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Discovering Myself Pt. 03

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Meeting Brian

It was 5 years since I graduated college. My job unfortunately was beginning to show signs of slowing down. I was concerned about being let go as I was the last one hired in. I should have chosen a major in Business instead of psychology. I seriously thought about moving to another larger metro area about 3 hours drive.

But first, one of us had to find new job. We decided that I would be the one who would secure a new job first. I set up three different interviews in the same day as I wanted to make driving the three hours’ one way worth my time. I felt confident with one of the three companies I interviewed with.

After having been home a few days, I get a call and the company I felt good about called me and offered me the position. Yay! Once a decision was made, I convinced my Wife to go too. A few weeks went by and she and I packed everything up in a moving van, said our good-byes to family, friends for the moment and took off. Hopefully to a fresh start.

I secured a sales position and worked 7-3p at an industrial sales counter. It was only 5 minutes drive from the apartment we lived in. I didn’t have any experience in the industrial sector but I picked up things quickly. It was a salary position but with a hefty commission bonus if I exceeded the monthly quota. I think my new supervisor felt my degree in psychology would help me interact with new customers and win them over. And it did.

As for my Wife, she found a job in retail in the evenings 3 times a week and 5 hours on Sunday at a nearby mall. As we settled into our new jobs, we discovered we both missed our family and friends and were on the phone quite a bit. But at least we were on better terms financially.

So, I soon found myself with at least about 3 hours of free time on evenings she worked. That first night, I turned the TV on to see if there was anything good on. We didn’t yet have cable. But just the basic channels which were rather boring. On the next night she worked, I read a few magazines to keep my mind from wandering. We still enjoyed an okay sex life in our free time but I knew something was still missing.

About 5 months had gone by. It was a Sunday, we had breakfast and it was time she was to head off to work. I usually head out early before we eat breakfast to pick up a Sunday paper. First thing I read is the business section. My Father had told me to do that as he said it was one way to keep up with what was going on in the world of business.

I always turned to the classified ad section last. I then come across a listing showing a number to call for sexy recorded messages from others. It got my attention. My curiosity got the best of me. I had yet to become friends with anyone outside of where I worked. My mind was stuck on the sexy listing I see.

The time was about 6:00pm. I tore the listing out of the paper and went to a pay phone not far from the apartment we lived in. There are not many pay phones left anymore but I found one by a Laundromat. I put in a quarter and dialed the number. I hear a seductive greeting from a woman instructing me to choose a category.

Well, I knew I wanted to listen to gay male listings. So, as I began to hear the first listing, the phone companies’ operator cut in and said, “Please deposit another quarter for the next 5 minutes.” Crap! I put in one more quarter. I had brought a dollar’s worth thinking it was enough. I listened to some more gay listings. Luckily no one was Denizli Escort waiting to use the payphone. I was getting hard.

Then the time ran out again. I then headed for home. Thinking the phone company made enough off me for now. It was still early enough as I had about 2 hours before my Wife would get home.

Once home, I called from my home phone. After all, it was I who monitored and paid all the bills so I felt safe. I dialed the number again and listened to more gay recorded messages from other men. I come across one that got my interest.

I decided to connect with that person through their listing. I was nervous but I had a desire burning inside me. I dialed the man’s number. My heart was pounding. After our initial Hello’s, I asked him his name? He said, “Brian.” He then asked; “What’s yours?” I said, “Mike” His voice sounded very warm and soothing.

I told him his ad was interesting and he sounded like someone I wanted to meet. He said, “Nice to talk to you Mike.” I said, “Me too.” I asked him how old he was and what he looked like, he said,” I’m 31; about 6’1″ with an average build with short light blond hair and blue eyes.”

He asked me what I looked like and I told him. At this point, I was 27. He asked me what I did for a living and I asked him the same. He said, “I work for a firm that hires employees for the insurance industry on contract.” I said, “I see.”

I said, “Brian, it’s been a pleasure talking to you.” He replied, “Oh the pleasure is all mine!” I said, “We’ll have to talk again soon.” He added, “Oh most definitely Mike I would love to!” He gave me his direct phone line. We then hung up.

My heart was pounding. I had a huge smile on my face as I just met a man. Just minutes after I hung up, my Wife came in the door. Whew! I wondered if she had heard any of my conversation with Brian. My secret appeared to be safe for now.

It was now Monday about 4:00pm. I just got home and she was getting ready for work. She said, “You’ll have to get take out as I didn’t have time to prepare anything.” I replied, “No worries.” She then headed out the door.

After about 30 minutes I felt it safe to connect with Brian again. I called his number. He answered and was pleased to learn it was me. He sounded just as sweet as the first time I had talked to him.

After some small chit chat, I got the nerve up to tell him, “You sound like the kind of man I would like to meet up with in person.” He replied, “Oh Mike, I was just going to say the same. As they say, great minds think alike right?”

My pulse raced even more. I got hard again and felt pre-cum in my panties. I got the courage and asked, “So, is there a safe place we can meet like a restaurant? ” He said, “Yes, I know a place even better. You can come to where I work. No one else is here right now and we’ll have the entire place to ourselves.” I said, “Oh, okay then that sounds good.”

He was every bit a stranger to me yet and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Was I being set up? Would there be someone waiting for me to beat me up since I was coming off as being gay and wanting to meet another gay man? He gave me the address. I said, Okay Brian, I’ll see you soon.” And we hung up.

It was December and was dark out. I made my way over. I pulled into the parking lot found a space. I looked up to the second floor of this office building to where a man was standing. The lights were on so I knew the Denizli Escort Bayan Silhouette was that of a man. He was looking down at me.

I took a deep breath and got out of my car and made my way to the main door. The entrance to this building was locked for safety so he had to come down to open it for me. I see him make his way down the stairs and it looked to be Brian based on his description.

