Diane’s Fall Ch. 07

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Diane had little doubt when she released Celeste from her care that she would see those beautiful blue eyes again soon. She had become very proficient at reading people thanks in large part to things Kayla had taught her in the months they had been together. Body cues, facial tics, the way a person’s eyes shifted or dilated under certain conditions, even the way they breathed. All those things told a story if you knew how to read them, and Diane did.

While obviously a bit bewildered and frustrated at being sent away without her promised sexual release. Celeste had exhibited no body language that left Diane feeling concerned. So, she could only smile at its content when she received a text from the younger mother before going to bed.

Celeste: Can’t wait to see you three in the morning. I can hear my vibrator calling my name, but so far, I’ve managed to resist.

Diane: Good girl. You’re so going to enjoy tomorrow morning.

Celeste: Actually, I really enjoyed what happened today. I’m not sure what that says about me, but it’s true.

Diane: It says that you’re a submissive lesbian slut, much like me, and that you love serving your Mistress. Outside of my twins, nothing makes me happier or more content than being on my knees between my Mistress’s legs. So why should you be any different?

Celeste: Goodnight, Mistress

Diane: Sleep well, pet.

Diane had no idea as to whether her final words to the young dark-headed beauty actually brought her quality sleep. She just knew that a restful slumber of any quality completely eluded her. Diane couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss in her relationship with Kayla. There was nothing tangible that she could put the finger on, just subtle changes in the amount of time they were spending together.

Diane didn’t begrudge her girlfriend to be able to enjoy herself with new toys. As she’d explained to Celeste, doing so would be hypocritical, considering she still had a husband to contend with. What ate at Diane’s soul, was not being able to be right there alongside Kayla as the Native American beauty brought these new girls into the fold. Being able to play with them after the fact was always fun, but far less satisfying than it would be beside the woman she loved.

Beside her, Jerry snored peacefully. It was to be expected after the gift she’d given him. It wasn’t often these days that he wanted sex, thank God, but when he did, Diane felt obliged to try and make it as memorable for him as possible. She had straddled him and made short work of his very average erection, riding him like a wild woman until he exploded inside her. After a quick trip to the bathroom, it took less than five minutes for Jerry to be asleep, leaving Diane unsatisfied and alone contemplating her fears.

By the time her husband’s alarm went off at six that morning, Diane had barely managed a couple of hours of sleep. Her dreams were a mixture of her fears interspersed with arousing flashes of provocative scenes between her and Kayla. They made the little amount of sleep she got seem anything but restful.

Jerry was gone by eight, with the twins soon following with their Aunt Beth stopping by to offer them a ride to school. It was a regular thing for Diane since taking possession of her two submissives. As Kayla had pointed out to her repeatedly, what use was it to have pets if Diane didn’t make use of them by delegating some of her more tedious chores their way.

Beth was back by eight-twenty with Dana pulling in just a couple of ticks of the clock later. The three women had barely had a chance to fill their travel mugs with fresh coffee when a knock at the door had the trio grabbing their things.

Opening the front door, the three women surprised a very sexy Celeste. She looked resplendent in a pair of tight jeans, the kind that came with strategically placed holes in them, and a sumptuous looking cashmere sweater that did an excellent job of showcasing the younger mother’s succulent breasts.

Diane grabbed the surprised woman’s hand, saying, “Come on, pet. Us girls are going on a short road trip to a place that will give us a bit more room and a lot more toys to play with.”

The four women all piled into Beth’s Range Rover and were quickly on the road to Kayla’s house. Diane had asked and received permission by text to use the playroom. She had long had a key to her Mistress’s house, and Kayla had encouraged her to come and go as she pleased. Still, doing so made the older woman feel like a marauder invading her Domme’s private space. So she was tentative about taking advantage of Kayla’s courtesy.

The three established members of the group spent the entire time fielding questions from Celeste about where they were headed. Diane simply explained that they were headed to her girlfriend’s home, where they would be assured of having the privacy and tools necessary to give Celeste a day she would never forget. She explained that, unfortunately, her Mistress had a prior engagement and casino şirketleri wouldn’t be able to join them. But she assured Celeste that she would be meeting the woman she loved very soon.

