Dirty Farm Yard Adventure

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Teresa was the oldest of three, 18 years old and dreaming of the day she could leave the farm and move to the city for school. Growing up on a dairy farm was hard work, and as the oldest she had a lot of responsibility she wasn’t so crazy about. The early mornings and long days were particularly unbearable for her, and she had better ideas of where she wanted to be.

Her friends mostly lived in the local town, about three miles from the farm, where she went to school and would hang out on her free time. It had been a busy summer, and Teresa had been looking forward to the end of her last summer at home, and because of this, she felt excited about her future.

In the meantime, she was still the eye of many of the guys in the area, her curvy frame generated a lot of interest, though she was especially interested in Frank, the neighbourhood boy who sometimes helped out during the busy haying season and whenever Teresa’s parents went away. Frank was two years older than Teresa, though the two had barely talked as she was too shy to approach him. Frank had left school and returned back to his parents farm, and word was that the city life wasn’t for him, and that he had come to appreciate the simple things in life again. Something Teresa couldn’t quite understand to herself yet.


It was a bright sunny August afternoon, when Teresa’s parents had gone away for the weekend and left her in charge of the farm. Friends of your parents were hosting a college reunion, and they would be gone all weekend re-living their youth with old friends. A fun weekend they had been looking forward to, and you were happy to give them a break from the farm work.

Your parents had met each other while at school, and after graduation they took over the farm from your grandparents, who had since moved into town. Teresa had made her intentions known to her parents that she wasn’t really interested in following in their footsteps, but they hadn’t closed the door on her yet.

So now, with the folk away, a long weekend of chores awaited Teresa. The cows had to be milked twice a day, and Frank the neighbour boy would take care of the evening milking, though that left the morning milking and chores up to her and her two younger brothers, who were several years younger than her. Because of their young age, that left much of the responsibility up to her.

It had been a particularly hot summer thus far, with the area going through an extreme heat wave and even this early in the morning, it was already above 80 degrees. Teresa put on a pair of cotton white panties and her dark blue coveralls, then put on her knee high well worn elaz─▒─č escort rubber boots and headed down to the barn to take care of the morning chores.

She’d always felt a twinge of excitement to put on her boots, usually worn barefoot. She’d often sneak away while taking care of the chores for a break, and play with her clit. She would often fantasize about Frank, and had always wondered what it would be like if he discovered her in her favorite hiding spots.

Walking through the barn, Teresa was particularly keen to getting her boots dirty, another thing that got her white panties soaking wet. Her overactive imagination kept her horny a lot of the time, but the rubber boots on her feet had made her excited for as long as she could remember. She even had a favorite pair she kept in a hiding spot in the hay loft that she would grind into her clit when she had the time to herself.

She knew she was a little different, her girlfriends never mentioned anything like this and while they talked about sex and masturbation a lot, she felt this was a little secret she would prefer to keep to herself. She didn’t feel like being shunned because of her love for rubber boots.


After taking care of the milking and making sure the cows were fed, Teresa cleaned her rubber boots, and was about to head in for lunch when she noticed one of the cows had got out and was mingling near the manure pit.

Her parents had told her to stay away from the earthen pit, as the area was unstable, but she was worried about the cow and tried to scare it out by throwing a couple small rocks at the black and white beast. She was unable to get her to move, so she climbed under the fence accidentally putting her hand into a warm cow patty…

“Eww, damn it,” she screamed to herself, wiping the brown muck on her faded coveralls. She managed to get near to cow and she started to shoo the animal away from danger. Old bessie, moved away, and headed in the direction of the opening in the fence, and back to safety, while Teresa followed behind to close the open gate. She moved forward, thinking she’s detour a little closer to the pit, hoping to get her now clean boots dirty again, knowing it would get her excited again.

Inside the fence, and alongside the back of the barn, this area had been off limits and the weeds and grass were quite overgrown, making it difficult to find a good path. Having never really explored this part of the farm, she was unsure of herself. It wasn’t long, as she got closer to the edge of the pit that she took an ill-fated step and her booted leg suddenly broke through the escort elaz─▒─č crust and sank up to her knee deep into the muck.