I thought so far, so good. He opened the door and asked me, “Are you Mike?” I said, “Yes.” He smiled and let me in. Then he locked the main door again behind me. I was instantly attracted to him. I follow him up to the second floor. I have on some tight women’s skinny jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers and a light jacket. He was dressed in the usual business attire minus the suit jacket.

Once inside this office suite, he said as he looked at me, “Welcome to my world.” He was smiling.” He turned to lock the door to the office suite. I was nervous but was beginning to like him. I was relieved to not see anyone else. My fears started to subside. I smile and reply, “It’s nice to finally meet you Brian.” He said, “You too! I was hoping you wouldn’t back out on me as a few others have done.”

There were several desks in the suite. He showed me his desk. He said, “Well, this is where I spend my workdays. Not very exciting is it?” I said, “Well, it pays the bills right?” He nodded his head yes. It was a rather large suite separated only by some small cubicles. I couldn’t help but notice there was a sofa. It looked like a sleeper sofa. We chatted for a few minutes trying to break the ice as they say.

I asked him what time his workday ends. He said, “Officially, 6:00p but sometimes longer depending on clients.” I notice a ring on his finger and asked. “I take it you’re married? He hesitated a moment looking down and answered, “Yeah.” I asked, “To a woman? ” He replied, “Yes.” I know he noticed a ring on my finger too and asked me the same question, I said, “Yes, I’m married and also to a woman.”

After hearing him talk about how things are with his marriage I said,” It sounds like you’re not totally happy in your marriage either.” He nodded and agreed. Then he said, “But I’m happy now that I met you Mike!” I looked up and when our eyes met, we both smiled. I thought to myself, could this be the fresh start I was looking for?

It was now 5:00p. He went to draw the blinds closed and dimmed the lights low. I wondered what he was planning to do next? He came closer to me and said, “Mike, come with me.” He extended his hand to mine and led me to the sofa. He was definitely the aggressor at this point. And my cock was showing signs of approval.

He was on my left as we took a seat on the office sofa. We talked a bit more about things in general. He said he had 2 teenage boys. I told him I had yet to have kids. Our eyes met with more than a curious stare as we both wanted more than to just talk. I asked him, “What about your work?” He said, “I’ve done all I need to do as far as clients are concerned for today. So, I have no worries.”

He asked me, “How late can you stay?” I replied, “I can hang around until 8:30p the latest as my Wife gets home about 9:30p.” He smiled again. My apartment was only about 15 minutes from his office. Brian moved closer to me. I knew what was going to happen next. He was feeling confident and leaned over and held my face in his hands gave me a kiss. His hands were soft too.

For Escort Denizli a man, he was so, so gentle with me. His lips were so soft too. This was my very first kiss from a man. It felt like I was getting kissed for the very first time ever! I was getting harder by the moment. Our lips met again as we shared another slow kiss. It was delicious! Then he put his arms around me.

I grew even more nervous. But I put my arms around him as well. We embraced and gazed into each other’s eyes. We were both excited to say the least. He continued his advances on me, and while we were kissing with my eyes closed, I soon felt his hand reaching down to unbutton my jeans. My heart raced. OMG!

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. I grabbed his hand and said, “Oh Brian please, stop.” He looked at me and with a puzzled look and asked, “Why not? It’s obvious you’re comfortable with me right? Do you not find me attractive?” I said, “I am attracted to you and I am comfortable with you Brian but, I’m afraid too.”

He comforted me with his soft voice saying, “You have nothing to be afraid of as it’s just you and me here. I’ll be gentle and if you don’t want me to go further, I’ll stop I promise.” I closed my eyes again. We shared another passionate kiss. We broke our kiss. I opened my eyes. He then got on his knees facing me. He looked up at me wanting a sign of my approval.

I nodded yes. He unzipped and pulled my skinny jeans down with both his hands and out of the way enough to fully expose my pink panties. He smiled and licked his lips. I always wore women’s panties and it was something my Wife didn’t object to. That’s one thing she and I had in common.

My heart raced even faster. My satin panties barely concealed my throbbing cock. Brian began touching and massaging my cock through the thin material. He got up and we locked lips again. I got even harder instantly. He went back on his knees and pulled my cock out. I about blew my load. Wow! Then he slid my panties down further. Finally, there it was, my throbbing cock was set free from the confines of my soaked panties!

I looked at his eyes and knew he was pleased as he smiled even more as he licked his lips again. I began breathing faster and harder as did he. It was clear; he wanted me. He was delighted to see how big my cock was. He slowly licked the head of my cock. He licked along the length from my ball sack to the head. I was circumcised which made things even better for both of us in my opinion.

He wrapped his mouth around my engorged cock. I felt my cock slowly go in and out of his hungry mouth. I let out a moan. Not only had I kissed a man for the first time but another man was sucking me for the first time. Having Brian suck me felt so much better than when I sucked my own cock. Oh, my! It felt so good to be with Brian.

I now knew what it felt like to be kissed and sucked by another man. I was trembling. My cock responded to his every move. Oh my, my. I was about to explode when I got scared and told him, “No, Brian please.” He withdrew my cock from his mouth. He let me up and stopped as he promised sensing my mood. I apologized again saying, “It’s not you Brian. I’m sorry but I have to go.” I could tell he was rather disappointed. I said goodbye and got dressed and made my way out the door.

On the way home I knew I wanted to be with him again. All I could think of was Brian. How soft lips were, to kiss and how his lips felt on my cock. I loved his smile, his gentle touch and his warm embrace. I was upset at myself for leaving him like that. How could I do that to him? Crap! Not only did he want me but I knew for certain now, I wanted him.

I just hoped he would still want to see me again. But would he?

To be cont’d.

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