Dirty Secrets of a Bored Housewife

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Cynthia Mays stared out her back window into her yard, the sun, shining bright, and the breeze gently rustling through the trees looked more inviting than the pile of dirty dishes waiting patiently to be loaded into the dishwasher. Biting her lower lip, Cynthia’s striking, emerald green eyes darted from the sloppy, wet work area to her beautifully manicured backyard and back again. “I better attend to my housewife duties.” She sighed looking around her kitchen.

Cynthia was becoming rather slack with her daily cleaning ritual, but then again could anyone blame her for wanting a change in scenery. At forty-four, this fiery red-headed housewife still had an insatiable sexual appetite. Her kids, at nineteen and twenty-one and twenty-three, could take care of themselves and her husband’s new position had him traveling most of the time. She couldn’t complain though, his salary paid for the beautiful home nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac located in an upscale neighborhood. But then again she still needed some action in her life. So…

“What the hell, the dishes will still be here when I get in.” Cynthia reasoned, but then again when the idea popped into her mind there was no way of convincing her otherwise.

Strolling through the lush green grass of her backyard, Cynthia smiled as a subtle breeze blew over her naked skin. She made a bee line towards the pool. A chaise lounge was waiting for her and her margarita. Nothing could spoil her day, well expect for that dead, bloated squirrel floating in her pool. Gasping in disgust, Cynthia knew she couldn’t relax while its body idly floated around in her pool. She quickly made her way out of the gate and across her yard.

Twenty-one year old Jack Steiner answered his door. Cynthia was standing on his front porch, her 5’5″ frame was clad in no more than a white bikini and a matching pair of Reebok high tops. Her sun kissed skin was a sharp contrast to her skimpy bathing suit.

“Mrs. Mays…” Jack, who was still in his pajama bottoms, was caught off guard by his sexy neighbor’s visit.

“Oh Jack I hate to bother you so early in the morning but a squirrel must’ve fallen in our pool and drowned. John’s at work and it’s only me at home. I want to go sunbathing but I can’t stand the sight of the poor little guy floating around. Could you come over and skim him out?” Cynthia pleaded.

Jack couldn’t ignore a woman in need or the way her breasts heaved from bikini top every time she inhaled. “Ok, give me a few minutes and I’ll be right over.” Jack smiled.

Jack opened the large wooden gate leading into the Mays’ yard. Surveying the yard he saw Mrs. Mays stretched out on a chaise lounge enjoying the beautiful June weather. Jack crossed the flagstone patio to the oblong pool. The water was still and tranquil, well except for the poor, little squirrel that lost its life early that day.

Effortlessly removing the dead rodent from the pool Jack proceeded to dump the water logged body in the garbage can. “Well Mrs. Mays he’s out and safely lying in the bottom of the garbage can, I guess I’ll get going then.” Jack tried to look in her eyes yet they couldn’t help but wonder down her slender body as it glistened with oil in the strong sun.

“Oh Jack, you don’t need to leave so soon. How about something to drink? Let me repay you.” Cynthia smiled, peering up from her sunglasses.

“Well, I guess, but only If you insist, Mrs. Mays”

“Oh, please call me Cynthia.”

Her pleasantry made Jack smile.

In the kitchen Jack took a seat at the wooden rectangular table. He was admiring the dark wood cabinets and floors when he glanced over at Cynthia bent over, rummaging through the refrigerator. Her dancing ass suddenly caught his eye. Taking notice of how her bikini bottom rose up over her firm ass cheeks.

Spinning around with a pitcher full of fruit juice, Jack broke from his trance. Cynthia sauntered over to the table with the pitcher and glass. Pouring him a nice, cool glass of homemade fruit juice she flashed him a smile as his hand brushed hers.

“Please make yourself comfortable in the living room while I change into something else. We’ll get a chance to talk and get to know one another.” Cynthia gestured towards the other room.

Cynthia returned to the living room to find Jack sitting on the couch. She had changed into a white skirt and coral pink spaghetti strap tank top. Easing down next to him on the tan sofa she turned to face him with legs crossed, gazing into his deep blue eyes.

“So Jack, we’ve been neighbors for almost a year and half and you know I really don’t know anything about you. For instance what rize escort do you like to do for fun?” Cynthia innocently asked as she placed her hand on her bare knee.