They reached the second floor of Kayla’s home and found themselves standing just outside the locked door of the playroom. Diane unlocked the door and, after opening it, turned to walk backward so she could enjoy the look on Celeste’s face at first glance of their BDSM paradise.

It was always entertaining to Diane to see the reactions women had to their first visit, and Celeste was no exception. The Domme watched as the dark-headed beauty’s crystal blue eyes took in her surroundings, drinking in the ambiance of the room. You could almost see her trying to decipher what the various pieces of equipment could be used for, or perhaps imagining herself strapped into them.

Diane decided that she would give the new submissive an immediate opportunity to find out.

Turning to Beth and Dana, the Domme said, “Strap her into one of the sex chairs while I grab a few toys. There’s no reason we can’t test a few of her limits while we show the slut what it’s like when a woman makes you cum.”

Then winking at Celeste, she watched as the pair took the dark-headed beauty’s arm and started semi-dragging her in the direction of the sex chair. The whole time, Celeste was looking over her shoulder at Diane with a look that spoke of fear and arousal.

Diane went to the wall containing the vast collection of toys that Kayla had accumulated since she began stocking the room. She grabbed a flogger, a flexible crop with a leather handle, a set of spring-loaded and screw tightened nipple clamps, and of course, the custom strapon harness Kayla had made for her along with a thick, nine-inch gel cock.

By the time she’d crossed the room and reached the submissive trio, Dana and Beth had a nervous-looking Celeste firmly secured in the chair.

Dragging a manicured nail the length of the younger mother’s leg and across her inner thigh, Diane allowed the digit to slip between Celeste’s cleft, which was already awash in her essence.

“Are you ready to complete your transformation into a lesbian slut?”

Celeste sighed and said, “If somebody had asked me that question just a few months ago, I would have probably laughed in their face.”

“And now?” Diane asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Other than being a good mother, I don’t think there is anything I want more, Mistress.”

Diane could see from the look in the younger woman’s eyes that her earnest answer appeared genuine. It harkened the Domme back to the day she first submitted to Kayla, and the moment Diane knew she had located the piece missing from her life.

Diane nodded to her sister, who had been waiting patiently for permission to proceed. She leaned down and brought her lips to Celeste’s, capturing them thirstily. Diane thought the descriptor was apropos as she watched her younger sister kiss the blue-eyed beauty as if she was trying to drink her dry.

Beth, meanwhile, had seized Celeste’s gumdrop shaped nipples between her lips and was diligently working one while her fingers twisted and teased the other.

Diane brought the flat palm of her hand down brusquely against Celeste’s puffy clitoral hood catching the dark-headed beauty by surprise and drawing a yelp from her that was muffled by Dana’s kiss. She then leaned down and bit at the new submissive’s inner thigh, not quite hard enough to mark her, but hard enough to draw a groan.

She did leave an angry-looking dark purple love bite at the point where Celeste’s inner thigh connected with her groin, sucking at it hungrily as her left thumb circled the sexy submissive’s turgid love-button.

“Are you ready to cum, slut?” Diane asked as she slowly slid two fingers into the woman’s needy cunt.

Breaking off her kiss from Dana, Celeste said, “Yes… please, I need it so bad, Mistress.”

“Did you follow my instructions last night?”

Celeste looked confused at first, the fog of lust clouding her thinking. She suddenly seemed to grasp what Diane was referring to, like a light coming on in a dark room.

“Yes, Mistress. It wasn’t easy, but I did manage to avoid the siren call of my vibrator. My dreams didn’t help a lot, they just seemed to heap gasoline on top of the fire. I’m afraid if I don’t cum soon that those fires might consume me.”

Having heard all she needed to, Diane said, “Well, we can’t have that, can we? Just for today, you can come as many times as you’d like without permission.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Diane lowered her mouth to the beautiful submissive’s sticky honeypot and began to dine on its sweet nectar with a smile on her face.

“Ooooh,” Celeste cooed as Diane began to sample each and every part of her womanhood. She repeatedly gasped, her back and hips attempting to arch up off the table in response to the stimulation provided by her three sexual tormentors.

“Oh, fuck. casino firmaları Oh my, God. That feels so fucking good,” Celeste said in praise of Diane’s tongue. “I’m right there. Yes, yes, yes, fuck…”

Celeste went quiet, her body stiffening as she strained against the restraints, tremors visible in both her abdomen and thighs. Convulsions claimed her body, one after another, as she was finally rewarded with her first sapphic climax.

