Kas 20

Discovering the Diary Ch. 03

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Here I am home alone again and up in my daughter’s Nikki’s room reading her diary. I open and up and start to read.

March 15th

Dear Diary.

Today is my friend Jason’s eighteenth birthday and he had only one thing he wants as a gift form me, to lose his virginity. I was embarrassed at first but quickly agreed.

Jason is not the cutest guy in school but he is average looking. He’s about 5’11 with blue eyes and light brownish hair. He has an average build of someone who never works out. He was shocked that I agreed but quickly recovered and asked where and when we should get together. I said now and in the storage room.

I lead Jason to some mats used by the cheerleaders and I pushed him down on them. I leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips before moving away from him. I slowly began to perform a strip tease for the poor guy. By the time I was completely naked he had his very large cock out and was stroking it. Jason’s dick was at least eight and a half inches and easily the biggest one I have ever seen before. I hungrily began licking and sucking on his big cock. I gave him the best blowjob I could and it didn’t take long before he was cumming in my mouth. I showed him his load on my tongue before I swallowed it all. I then gave him a long passionate kiss.

He began fondling my tits and rubbing my soaked pussy. Soon I lead his head down to my pussy and he begins to eat me out. At first he was in a rush but I slowed him down teaching him how görükle escort bayan to go about it. Jason was a good student and he soon had me cumming all over his face.

By this point he was hard once more. I took a hold of his member and lead it to my now soaked pussy and he pushed in. God I thought I was going to bust with this huge dick inside of me but boy did it feel good. He was in hurry at first but I slowed him down so he wouldn’t cum to quickly. After fucking in missionary position for about ten minutes I pulled him out and got on my hands and knees for some doggy action. This really tuned him on and he lost all restraint. We fucked hard and fast. My tits were bouncing around while his balls were slapping into my cunt. It felt so great and I began to cum. This pushed him passed the point of no return and he blew his load into my tight pussy. Five squirts later he pulled his rapidly deflating cock from my pussy and I turned around and sucked his dick clean of our juices.

I took my thong and cleaned myself up and then got dressed and gave him my cum soaked panties as a gift. Just then the bell rang and school was over. I gave him a quick kiss goodbye and wished him a happy birthday.

While I was reading I had taken off my clothes and was busy fingering myself to another orgasm. Just as I was about to start reading the next page the door to Nikki’s room opened and in comes my daughter and she was not alone. She didn’t notice me at first because she altıparmak eskort was busy kissing her brother, my son, Tim. Nikki froze when she saw me lying naked on her bed. I feared she would be furious but instead she just smiled at me.

Tim turned around and looked at me then whispered something in Nikki’s ear. She nodded and then they began to walk towards me. They were already half naked and as they walked towards me they began to strip the rest of the way. I kept looking back and forth between my two naked kids. I just loved Nikki’s little 32 B-cup tits and my son’s large 7½ inch cock. As they reached me they bent down and began sucking my huge 40 DDD boobs. They would take turns sucking me while the other one would start kissing me. They would also take turns fingering my very wet and hairy cunt. After what felt like an eternity I finally came all over Tim’s fingers.

I rolled over and took my son’s member in my hand and began to stroke it and suck on it. While playing with his hard dick my daughter moved up under me and began teasing my cunt with her tongue. I soon had my son ready to cum and a few more licks pushed him over the edge and he cummed in my mouth. I held his cum in my mouth a few moments before swallowing just savoring the taste. Moments later my daughter shoves a finger up my ass and this pushes me over the edge and to my third orgasm of the afternoon.

To my surprise Tim was still hard as a rock and he motioned nilüfer escort for me to clime on his dick. I was riding Tim’s cock bouncing up and down causing my huge tits to bounce around. Before long I could hear Nikki was digging around in her closet but couldn’t see what she was looking for. After she found the object she came up behind me and told me to stop for a moment and learn forward. Nikki spread my ass cheeks and started squirting lube on my little hole. She then started working the lube in my ass with one finger, then two, and finally three fingers. While she was doing this Tim was continuing to fuck me and was sucking and massaging my large breast. Finally Nikki announced that I was ready and she edged on the bed as well. From behind I could feel a very big dildo start pushing at my little hole. Oh my god my daughter was fucking me with the strap on that I had read about in her diary. Here I am being double penetrated by my own kids and I was loving every minute of it. We fucked like this for about ten minutes before I was cumming again. As I started to cum it pushed Tim over the edge and he began to cum in side of me.

Tim was finally spent and Nikki had yet to cum so I took the toy from her and I began to fuck my daughter. We did it everyway imaginable for another two hours. Afterwards we were so exhausted that we all fell asleep in each other’s arms. We awoke with just enough time to get cleaned up and dressed before my husband came home. That night my husband couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t in the mood. After that night the kids and I would fuck when ever we had a free chance. This lasted only a few more years right up to the time both Tim and Nikki finally moved out. We still play together whenever they are home but nothing was like those early years.

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