“Um… well I like to swim and run track. But I also enjoy discussing art and listening to classical music. So I guess you could call me a sensitive jock.” He laughed.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, wow, your girlfriend must be real lucky to have you.” Cynthia gushed. Her hand had now moved up to her bare thigh.

“Well, there’s really no one in my life right now.” He bowed his head, appearing to be embarrassed at the fact.

“Sorry to hear.” Cynthia’s hand moved in between of where they sat. “You know I kind of feel silly admitting this but ever since you moved in I’ve always found you to be attractive.”

“Oh yeah?” He questioned with somewhat of disbelief.

“Yeah and I have something else I would like to admit. There’s no easy way of saying this so… here it goes. I accidentally caught you sunbathing in the nude. I was putting some laundry away when I happen to see you stripping out of your underwear. You have an incredibly fit, bronzed body. It really shows that you take pride in appearance.” Cynthia shifted her body closer to her neighbor’s. Jack fidgeted against the back of the sofa; his hands nervously rubbed his knees. “Oh Jack you look nervous and a bit embarrassed. There’s no need to be. I admire a man who takes care of his body. As you can see I too take care of myself even after three kids. And you can’t sit and tell me that you haven’t noticed. Ever since I came over to your house your eyes have been glued to my petite frame and ample tits.” She gave him a devilish grin. Her hand slid up his muscular thigh. “Would you like to see my naked body?” Jack nodded his head slowly.

Cynthia stood up straightening her top and skirt. The sexy suburban housewife ran her hands down her body and back up to the hem of her coral pink tank top. Her slender fingers gripped the bottom and slowly pulled up, revealing her taut stomach. “Feel free to rub yourself.” Cynthia remarked in a husky voice.

Jack’s hand meandered down to his shorts where a bulge was already forming. He gave it a squeeze and groaned as his neighbor continued her sexy striptease.

By now the bottoms of her lacy bra-covered large tits were peeking out. Cynthia cupped the bottoms of her heavy mounds and gave them a tight squeeze which elicited a moan of pleasure. Cynthia gave one final yank of her top and pulled it off her head throwing it at Jack. Her hands massaged her cleavage. A large gob of spit fell from her soft lips and landed in the crack. It trailed down her tan skin and eventually smeared over the tops as she continued to rub her hefty love sacks together. “You probably didn’t know I was such a nasty housewife?” Jack shook his head as he continued to rub his crotch.

Her hands worked their way down to her skirt. Grabbing a hold she slowly slid them down her shapely thighs to reveal a pair of yellow lacey, low rise cheeky panties. Allowing the skirt to slip from her hands they fell into a puddle at her feet, kicking them aside so she could turn around. With her legs spread wide apart she slowly bent over at the waist. Cynthia peered through her legs and rubbed her hand from her ass to her pussy and back again. Jack was hypnotized.

Backing up onto his lap she lowered her ass down and started grinding. “You like that baby?” She felt his erection poke her pussy through his satin basketball shorts. “UMMM… that feels so fucking good.” She moaned with delight. Jack couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed her waist. “Uh-uh, no touching.” His sexy seductress warned slapping at his probing hands.

Sliding her tight ass up and down his crotch she teased her young, athletic neighbor. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you? I bet you want me to pull out your cock and play with it. Give you a sloppy blowjob. Yeah that’s what you want.” She taunted, looking over her shoulder. “How bad do you want to see my pretty, little pussy?” Her pussy tingled, grinding deep in his lap.

“Bad…” Jack whimpered.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“UGHHH…. I want to see your pussy very badly.” He managed to groan.

“Not before I get to see your cock, up close this time.” The horny housewife slid off his lap and dropped to her knees. Prying his legs open she crawled towards his aching cock that now tented his shorts. Nuzzling her hose in his crotch, her teeth snapped at the shiny fabric. Grabbing the elastic waist line the little vixen slowly yanked down the shorts.

“HMMM…you’re wearing those little blue Hanes briefs escort rize that I saw you in.” She said huskily. Yanking them down allowed the young man’s cock to spring to life. “It’s so much better up close.” She gawked.