Teresa caught herself with her hands but she could feel the ground around her starting to give way to her muscular, curvy frame. Almost feeling like quicksand, she could feel it sucking her in. She was surprised by the sudden change in her footing, expecting that she was still on solid ground.

“Oh no, this is not going to be good,” she thought to herself as the thin crust continued to give way, her other booted leg brought forward to brace herself also slipped into the manure. There she was, knee deep in the sucking mire, and embarrassed by her predicament. Thinking this was kind of funny, but she was a little worried. Every movement she took to try and pull a leg free would just cause her to continue to sink deeper into the dirty brown goo.

Before long, her legs were buried in the muck, it continuing to suck her in deeper. The feeling of the manure was very warm and comforting, unlike that of mud which would have been much colder. This warmth made her feel comfortable and a little excited in the new experience. A tingling deep inside her started as her crotch met with the manure, she could feel the wetness build deep inside her, as her waist disappeared under the surface.

She was a bit of a neat freak, and rarely got more than just her boots dirty, but the warmth of the manure was waking something deep inside her. She knew exactly what it was, and wasn’t surprised that she felt this way, but was shocked to be feeling it in such a dirty place. She unzipped her blue coveralls down to her waist, and buried her hand into soaking pussy, a rush of excitement shooting through her body, throwing her head back she came along immediately.

The pulsing orgasm threw her body into a small spasm, sinking her even deeper into the manure, filling her coveralls with the dirty muck. Teresa continued to finger herself, feeling another orgasm building, and in the moment she would do just about anything to get herself off. Her booted legs, buried deep in the pit, no bottom within reach, her frame shifted deeper, her tits going under, exposed from her unzipped coveralls. With her other hand, she played with her nipple, feeling the sucking mire comfort her and pull her in. Almost like a loving embrace, she thought to herself, extremely perverted with how it made her feel.

Another earth shattering, toe-curling orgasm suddenly exploded throughout her body, causing her to space out for a short time, feeling the afterglow of her body enclosed into the warm muck. After a few minutes, elaz─▒─č escort bayan she came to her senses and found herself neck deep in the mire, with only one arm free and keeping herself from sinking any deeper. Having cum twice from two of the best orgasms she’d ever experienced, she hadn’t even considered how she was going to get out…

Starting to panic a little, her struggles to pull herself out were fruitless; now resigned to the fact that she’d be stuck here. There was no reason to be overly worried, as her descent into the muck had ended, but she was now definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. 30 minutes passed, and knowing the inevitable embarrassment had to happen, she finally decided it might be time to call out for help.

She knew that Frank would be around the yard, having shown up shortly before she wandered out behind the barn, and luckily for her, he was wondering where Teresa had go to when he heard her cries.

“Help, I’m trapped!!!” she called out. Frank rushed around to the back of the barn to find a shocking surprise. He couldn’t see her, but knew where the cries for help were coming from.

He scrambled over the fence, and headed towards where he could here Teresa, calling out to her to let her know he was coming

“What are you doing in there?” he asked as he carefully made his way to her. “You’re going to get yourself killed in there.”

Frank found a rope and tossed it to Teresa who was able to grab on to it with her free arm and was pulled to safety after about 10 minutes of struggling by Frank. She was breathing deeply. As he pulled her to fully out and to the safety of the dirt bank of the pit, Frank noticed her coveralls were zipped down and he could see her manure covered breasts and stained white panties.

“What… were you doing in there?”, he curiously asked as Teresa blushed a deep red, and was left speechless.

“Looks like someone enjoyed themselves in the shit…”, he trailed off, his speculation confirmed by her reaction.

Teresa couldn’t make eye contact with Frank has he helped her over the fence and to the water hose where he sprayed her down with the cold water from the milking parlour. The ice cold blast sent a rush through her body as he rinsed the manure from her near naked body, only her panties and rubber boots remaining on. She hadn’t said a word since he helped her out of the manure, and felt shamed in front of the guy she really liked.

“Thanks for helping me out, I was chasing old bessie out of the pit when I…”, Teresa began when Frank interrupted her.

“Don’t worry, this will be our little secret,” as he had a coy little smile on his face. He removed his button down shirt, comforting the shivering young woman and covering her with his shirt. Teresa began to wonder if what she got herself into, but felt fulfilled and a little excited as she would have to try and experience this again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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