Dirty Old Men

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“You’ll go blind if you keep doing that!” I laughed at the dirty old man as he lay on his bed stroking his cock to hardness as I pulled the soiled sheets off the other bed in the room.

“But I wouldn’t go blind if you did it for me then?” The old man chuckled as he raised his hips so I could get a clearer look as he cupped his wrinkly ball sack with one hand and rubbed his cock as fast as possible with the other.

I just shook my head and smiled.

“Come on Gail,” he pleaded, “it’ll be much nicer if a gorgeous young woman was doing this.”

“Bugger off, you dirty old sod!” I chided him as I bent across the bed to tuck the sheet under the mattress.

“Ding-dong!” Charlie sniggered, “That’s more like it girl!”

I slowly stood up when I realised that he had been looking at my knickers up my blue nurses’ uniform.

“Ooh…if you’d only been wearing stockings and sussies I’d be finished by now!” Charlie hooted as he continued tugging at his stiff cock.

“Stop it!” I repeated myself, “You’re too old to be doing that.”

“When I’m too old to appreciate a sexy arse like yours; that’ll be the day that they carry me out of this bloody place.” Charlie sighed. He looked tired now and seemed unable to finish himself off.

To tell you the truth I was always a little bit flattered and turned on when Charlie or The Major, who shared a room with him, flashed their cocks or groped me when I was looking after them.

“Look,” I whispered conspiratorially, “you know I can’t do anything like that…I’d get the sack.” “But you’d like to!” he grinned as his cock began to stiffen again, “wouldn’t you?”

“Charlie….” I sighed as I sat next to him on the bed, “I can’t…I shouldn’t…” my fingers were now caressing his withered dick until it jerked back into life.

The old man made himself more comfortable and soon unbuttoned the top half of my nurses’ uniform; releasing my ample bosom to his gaze.

“You’ll get me sacked, you dirty bugger, if anybody finds out I’m doing this!” I whispered in a low voice as I curled my fingers around his trembling cock.

“Ooh Gail,” he gasped as I wanked him, “why would I tell any body? This can be our little secret.”

As I built up a nice rhythm Charlie began stroking and rubbing my tits through my bra like a sex-starved teenager.

“How big are these beauties?” he gasped when I rubbed my thumb over his purple knob.

“36 double d,” I told him as he pulled them towards his face.

He went silent for the next couple of minutes contentedly kissing and licking my breasts as I tugged and rubbed his cock until I suddenly felt my hand become warm and sticky when he ejaculated and his sticky juice ran between my fingers.

Charlie soon flopped back onto his bed with a big grin on his face.

For some reason I actually felt quite pleased with myself as I washed my hands under the tap and re-fastened my uniform.

“Well really!” I giggled, “I don’t know what came over me!”

“I did!” The old man laughed as he stroked his shrunken cock, “And bloody good it felt too!”

I shook my canl─▒ bahis head and made him promise not to tell anyone what we had done. The cheeky sod only agreed when I promised to wear a pair of stockings for him later in the week!

This happened three years ago; when I worked as a ward nurse in a Private Retirement home. Two of my charges were Charlie and The Major. Both men were in their seventies and were the bain of the nurses’ lives. They really were the epitome of ‘dirty old men’, groping the older women, talking dirty to the younger ones and given half a chance would show you their cocks.

I’d worked at the home for a year and was the only female nurse that wasn’t afraid to be alone with them, as I was the divorced mother of three teenage boys and had been brought up with five older brothers. Nothing that these two old men did could embarrass me no matter how hard they tried.

Charlie was 78 and modelled himself on the suave English actor Leslie Phillips using all of his catchphrases. If you believed half of his stories he had been quite a ‘ladies man’ in his younger days.

The Major was a tall, thick set man; a little younger than Charlie and ex-military with a wicked sense of humour. Both men were quite charming and completely used to getting their own way. Together they were a nightmare; playing tricks on the staff and other patients; as they often told me ‘they were growing old disgracefully!”

Charlie was as good as gold for the next couple of days until he reminded me of my ‘promise’ on the Thursday at the end of my shift. I was already one step ahead of him as I knew that I had to bathe both men the following afternoon. This should have been a job for two nurses but because of their usual behaviour I always did the job myself.

As promised I wore a nice pair of black 15 denier stockings with a matching blue 6-strap suspender belt and knickers under my uniform hoping no one in the home would notice the lumps on my thighs. My last husband had been a stocking fetishist so I still had quite a collection of sexy underwear including suspenders and basques.

I shouldn’t have been surprised; but when I went into Charlie’s room both men were already waiting in their bathrobes with big grins on their faces when I went to collect Charlie.

“You’ve told him, haven’t you?” I laughed as I helped the Major into his wheelchair.

“We share everything,” Charlie grinned, “don’t we old boy?” “I can’t say I’m surprised really,” The Major cackled, “You look like a woman that needs a regular supply of dick.”

“You cheeky bugger,” I laughed as I playfully slapped him on the back of his head.

“Ding-Dong!” Charlie hollered as he slopped his hand up my uniform and squeezed my fleshy thigh at the top of my stockings, “Good girl…this is going to be a fun bath time!”

Once inside the large bathroom I knew that we wouldn’t be interrupted because of the men’s reputations.