Her hands placed firmly on his naked thighs her tongue lapped at his swollen balls like a sex starved kitten. Sucking in both his balls she swished them around soaking his hairy sack with spit. She fiercely sucked at his balls as if she was trying to drain them of their juices.

OHHH… fuck. Look at me with those sexy eyes.” He demanded. She stared at him with deep pools of dark brown. She tried to smile with his whole sack in her mouth.

Reluctantly releasing it from her hot mouth, leaving long spit strands hanging from each, she snaked her tongue up his throbbing shaft.

“Yum! I love the taste of your cock.” The tip of her tongue ran around the base of his mushroom cap. A groan escaped from his lips.

Her luscious lips wrapped around the head of his cock and slowly worked down his thick shaft but as hard as she tried she couldn’t get it all the way in her mouth. Gagging as she tried.

Snapping her head up for air she gripped the base and brought her lips back down. Letting large gobs of gooey spit cover his cock Cynthia viciously jerked up and down. As the lonely housewife double fisted him her tongue slid over his slit, tracing figure eights around his swollen, purple head. Desperately licking up his pearly, pre-cum that came oozing out while her hand juggled his swollen sack.

Grinning from ear to ear Cynthia stood up. Reaching around to her back she unhooked her white lacey bra and let it fall to the floor. Her tits came spilling out. Then she hooked her thumbs into her panties and shimmied out of them. Kicking them to her captive audience Cynthia stood naked with her arms raised in the air. She spun around so that he could see all of her petite, sexy body.

Now that her large tits, 32dd, were free from their lacy constraints Cynthia fell to her knees again. “How would like to fuck this big ol’ beautiful tits?” Jack, in awe of her massive tits, nodded his head. “Then come over here and show me what you got.” She coerced.

Jack stood up, his large cock pointing straight out in front of him. Guiding his cock into the valley of sexy milf’s tits, Jack proceeded to thrust his hips toward her; the head of his cock would poke up between her two large mounds with every thrust. Cynthia would try to catch it with her tongue every now and then all the while leaving rivers of spit to trail down into her valley and lube Jack’s invading member.

Cynthia squeezed her tits together even harder to create a tighter grip around his cock. “Oh yeah…oh yeah…fuck my tits…fuck them…fuck them hard.” She encouraged. Jack’s increased his pace. The sound of balls slapping against Cynthia’s titties and the grunts of the young man filled the room.

Cynthia loved the way the young man’s cock slid effortlessly in and out of her cleavage, and the way the swollen head would peek through the crack every so often.

“I want to taste your sweet pussy.” Jack groaned.

“HMMM… does my young fuck want to eat me out?” Cynthia grinned. Jack shook his head as his hips continued to thrust towards her tits. “Well first you have to cum on my tits.”

Jack pulled his cock from her cleavage and began to stroke with short, quick strokes. With his hand moving in a blur, Jack knew he was close. He felt that familiar tightness deep in his balls. “UGHHH…” Jack Groaned as he grew closer to his climax.

Cynthia rubbed her tits together and waited anxiously for the bounty she was about to receive. “Oh shit, here it comes!” Jack warned as cock spitted out a load of hot cum onto Cynthia’s tits. Gooey white blobs dotted the housewife’s tan skin as Jack milked the last drops of cum from his head.

Cynthia lied down on the couch, spread her legs wide open, and stroked her pussy—an invitation Jack couldn’t refuse.

Jack crawled up between her legs and stared at her moist pink lips. Diving right in, Jack lapped at her pussy like a dog at water. He attacked it with such fierceness that it made Cynthia moan with pleasure. “Ohhh…shit that feels nice.”

Jack ran his tongue around the outside of her mound making sure to get every part of her pussy. He then spread her lips apart to go deeper. As his tongue fucked her opening Cynthia grabbed the back of his head and held it against her hot folds. Jack continued his assault on her pussy.

“Ohhh god, you definitely now how to eat a girl out, Jack if you keep this up you’ll rize escort bayan make me cum.” Jack used this as a motivation to keep going. His hand found her hard clit and furiously rubbed it. Cynthia’s body arched and rocked until she finally screamed. “UHHH…UHHH…UHHH…UHHH…Ahhhh.” Cynthia fell to the couch as Jack lapped up her juices that seeped from her hole. “Ohh that was hot, but now I want to feel you deep inside of me. Fuck me with your hard cock, pleasssssseeee.” She begged.