Diane lapped away at all of the girl cum produced by the dark-headed beauty’s still quivering cunt. When she was satisfied that she’d claimed it all, she raised back up and instructed Beth to replace her between Celeste’s golden thighs.

As her sister-in-law stuffed her experienced tongue as deep into Celeste’s primed orifice as possible. Diane picked up the flogger, lazily swinging its strands to draw the dark-headed beauty’s attention.

Dana, seeing her sister’s intent, moved to behind the prone woman’s head where she lowered herself to whisper into Celeste’s ear.

Diane said nothing but noted the trepidation in Celeste’s stare as she eyed the lashes swinging back and forth from the handle of the flogger. There was evident concern in her eyes, but it was in a losing battle with another impending orgasm being brought on courtesy of Beth’s talented tongue. Diane waited until Celeste’s arousal had almost peaked before striking her repeatedly across her breasts, the strands of the flogger rotated by flips of the Domme’s wrist.

That brought a squeal from between Celeste’s kiss swollen lips, her eyes going wide and seeming to throb each time the lashes bit against the soft and pliable flesh of her breasts. Diane was careful to keep the blows reasonably light at first but allowed them to steadily increase in speed and magnitude of intensity. Diane could feel her own juices starting to leak down her thighs as she watched stripe marks from the leather lashes appear across the girl’s supple tits.

The duality of sensations overwhelmed Celeste, the sensual pain amplifying the sexual stirrings and sending the dark-headed beauty to a second climax within three minutes of the last.

While Celeste recovered, the sounds of her rapid breathing still prominent, Diane went about adjusting the chair she was strapped to. She changed the positioning of the backrest until it was parallel to the ground and then, using a foot-pedal, lowered the chair’s overall height until it was almost even with the top of her own thighs.

She then adjusted the stirrups that held Celeste’s legs until they were almost perpendicular to the upper half of her body.

Diane quietly whispered instructions to Beth and Dana before bending to pick up two of the sexual implements she’d gathered earlier. Beth knelt down between Celeste’s legs and firmly grasped both globes of her firm ass, spreading the cheeks wide apart. Diane watched as her sister-in-law buried her face into the open crevice and began to tongue at the dark-headed beauty’s rosebud.

“Ooooh!” Celeste cried out in surprise, obviously not expecting something so naughty. But judging from the way her blue eyes lit up before rolling back in her head, Beth’s actions weren’t at all unwelcome.

Dana launched her sensual attack from an entirely different angle. Standing to Celeste’s side, Dana lowered her mouth to the dark-headed beauty’s swollen clitoral hood and slurped it up noisily between her lips.

Already in a state of sapphic bliss, Celeste barely noticed when Diane straddled her head and lowered her pussy to the submissive’s mouth. It took a moment before Diane felt the woman’s tongue begin to lash out against her needy sex, but once it did, Celeste proceeded to do so with gusto.

Diane let herself enjoy the moment before proceeding with her next efforts to amp up Celeste’s stimulation. She could tell the blue-eyed beauty was close to cumming from her moans and the way she was breathing. Diane wholly intended to push her over the top.

Without saying a word, Diane grasped ahold of Celeste’s left nipple, and pulled it away from her body, sliding the first clamp down around it. She heard a sudden intake of breath beneath her that intensified into a groan as Diane tightened the clamp around her nub. When she was satisfied, the Domme did the same to the other nipple, getting a similar response from Celeste that only intensified when Diane began to pull on the chain that rested between the pair.

“Oh, fuck!” Celeste cried out as the overwhelming sensations she was being bombarded with once again pushed her over the edge. “Cumming so hard…”

Diane gave her submissive a moment to recover before pulling on the chain and demanding that she get her slut tongue back to work on her pussy. For her demanding tone, the Domme was rewarded by the feel of Celeste’s oral appendage once again, beginning to dance around her clit.

Getting Dana’s attention, she whispered instructions into her sister’s ear. Dana handed her the crop from where it sat before heading over güvenilir casino to the shelving on the far wall to retrieve the things Diane had requested.