As I ran the hot water into the bath both men groped me ÔÇô pushing their wiry hands up my uniform to feel my suspenders, arse and pussy while grabbing at my voluptuous breasts when I tried bahis siteleri to slap their hands away. “I bet she gave herself a good seeing to with her dildo when she got home the other night,” The Major told his friend. “Ha, ha, ha,” Charlie laughed, “I bet it’s a bloody big one too. It would have to be to satisfy somebody as horny as Gail.” “Is it?” He turned to me as I rubbed my thighs together to try and give my pussy some relief. “Your vibrator…is it a big one?” “It’s bigger than either of your little things!” I tried to put them in their places; but it didn’t deter them at all.

“Come on Gail,” The Major begged, “take that bloody dress off and let us see what you’ve got under there!” . I could hardly wait to strip off and show them what I had on underneath my boring uniform. Charlie and the Major were like two kids at Christmas as I stood between them while I undressed down to my sexy underwear.

“Come here girl and let me feel those big old melons!” The Major called out as I draped my nurses’ uniform across the small table in the corner, giving them a good look at my legs and arse as I bent over.

I checked the bath and realised that it still had another couple of minutes before it was ready, so walked towards him and bent forward letting my tits sway in front of his face.

Just like Charlie had done previously he immersed his face in my titty valley and squashed them against his old face. Charlie quickly dropped his robe and began pressing himself against my generous arse as he stroked my stockings and suspenders. None of us said a word as they stroked, squeezed, rubbed and grabbed at my body making me feel deliciously womanly for the first time in six months as these two dirty old men used me as their sex toy for five or six minutes.

Without thinking I pulled the Major’s robe open and rubbed his cock until it became hard enough to suck. The sound that he made when I slid his knob past my lips was amazing. My head bobbed up and down on the old man’s dick as Charlie grabbed my hips and rubbed his cock along my panty covered slit.

I suddenly spat his cock out of my mouth when I remembered the bath!

“Shit!” I cried out as the water had nearly reached the top.

I pulled the plug out and as the water drained the two dirty old men took my bra off and sucked my tits and nipples like a pair of wrinkly twin babies.

Eventually I made Charlie get into the bath and washed him all over as he played with my tits. In the past I would have made him wash his prick himself but today I made a special effort as I lathered it up and rinsed it 4 or 5 times making it get as hard as it been for years. Finally he stood up and held onto the safety rail as I bent forward and sucked his cock; virtually deep-throating him as it wasn’t that big. When I felt that he was ready to cum I put it between my big soft breasts so I could titty-fuck him until he pumped his load onto my floppy tits.

Charlie slid back into the bath as I turned to face the Major with spunk dripping off my tits.

“How hard is that thing?” I panted as I stared manically at his stiff prick.

“Hard bahis ┼čirketleri enough!” he laughed as I threw my knickers off and strode towards him.

My pussy was on fire now and I needed to fuck him regardless of how old he was and the possible consequences!

Without asking, The Major dropped the arms on his wheelchair making it easier for me to straddle him.

“Let me touch it first,” he pleaded as I hovered over his groin.

Ever so gently he ran his fingers through my luscious pubic hair then tenderly stroked my extended labia as if he was touching a beautiful piece of art.

“Thank you, my dear.” He whispered as he held his sticky fingers under his nose and inhaled my musky love juice.

“Are you ready?” I panted as I put my hand between my legs to guide his stiff dick into my sloppy cunt.

“Oh yes my dear,” he smiled, “I’ve been ready for many years!”

His knob brushed against my tender opening making me gasp as it easily slid into my well used cunt.

I had to restrain myself because of his age, but I still bounced up and down, filling my womb with a real cock for the first time in many months as he pounded my tits with his hands and face; sucking my aching nipples until I though that they would explode.

My eyes were wild and my nostrils flared as I felt my orgasm build up in my toes and shoot through my body like a set of expensive fireworks as I squashed my pussy and engorged clitoris hard against the old man’s crotch as I came with an intensity that I hadn’t felt for a long, long time.

It took me a few moments to catch my breath; but as soon as I had I dismounted the Major and immediately bent forward on all fours with my arse and stretched cunt facing Charlie in the bath, and sucked my sticky cunt juice off old cock until he spewed his vintage spunk into my hot mouth. As I swallowed the old man’s spunk I savoured the slightly bitter flavour as it ran down my throat.

We all giggled hysterically as I helped Charlie out of the bath and dried him as he kept playing with my tits and arse while trying to finger me at the same time.

When I finally got him to sit still in the corner The Major had to stand in the shower for his wash and actually came for a second time, which amazed him, while I was washing his cock, balls and between his legs.

Remember while I was washing him all I was wearing was stockings suspenders and a pair of sensible shoes!

It took a while after I’d dried the Major before the dirty old men would let me put my uniform back on; but I eventually did and took them back to their room in time for tea.

Although it was never quite as intense as that first time the three of us continued having sex, usually oral or manual for the next two years. Charlie was particularly good at cunninlingus often giving me two or three orgasms in one session especially when I sucked the Major’s cock at the same time.

Sadly Charlie died a year ago followed by The Major 3 months later. Some said it was a broken heart because his friend had left him.

It’s certainly not why I did what I did; because all three of us thoroughly enjoyed our extra-ordinary sexual antics; but both men left me a substantial amount of money in their wills which now means that I am quite comfortably off and don’t have to work.

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