when I asked him to remove some cardboard boxes that I had unpacked, but I’d noticed him around. He seemed to be staring at me an awfully lot.

Matt asked if they could sit with me. I told them there were three empty chairs, and to take their pick. He and his friend sat down, and I went back to watching guys. They mostly just watched me, I noticed. Finally, Matt spoke.

“So, you gettin’ any lately?” he asked, clumsily. Ben laughed, and muttered “Dufus” under his breath. I smiled at him, and told him things could always be better.

“It’s not hard to fix, though,” I said, and motioned with my head. “Go sit over at that table,” I told them, “and watch.” They got up and moved, then turned to me questioningly. I didn’t look at them, but watched a couple of guys walking my way. When I saw one of them glance at me, I slowly opened my legs a couple of inches. I was wearing my usual short skirt, this time a blue one, and when I sit it barely covers my crotch. It sure caught his eye, and he suddenly couldn’t look away. He put his hand on his buddy’s arm and stopped him, as if he wanted to tell him something.

I had to smile. Guys are so easy! I love showing off this way in public, and I knew Matt and Ben were getting a good look, too. I glanced at them to make sure, and confirmed it. They were staring intently at me, and looked like they were trying to force my knees farther apart by sheer will power. It didn’t even take that.

The two guys were standing about 20 feet from me, talking and looking over their shoulders at me from time to time. I spread my legs a bit more, crossing my ankles. Their eyes were boring a hole in me! I sometimes do this with no panties, but today I was wearing a black thong. It dawned on me that it probably looked like I was bare, and I smiled at Matt as his eyes seemed to be dissecting my private parts. He didn’t even notice my smile, but Ben did, and returned it. That bit of intimacy between us got me excited! My mind began to work……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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