Diane used the crop to slap at Celeste’s still sensitive clit while pulling on the chain attached to the nipple clamps. They weren’t hard enough blows to hurt the submissive, yet they were firmly sufficient against her tender love button to cause the dark-headed beauty to jump and cry out.

“Do I have your attention, slut?” Diane asked, her voice firm yet playful.

“Yes, Mistress,”

“Have you ever had anything other than Beth’s tongue in that asshole of yours?” Diane asked in a demanding tone.

There was a slight hesitation before the young mother said, “A finger…my finger.”

“And did you like the feeling?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Celeste answered, although somewhat timidly.

“Never tempted to have the boyfriend fuck that sexy ass of yours? Because I know he’s thought about doing it.”

Not able to see her submissive face, Diane couldn’t tell for sure what was driving her hesitation in answering. Diane pulled on the chain, stretching the younger woman’s turgid nipples to provide the proper motivation. She then brought the crop down against Celeste’s clitoris, this time much firmer than the previous blows and drawing a distinctly sexual groan from the dark-headed beauty.

“I asked you a question, slut,” Diane said in a demanding voice.

“He wanted to, but I told him no. I didn’t want the man my child thinks of as her father to see me like a slut. You know how men are,” Celeste explained, and Diane certainly couldn’t disagree with her logic.

“Well, aren’t you fortunate. I already think of you as a slut, so you won’t mind if I fuck that sweet little ass of yours, will you?” Diane asked playfully.

The Domme didn’t need to see Celeste’s face to know how ambivalent she was on the subject. The knowledge of that only served to make her acquiescence that much more delicious.

“If that’s what you want to do, Mistress. I can’t say the thought doesn’t scare me, but so has everything else so far, and I can’t honestly say I haven’t enjoyed every moment regardless.”

Lowering herself back down to the younger woman’s waiting lips, Diane watched as Dana approached holding the items she’d requested.

“Celeste, my pet, I want you to listen while you continue to lick my pussy. Your tight little asshole will need to be prepped before it’s fucked the first time. I want you to enjoy it as much as I did the first time my Mistress fucked mine,” Diane said as she signaled Beth and Dana to proceed while she explained further.

Diane paused for a moment to enjoy the dark-headed beauty’s tongue as it danced nimbly across her clit. Diane knew that any more of such stimulation would provide her with the first of what she hoped were many climaxes for the day.

“Your sister-sluts are right now, lubing up a butt plug. It’s the smallest of a set of three that I will be sending home with you today. Over the next week, we’ll be stretching out that sexy little rosebud of yours until it can comfortably take a strapon. Once you’ve reached that point, there will be no limit to the ways I can bring you to sexual gratification… Ooooh, fuck yes, slut. Suck my pussy just like that. Fuck, you little cunt lapping whore… I’m going to cum on that sexy little face of yours… Fuck!”

Diane ground her cunt back and forth across Celeste’s mouth, rubbing against it as she came. Deliciously pleasurable contractions coursed through her center as she felt her juices generously pouring forth as her climax reached its peak.

When she’d recovered enough to dismount Celeste’s face, Diane looked down at the submissive beauty. Her face glistened with a fresh coating of girl cum, and the look on it was one utterly foreign to that of the woman the Domme had met just a few short weeks ago. That gorgeous creature had been sexy yet demure with apparent deep reserves of repressed sexual desire. Reserves that just ached for the right person to tap them and allow them to spring forth.

The woman she looked down at now, was a completely different being. Diane didn’t doubt that the wholesome, loving mother and girlfriend were still present somewhere within, but the woman she was looking at now was an insatiable wanton lesbian slut. There was no doubt in the Domme’s mind that having had a taste of the lifestyle and the potential it held for sexual gratification, the desire to continue enjoying all it had to offer was now hopelessly ingrained in Celeste’s DNA.

Diane could see so many parallels between her and the younger mother. Both had obviously known something important was missing from their lives. Some intrinsic ingredient that without it, both women subconsciously seemed to know they would never feel wholly complete.

The Domme couldn’t help but wonder if Celeste wasn’t destined to struggle with having to hide that part of herself the way Diane had to do. Every day that passed, Diane yearned to be free of the shackles of her marriage to Jerry. Though she cared for him much and appreciated all he’d ever done for her, Diane knew now that she’d never really loved him even a small portion of the amount that she loved Kayla.

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