Jack climbed onto the couch. Cynthia bent over and gave his cock a few long, deliberately slow licks. She made sure it was good and hard. Shoving the shaft all the way in her mouth, Cynthia covered his cock with large globs of spit until she was satisfied with the hardness of his member.

Her petite body climbed on top of his rock hard cock. The lips of her cock-hungry pussy slowly swallowed the whole shaft as she guided it deep inside her.

“UHHH….OHHH… god it’s so big inside my tight pussy.” Jack’s cock-craving neighbor groaned. Slowly rocking her hips Cynthia began riding him reverse cowgirl style. Getting her legs propped up onto the couch she rolled her ass against his granite like abs. Wildly bouncing up and down on Jack’s lap, Cynthia moaned loudly. “OHHH… shit your cock feels so good. UGHHH…”

Jack’s hands made their way around her viciously writhing body. The one grabbed at her bouncing tit, clawing and pinching it until she screamed in pain and twisting her pert bud which produced another wail. His other hand furiously stroked her hard nub, working it in circles. “Yes, Yes, Yes fuck my cock faster.” He ordered.

Cynthia began to bounce faster and harder. She threw her head back; her wild mane of fire hair whipped him in his face. “UGHHH…UGHHH!”

“UGHHH…UGHHH…” Jack groaned.

Cynthia stopped and climbed off his cock. Facing her sexy, young neighbor she climbed on again and slowly began to bounce up and down. With her tits in his face now, Jack began to lick and nip at her erect nipples. Grabbing at the left tit, Jack sucked on her nipple. Then moved to the right and sucked on that nipple before moving back again. Cynthia continued to bounce up and down. She loved the way his large cock rubbed against the moist walls of her pussy and how her clit rubbed against his pelvis.

She worked to drive his cock deep inside of her. “UGHHH…UGHHH.” She moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth. “Shit you’re gonna make me cum.” Jack exclaimed.

This was Cynthia’s cue to hop off and shove his cock in her accepting mouth. Sucking his pussy juice-covered cock into her mouth she rapidly pumped up and down the shaft. Her tongue laid flat against the underside. She made sure to pay special attention to the base of his head. “OHHH… shit I’m gonna cum!”

Popping his cock out Jack grabbed his cock let loose his seed. Long, white ropes of his sticky sperm flew from his engorged cock, landing on Cynthia’s beautiful face. With eyes shut tight her face was painted with gobs of his hot juices. On the bridge of her nose, her upper lip, and in her opened, waiting mouth. “HMMM, your cum tastes so sweet.” Cynthia smiled, cum dripping from her face and onto her heaving tits. Grabbing his spent cock she milked every last drop out into her mouth. Spitting the pearly strands onto her sweaty tits, Cynthia smiled, casting a soulful look at her exhausted neighbor. “OHH…god that was fantastic. We’ll have to do this again. Now you better get going. Oh and I’m keeping your underwear as a souvenir.” She growled, clutching his Hanes in her trembling hands sniffing his cologne mixed with his body scent.

This started Cynthia’s collection of men’s underwear, stashing them in her top draw just under her panties. These were a hunter’s reminder of the “kill”.

A week after her encounter with Jack Cynthia was strolling idly through the produce aisle when she ran into him. As he stocked produce with a guy who looked to be around his age he turned and smiled at Cynthia.

“Hey Jack, nice to see you again.”

“Cynthia, the pleasures all mine.” He replied with an even bigger grin and then turned to his co-worker. “Greg this is my next door neighbor, the one whom I was talking about.” This made Cynthia blush considerably. “I told you she was hot.” Cynthia turned two more shades of red, enough to match her fiery hair.

“Well, Jack I’ll let you get back to work. If you ever need anything you know to come by my house… oh and bring Greg.” Cynthia winked. As she walked away she made sure to wiggle her tight ass more than usual. She had a lot more shopping to do plus there was another stock boy she’s always had her eye on.

Cynthia smiled as she spotted him bending over near the tomato sauces. “Jack was only the beginning.” She thought to herself.

She was a bored housewife living in a quiet cul-de-sac; she had a dirty secret, and there were plenty more to come.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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